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70 Cute & Trendy Baby Boy Haircuts For 2024

Haircuts and hairstyles are a matter of extreme precision and care. Obviously, you would never want your hair to go awry as it will make or break your personality.

And when it comes to baby boy haircuts, you have to be even more cautious. Yes, kids are cute but what hairstyle will suit them is still a matter that would need extreme attention.

You have to be very careful when choosing the baby boy haircut as the options are, literally, endless and you’d want to go with the ultimate best for your kids.

Baby Boy Haircuts For Cool Vibes in 2024

So, let’s just not keep you waiting and explore some of the best boy haircuts style out there.

Simple Haircut With Side Fade

One thing that never goes out of style when it comes to baby boy haircuts is the side fade. You can keep it as simple as you like and just have short hair on top to complete the look.

It will personify the cuteness of your kid and will give him a new aura and charm. 

Combed Back Hair With Side Fade

Combed Back Hair With Side Fade Baby Hairstyle
Source: Hairsby.nikki

Keeping the locks longer on top and combing it all back in style, the look is as elegant as ever. The side fade completes the haircut to perfection and it will certainly make your kid look standout.

Simple And Straight

Simple And Straight Baby Boy Haircut
Source: Teamdubel

The short baby boy haircut styles are probably the best ones around and here we have a perfect example.

Your kid will look great in this beautiful hairdo. It’s sort of uniform all over while the hair on top is slightly swept to a side.

Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk Baby Boy Hairstyle
Source: Fade_players

This beautiful faux hawk is amazing for just about any kid. If you want to give your little one a unique vibe that looks cool, stylish and stunning then faux hawk is the way to go about it.

Short Sides With Curly Top

Short Sides With Curly Top
Source: Mogii_b

If your little one has curly locks and you want him to flaunt the natural style then keep it short on top just as much as it lets the natural curls show. As for the sides, keep them very short and faded to achieve a perfect look for your kiddo.

Straight And Elegant

Straight And Elegant Baby Hairstyle
Source: Beautybykf

Keeping baby boy’s haircut simple, straight and elegant is probably the way to go about it. Your kid will love the cute look that he will eventually get. Normally, it’s the best hairdo for round faces. 

Side Swept Hair With Low Fade

Baby Boy Side Swept Hair With Low Fade
Source: Vavakids

One style that you see kids wearing everywhere is simple side swept hair with faded sides. This one here is exactly the same as well and keeps the fade low.

The hair on top is kept to medium length and simply swept to the side. 

Mohawk For Black Boys

Mohawk hairstyle is for everyone no matter what type of hair you have. This one here shows how black boys can wear this wonderful hairstyle. Keep the hair shaved on sides and achieve a perfect mohawk look with top hair. 

Short Side Swept Hair With Hard Part

The baby boy haircut styles can get as elegant as this. Just short on top and hard parted, the look is completed with a beautiful side fade. It will make a star out of your little kid.

Messy Side Swept Hair

Baby Boy with Messy Side Swept Hair
Source: Thomastimes

If your kid has grown the locks longer and you want to give him and all-new vibe, this haircut is just perfect.

Keep it messy on the top and you can, in fact, finger comb the hair sweeping it to a side. The sides are kept short to achieve a perfect look overall.

Messy and Shaggy

This is a lovely option for haircuts for baby boys, perfect for those who have natural waves in their hair. The messy look on top with short and neat sides adds a playful and carefree vibe to your little one’s personality. This haircut is a must-try for its effortless style and easy upkeep.

Buzz Cut

For a simple yet stylish look, consider the buzz cut. This is one of those baby boy haircuts that require minimal maintenance. It’s ideal for the warmer months or if your child is very active and prefers a no-fuss style. Plus, it puts all the focus on your baby boy’s adorable face.

Soft and Short Curls

If your baby boy has naturally curly hair, keeping it short and soft could be a lovely option. This style highlights those cute curls without much maintenance. This haircut also adds a touch of cuteness to your baby boy’s look.

Wavy Medium Length Hair

For those blessed with naturally wavy hair, consider a medium-length style. It’s one of those haircuts for baby boys that highlights the beauty of those waves. Just make sure to keep the sides neat and trimmed for a balanced look.

Classic Crew Cut

The classic crew cut is another timeless baby boy haircut. It’s neat, charming, and easy to maintain. The hair on top is slightly longer than that on the sides, providing a clean and put-together look that’s perfect for any occasion.

Textured Top with Short Sides

This baby boy haircut has a slightly longer and textured top with short sides. It’s simple yet stylish, making it a great option for your baby boy. The texture adds a cute element to this basic haircut.

Long Top, Short Sides

A popular trend in haircuts for baby boys is keeping the top long and the sides short. This allows for various styling options. You can style the top hair messy, slick it back, or even create a small spike. This style adds a touch of sophistication to your baby boy’s overall look.

Textured Fringe

If your baby boy has naturally straight hair, why not try a textured fringe? The hair on top is kept a bit longer and cut in a way to add some texture. The sides can be kept short or medium length, depending on your preference. This haircut adds a playful touch to your baby’s style.

Classic Baby Cut

The classic baby cut is short and simple, yet it never fails to look adorable on baby boys. This style is easy to maintain and perfect for all types of hair. Plus, it allows your baby boy’s cute face to shine.

Tousled Top with Short Sides

If your little one is blessed with thick hair, then a tousled top with short sides could be a perfect baby boy haircut. The tousled look adds a playful vibe, while the short sides keep the style neat. It’s a carefree and charming look that your little one will absolutely love.

Simple Side Swept Hairstyle

A cute baby with simple side swept hair is what every parent loves. So, why not give your little kid this simple and cool haircut to bring the cuteness of your little one out.

You will love it and so will your kid as the hair will be neat and he won’t be frustrated with them falling over again and again. 

Side Swept With Side Fade

Side swept hair with a perfect high fade look cool and elegant. That’s exactly what we have here. Just let the fringe fall over and your kid will have a perfect style to rock.

Disconnected Undercut With Curly On Top

Styling and managing curly hair is often a challenge and that’s exactly the case with baby boy haircut.

So, if your little kiddo has curly locks, just cut it short all over and have a disconnected undercut on the sides. The overall look will be just amazing. 

Cute Little Pompadour

Cute Little Pompadour Baby Boy Hairstyle
Source: Cagehairclub

If you want to create a businessman look out of your little kid, this cute little pompadour is the way to go about it.

Swept backwards with short sides, the hairstyle looks amazing on any kid. Just make sure you use some styling product to keep the look intact for longer.

Simple Side Swept Hair

Simple Side Swept Hairs for Baby Boy
Source: Sbkershner

That’s as simple as baby boy haircut can ever get. It’s a perfect look even for your school-going kids and it looks and feels amazing on any day. Gently swept to a side, the hair on top create a perfect vibe.

Gelled Side Swept Hair

Gelled Side Swept Hairs for Baby boy
Source: Dhiniidee

If you want to create a perfectly neat look out of your baby’s hair, this is the way to go about it. The hairstyle looks amazing as it is styled with a soft hold gel. There’s an undercut that completes the look to perfection.

Medium Length Side Swept Hair With High Fade

Medium Length Side Swept Hair With High Fade
Source: By_ingaby_inga

This cute little hairstyle is just amazing for any kid with beautiful brown hair. Swept beautifully to a side and given a carefree look at the front, this is simply awesome.

The look is completed with a beautiful high fade to make it as clean as a whistle.

Forward Swept Hair With A Fringe

Forward Swept Hair With A Fringe
Source: Astridmonica2

Kids hair when swept forward looks amazing. This one is among the wonderful baby boy haircut styles that feature medium-length hair on the top.

And when your kiddo will wear that killing smile with this haircut, he’ll surely rock it.

Simple Side Swept Hair

Simple Side Swept Hair for Baby Boy
Source: Fashionkids

Let your kid make a fashion statement by styling his hair as simple as this one and combining it with some perfect tights and a bright-colored shirt. He will look really awesome for sure.

Hard Parted Undercut

A hard part combined with an undercut and neatly side swept locks on the top, what else can ask for in baby boy haircut? Give this beautiful hairstyle to your little kid and see how he rocks the look.

Beautiful Mohawk

Spiky hair always looks amazing on little kids and this one here is a great example of that. Let the style shine for your kid and make him feel like the attention grabber at all those parties you attend.

The hair is styled with a styling product, raising everything to the front. Sides are kept medium length and given a rough look overall. 

Simple Medium Length Hair

Simple Medium Length Hair
Source: Jeremyrosemusic

Cutting your kids’ hair short can be a challenge but if you can keep it all to medium length, they’d have no objections whatsoever.

Undercut With Long Locks On Top

Undercut With Long Locks On Top
Source: Ramintahmua

If you want to give your little one a mix of short and long baby boy haircut, this is the look you should go with. A beautiful undercut combined with long side swept hair on top really creates a perfect vibe.

Short, Simple, And Soothing

Keep it short and keep it simple to soothe your kid. It’s a relaxing hairdo with very short hair on top and sides. Your kid is surely going to love it.

Side Swept Hair With A Little Puff

As we’ve been mentioning, side swept hair looks great on kids and this one is no different.

However, this is one of the baby boy haircuts that add a bit of drama to the overall look with that little puff at the front. Sides are kept short and faded.

Short And Swept To A Side

Short And Swept To A Side
Source: wes_sapinoso

Obviously, every kid looks great in short and stylish hair. If your kid has straight, fine hair then this is the style to go with.

Rough And Spiky

Rough And Spiky Baby Boy Haircut
Source: Saloonbusines

Rough and spiky is always one of the cool haircuts for boys and If you want to give a Yo-Man look to your young kid then this is probably the best hairstyle you should opt for.

Keep it funky by finger-combing the hair and compliment it with a beautiful fade. The overall look will be just amazing.

Fine Side Swept Hairstyle 

Fine Side Swept Hairstyle 
Source: Babykyleneil

Just as the name suggests, this is a perfect haircut for fine hair. Very short on the sides and just medium length on the top, the hair looks amazing when swept to a side.

Forward Combed Hairstyle

Baby Boy Forward Combed Hairstyle
Source: Sunnylbowman

This is among the simple and unique baby boy haircut. If your kid has fine hair, he’d boast this simple look in style.

Side Swept Brown Hair Style

Simple Side Swept Brown Hair Style
Source: D_tallent

Brown hair can be styled perfectly just like any other hair type and your little kid would definitely look perfect when wearing this cool haircut. Though very common, but kids have their own ways to look unique.

Forward Swept White Hair

baby boy Forward Swept White Hair Style
Source: Vervesalonspa

How cute this little boy is looking here. If your kiddo also has the same fine white locks, just give him this beautiful hairstyle by sweeping the hair all around. He’ll rock it for sure.


Layered Bob Hairstyle

Layered Bob Hairstyle for Baby Boy
Source: Bumbleandbubs

Bob hairstyle is a popular hairdo for little kids and grown up girls alike. For kids, however, this might get a layered look automatically with fringes not falling over. This is one of those more than perfect baby boy haircut.


Crew Cut 

Crew cut is another common and popular hairstyle for boys and this is a perfect example here as well.

The locks at the front are raised upwards while the rest are short and combed along the skin. It’s perfect and it’s amazing.


Nicely Trimmed Sides

Medium Top With Nicely Trimmed Sides
Source: Jbfurniture

Keep the hair on top short-to-medium length and use a trimmer on the sides to give your kid a perfect look for his casual routine.


Short Mohawk Style

Baby Boy Short Mohawk Style
Source: Kristy_tussing

Kids hair is usually very fine and thin which makes this hairdo a perfect choice for them. Just keep it casual and raise the hair in center a little bit. It will be a cute little mohawk look.


Frontal Spikes

Frontal Spikes Baby Boy Haircut Style
Source: Laurajilizian

Spikes are always a great choice for baby boy haircut, and with your little one having beautiful fine locks, you can use a styling product to achieve a more than perfect style on top.


Messy Top With Undercut

Messy Top With Undercut
Source: Laurynsylvia

Kids love to boast their carefree nature and nothing can do it better than their beautiful hairstyle. Just keep the sides short as in undercut and a medium length messy top would do it rather nicely.


The Batman Style

Baby Boy The Batman Style
Source: Dino_phan

Give a cute batman look to your little one with this amazing hairdo. It’s simple and it’s stylish at the same time. The hair on top can be made to reflect a messy style and create a perfect vibe.


Medium Length Side Swept Hair

Medium Length Side Swept Hair
Source: Trendymouse

Now this is a look that will remind many of us of those good old days. It’s a school boy look with medium length side parted hair swept to a side. It looks gorgeous overall.


Kinky Locks With A Surgical Line

This baby boy haircut  is a perfect choice for black boys with kinky locks. That short surgical line is what the style is all about.


Hard Parted Side Swept Hair

Hard Parted Side Swept Hairs
Source: Mrs_simental622

Hard part is a trend these days so why not give it to your little kid as well? Keep the hair short and simple and sweep it all to a side. Complete the look with a beautiful hard part.


Messy On Top With Faded Sides

This one is rather a combo of a messy top and finely forward swept hair at the front. The look is complimented with beautiful short sides.


Grown Out Curls With Undercut

Grown Out Curls With Undercut
Source: Misz_beauty

Despite the fact that kids usually have fine and short hair, when you let them grow their locks into beautiful curls they really end up developing a charming personality.

Just check out this wonderful hairdo here with beautiful curls and an undercut to complete the look.


Mohawk With An Undercut

Baby Boy with Mohawk With An Undercut
Source: Fashionkids

Another variation of Mohawk baby boy haircut, this one features beautiful spiky hair on top and the sides have a simple and beautiful undercut.


Textured Finger Combed Hair

Textured Finger Combed Baby Boy Hairs
Source: Lifeewithjaxon

Haircuts for kids with textured hair, this one is an amazing style to go for. Just keep the hair finger combed to achieve that perfect texture and let your kid standout among the crowd.


Long Forward Swept Hair With Shaved Sides

Long Forward Swept Hair With Shaved Sides
Source: Kytty1d

If your kiddo is crazy about growing the hair long, let him be. Just shave the sides with a trimmer to give him some stylish look.


Short And Spiky

Short And Spiky Baby Boy Haircut Style
Source: Sheliepova

This is another slight variation of the mohawk hairstyle and looks so cool on the little kids. The spiky touch on top would make your day while the hair on sides is kept medium length.


Simple And Straight

This is a kids hairstyle that looks amazing on little ones with straight blonde hair. Just slightly finger comb the hair and keep it all natural to achieve a wonderful look.


Beautiful Curls

Baby Boy with Beautiful Curls
Source: Zz_graham

It’s always cool to let your kiddo flaunt his flawless curls. This one here looks amazing with those beautiful blue eyes. Your kid can look as stylish as this if you want to go with the cute hairdo.


Shaved Sides With Medium Hair On Top

Shaved Sides With Medium Hair On Top
Source: Empowerbyyoga

Keeping the hair on top cut beautifully to medium length and leaving just a patch behind, the look is completed with those fully shaved sides. Overall, it’s just amazing.


Medium Length Forward Swept Hair

This is a simple and elegant hairstyle that looks cool on just about any kid. Keep it simple and keep it forward swept to achieve a perfect vibe.


Funky Spikes

Baby Boy Funky Spikes
Source: April.mcleod

Keeping the hair long on top can allow you to style your baby’s hair in just about any way you like. The spiky touch is given to the top hair by using some styling product.

The hair on the sides is kept very short to give it a finishing touch.


Side Swept Hair With Undercut

Baby Boy Side Swept Hair With Undercut
Source: Laurenbodencgcm

If you love baby boy haircut that have longer hair on top then this is the one you should give to your kid. A beautiful undercut goes perfectly with this look and makes it adorable than ever.


Messy Curls

This cute look is completed by those messy curls all over. If your little one loves to flaunt a carefree style then just let his natural curls grow and see how the beautiful look turns out.

Cute Grown Out Hair

 Cute Grown Out Hair for Baby Boy
Source: Fashionkids

Let your kid grow his hair long and you will love the final look they will achieve. There is no need to do anything fancy as the hair will look too stylish and elegant this way.

Forward Spikes

Baby boy Forward Spikes
Source: Tammyco

Perfect baby boy haircut for fine hair, this one needs you to only raise the hair forward a bit to for a stylish spiky look.

Simple And Messy

Simple And Messy Baby Boy Haircuts
Source: Reritta

This simple and messy haircut looks amazingly stylish. Just keep it short and straight on top and swipe it casually to a side. Overall, it looks really cool.

Short Side Swept Hair With Undercut

Short Side Swept Hair With Undercut
Source: Fatboycuts

This look is as neat as ever and appears perfect for just about any kid out there.

The hair on top is kept short and neatly swept to a side and kept in place with a styling product. The high undercut looks cool and completes the style to perfection.

Short Hair With Undercut And Surgical Design

Short hair is always an elegant choice for little boys and it can get even better with an undercut and surgical design. The hard part is there to make it look even better.

Cute Little Faux Hawk

Cute Little Faux Hawk
Source: skandadhakal

If your kid has straight and fine hair, this is the type of look you should be after. Just raise it all into the center and the hairstyle would be ready. Faded sides compliment the look to perfection.

So, if you are looking for some of the best baby boy haircut, choose one from the list above. The styles mentioned above are trendy and look amazing on just about any kid. You just have to make sure that you get them to perfection.