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55 Cute Bob Haircuts for Kids 2024 | Bob Hairstyles for Little Girls/Kids

Bob haircuts for kids always look pretty, cool and classic. Obviously, kids have short hair and going with such a hairdo gives them everything they need while staying within their limits.

So, the next time you are headed to your kid’s stylist, ask them give your young one a perfect bob haircut. And if you feel more of a confusion in deciding what type of bob haircut you should choose for your little one,

He to a side as well. It’s considered one of best bob haircuts for kids, particularly when they’re attending school. Ere is a whole assortment of classic haircuts that you might be interested in.

Just choose one that goes perfectly with your kids’ face cut and you’ll make them look smarter than ever. So, let’s check out the best bob haircuts for kids without wasting any time at all.


Top Best and Trendy Bob Haircuts for Kids in 2024

Asymmetrical Bob Haircut

Asymmetrical Bob Haircut

Source: chelsear.creativestylist

With so much of media influence these days, even kids love to follow celebrities and adopt a style that they see their favorite stars wearing.

Now, this one takes the inspiration from Rihanna’s lookbook. When opting for this bob haircut, you need to have a side shaved while the other one should be kept with weighty asymmetrical flip. Believe it or not, it’s really a classic bob hairdo for your kid.


Bob Trim

Bob Trim

Source: limeaide_green

Bob trim is common among young girls and it works fine with different types of hair. Different adornments can also be tried with this hairdo and a few good examples could be hair groups, braids, and clasps.

The hair is short, obviously as it’s a bob, and are very easy to manage while making sure that your little girl looks trendy and in style.


Oriental Bob

Oriental Bob

Source: feline_fraulein

Alternatively called as a Chinese Haircut, Oriental Bob really is a classic representation of a Chinese Girl.

The hairdo features some heavy fringes that you can swipe to a side as well. It’s considered  one of best bob haircuts for kids, particularly when they’re attending school.


Shaggy Bob Haircut

Shaggy Bob Haircut

Source: Little Girls Haircuts

If your little one quickly gets bored with the same hairstyles you have been giving her for years, Shaggy Bob is a perfect solution.

This multiple layered haircut is also perfect for kids looking to grow short hair as well.


Short & Puffed Bob Haircut

Short & Puffed Bob Haircut

Source: Stylemiranda

This haircut gives your kid an airy and light feel. You’re required to chop the tresses off while keeping a shaggy look at the ends. Using hair mousse can be a great idea for achieving a perfect style every morning.


Blunt Bob Haircut

Blunt Bob Haircut

Source: anthonydiaco_hair

One among the popular bob haircuts for kids, the Blunt Bob never goes out of style. It’s a classic short hairdo that really speaks volumes.

Perfect for just about any hair texture and face type, Blunt Bob will make your kid look standout on any occasion you can name. Keep the bangs short and it will give an all new look to the bob.


Long Bob Haircut

Long Bob Haircut

Source: estudio_brush

If your kid is not ready to get her hair chopped off, and you are still interested in a Bob Hairdo, Long Bob or LOB is the answer to your problem.

As the name suggests, it’s a bob haircut with long hair lengths. You can style it anytime with some cool hair accessories or just with a simple hair band.


Angled Bob Haircut

Angled Bob Haircut

Source: Thecuthousesalon

If you love to give a unique look to your creative kid, this hairdo will do for you. Both classy and sophisticated, angled bob brings everything you need. It combines short and long hair with open back and side bangs.


Helmet Bob Haircut

Helmet Bob Haircut

Source: Allhailthehair

Helmet bob is one of the most common bob haircuts for kids. And just as its name suggests, it resembles the look you get while wearing a helmet.

There’s a blunt covering your kids’ forehead. The hairdo works best with kids having straight hair.

On the back, it’s all clear and clean whereas on front side styling can be done with accessories and hair clips. Believe it or not, your kid will look so cool in this bob haircut.


Choppy Bob Hairdo

Choppy Bob Hairdo

Source: lukkakuaforguzellik

This haircut requires you to use curly iron on the locks right after getting them chopped for adding some classic curls on upper strands.

This will give your kid an all new and fresh look. Besides, shorter hair tend to expose the neck length giving her a pretty outlook.


Wispy Short Bob Hairstyle

Wispy Short Bob Hairstyle

Source: Hair_by_jerako

Another great choice among the bob haircuts for kids, this one looks equally cute on kids as well as grown up girls. So, whether you’re a teen or a mom looking for a hairdo for her cute little kid, this one should work fine.


Progressive Bob Haircut

Progressive Bob Haircut

Source: Freshsalonnashville

Progressive bob is one of stylish and cute bob haircuts for kids. You can easily style it in whatever way you may like.

For instance, you can use hair accessories or create a beautiful ponytail to achieve the ultimate style. Whatever you do, one thing is for sure that your kid is surely going to look pretty.


Undercut Bob

Undercut Bob

Source: lockboxhairstudio

Though Bob is one of those kids haircuts that is specifically for girls, but you can always take the liberty to add your own boyish charm to this hairstyle.

And the best way to do that is to go for an undercut bob. The only difference is that the hair on the back are cut boyishly short while you keep long strands on the front and sides.


Grown-Out Pixie Bob

Grown-Out Pixie Bob

This haircut combines a bob with a pixie haircut for your cute little kid. Perfect for little kids, this hairdo gives you a groomed out and neat version of the pixie hairstyles. So, make your kid look standout with an all unique style of hers.


Inverted Bob Haircut

Inverted Bob Haircut 
Source: myhairworks

Inverted bob fits just about everyone regardless of age and lifestyle. The hair is cut too short such that you almost have your entire back exposed.

However, it still can’t be categorized as a pixie haircut and is very easy to style. The low-maintenance and extremely stylish look is what makes this hairstyle the best among the lot.


Fringe Bob Haircut

Fringe Bob Haircut
Source: Ericabhairsb

It’s a simple bob hairdo having light fringes that will look pretty cute on your little girl. It will complement her school uniform as well while offering a practical and versatile look.


Bob Hairstyle With Bangs

Bob Hairstyle With Bangs
Source: bobbangs

Wondering how a Bob cut would look like with Bangs? Well, that’s really a brave choice to make. But you shouldn’t feel afraid about it at all.

Bangs can make your little one look strong and edgy. The locks should be kept straight, however, for a flapper look.


Long Bob Haircut With Layers

It’s an apt haircut for girls having long hair. The layers can be used for framing the face beautifully and drawing attention towards cute features of the face.


Stacked Bob Hairdo

Stacked Bob Hairdo
Source: stephanieleehair

Stacked bob turns out to be an ideal choice for moms as well as their princess. It will make both of them feel very much look-alikes.


Soft Curled Bob Haircut

This look can be achieved with the help of a hair curler. More of a chin-length bob haircut, it will look great with some extra volume and depth added through the curls.

So, some of outer strands can be selected randomly and rolled around using curling iron.


Bob Haircut for Kids
Source: stephanieej_

This cute little bob is perfect for any little girl out there. Give your kid this conventional bob hairdo and let her rock the look.

Bob Haircuts for Kids
Source: erin.boha_hair

This one is one of the unique bob haircuts for kids and can be achieved by cutting the long locks short while keeping them longer at the front and making them to frame the face perfectly.


Bob Haircuts for Kids
Source: michellepater

This is a cute bob haircut that perfectly frames the face.


Bob Haircut for Kids
Source: rubiahairsalon

Keep her locks to chin length and achieve this wonderful bob haircut look.


Helmet Bob Haircut for Little Girl
Source: mommy_to_paige

This is somewhat of a different bob haircut where frontal hair are spread on the forehead and back and sides are cut to same length.


Short Bob hairstyle for gilr
Source: rubiahairsalon

The beautiful girl here looks even more beautiful and organized with this amazing conventional bob look.


The bob haircuts for kids can get as funky as this little girl is wearing.


Bob Haircut for Little Girl
Source: candy_cors26.2

This wonderful bob will definitely make for an amazing cute smile just as this girl is.


Long Bob Hairstyle for Little Girl
Source: gelousy_hair

This is more of a long bob haircut with shorter length hair on the front to create an amazing look.


Bob haircut for cute girl
Source: hairdosbyshan

This beautiful bob can’t get any cuter and your girl will look amazing in this.


Bob haircut with Color Line
Source: stylist.kris

This funky bob with colored stripes is what looks like one of the best bob haircuts for kids and your little kid will really rock the look.


Baby Girl with Bob Haircut
Source: asheade

Combine the cute bob haircut with an accessory like this one and enhance your little girl’s cuteness even further.


Bob Haircut for Girl
Source: lehairdesign_

The rough and frizzy bob converted to a sleek and more aligned one will look great.


Bob Hairscut for Little Cute Girl
Source: salon.nine

Your cute little princes will really look beautiful in this side parted bob haircut for kids.


Inverted long bob haircut
Source: pengsalon

Long bob can’t get any more stylish. Girls aged 5-10 will really look stunning in this look.


Medium Bob Haircut with Layered
Source: blisshairbystef

Add a bit of wavy touch to the conventional bob haircuts and add a unique touch to her hairdo.


Bob Haircut for Kids
Source: raeadairhair

Another funky look for bob but make sure that you go with this one on a special event rather than making it her everyday look.


Just another conventional bob haircut but if you notice the side part there’s sort of a pattern in there. Your girl will really look amazing in this look.


Adding wavy curls to the Lob haircut will create a wonderful sporty look that you can’t find everyone wearing. Add a unique style to your little girl’s hair.


Short Layered Bob Haircut for Kids
Source: tarynexplores

A bob can’t get more stylish. Just look at the beautiful curly waves towards the ends, they really look amazing.


Helmet Bob Haircut for Round Face
Source: shaniemommy

A cute little bob is the best of all bob haircuts for kids. Your little one will definitely look stylish and elegant in this one.


Bob Haircut with Short Side Part
Source: itsalovelylife5

This short bob is another funky bob hairstyle for kids that will really look cool on her. But you really have to be careful about the overall look because something too funky will rid her off her cuteness.


Long Helmet Bob Haircut
Source: dietina_

If longer locks is what your little one loves, this hairstyle is a perfect choice for her.


Cute Little Baby Girl with Bob Hairstyle
Source: beautycallnj

This short bob hairdo is styled perfectly with hair tucked behind the ear. The overall look is so graceful.


Curly Medium Length Bob haircut for Kids
Source: plastica_yas

Among all the bob haircuts for kids have you ever heard of a curly bob? Yes, your girl’s curly long locks can be styled perfectly into a curly bob like this one. It’s elegant, stylish, and amazing if nothing else.


Undercut with Bob Hairstyles
Source: dyehardhairsalon

Undercut bob with a surgical design, this short bob gives her a completely different style at the back.


Bob Haircut for Little Girl
Source: girlmommyporter

Blonde hair with a short bob, what a deadly combination it’s going to be for your young kid.


This cutie rocks the cowboy look with her long bob haircut.


Mid High Fade with Medium Bob Haircut
Source: bobbedhaircuts

Bob haircut with a shaved side is quite a funky look and may not suit every kiddo. So, choose it carefully for your little girl.


Full Helmet Bob Haircut for Cute Girls
Source: bobbedhaircuts

If your girl wants to sport a different bob, this asymmetrical bob haircut is a perfect choice among everything else.


Medium Bob Haircut for Boy
Source: goldenprincepnw

This carefree look is a perfect choice for kids.


Little Kid with Bob Haircut
Source: pauseherethengo

This is the shortest bob haircut for your kid with hair not coming down over the ears.


Helmet Bob haircut for Kid
Source: danica_soldo

This is a simple bob that will bring all her cuteness out.


Bob Haircut for Kids
Source: missbeccabeauty

This look is somewhat of a combination of A-Line bob and a conventional bob haircut. But it looks amazing overall.


A simple bob hair cut complements her smile and looks great.


So, these were the options available to you in bob haircuts for kids. You just have to make the right choice for your kid and she will look amazing in the new look.