8 Trendy Summer Haircuts For Boys To Feel The Air This Season

Choosing the right hairstyle for summer months is always a challenge. And, that challenge becomes more of a hassle when you have to select a perfect hairdo for your little one. They are free souls and they don’t want to carry all the mess on top or keep maintaining a look all day long. So, do you have any summer haircuts options in your mind that you would like to try this year? Have you been following the latest trends in kids haircuts to make your selection now.

Here we have listed some of the best hairstyles for summer that would make your boy feel the air and enjoy his time even on the hottest days. Let’s have a look.

  1. Dapper Dollop

Dapper Dollop

This hairstyle has been popular for years and it’s trending this summer as well. The hairstyle makes a perfect vibe and it is quite easy to achieve as well. It’s dapper and it’s handsome! When getting the hairstyle, ask for super-tailored hair all over and make sure that the frontal bangs are left longer. You can use a quality sea salt spray for lifting the hair on the front without any hassle. Comb it upward in the end to secure a perfect look.

  1. Side Slicked

Now, this one seems much debonair and gives more of an Old Hollywood look. The hairstyle is quite easy to achieve as you have to simple get it trimmed to an appropriate length and slick the hair to a side using a styling gel or some water. Use light hold hair spray to set everything into place.

  1. Buzz Cut

This one is the best low maintenance haircut which resonates with the summer theme to perfection. The hair is all trimmed short and close to the head giving a perfect feel. You can add a surgical design to an otherwise bland look to make sure it gets a cute and stylish look.

  1. Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk really is too cool a hairstyle to go away. We don’t actually see it going anywhere anytime soon. The hairstyle really looks amazing on little kids and the boys really love that harder edgy look it creates. Moms, on the other hand, love the ease of styling that comes along with this beautiful hairstyle. You just have to get a perfect haircut and use a styling gel to create spikes easily without any flakes whatsoever.

  1. Side Buzzed Hair

We just discussed the buzz cut hairstyle for kids, but you can also give the typical haircut an interesting twist of style. You can go for a typical buzz cut on the sides while the top can be left slightly longer and disconnected. You can add some definition to the look by using pomade or gel to flick the strands on top. The hairstyle won’t require much of styling and your kid can go outdoors within a moment.

  1. Slightly Long Hairstyle With Taper

It’s quite a sophisticated and chic hairstyle that is long and still tapered to offer you plenty of options to style the hair. Do some grooming around his neckline and the ears to keep the hairstyle looking polished. Use a hairspray to create naturally tousled and sleek vibe.

  1. Curly Hairstyle


Kids look the cutest in curls and there are plenty of curly hairstyles that your kids can wear in summer months. Use a quality curl serum to lift and define the ringlets as well as the waves. Just play with the curls of your boy as much as you like before you can come up with a cool look overall.

  1. Short And Spiky Hairstyle

It really is one of the best summer haircuts for kids and it doesn’t require too much maintenance either. Use a quality curling gel to quickly spike up his hair. Just ask the stylist to style it in the direction that your kid likes. It will give him a look that tailored perfectly to his own requirements.

So, which of these summer haircuts do you prefer to go with? Do you think your kid is going to like any of these? You may also like to explore many other boys haircuts this year but for the summer these 8 have really become the top trend. Pick one for your kid and give him a perfect style to flaunt.