70 Short Hairstyles for Little Girls – Short Haircuts for Girls/Kids 2021

Little girls are always on the lookout for some of the best hairstyles that can make them look adorable. And, as a general rule, it can be assumed that little girls look cuter in short hair than in the long ones. That being said, short hairstyles for little girls are aplenty and there are quite a few variations that can be tried out according to one’s personal tastes, what suits them and the trends they like to follow and also take proper care of hair,you can check how to grow hair faster and thicker

Short Hairstyles for Little Girls 2021

So, if you are also interested in checking out some of the latest short hairstyles for little girlshere is a list that you should take a look at. Let’s check out.

1. Bob Hairstyle With Bangs

Bob Hairstyle With Bangs

Source: Iamgerickson

Probably the most obvious choice that comes to your mind when you decide to go with short hairstyles for little girls is a bob haircut. There are many variations of this hairstyle as well and the one we’ve got here features some casually forward swept bangs. Other than that, it’s a typical chin length bob that is common in little girls.

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2. Side Parted Bob With Streaks

Side Parted Bob With Streaks

Source: stylist.kris

This beautiful side-parted bob hairstyle looks so clean and cool on little girls. The way it covers the face is just amazing and those extravagant streaks add a touch of style and elegance to this beautiful bob look.

3. Side Parted And Side Swept

Side Parted And Side Swept

Source: Blades_and_bows

This one is more of a boys hairstyle that features a cool side part and sweeps the frontal locks to a side to achieve a perfect look. The hairstyle suits little girls quite a lot.

4. Conventional Bob Hairstyle

Conventional Bob Hairstyle

Source: Vanessa_nash_hair

Conventional bobs never go out of fashion and here we have a perfect example of that. this beautiful bob hairstyle can be worn year round and is probably the best hairstyle option available to little girls.

5. Short Bob

Short Bob hairstyle for Little Girl

Source: Celine_cecillya

Want to cut it even shorter? It’s advisable to go with a short bob hairstyle. The hair is cut just above the chin and a beautiful sense of style and fashion is created by combining it with a nice hair accessory and leaving the bangs falling over on the forehead. Overall, it looks stunning.

6. Side Parted Bob With Fringe

 Side Parted Bob With Fringe

Source: lehairdesign_

This is another cool bob hairstyle that comes with a fringe. What’s best about it is the fact that it is given a completely clean look overall. Other than that, the symmetry is just amazing.

7. Short & Wavy With Fringe

Short & Wavy With Fringe

Source: Isabelinhamarareis

This is a cool variation of the short hairstyles for little girls and it boasts of that wavy texture that actually defines the look. Besides, that long fringe swept nicely to a side makes it look even better.

8. Pixie Bob Hairstyle

Pixie Bob Hairstyle

Source: Dorothydishairdressing

Not really a Pixie haircut and not even a bob hairstyle, this one is a mixture of the two hairstyles and looks really amazing on blonde hair. The hairstyle goes perfectly on straight hair with natural texture.

9. Short Bob With Bangs

Short Bob With Bangs

Source: cheess

This is more of a conventional bob hairstyle that looks stunning with those cool bangs. The bangs, however, are not cut symmetrically and create a unique look.

10. Long Wavy Bob Hairstyle

Long Wavy Bob Hairstyle

Source: Suzileaverhairdressing

The hairstyle features wavy tips to the long bob hairstyle to come up with another new and unique hairdo for little girls. Overall, it looks cool.

11. Stacked Bob Hairstyle

Stacked Bob Hairstyle

Source: Petacharles_hairstudio

Another cool variation to the conventional bob hairstyle, this one is different in the fact that the hair towards the back are cut short while the frontal locks and the hair on the sides are allowed to fall over just like a short bob. The cool new look is referred to as a stacked bob.

12. Short Bob For Wavy Hair

Short Bob For Wavy Hair

Source: Sophie_dolled_up

Short bob hairstyles can be achieved on almost all sorts of hair and that too in style. This cool hairstyle we have here is a perfect example of that. The hair is cut into a bob hairstyle and the wavy texture is kept intact towards the sides allowing your little one to flaunt it in style.

13. Feathered Blonde Bob

Source: Levityhairstudio

This hairstyle looks amazing and all the coolness it has is borrowed from the feathered look of the hair on sides and back. A bit of asymmetrical look is also given to the hairstyle and overall it looks just stunning.

14. Shot Hair With Bangs

Shot Hair With Bangs

Source: Updatehair

What would you like to call it? A Bob haircut? Well, maybe, but we’d rather refer to it as a short hairstyles for little girls with bangs. The hair is cut short enough that it falls over the ear and doesn’t extend to the chin. It’s very easily managable.

15. Pixie Haircut

Pixie Haircut and Hairstyles for Little Girls

Source: Aimeeelizabeth

A Pixie is a cool and popular choice in hairstyles for little girls. It’s more of a boys’ haircut but with a girlish look. The hair is cut short and a side sweep allows it to fall over to a side with some little spikes. Overall, it looks cool and amazing.

16. Funky Bob Hairstyle

Funky Bob Hairstyle for Little Girl

Source: elifish_mane_love

This beautiful stacked bob hairstyle is given a funky touch with the help of those beautiful color streaks towards a side. Other than that it’s a typical bob and can be achieved quite easily. The look is just amazing overall.

17. Short Hair With Bangs

Short Hair With Bangs

Source: Onefunjac

This one is probably the oldest of short hairstyles for little girls that we have seen them wearing over the years. The hair is kept to neck length from behind and those beautiful bangs around the forehead make it look amazing overall.

18. Side Parted Boys Haircut

Side Parted Boys Haircut

Source: kidsnips

If your little one loves to be a boy then you should get her to feel exactly like that by giving her this beautiful boys haircut. It’s a typical side parted hairstyle that boys normally have and that long fringe is allowed to fall to a side rather nicely. Overall, it’s super cool.

19. Side Swept Hair With A Girlish Vibe

Side Swept Hair With A Girlish Vibe

Source: Salaobenvenuti

Now this one seems to be like the one above as far as its name goes but the two are actually quite different. This one has more of a girlish vibe to it with hair on the back cut in that manner specifically. On the sides, it’s allowed to fall over the ears and that nice frontal fringe swept to a side makes it look stunning.

20. Combed Back Inverted Bob

 Combed Back Inverted Bob

Source: Kidsnip

Inverted bob hairstyles are a popular choice in short hairstyles for little girls but this one here is given a completely different vibe by combing it backwards at the front and making it into a small pony. Overall, it looks amazing.

21. Side Swept Layers

Side Swept Layers Hairstyle for Little Girl

Source: Robyn_baer

This is another cool hairstyle for girls that is all about those extravagant layers. A perfectly clean look is achieved by sweeping it nicely to a side and still maintaining that casual look to the hairstyle.

22. Stacked Bob And Pixie Haircuts

Stacked Bob And Pixie Haircuts

Source: Kidsnips

Both the stacked bob hairstyle and a pixie haircut are popular in little girls and it’s more of your choice as to which one you’d like to go with. Remember, however, that you should only choose one that suits her better.

23. Short Pixie Haircut

Short Pixie Haircut

Source: Sahmplus

This is a cool hairstyle that resembles pixie look. Shorter on one side and longer on the other, with frontal fringe cut short and swept to a side, this really is a cool hairstyle for little girls. Overall, it’s just amazing.

24. Short Pixie Haircut

Short Pixie Haircut for Little Girls

Source: Hairdresser_md

This pixie hairstyle is all about short and nicely cropped hair. The cool look of the sideburn and that nice and casually side swept fringe make it look even better. The final look is so elegant that it can be worn just about anywhere and on any occasion.

25. Rough & Short Bob

Rough & Short Bob

Source: Friggarock

Short bob hairstyles are amazing for little girls but what if your little angel has curly and rough hair? Well, she can still wear a short bob and look adorable at the same time as well. Just let her flaunt her natural curls and dress her up nicely to compliment that cool look.

26. Short Side Swept Hair

Short Side Swept Hair

Source: Orangesky82I

Short side swept and side-parted hair can be a cool hairstyle option for little girls and it remains a popular choice for many as well. The hair is slicked tight to the skin and made to look and feel gorgeous.

27. Short Asymmetrical Haircut

Short Asymmetrical Haircut for Little Doll

Source: Shesthefunnymum

This one is a perfect hairstyle for very little girls who don’t even have properly grown out hair. The hairstyle requires the hair to be combed all around and cut asymmetrically and then a small chunk is raised up and held in place with a rubber band. It looks cute overall.

28. A Line Bob Hairstyle

A Line Bob Hairstyle for Little Cute Girl

Source: Thenastystylist

This is another cool option for short hairstyles for little girls. The hair is cut into a bob hairstyle but then the tips are cut at an angle growing in length towards the front side. It’s nice and a clean look to have.

29. Stacked Bob Haircut With Waves

Stacked Bob Haircut With Waves

Source: stephanieleehair

This stacked bob hairstyle is different in the fact that it comes with a nice wavy look on the sides. Other than that, it’s a simple stacked bob hairstyle that we commonly know.

30. Side Swept With Waves

Side Swept With Waves

Source: salonrue

This is another cool hairstyle for girls that boasts of that wavy texture towards the sides. The hair on top is side parted and swept nicely to a side while the overall look is quite boyish.

31. Center Parted Bob Hairstyle

Center Parted Bob Hairstyle

Source: salondiamondna

This beautiful bob hairstyle look is amazing with a nice center part. Overall, it has a nice, cute and clean look that is second to none. This beautiful clean look is certainly what makes it one of the best short hairstyles for little girls. 

32. Chin Length Bob With Bangs

Chin Length Bob With Bangs

Source: kayandkompany

This chin length bob hairstyle is a perfect hairdo for just about any occasion and your little girl will definitely rock it. Combine it with those beautiful bangs and you can’t ask for anything better.

33. Short & Boyish

Short & Boyish

Source: Vostyle.salon

Just as the title suggests, this one presents more of a boyish look. It’s side-parted, it’s clean and it’s side swept with a simple part. You can’t ask for anything better from a girls’ haircut.

34. Short With Extravagant Bangs On The Sides

Short With Extravagant Bangs On The Sides

Source: myhairworks

When it comes to short hairstyles, you need something extraordinary to make the hairstyle look standout. Now with this one we have those extravagant bangs that look amazing on little girls when worn with short hair.

35. Pixie Bob Variation

Pixie Bob Variation

Source: Beabor

Pixie haircut on one side while a bob haircut on the other, this beautiful hairstyle looks as cool as ever. In fact, it’s quite different at the same time as well. The hair on top is swept forward nicely to achieve the final look.

36. Layered Bob Hairstyle

Layered Bob Hairstyle

Source: candy_cors26.2

A conventional bob may seem too plain and if you feel the same for your little girl then you should better go for this layered bob hairstyle to let your little one flaunt a completely different look altogether.

37. Short Forward Swept Hair

Short Forward Swept Hair

Source: Kutz4kidznew

In early years, you can easily eliminate the difference between a boy and a girl to make them look pretty much the same. This hairstyle here is a cool example of the same. Jut cut her hair short and sweep it all nicely forward to achieve a perfect hairstyle.

38. Cropped Back With Layers

Source: Jesshairfx

If your little girl doesn’t like to have volume at the back of the head, you can simply let it go by cutting the hair short to almost the neck length. Make sure to have some layers and you’ll love the hairstyle for sure.

39. Inverted Bob Hairstyle

Source: Thezealousroot

This inverted bob hairdo is another cool variation of the conventional bob. It’s almost equally simple to achieve as the conventional bob. The final touches are given with a beautifully falling fringe on the side.

40. Short Bob

 Short Bob for Little Girl

Source: Annabellefang

This little girl looks so amazing in the short bob hairstyle with bangs and your little girl will also look pretty much the same. Just make sure you do not chop off those nice little bangs.

41. Short Hair With Natural Texture

Short Hair With Natural Texture

Source: Pigtailsturkeycreek

Cutting the hair short doesn’t mean that you have to get rid of the natural texture of your girl’s hair as well. This hairstyle is a perfect example for that. Just cut her hair short and then finger comb to a side to maintain that natural texture.

42. Fine Side Swept Hair

Fine Side Swept Hair

Source: jackiedbean

Kept short and very much the same length as bob hairstyle, this one is a perfect hairstyle option for fine hair and requires the hair to be swept nicely to a side while keeping the casual look intact.

43. Short Natural Curls

Short Natural Curls

Source: Pigtailsturkeycreek

Yes, curly hair do look great when grown long but it doesn’t mean that you can’t keep it short. Even short hairstyles for little girls with curly hair create a perfect vibe just like this beautiful hairstyle here.

44. Short Hairstyle With Natural Texture

Short Hairstyle With Natural Texture

Source: Bave_j77

This is another cool example of a short hairstyle for girls. The hair is cut short and the natural texture is maintained to create a perfect look overall. Remember not to cut the hair too short otherwise it will all end up into a mess and nothing else.

45. Short With Extravagant Bangs

Short With Extravagant Bangs

Source: Finechick112

This short haircut creates more of a bowl look on her head and features those extravagant bangs at the front. Overall, it looks cool and can be worn just about everywhere.

46. Short & Curly With Pigtails

 Short & Curly With Pigtails

Source: Cookiecutters

This cute little girl looks even cuter in the beautiful naturally curly hair cut short and parted from center. The natural curls are then made into beautiful pigtails at both ends of the head. Overall, the look is amazing and will let her flaunt the natural curls in style everywhere she goes.

47. Short, Curly And Unruly

Short, Curly And Unruly

Source: Pigtailsturkey

This just-out-of-the-bed look is amazing and shows the carefree nature of your little girl. Just let her grow her hair to a normal length and then keep it all unruly on the head to achieve this cool look.

48. Curly Bob

Curly Bob

Source: Lunaticfringesalon

Bob hairstyles can be as versatile as it can ever get. This is a beautiful hairstyle example here which is kept unruly and naturally curly. There is no need to style and you just have to cut it to bob length and then let the hair flow freely. It really looks cool.

49. Messy Bob Hairstyle

Messy Bob Hairstyle for little girl

Source: Callramona

Another bob hairstyle for curly hair. This one is very much similar to the one right above but here we don’t have such brutal curls. Rather, this is the style anyone with soft curls can adopt straight away. Part it from the side and it will look as cool as ever.

50. Pixie Haircuts

Pixie Haircuts for Little Girl

Source: kelsey.lowe.hair

Pixie haircuts are among the most popular short hairstyles for little girls and they’re known to offer more of a boyish look to your little one. Styled in quite a few different ways, this haircut is just every girl’s dream and you should definitely give it to your little one.

51. A Line Stacked Bob

A Line Stacked Bob

Source: Hairbycourtneykaz

This is a cool variation of the stacked bob hairstyle and it is quite stylish at the same time as well. The hair towards the back is cut short and long layers are allowed to fall on the sides to achieve this wonderfully amazing look. Your girl will love the stylish vibe this beautiful hairstyle will create.

52. Textured Bob Hairstyle

Textured Bob Hairstyle for Little Girls

Source: Thecolorbarsalon_joyanna

This bob hairstyle is pretty much similar to a conventional bob except the fact that it comes with cool textured layers that set it apart. The layers create a bit of rough look towards the back but it feels amazing and adds a sense of uniqueness to the hairdo.

53. Rounded Bob Hairstyle

Rounded Bob Hairstyle

Source: Donibuckler

One of the cute haircuts for girls, this rounded bob hairstyle nicely covers the hair from all sides and is one of the cool short hairstyles for little girls. A symmetrical feel from the back and a cool look at the front with bangs, this hairstyle will really make your little girl look stunning. Short haircuts for girls can’t get any better than this.

54. The Boy Cut

Source: Tallgirlshorthair

A simple boy cut will get rid of all the hassles in giving your little one a cool hairstyle to cherish. Yes, boy haircuts look awesome on girls and here we have a clear example for you. This little girl flaunts the beauty of her simple, short and side swept hair despite the fact that there’s nothing so fancy about it.

55. Chin-Length Bob

Chin-Length Bob

Source: Deniseandradee

This chin-length bob is a cool choice in short hairstyles for little girls and that cool little bang makes it even better. When she’ll wear it with a nice smile, nothing will beat her overloaded cuteness.

56. Angled Bob Hairstyle

Angled Bob Hairstyle

Source: Rachelpokay

This one is a slightly angled bob hairstyle that boasts of its simple side parted look. Other than that slight angle in the layers, there isn’t much different about this beautiful bob hairstyle.

57. Back Rolled Bob Hairstyle

Back Rolled Bob Hairstyle

Source: Angelinebaugh

As mentioned earlier, bob hairstyles can be as varied as you like and if you love to experiment with your little girl’s looks, this is the best way to go about it. The rolled back makes this bob hairstyle unique and stylish. The front is pretty much similar to a conventional bob, however.

58. Side Swept Short Hair For Girls

Side Swept Short Hair For Girls

Source: Aliz07

This is a cool look for a side swept hairstyle for girls. The hair is cut into layers that reflect nicely when your girl will run the comb through them. It creates a nice overall look.

59. Unconventional Pixie Haircut

Unconventional Pixie Haircut

Source: Fabuloushairbymelanieg

Very similar to the typical Pixie hairstyle, this one differs in the fact that the hair is grown out to the sides covering the ears nicely. The top hair is kept pretty much the same as it is nicely swept to a side.

60. Short Side Swept Hairstyle

Short Side Swept Hairstyle

Source: Ispademan

Cut her long hair into beautiful short and side-swept hairstyle to give her a clean overall look. Not exactly a Pixie but it’s not much different either. Overall, it’s a cool barbie look and she’ll love it for sure.

61. Side Parted Bob Hairstyle

Side Parted Bob Hairstyle

Source: Beautybyjazzy_hairstylist

That’s exactly how a cool side-parted bob will look like. That beautiful fringe tucked nicely beneath the hair on the sides creates a really elegant vibe. Overall, the hairstyle looks chic and amazing.

62. Angled Bob Hairstyle

Angled Bob Hairstyle

Source: Hairdressers_bg

The slanted angled look on the right is what sets this bob hairstyle apart from the rest. In fact, that’s one of the best short hairstyles for little girls that also add a fancy touch to their looks. You can even experiment with the angle as well to achieve a perfect style.

63. Bob Hairstyle With Volume On Sides

Bob Hairstyle With Volume On Sides

Source: Paoshairsalon

This is a cool bob hairstyle that boasts ample volume on the sides. It looks awesome and is, basically, a conventional bob with extra volume on the sides. Your little one will really rock the new look.

64. Braided Bob Hairstyle

Braided Bob Hairstyle

Source: Monroeco.hair

Wondering how a bob hairstyle can be braided? Well, it’s just a typical bob and the frontal bangs are tied into a braid to achieve a cool hairstyle. Overall, it looks amazing.

65. Layered Short Haircut 

Layered Short Haircut 

Source: Perla_zakopane

This layered hairstyle is a perfect choice for short hairstyles for little girls with fine and straight hair. And, obviously, it’s a hassle-free hairstyle that will keep her hair out of the way. It’s really nice actually.

66. Wavy And Curvy Bob Hairstyle

Source: Floryturcios9

Bob hairstyles can be as stylish as you want and as simple as you might like them to be. This beautiful bob hairstyle variation is features wavy and curvy hair all around the head. And those beautiful waves and curves are further complimented with cool bangs. A perfect party hairstyle!

67. Angled Bob Hairstyle

Angled Bob Hairstyle

Source: Hair_by_kristinaa

Another variation of the angled bob hairstyle, this one features high neck towards the back and is slightly more angled compared to the one discussed above. It will surely make your little girl look adorable.

68. Short Bob With Side Swept Fringe

Short Bob With Side Swept Fringe

Source: Danielle.bolliger

For those blonde types, this is a cool variation of the bob hairstyle. The hair is cut short in bob style and that fringe at the top is swept nicely to a side. Overall, it looks so cool.

69. Simple Short Bob

Simple Short Bob

Source: Emilynichols

If you want a simple look for your little girl that she’d love wearing in her daily routine, just go for a short bob hairstyle and keep it simple with a side part. It will loook gorgeous.

70. Layered Short Bob

Layered Short Bob

Source: Beautycallnj

This short bob hairstyle variation looks cool with layers spreading all over her head. To add a touch of cuteness, tuck the hair on a side nicely behind her ear. She will love it and so will everyone else who gets to look at her.

With all these short hairstyles for little girls out there and many other cool options available as well, it shouldn’t be a problem choosing the best short hairstyles for your little angel. You just have to be mindful enough to decide what will go with her face shape and how cool she’ll look wearing a particular hairstyle. So, just go through our short hairstyles for little girls list and see if there’s something your little girl can flaunt.

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