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23 Modern Crew Cuts For Kids (2024 Trend)

You always have to be cautious when choosing haircuts for boys as you can’t take a chance to go wrong here. There is a huge variety of boys haircuts around and many new hairstyles come in trend every year. The crew cut is one of the most popular kid’s haircuts you’ll see everywhere.

So, you have to make the right picks every time so that your boy gets the best hairdo and it adds a whole new charm to their personality.

If there is one haircut, however, that is evergreen it’s the crew cut because it never goes out of fashion. In fact, it suits most boys no matter what their facial features and hair type may be.

In addition, there are so many cool variations of the hairstyle available, despite its short hair length that you can give your kid a new style every now and then and it will still look amazing.

Modern Crew Cut for Kids

So, here we have listed some of the cool crew cuts for kids you can try this year and your boy is definitely going to love it.

Crew Cut With Frontal Spikes

Crew Cut With Frontal Spikes

If you don’t want to go for a typical, bland hairstyle which primarily features short forward-swept hair, this is the look you’d want your kid to sport.

The hairstyle boasts of that same typical length, but it is slightly spiked up from the center to the front.

You may need a bit of styling product to spike it up to perfection and to keep it looking great right throughout the day. There is a fade on the sides and it seamlessly blends with the hair on top.

Crew With Combed Back Front

Crew With Combed Back Front

This beautiful variation of the hairstyle requires you to keep it a bit longer towards the front and then comb it backwards to achieve a perfect style.

The sides have a high fade on the sides and it blends with the hair on top to perfection. The top hair is also given a slight side-swept look making it a unique and beautiful vibe.

The hairstyle won’t need too much styling effort either and will just look amazing as it is.

Short Crew With Surgical Design

Short Crew With Surgical Design
Source: Todd13francis

This beautiful hairstyle looks more like a buzz cut with very short hair all around. Everything on top and the sides are trimmed short enough that it’s very tight and close to the head.

There is a cool surgical line just around the temple area and the sides are faded going down the bottom. Even though it’s not a typical crew hairstyle, the variation is still considered in the same family and it is quite easily achieved as well.

Just get the hair trimmed to the right length, have a surgical line placed to perfection and you have a beautiful hairstyle ready for your little one. What’s even better is that it doesn’t require any maintenance whatsoever either.

Spiky Crew

Spiky Crew

This cool variation of the beautiful hairstyle boasts of a typical crew style as far as haircut is concerned.

However, a different overall look is achieved by spiking it up in the center. The sides have almost the same length as on top, but it is sort of parted on either side.

Short Crew Hairstyle

Short Crew Hairstyle
Source: Brittany ONeil

This cool variation of the look features forward-swept hair on top and a cool look is achieved by sweeping slightly longer frontal hair to a side.

The hair on the sides is faded and it gives a cool touch to the hairstyle overall. There are not many style elements to the look, and it’s quite easy to achieve. Obviously, with not many styling elements to the look, it is quite easy to maintain as well.

Forward Swept Crew Hairstyle

Forward Swept Crew Hairstyle

One thing you have to keep in mind about the crew haircut variations is that the hairstyle is very simple in its entirety and even the original look doesn’t require too much effort and the same stands true for this one as well.

All you have to do is to sweep it all forward and let the natural texture speak for itself. The difference here from the ones above is that the sides are kept slightly heavier and it’s not faded at all. Just style it up casually and it will look really cool and awesome.

Crew Haircut With Spiky Fringe

Crew Haircut With Spiky Fringe

This really is the closest look to the typical crew haircut style as the hair is trimmed short and then swept forward before giving it a spiky look at the frontal fringe.

The hair on the sides is nicely faded and it blends to perfection with what’s on top. Overall, a perfectly balanced hairstyle that’s good enough for school as well as any special occasions, the hairdo will take only minutes to style and will surely make a perfect style statement.

Crew Haircut With High Fade

Crew Haircut With High Fade

Here again, all the style is in the haircut itself. You have to keep it all short and close to the head while the hair around the crown area is slightly spiked up.

The sides have a nice high fade that complements the hair on top to perfection. The combination of two contrasting lengths makes for a unique and cool vibe overall.

It’s up to you whether you want to keep the frontal hair swept forward or would like to sweep it to a side.

Casual Side Swept Crew Haircut

Casual Side Swept Crew Haircut

Crew haircut can be as simple as this one here. The hairdo boasts of a short length on top and there is a nice high fade on the sides as well.

This time it is a little disconnected from the top to make sure that it really looks cool and creates an acute contrast which is quite likable. The casual touch given to the hair on top speaks volumes about the hairstyle.

Short Forward Swept Crew Cut

Short Forward Swept Crew Cut
Source: Plusone

This is another cool variation of the look. The hairstyle requires you to get your kids’ hair cut to a typical crew cut style and then sweep it all forward starting at the crown and going all the way to the tips.

The sides have a nice high fade and it really looks amazing with whatever is there on top. You may need to apply a bit of styling product to keep it textured and fresh on top ensuring that it looks as good even after an entire day out.

Side Swept With Hard Part

Side Swept With Hard Part
Source: Steph_weststyles

You may want to differ in that the hairstyle we have here is not a typical crew haircut. Yes, you may be right but this one is a crew haircut in its essence. The hair is cut in very much the same fashion.

The only difference, however, is that it is kept tight to the head and swept to a side. The hard part really makes a statement while the fade on the sides complements it rather elegantly.

Edgy Crew Haircut

Side Swept With Hard Part

This beautiful and edgy look is just perfect and it makes for quite a unique crew hairstyle. The look is achieved with naturally short and fine hair that is all swept forward and given a textured appearance.

The edgy and spiky top makes it stand out from the rest. Overall, it’s a pretty balanced look and it makes for its own unique vibe.

Classic Crew Cut

First on our list of crew cuts for kids is the classic crew cut. This haircut is timeless, easy to maintain, and works well on all hair types. The hair on top is kept slightly longer than that on the sides, giving a neat and tidy appearance. It’s perfect for kids who lead an active lifestyle.

Spiked Crew Cut

A spiked crew cut is a fun variation that adds a playful touch to the traditional crew cut. Here, the hair on top is styled into small spikes, adding a touch of character to your kid’s overall look. This crew haircut for kids is great for those who want a stylish yet straightforward haircut.

Side Swept Crew Cut

A side swept crew cut adds a bit of drama to the traditional crew cut. The hair is styled to one side, giving a trendy look that your kid is sure to love. This version of crew cuts for kids is perfect for those who want to keep their hair short but stylish.

Faded Crew Cut

A faded crew cut is where the hair gradually decreases in length from the top to the bottom. The fade adds a stylish touch to the traditional crew cut, making it more modern and fashionable. It’s one of those crew haircuts for kids that manages to strike the right balance between neat and cool.

Textured Crew Cut

A textured crew cut adds a fun twist to the regular crew cut. In this style, the hair on top is cut in a way that adds texture and volume. It’s a fantastic choice for kids with thin or fine hair, as the added texture gives the illusion of fuller hair.

Long Crew Cut

A long crew cut is a perfect choice for kids who aren’t quite ready to chop off all their locks but still want to keep things manageable. Here, the hair on top is kept slightly longer, allowing for more styling options. This style still retains the neatness and charm of kids with a crew cut while giving a bit more freedom and versatility.

Short Crew Cut

The short crew cut is the ultimate low-maintenance hairstyle for kids. Here, the hair is cut very short all over, making it an excellent option for hot summer months or kids involved in sports activities. Despite its simplicity, this crew haircut for kids still manages to look stylish and charming.

Blunt Crew Cut

A blunt crew cut is where the hair on top is cut in a straight line, giving a crisp and clean appearance. It’s one of those crew cuts for kids that manages to look both smart and fashionable. It’s ideal for kids who prefer a neat and tidy look.

Crew Cut with Design

Last but not least, a crew cut with a design is for kids who love to express their creativity. Here, a design is shaved into the sides or back of the head, adding a unique and fun twist to the traditional crew cut. This style allows kids with a crew cut to showcase their personality and style in a unique way.

Short Spiky Crew

Short Spiky Crew

Slightly longer than a buzz cut and very much in range of the typical crew cut, this hairstyle seems to be a mix of both. It boasts of an edgy and spiky look all around.

The hairstyle is simple and doesn’t really require any maintenance at all. You don’t even need to run the fingers through for styling it as it’s just about the way hair is cut.

Short And Tight With Clear Front

Short And Tight With Clear Front

This beautiful hairstyle is about creating a simple buzzed-up look that is about keeping the hair short and tight on top.

There is a nice high fade on the sides which complements the look perfectly while the frontal hair is cleared up in a way that it has clear edges. Wearing it with a smile, your boy will surely look cool and amazing in this hairstyle.

There is no better look to flaunt for little boys than a typical crew cut. The hairstyle is all about simplicity giving a new touch of style and fashion. In fact, it’s an evergreen hairstyle that never goes out of fashion.

Above all, it doesn’t require any maintenance at all and once you have given your boy a haircut it won’t need any more styling at all.

And, with such a wide variety available and so many variations of the hairstyle to try out, it’s your choice which look you would like to prefer. So, which one are you going to try with your little boy next? It’s time you decide!