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60 Stylish & Trendy Little Boys Haircuts For 2024

Paying attention to your little one’s style is always important if you want to make him look and feel like your prince charming.

Obviously, kids are cute but you really need to take care of their styling to ensure that they are always the center of attraction at every event and every party you attend with them.

Among all the styling aspects, hairstyles are always important and you should be on the lookout for the best little boys haircuts out there to make sure that your kid looks standout no matter what the occasion may be.

You are no short of options in little boys haircuts and you can go for everything from funky spikes to straight and long hairstyles that would make your kid make his own style statement.


Little Boys Haircuts 2024

So, let’s just not keep it to claims only and take a look at some of the best little boy haircuts around that you must consider for your little one.

Medium-Length Spikes With Side Fade

Medium-Length Spikes With Side Fade
Source: messitttwins

Spikes is always a go-to choice for little boys haircuts and if you have been looking to give a special haircut to your kiddo then this probably is the look you should be after.

Keep it medium length on the top and style it beautifully in the form of spikes with a styling product to achieve a perfect look. Faded sides add a touch of class to this beautiful hairstyle and make it look amazing.


Extravagant Spikes With An Undercut

Extravagant Spikes With An Undercut
Source: cassie_heathcote

This is quite an extravagant look of a spikes haircut and boasts of that long towering look of the hair right in the center of the head. Combine it with an undercut and you have a perfectly cool hairstyle.


Casual Spikes With Undercut

Casual Spikes With Undercut
Source: frankie_and_roy

A clean undercut and a casual spiky look on top is what makes your kid’s hair look elegant and standout.

This is not what we normally see in spikes haircuts for kids but still it is quite a unique and elegant hairstyle to have for your little one. Just keep it voluminous and medium length on top and you have a perfect hairstyle to go with.


Forward Swept Bangs

Forward Swept Bangs
Source: o__kate__o

If your kid has very fine and straight locks then, probably, the best option for you to go with is simple, forward swept bangs.

The hair is combed in all directions and a simple and sleek look is achieved which really makes for the best little boys haircuts. 


Medium Length Casual Hairstyle

Medium Length Casual Hairstyle
Source: rrrosalove

Medium length hair all over, this hairstyle is unique in itself and comes with a casual vibe overall.

The top hair is kept messy and finger combed to achieve a perfectly casual look. You can’t ask for a better hairdo for a casual day out.


Side Swept Hair With Undercut

Side Swept with Undercut For Little Boy

Side swept hairstyles are always fashionable for little boys. In fact, they never go out of trend and are a perfect everyday look for school going kids.

Just keep it nicely swept to a side and have an undercut to complete the look. It will let the innocence brim out of your cute little man.


Funky Mohawk

Funky Mohawk
Source: april.mcleod

This funky mohawk look has been a hot favorite for young boys over the years and makes for a stylish hairstyle for special events.

However, it will need lots of styling product to achieve a perfect look. The undercut on the sides makes it look even better by creating a perfectly neat and clean vibe.


Side Swept Hair With Hard Part

This beautiful hairstyle for boys keeps it nice and tight with a hard part to give a clean and clear vibe.

The sides are kept short and faded to let the top hair look standout. Add to it a tinge of color and your kid will definitely rock this wonderfully amazing look.


Nice Medium Length Hair With Side Sweep

Nice Medium Length Hair With Side Sweep
Source: trendymouse

This certainly is cuteness overloaded. Just look at that cute expression and how beautifully the hairstyle compliments it.

The hairstyle keeps it medium length on top and the hair is swept nicely to a side with a side part making it look beautifully awesome.


Short Spikes

Short Spikes
Source: kryssolovely

If you are looking for the best little boys haircuts, you can never overlook the short spikes hairstyles.

The look is beautifully awesome and requires you to cut the hair on top short and complete it with a side fade. The short hair on top is then styled by raising it up all over.


Textured Crop

Textured Crop
Source: stylistmermaid

This beautifully textured crop with an even better dye is definitely what your kid is going to love. Styled in a couple of different ways, you can use this beautiful hairstyle in whatever way you like.

The hair on top is kept short and textured to achieve a perfectly casual look. However, you can also comb it away to make it look more formal.


Casual Spikes With A Hard Part

Casual Spikes With A Hard Part

This is more of a fohawk look that boasts of an extravagant spiky touch right at the front.

With a nice hard part and side fade there to complement, you can never ask for a better hairstyle option for your little one. Overall, it’s cool and it really looks great.


Long And Casual Hairstyle 

Long And Casual Hairstyle 
Source: lelehayes

The long hair looks cool on little boys and you don’t need any side parting or any fancy styling for that.

Just let the hair flow freely and naturally to make your kid rock the look to perfection. Overall, it’s a perfect and trendy haircut for little boys.


Faux Hawk With Side Fade

Faux Hawk With Side Fade
Source: kimbullhair

A faux hawk hairstyle is all about a perfect mix of neat and casual hair. Keeping it casually stylish on the top, the hairstyle is given some definition with a beautiful fade on the sides.

Naturally, it’s spiky on the top and sometimes you need a styling product to achieve the look and sometimes you don’t. Overall, it’s just perfect for your little boys haircuts. 


Naturally Wavy With Disconnected Undercut

Naturally Wavy With Disconnected Undercut
Source: danniella8958

For those beautiful little kids who have wavy hair, styling can be a lot of hassle. However, you can still achieve a perfect look by keeping it all natural and wavy on top and going for a disconnected undercut on this sides.

This certainly makes for cute little boys haircuts. You can even crop the waves on top and bring the top hair tight to the skin to give it a more sophisticated touch.


Casually Messy Spikes

Casually Messy Spikes
Source: anas_edward_

Spikes haircuts for boys can be as simple as you like and you can even get as creative with them as you may want to. The hair on top is kept short-to-medium length and then added with a bit of dye to create a perfectly amusing look.

Style it in whatever way you like by just rolling your fingers through. In fact, your little boy will have a new hairstyle to flaunt every next day.


Cute Fohawk – Toddler Boy Haircuts for Fine Hair

Cute Fohawk
Source: fade_players

This beautiful fohawk look is really among the best little boys haircuts around. The hair is styled into a forward spike by rolling fingers of both the hands through to raise it up.

The hair on the sides is kept short and faded to create a more than perfect vibe.


Hairstyles Options For Curly Hair 

Hairstyles Options For Curly Hair 
Source: witness_barber

For those African curls, it’s always a great choice to try different styling options especially in the list of little black boys haircuts.

You can grow it long enough to let the curls make a unique style statement or you can keep it medium-to-short in length with a beautiful hard part.


Slicked Back Hairstyle For Wavy Front

Slicked Back Hairstyle For Wavy Front
Source: witness_barber

If you want to give your little one a perfectly neat look despite the unruly and wavy nature of his hair, you should better go for this cool hairstyle.

The hair is swept back in a normal slicked back hairstyle, but the wavy texture of front hair is kept intact and made the focal point of the overall look. The hard part gives it all the definition it needs.


Cute Pompadour – Little Boy Haircuts for Straight Hair

 Cute Pompadour

Pompadour hairstyles are often associated with men and they really give a perfectly formal look to them. However, Pomps don’t have to be specific with men and they really make for the best little boys haircuts around.

You have to keep it long and swept back at the top with a beautiful side fade to complete the look. Overall, it looks so cool on little boys and is a perfect choice for those formal events.


Forward Swept With High Fade

Forward swept hairstyle on thin and fine hair is definitely the most obvious choice. Combine it with a beautiful high fade and what else you need to have a hairstyle for your kid that he can flaunt everywhere. It’s just perfect!


Messy Top With Undercut

Keep it short, keep it spiky and keep it messy on top to have this beautiful hairstyle for your little kid.

This beautiful hairstyle gets all the coolness from that wonderful undercut and there is nothing else that can compete with it in the overall stylish vibe. The spiky look on the top makes it a perfect hairstyle for any casual day.


Faux Hawk With Hard Part

Faux Hawk With Hard Part

Not the most conventional of faux hawk styles, this hairstyle is all about that perfect spiky look at the front.

The hair is styled that way with some styling product to keep them in place and that hard part with faded sides compliment the look rather nicely. Give him a nice accessory like those gorgeous goggles and he’ll rock the look for sure.


Comb Over Hairstyle With Mid Fade

Comb Over Hairstyle With Mid Fade

A comb over hairstyle is a perfect look for any little boy as soon as he enters his teens. It’s the time when he starts acknowledging fashion and style and wants to make his own style statement.

And, believe it or not, a comb over is a perfect place to start. Combine it with a mid fade and you can’t ask for anything better in little boys haircuts. 


Unconventional Mohawk

Mohawk hairstyles are always cool and they really make for a perfectly casual hairstyle. However, if you are not open to the conventional mohawk hairstyle then this is the look you should be after.

The top hair kept a bit longer and there is a typical mohawk style towards the back. The sides are, however, disconnected and kept shorter than what we have on top.

The way it is different from the conventional mohawk style is that it doesn’t feature a spiky touch and is rather plain and swept forward.


Long And Casual Hair

Long And Casual Hair
Source: asef_aseff

Long hair is always a cool choice for little boys as they look amazing when those luscious locks flow with the air.

All you need for this hairstyle is to grow the hair long and just let it flow freely. There is no need for any styling product or any type of time-consuming styling for it to work. It’s simple and it’s elegant.


Long Hair With Center Part

Growing the hair long doesn’t have to be much of a hassle for little boys. And, there is nothing so hard in styling them either.

For achieving this cute look, you have to grow the hair long and cut it at same length around the radius of the head. The sides are grown enough in length to simply blend into the top hair. There is a center part to complete the look overall.


Simple Side Swept Hair

This is a beautiful and simple look to achieve with side swept hair. It suits perfectly to straight and silky hair type and that gentle side part completes it to perfection. Overall, it looks so cute and your kid will love it for sure.


Messy, Wavy Long Hair

The little boys haircuts with long hair don’t have to be too simple and straightforward.

Rather, you can have this beautiful look that boasts of long, wavy and textured hair all over the head. The look is kept messy to make it the best hairstyle option for boys on any casual day.


Long Forward Swept Hair

This is another simple alternative to the one mentioned above. This is one of the best little boys haircuts that boast of long hair.

It features long hair swept forward and in every other direction to give it a symmetrical feel. Overall, it’s simple, elegant and unique hairstyle for little boys.


Casually Side Swept Hair

This is a cool hairstyle option for short hair. The hair is kept almost the same length all over and casually swept to a side to achieve a perfect look for little boys.

It will definitely make them look cuter and better everytime they have this haircut.


Beautiful Curls – 5 Year Old Boy Haircuts

One of the finest 5 years old boy haircuts, This beautiful hairstyle is all about those extravagant curls that often go unattended. Well, you’re not bound to have the curls cut short or arrange them properly to achieve a cool look.

Just let them look natural and unattended and you will have a perfect toddler boy haircuts for curly hair. Believe it or not, this all-natural look is never going to let you down.


Side Swept Quiff

Quiff is a formal hairstyle that looks cool even on little boys. This one is a classic quiff hairstyle that is swept to a side and is complemented with a beautiful side part.

The hair on the sides is kept shorter and overall it looks amazing for both casual and formal settings.


Gentle Side Parted Hair

This cool hairstyle with a gentle side part looks amazing on little boys. In fact, it’s just tailor made for them. Keep it short, keep it simple and just have a perfect side swept look.


Side Swept Hair With Surgical Design & Ponytail

If you want to add an element of style and elegance to the above look, this is the one you should go for. Keep it simple, but add a bit of drama with a couple of parallel surgical lines on the sides just where the fade starts.

If you want to take it a step further, complete the look with a short pony at the back just as shown in the above picture.


Side Swept With A Short Fringe

This is another beautiful look you can give to your kid with side swept hair. There is a gentle side parting and the fringe is allowed to fall nicely on the forehead.

Overall, it’s a neat and clean look which can be just perfect for both the casual and formal events.


Short Side Swept Hair

This is another simple and cool look for the side swept hair. The hair is kept short and swept to a side naturally with a gentle side part to complete the look.

There is nothing fancy about this hairstyle, nevertheless, it’s a cool choice for an everyday look.


Side Swept Hair With Fade

This is another cool hairstyle with side swept hair. The look bolsters a simple side-swept haircut with a gentle side part.

The faded sides make it look elegant and fitting to the latest hairstyles of the modern era for kids.


Side Parted Hair With A Nice Puff

Side Parted Hair With A Nice Puff

Looking for the coolest little boys haircuts? This look would do for your kid for sure.

The gentle side-parted hairstyle features a wonderful look with side swept hair creating a cool little puff at the front. This is a perfect hairstyle to go with when your kid has fine and thin hair.


Textured Hairstyle With Mid Fade

Textured Hairstyle With Mid Fade
Source: bebekberberi

Textured hair always looks awesome on little guys and that’s exactly what we have here. The hair is cut in a way as to create sort of layers right throughout and then complemented with faded sides.

The frontal locks are kept simple and gently swept to a side. Use some styling product to let the texture emphasized more.


Side Swept Hair With Side Fade

This is a natural look when it comes to boys haircuts 2021. Very simple yet elegant, this beautiful hairstyle doesn’t have too many details to make it too complex to achieve.

Rather, it just requires you to get your kids’ hair cut short and then complete the look with a cool side part and sweeping it to a side. Overall, it looks cool and is a perfect everyday hairstyle choice.


Side Swept With Low Fade

This is another cute hairstyle for toddler boys. The fine hair looks awesome when swept to a side and that low fade completes to look to perfection.

You can’t find a simple, elegant and better hairstyle for your toddler than this beautiful hairdo.


Casual Side Swept Hair

This is a beautiful hairstyle that requires you to grow your kids’ hair a bit longer and the sweep it to a side casually. The hair is complemented beautifully with a cool side parting and a mid fade.

Overall, it looks amazing and is definitely a perfect choice for boys just entering their teenage years. Just remember to keep hair on top swept casually so that it doesn’t get too formal.


Faux Hawk – Little Boys Haircuts 2024

Faux Hawk Hairstyle
Source: hairbythaleena

This is a cool variation to the faux hawk hairstyle that features an all-round undercut.

The hair on top is kept medium length just as you would keep it with faux hawk hairstyles and it’s casually formed into a spiky look to achieve a perfect design. Nevertheless, it’s one of the best little boys haircuts around.


Shag Hairstyle

Source: chantalsandoval

Shag hairstyle is a popular choice in men but, remember, it’s equally popular among little boys as well. You just need to grow the hair longer and style it nicely with a side part to achieve a perfectly clean look even with those long and luscious locks of your young gun.

It will look so cool when the hair will fall over the years going from top to bottom. Overall, it’s uniquely elegant and chic haircut option for your little boy.


Beautiful Spikes

Spikes never go out of style when it comes to kids haircuts. This one here is no different as your little boy will love the look when you will style it into spikes with a cool styling product.

The sides are kept faded to let the top hair look more standout and awesome.


Casual Spiky Look

Casual Spiky Look

Well, you can’t even classify this one as spikes. This is something quite different. All you have to do is to put lots of styling product onto your hands and just rub your fingers through your boy’s wet hair to make it into this casual spiky look.

Nevertheless, it looks really cute on the boys and your little one will also flaunt it nicely wherever he goes.


Casual Side Swept Fringe

Casual Side Swept Fringe
Source: locksmiths_holly

If he has that nag of growing the hair longer, this is the look you should go with. The hair is grown longer all over and then swept casually to a side.

The classic side-swept fringe looks amazing and gives a whole new vibe to this beautiful hairstyle. Remember, however, that this wonderful look will work only for the thin, fine and straight hair. Overall, your kid will definitely rock this beautiful hairstyle.


Side Swept With Disconnected Undercut

Side Swept With Disconnected Undercut
Source: martinihairgyor

Side swept hair can be styled in so many different ways and this one here is a cool example.

All you have to do is to keep it medium length on top and fade the sides into a disconnected undercut to achieve a perfect look. This really is a perfect choice among little boys haircuts. 


Funky Spikes

Funky Spikes
Source: hairbythaleena

Spikes hairstyles can get as funky as you may want them to. This beautiful hairstyle is just a great example. Keep it long on top and bring it all into center to form a wonderful spiky look.

The sides have an undercut and it complements the look rather nicely. Overall, it looks cool and is a perfect hairdo for a casual day out.


Faux Hawk With Surgical Design

Faux Hawk With Surgical Design 
Source: hairbythaleena

Want to give your little one a spiky hairstyle? You may not get a better alternative to this beautiful look. The hair on top is swept to a side in a funky spiky look while the undercut makes it into a perfect faux hawk style.

There are surgical lines just close to where we have a side part and they make it look even funkier. A perfect choice for little boys haircuts, nevertheless.


Messy Hairstyle With Fringe

Messy Hairstyle With Fringe
Source: Meagperro

For a more casual vibe, this beautiful hairstyle should be your go-to choice. The hair on top is kept messy and stylish with a long fringe swept to a side.

Overall, it’s a cool look that makes for a perfectly casual vibe and is best suited for nightouts and parties where you have to take your kid with you.


Slicked Back Hairstyle

Slicked Back Hairstyle
Source: Suite_alli

The classic slicked back hairstyle for boys is still among the best little boys haircuts around.

The hairstyle looks cool with a few textured lines that are achieved by combing through the hair after applying a styling product. Besides, there is a side part that makes the hairstyle look more formal than ever.


Long Side Swept Hair

 Long Side Swept Hair
Source: thatgirlbrandy11

Long boys hair can be styled in whatever way you like. And, probably, the most natural option you have is to sweep it all to a side. Either sweep it casually or go for a full side-swept look, the choice is yours.


Long Spikes

This is a beautiful hairstyle that looks amazing on little boys and gives them a really extravagant look. It will require you to grow your kids’ hair longer and then use some styling product to have some streaky spikes.

Overall, this beautiful hairstyle creates a perfect look for a casual event. It can even be styled with an extravagant fringe to make a unique style statement.


Messy Textured Hair

Messy Textured Hair
Source: Lifeewithjaxon

This is a cool look for your little kid with some shine that makes it look even better.

The messy and textured hair on top, that is actually finger combed, creates a perfect vibe and is a cool hairstyle choice little boys. If you are looking for the best little boys haircuts, this is a more than perfect choice.


Cool Hairstyle For Curly Hair

 Cool Hairstyle For Curly Hair
Source: Zz_graham

Source: delliedojunietoo


Source: jvb.ph0t0graphy


Source: katiemcgath

For those little boys having problematic curly locks, keeping it all natural is probably the best way to go about it. Just let it grow naturally and add some styling product to bring a bit of shine to the hairstyle.

In fact, it will look too cool on the little boys and will make them flaunt the look flawlessly wherever you take them with you.

So, these are the best little boys haircuts options available today and you can choose a few from these to give your boy a more than perfect hairstyle for just about every occasion.

In fact, you can go for a haircut and style it in different ways as well to make it go with the feel of the event or occasion you want your boy to wear it on. You can even get as creative as you like with these wonderful little boys haircuts and add a touch of uniqueness to them.

Nevertheless, the choice is yours and you must go with something that will specifically suit your little one regardless of how cool it looks on the kids in the pictures above. Just imagine how your little one will fit into it and you’ll be able to make a perfect decision for sure.