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100 Cool Haircuts for Girls to Inspire Your Next Look

Girls love to experiment with their looks and styles, with cool haircuts for girls often being the focus of such creativity, especially during the formative years of their life.

One aspect that dramatically impacts a girl’s overall look and style is her choice in hairstyling. This holds true whether you are a child, a teenager, or a grown-up woman in your 20s.

Regardless of your age, there are numerous trendy haircuts that you can embrace as a girl and proudly show off your style at every occasion you attend.

However, you must ensure that you choose hairstyles that suit you best, taking into account factors such as the thickness, color, and length of your hair.


How to Choose Suitable Haircuts for Girls Considering Face Shape and Age?

  • Understanding Face Shapes:

Firstly, you should identify the girl’s face shape by examining the width and length of her forehead, cheekbones, and jawline. Common face shapes include oval, round, square, heart, and diamond.

  • Matching Haircuts to Face Shapes:

Most haircuts will suit an oval face perfectly. For a round face, longer hair with layers or a side-swept bang can create an illusion of length. A square face can benefit from a layered bob or a soft, side-parted long hairstyle. For a heart-shaped face, consider a layered cut with soft curls or waves. For those with a diamond face shape, a short bob or pixie cut could best complement their prominent cheekbones.

  • Considering Age:

Age is another essential factor. For younger girls, opt for fun and playful haircuts such as a textured bob or long layers with bangs. On the other hand, older girls might prefer more sophisticated haircuts like a sleek bob or a low-maintenance short style.

  • Understanding Hair Types:

Lastly, be sure to consider hair aspects like thickness, texture, and color.

  • Seeking Professional Advice:

It can be helpful to seek advice from a professional hairstylist to ensure the chosen haircut is not only stylish but also practical and manageable for the girl’s daily routine.


Cool Haircuts for Girls – Short, Medium and Long Hairstyles

So, let’s take you through our list of cool haircuts for girls.

Clean Bob Haircut

Girls always look classic and cute in short hair. So, a clean bob haircut is a perfect hairstyle to go with as it’s a lot easier to maintain it.

You just have to blow your hair dry and then walk out of your home. The haircut also brings out your girlish touch ever so stylishly.


Pixie Hairstyle For Red Haired

Red Pixie Hairstyle
Source: theawkgazelle

Bored of those conventional hairstyles that you have been wearing over the years? Try this hairdo this summer for having a cool, fresh look.

It would be perfect to choose this short crop hairstyle that features uniform layers having really short length.


Curly Pixie Hairstyle With Bangs

Curly or wavy textures look amazingly stunning on hair with short-to-medium length.

Just make sure that you don’t overdo when putting your hair together as their messiness is what will give a unique and finishing touch to this hairdo. Using texturizing gel can be great for styling purposes.


Short Pixie Haircut With Side Bangs

Short Pixie with Bangs
Source: ispademan

The short pixie hairstyle gets a whole new look with side bangs. This look is more preferable for your daily routine.


Pink Color Strip In Medium Length Hair


If you consider cool haircuts short haircuts for girls restricted for girls, they’re more about details than anything else. So, when you are styling hair of your young ones, you have all the freedom to add some whimsical touches.

It’s always fun to style medium length hair this way. For instance, you can add a red or pink hair strip down one side to spruce up the overall look and still make sure that the style looks girlish.


Short Hair With Side Swept Color Bangs

Short Pixie Hair With Side Swept Color Bangs
Source: hair_by_ashb

Styling short pixie hair with side swept color bangs is always a great way to deal with such hair length.

Besides, it never goes out of trend either. It’s also a great way of achieving that cool look for summer.


Short-To-Long Bob Haircut

It’s a deeply-angled bob haircut that looks extraordinary courtesy highly contrasting lengths in layers.

It is tapered into nape towards the back, while keeping the crown almost same length for creating that rounded shape. There are long layers on the front that will lighten up your hair and make sure that the face isn’t overpowered.


Sleek Brown Bob

Sleek Brown Bob Girl Haircut
Source: Itsalovelylife

It’s not necessary to keep short haircuts for girls restricted only to chin-length, blunt hairdos. Bring the old favorite in with a new style for your little girl.

Ask the stylish to simply cut your girl’s hair short towards the back and keep them longer at the front. It will surely create a chic look overall.


Short Wavy Haircut For Girls

Short Wavy haircuts for Girls
Source: puresalonandspa

This one is a special haircut for bringing short and wavy hair into style. It features voluminous top with textured hair and works better with the thick hair.


Wavy Haircut For Girls

Wavy Haircuts for Girls

If you’re looking for a haircut for teens or it’s just that your little kid has started taking interest in looks and clothes for teens, you might want to go with this haircut.

The wavy haircut creates more of an angular bob that gives all the style your little girl needs. So, if you are looking for some stylish wavy kids haircuts, this is the look to go for.


Girls Hairstyle With Long Layers

Girls Hairstyle With Long Layers
Source: chees0324

If your little girl still has that Plain shoulder-length haircut, maybe, it’s time for a change. You can add long layers to bottom to give her a bit of shape and dimension.

Though the change may not be too extravagant, it will make the hair look so different. Layers will definitely add new life to her overall look.


Blunt Bob Hairstyle

Medium-to-short haircuts for girls always look exquisite. Medium length, blunt haircuts are always great as you won’t have to keep running to the stylist of your young girl all the time.

Just like all above Bob haircuts, this is a stylish short bob that gives you all the freedom and still keep it in style.


High-Low Haircut For Girls

When we talk about medium length and short length hairstyles for girls, they usually comprise of chin-length, clean blunt bob haircuts. But a trendy alternative that your young girl should now switch to is angular bob hairstyle.

Though edgy, it looks cute on little girls. It can also be styled easily and your girl won’t have any issues carrying it either.


Haircut With Long Bohemian Waves

Haircut With Long Bohemian Waves
Source: juthamat_by_jem

Waved hair always look great and add a new personality to young girls and this one with long Bohemian waves is no different either. It’s surprisingly easy to have this look and turn your little kid into your bohemian princess.


Chestnut Haircut For Girls

Cool reddish-brown color goes with just about any haircut, however, add to it the side bangs and it will look surprisingly awesome.

So, add those youthful, wispy bangs and give your little girl an ultimate hairstyle to flaunt. The bangs will definitely frame the little face of your girl perfectly and will look great.


Short-Layered Shag

Short Layered Shag
Source: mymanesuz

When looking for cool haircuts for girls, you don’t always have to go too little girl-ish. In fact, it’s easy to find something that offers sophistication and flair you have in hairstyles for grown up girls.

This shoulder-length layered haircut will look perfect on your girl, for instance. However, it also ensures that fresh and youthful vibe remains intact.


Long Fringed Layers

Long Fringed Layers
Source: ameliejadezohar

The girls with thick and straight hair must never feel shy going with face-framing layers. They add the lightness you’re always looking for in your locks.

For special occasions, you can always bring layers in front fringe and get them to curl using that big barrel iron.


Boycut Hairstyle For Girls

Boycut Hairstyle For Girls
Source: Ukhtiasma3

Hairstyles for girls can never get easier than extra-short boycut style. It doesn’t only give them a unique look that not everyone else is wearing but makes their morning life easier as well.


Baby Beach Waves

Baby Beach Waves Haircut for Girls
Source: Bychelsearenee

Cool Haircuts for girls need to be freeing and fun, just the way this rendition of one popular hairstyle shows you.

Those curly beach waves are always going to give a fancy look to your little girl and they don’t need too much of an effort to style either.


Pixie Haircut For Little Girls

Pixie Haircut For Little Girls
Source: Poppy.rocket

Cool haircuts for girls don’t always need to feature long locks. This pixie haircut really looks adorable and will make your girl flaunt her short locks in style.

Besides, it will give her a much-needed cool look for the summer months as well.


Inverted Bob Cut With Layers

Inverted Bob Cut With Layers
Source: Hair_by_treva

Usually, the classic bobs tend to have a single length. However, a new trendy version gets a bit edgier and asks for some layers.

This one is especially for you or your little girl if you have thick hair to deal with. And then, obviously, do not forget about getting angular side tresses to the front.


Thick And Short Bangs With Layers

All the cool haircuts for girls tend to have layers. Add to them a few thick and short bangs and you’ll be able to get an all new look.

A great way of adding new life to thick hair, bangs allow for framing your face in a cool way. It is also a great hairstyle both for daily routine and also for special occasions.


Short And Curly Haircut

Short And Curly Girls Haircut
Source:  lianastylesnyc

A great way to manage curly hair, girls can always cut them short and keep the length just below chin. Curly hair is always self-styling.

However, you may still need one or two clips or bobby-pins so that the bangs can be kept in place.


Jagged Crop

Jagged Crop
Source: Tomboy1201

When you’re in high school, you don’t always have the liberty to go as bold as you want to. So, all you can do is to flirt with some cool haircuts for girls.

A great way to bring your inner persona out is to cut your hair super-short and live by your own rules.


Choppy Steps

Choppy Steps Girl Hairstyle
Source: Llianastylesnyc

Straight hair that is moderately thick always looks cool when cut to medium length. For getting that trendy twist, you can get those front tresses cut along sides of the face. Make proper steps just the way they are in this image.


Loose Braided Ponytail Having Twists

Braids never go out of fashion and are still considered a great way of adding a new aura and charm to the personality of a young girl.

This loose braided ponytail with twists can really make your day on any special occasion. Though casual, they’re still a chic way of styling your hair.


Asymmetrical Bob Having Highlights

Asymmetrical Bob Having Highlights
Source: Alb_valbona

This long bob is just perfect for girls with fine and straight hair and not just looks cute but is also quite easily styled. The angle of the cut is a bit longer at the front and is beveled to go under at ends.

A quality styling spray can be used to achieve the look and then you have to blow dry using a big round brush for getting the final look. Add subtle highlights around your face to brighten the complexion.


Bob Haircut With Shaved Sides

Bob Haircut With Shaved Sides
Source: Salontru

In the first look, this girls haircut may appear to be just another one of cool haircuts for girls but this bob is different.

Just notice that stylish shaven temple which turns out to be an amazing contrasting punk-rock element for softness of blonde hair. The look can be worn anywhere without any issues whatsoever.


Doubled-Braided Hair With A Crimp

Doubled-Braided Hair With A Crimp
Source: l_r_hairstyles

Even though it is among the older lot of short haircuts, crimped hair definitely is back with a bang.

In case, if you’re not so comfortable having your head filled with crimps, just wrap everything around to form a dazzling double-braid. For making those crimps, either use some special iron or sleep in small braids overnight.


Messy Ponytail For Wavy Hair

Ponytails sound simple but if you have long, voluminous and wavy hair to deal with, even simple ponytails look astonishingly great.

You don’t also need to spend a lot of time on styling either as all it takes is less than a minute to create your perfect, messy ponytail.


A-Line Long Bob With Braid

A-Line Long Bob With Braid
Source: Annamaniina

An amazing look for special events like formal dance, wedding, concert, or even for after-school parties, this waterfall braid will really spruce up just about every hairstyle that you can think of.


Medium Length Hair Having V-Cut Layers

Medium Length Hair Having V-Cut Layers

You’d already know that cool haircuts for girls are available in different textures and lengths.

For long and thick hair, you should go with a fashionable hairdo having quite a few layers at a sharp angle right through the ends. This type of unique fringe looks great on little girls.


Messy Top Bun

Messy Top Bun
Source: Peachandpastles

Hair buns never go out of style be it for men or women. The same goes for this Messy Top Bun hairstyle.

Don’t have much time to spend on styling your hair, don’t worry, just go for this straightforward updo. Remember, however, to change position of the bun according to the structure of your face.


Classic Chignon

Classic Chignon
Source: Amanda.skowron

It’s a modern way of styling hair for young girls. The classic chignon asks for a couple of equal sections of hair to be twisted outwards from your face and then pinned along sides so that they can be held in place.

Free hair from each of the two sections should then be twisted and pinned in ‘S’ pattern to your head. Make sure you don’t leave holes for creating uniform bun.


French Braided Bangs With High Ponytail

French Braided Bangs With High Ponytail
Source:  Caseymara91

Ponytails go with just about any everyday look and are a great way of styling hair for young girls. Adding French Braided Bangs to it will make for a chic and outstanding hairdo full of fun and interest.


Cute Girl Bob Haircut
Source: Salon.nine

This beautiful blonde bob could be worn by your girl as well and she’ll look as cute as this little kiddo in the picture.


Cute Girls Short Hairstyle
Source: Imogenstewart

A short bob haircut is one of the best cool haircuts for girls and looks simple, elegant and amazing. The same is the case here in this picture.


This is the A-Line bob on brown hair that makes a unique statement and adds hoards of cuteness to the looks of your little girl.


Helmet Bob with Long Back Haircut
Source: Madhairdesigns

This LOB haircut draws the edges outwards and the frontal hair are laid nicely on the forehead to create a perfect look.


Shoulder length hair are always a popular choice among girls. The look really is amazing and casual.


Side Part Bob Haircut with Bangs
Source: Hairbyace

This one is a slight alteration of Helmet bob haircut and is really the cool haircuts for girls. The hair on the front are cut nicely into layers that frame the face perfectly.


Long Bob Back Hairs
Source: Dietina

This is how the long bob haircut looks from the back. A perfect hairdo for little girls and teenagers alike, this one really adds to the charm of your personality.


Layered Pixie Haircut for Girl
Source: erinp301

This is a slight alteration to Pixie haircut with hair on top left a bit longer and fringes coming down to the sides. The messy look adds texture and feels amazing.


The asymmetrical bob haircut portrayed here looks just amazing and is a perfect haircut that any little girl can sport.


Bob with Ribbon Little Girl Haircut
Source: l_r_hairstyles

This beautiful chin length bob haircut really is one of the cool haircuts for girls and an even cooler touch is given to it with a few strands of hair clipped to the back. The accessory on top makes it even more beautiful.


Cute Girls Haircut
Source: Hot_herbamomma

That’s how longer hair can be cut to beautiful bob hairdo for girls. It makes little girls look even cuter by perfectly framing their face.


Source: Beachhousevlogs

This girl looks so beautiful in a chin-length bob and the pinned back strands look amazing.


Long Wavy Girl Hairstyle
Source: kristenkhan

Carrying longer locks is one of the challenging tasks for little girls but this wavy look is easy to manage and creates a stylish ambiance.


Cool Girl Haircut
Source: Mrskatec

Get your girl’s locks trimmed into a beautiful bob and let her personality shine.


This A-line bob is one of the best cool haircuts for girls that you can find here. If your girl has beautiful, fine strands, let her flaunt them in style with this hairdo.


Side Shaved Girl Haircut
Source: Yanneessy

Surgical designs are not just for boys and even the girls can have these. Check out this beautiful side swept look with hard parted undercut and surgical design on sides and back.


Another cool example of chin length bob hairdo, this blonde little girl really is looking beautiful wearing this smile and the haircut.


Cute Girl Haircut 2018
Source: Funkutz

Let your girl get rid of those boring braided pony styles and give her this beautiful bob haircut to flaunt her style.


Long Wavy Haircut for Little Girls
Source: Hairstylistrae

Managing longer hair is easier with these beautiful waves towards the ends. The look stands out overall as well.


Shoulder Length Haircut with Bang
Source: Style_by_shannon

This long bob haircut is simple yet elegant and can make your girl rock the look if done properly.


Cute Girl Haircut 2018
Source: Texasdoll

The little girl is getting the haircut and will look cool in the beautiful updo.


Long Layered Girl Haircut
Source: Texasdoll88

Long, simple and elegant. There can’t be a better definition of this cool style.


The before and after look of girl’s longer locks cut into a lob hairstyle. The side part makes it one of the cool haircuts for girls. 


This cute little girl gets all the cuteness from the beautiful bob hairdo. Really it’s cuteness overloaded!


Pixie Little Girl Haircut
Source: J_mcfinnigan

This pixie style haircut with fringes and bangs is one of the most upscale haircuts on the list. It’s stylish, trendy and beautiful.


Be it long haircut or a chin-length bob, these cool haircuts for girls will make your little girl look standout among the crowd.


Easy Bob Girl Hairdo
Source: Ccocantrell

This beautiful bob looks wonderful framing the face of the little girl to perfection.


Another bob hairstyle but the hair length is a bit longer here. The frontal hair is cut in small layers.


Long Wavy Girl Hairstyle
Source: Hairbyjennwhite

This long bob will make your cute girl look even better.


These different styles of bob haircut can be worn to achieve a great everyday look.


Beach Waves Long Haircut for Girl
Source: Kristadawne

The messy layers this little girl is getting will be a cute hairdo for any occasion.


Beautiful bob styled forward is more of a A-Line bob haircut and will bring the best out of your little blonde’s hair.


A-Line Bob with Silk Hairs

Another beautiful, symmetrical bob haircut for fine hair. The styling is a bit different however as there’s no part and a cute style is created with an accessory.


This chin-length bob can suit any girl and yours will definitely rock the look.


This helmet bob style variation makes your girl look more like a boy, especially with the side part.


A long bob haircut with layers is the perfect look to achieve on just about any occasion.


Be it a short bob or a long one, adding beautiful curly layers to the bottom will enhance the overall look manifolds.


Simple and Cool Girl Haircut
Source: Extremehairsalon

This one is a short asymmetrical bob that grows longer towards the front and creates an amazing, unique look.


Stacked Bob Girl Haircut
Source: Jessb_doesmyhair

Long asymmetrical bob takes the conventional bob haircut to the next level.


Wavy Long Girl haircut
Source: Sharleneguzman

These beautiful wavy curls towards the end of long strands really look trendy, stylish and whatever you want to call them.


A-line Bob haircut for Little Girls
Source: Monkeydooztc

This is an A-line bob haircut and your girl will rock the look too.


Pixie with Layers for Little Girl
Source: Desibellon

This funky little pixie hairstyle is what you and your girl will love to have on special occasion.


Cool Haircut for Girls
Source: K3tyree

Check out how this A-line bob haircut looks from different angles and imagine yourself or your little girl wearing the look.


Short and Side Part Girl haircut
Source: Girlmommyporter

There can’t be a better way of styling short girl hair than a short bob. It really is one of the best cool haircuts for girls. 


Another bob alteration, this shoulder length bob haircut suits best to the teenagers.


Check out the beautiful little doll in a wonderful shoulder length bob style.


Long Inverted Simple Hairs for Girl
Source: Phstudioinc

Growing the bob a little further, this one is styled a bit differently. The ends are made to curve outwards and it creates a wonderful look overall.


Curly Tails with Shaved Side Girls Haircut
Source: Bobbedhaircuts

Long bob with curvy tails on one side and shaved head on the other, this is a unique but stylish look.


Little Girl Bob Haircut 2018
Source: Missbeccabeauty

That’s another great look of the bob haircut.


Cool Haircuts for Girls
Source: Tiffeyt

This girl gets the bob haircut from longer locks. The final look achieved is so cool.


Side Swept Little Girl haircut
Source: Danielle

This short bob is beautifully styled with side swept hair on the top. Overall, it sports chin-length hair and creates a beautiful look.


Side Swept plus Inverted A-line Bob
Source: Bobbedhaircuts

Here we have a variation of A-Line bob haircut. One side is in the conventional style while the other has shorter hair tucked to the back of the ear.

Overall it looks amazing and makes the hairdo qualify for cool haircuts for girls.


Short Pixie with Side Bang For Little Girl
Source: Aura.yxe

This variation of bob hairstyle looks cool on little girls.


Blunt Bob Cute Little Girl Haircut
Source: Meleo

This kid is wearing a cool blunt bob hairstyle and has an awesome vibe overall.


Cute with Flower Band Haircut
Source: Hair_by_aubreeb

Accessorize your little angel with a beautiful flower band on a simple bob haircut and see the wonders it brings.


Side Part with Long Wavy haircut for girl
Source: salonsome

A blunt bob with extensive waves at the bottom really makes this haircut look great for little girls.


Stylish and Cute Girl haircut
Source: Nelidohair

If your girl has a healthy appearance, try this beautiful style and keep the frontal hair stylishly swept out of the face.


Short Pixie
Source: Ispademan

This little girl’s pixie is a wonderful hairdo to have for any cute girl and creates a unique and clean look.


Side Puff With Long Back
Source: Erin_redmond

The blunt bob hairstyle for girls can be styled this way to add a different vibe and aura to the look.


Mid Parted with Straight Long Haircut for Little Girl
Source: Ms_mucho

From curly textured hair to voluminous long locks, the look really is amazing for a growing girl.


Short Pixie with Temple Look
Source: Sondijustice

Another pixie style hairdo on the list. This one is different in the fact that the hair towards the back of the head are a bit longer and lifted stylishly to create a perfect look.


Section Ponytail with breads for Little Girl
Source: hairwithsutton

This really is the best cool haircuts for girls with beautiful sectioned ponytail that has loopy sections. There are slight braids coming from front to back and add a touch of elegance to the look.


Curly Hairs with Ponytail for Little Girl

The curly long locks for girls look seriously awesome when styled this way to form a beautiful voluminous pony.


chignon for little girl

This curly bun is one of the best cool haircuts for girls and the look is something that every little girl can flaunt without any issues whatsoever.


Double Ponytail with Middle Braided Heart
Source: 2heads2braid

This is a unique hairstyle and can be worn by little girls. There are braided ponys everywhere and overall it creates a cool look.


So, try these cool haircuts for girls and see which one has the potential to become your signature style.

There are many options added for the little girls and they can be a source of enhancing their cute personality manifolds.