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35 Cool Curly Undercut Hairstyles For Men That Are Trending

Curly undercut hairstyles for men add a unique character to their overall appearance, and with the right style, these luscious locks can make a powerful statement.

One such style that’s creating waves in the curly hair domain is the undercut, which enhances the curls magnificently.

Hair trends for men, particularly those with curly hair, have evolved significantly over time. Among these, the undercut hairstyle holds a special place, as it has gained immense popularity, especially when combined with the natural charm of curly hair.

This hairstyle embraces layers, volume, and texture, but it’s essential to note that not every curly undercut style will suit everyone equally.

If you’re on a quest to refresh your look with a men’s curly undercut hairstyle, the curly undercut should be at the top of your list. With a range that spans from the unruly and messy to the sleek and polished, this hairstyle boasts both versatility and sophistication.

In this article, we will delve into an array of the most fashionable curly undercut hairstyles for men, guiding you in finding your next standout look.


Best Curly Undercut Hairstyles For Men

If you want to keep your curls under control and give them more of a stylish vibe, you should try out one of the following variations of the curled undercut hairstyle. They all look attractive and will surely make a few heads turn.

1. Messy Curls With Faded Undercut

This beautiful hairstyle gives a whole new dimension to the undercut hairstyles. You can achieve the coolest look by running your fingers through the curls and applying some styling product to give them a little definition. The undercut starts high and gets faded in the middle. But it goes nicely with the overall look.


2. Rough Curls With Tail and Undercut

Another cool look, this beautiful hairstyle boasts of rough and casual grown out curls falling over to the sides and a tail at the back. The undercut on the sides complements it nicely.


3. Wavy Undercut

This beautiful and simple hairstyle boasts of forward-swept waves on top and has a nice undercut on the sides.


4. Tapered Sides with Curly Top:

Curly Undercut Hairstyles for Men take a classic turn with the Tapered Sides with Curly Top. The barber trims the sides to a taper, gradually getting shorter as it goes down. The top remains in its natural curly state. This style showcases the curls in a voluminous fashion. It’s a great combination that offers a neat yet lively look. Men with naturally curly hair will find this style easy to maintain. It’s versatile and suits most face shapes.


5. Curly Pompadour with Undercut:

Pump up the volume with the Curly Pompadour with Undercut, a bold take on men’s curly undercut hairstyle. The curly hair is styled into a pompadour, which adds height to the top. The undercut sides balance the volume, giving it a modern edge. This is perfect for those looking for a hairstyle that makes a statement.


6. Twisted Curls with Razor Line Undercut:

Twisted Curls with Razor Line Undercut is a unique and stylish option among Curly Undercut Hairstyles for Men. The top features twisted curls, while a razor line marks the transition to the undercut. This sharp line adds a sense of precision and flair. Perfect for fashion-forward men, this style works best with defined curls.


7. Afro Curls with Skin Fade Undercut:

Afro Curls with Skin Fade Undercut brings an urban vibe to the mix. The afro curls are kept tight and neat while the sides fade into the skin. The contrast between the voluminous top and faded sides is striking. This style is ideal for men with dense curly hair, looking to add some street style to their appearance.


8. Disconnected Undercut with Curly Bangs:

Get a dash of drama with the Disconnected Undercut with Curly Bangs. The top is left long and curly, and the sides are cleanly shaved, creating a disconnected look. The curly bangs add an element of intrigue. This style is perfect for artistic individuals who love to express themselves through their hairstyles.


9. Asymmetrical Curly Top with High Undercut:

Opt for a daring look with the Asymmetrical Curly Top with High Undercut. The curls are styled asymmetrically on top, while the high undercut adds an element of boldness. This is the choice for those who love to stand out from the crowd.


10. Curly Man Bun with Undercut Fade:

The Curly Man Bun with Undercut Fade is a blend of elegance and trendiness. The top curly hair is pulled into a man bun, while the sides fade into an undercut. This is a great option for men with long curly hair who prefer a laid-back yet fashionable look.


11. Brushed Back Curls with Temple Undercut:

Brushed Back Curls with Temple Undercut is a sophisticated option in men’s curly undercut hairstyle. The curls are brushed back, giving a sleek appearance. The temple undercut complements the look by providing a clean finish. This is suitable for formal occasions and professional settings.


12. Side Parted Curly Undercut with Hard Part:

Get a polished look with the Side Parted Curly Undercut with Hard Part. The curls are neatly side-parted, and a hard part is etched in to define the separation. The undercut makes it modern. This is perfect for men who want a classic look with a twist.


13. Curly Quiff with Shadow Fade Undercut:

The Curly Quiff with Shadow Fade Undercut combines volume with finesse. The top is styled into a curly quiff, while the sides gently fade. It’s a versatile option that can be dressed up or down. This is an attractive choice for men seeking a stylish yet functional hairstyle.


14. Spiky Curls With Undercut

Curls and Spikes? Yes, that’s possible. Check out this cool look with undercut to complete the beautiful style.


15. Grown Out Ringlets With Undercut Design

This cool hairstyle boasts of some volume on length on top with small ringlets and is dyed to your favorite color too. Undercut on the sides is given a nice design too.


16. Soft Flat Curls

This undercut look has a soft, flat look that doesn’t emphasize the curls too much. The curly undercut male style has most of the hair at the very top of the head and then there’s a very, very high skin fade to the undercut.


17. Side Fallen Mohawk

This look is inspired by the Mohawk. The hair is right in the middle of the head and it stands up a little, but it’s so long that it falls across one side of the head in an abundance of curls. The side of the hair is shaved down very short. It’s not even as thick as the scraggly beard that adorns the face.


18. Large Thick Curls

These curls are large and thick. The curly undercut male style has an emphasis on the hair on the top of the head and how it sits perfectly and is nice and fluffy.


19. Very Messy Curls and Skin Fade

These curls are thin but dense. This leads to a very messy and textured look that is very stylish. The undercut is a skin fade around the mid way point of the head. The emphasis is on the curls on top.


20. Tall Stiff Curls

These curls are tall and stiff to have a perfect style. They look like they’ve been partially styled with a curl sponge, and some have been placed with fingers. The curls stand very tall, and the undercut is a skin fade halfway down the sides of the head.


21. Extremely Soft Loose Curly Look

These curls are extremely soft and loose. There isn’t a lot of volume to them, but there’s plenty of shape as they fall across the undercut which is done in a mostly even style. The undercut hair is slightly shorter towards the back of the head.


22. Handsome Thick Curly Style

This style has a lot of thick curls and works very well for someone with dense and extremely curly hair. The hair is very long in the front and back, and the sides just barely cover the short shaven undercut that is almost the same thickness as the sparse beard on the face.


23. Subtle Wavy Undercut

This is an extremely subtle undercut. The hair is in tight waves and is thickest and wavy on the top of the head from the front hairline to the crown. The rest of the hair has a skin fade that helps show off the waves on top.


24. Blonde Long Undercut with Dark Roots

This is a very stylish and trendy look. The roots are dark, but the hair is mostly blonde. It’s long and loose down to below the ears, covering a stubbly, dark undercut. It’s an extremely modern, pleasant look.


25. Curly Faux Hawk

This beautiful look keeps the curly volume on top and has a cool undercut on the sides.


26. Curly Mohawk With Undercut Design

Similar to the one above, this hairstyle has a surgical design towards the back that gives a new look to the undercut.


27. Voluminous Curls With Undercut

This voluminous, flat curly look is just gorgeous and looks even better with an undercut.


28. Curly Mohawk With Undercut And Design

The Mohawk hairstyle looks gorgeous and different with curls and surgical design elevates the undercut a little further.


29. Long Curly Fringe With Undercut

This beautiful look boasts of a big curly fringe that makes a unique style statement. The undercut on the sides complete the look to perfection.


30. Curly Combed Back Hairstyle With Undercut

Another beautiful hairstyle, this one is a nice combed back look complemented with an undercut.


31. Slightly Forward Swept Curls With Undercut

This cool hairstyle is a low maintenance haircut that keeps the curls casually swept forward and boasts of a nice undercut too.


32. Side Swept Curls With Undercut

This hairstyle requires you to keep it nicely side swept and the undercut goes nicely into the blend.


33. Forward Swept Curly Fringe With Undercut

This forward swept look makes gorgeous vibes and lets the curls make a statement. The undercut complements it to perfection.


34. Curled Up With Undercut

This unique look takes the curls in the upward direction and boasts an undercut too.


35. Long Side-Swept Curly Fringe With Undercut

If you really want a cool and stylish look, this beautiful hairstyle is your thing. It boasts of a nice and long curly fringe that lends it all the style it has. The clean undercut on the sides makes it shine even better.


If you’re aiming to redefine your look with curly undercut hairstyles for men, embracing the diverse variations of the curly undercut is a splendid choice. From short to elongated curls, the possibilities are boundless and are contingent on your individual tastes and how you wish to showcase your curly panache. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different styles and you may just stumble upon the epitome of sophistication that your curls were destined for.

So, the ball is in your court! Select your preferred curly hairstyle, and don’t forget to share your experience and the final look in the comments. Your curly transformation awaits!

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