Kids Mohawk Haircuts – The Rocking New Looks Of They Year

There are all sorts of beautiful kids hairstyles out there, but not every one of them might give an extra bit of oomph to the personality of your little Rockstar. For a look that will allow your kids to stand out from the crowd, kids Mohawk haircuts should be an impressive choice. There are many cool variations of the Mohawk hairstyles for kids, and you should pick one that best suits them.

Cool Kids Mohawk Haircuts For A Rocking Look 2021

Mohawks can be as stylish as you like. The key is to tailor them to your kid’s facial structure and achieve them to perfection.

Half Mohawk With Disconnected Undercut

This beautiful implementation of a Mohawk hairstyle features a spiky look halfway through the head. The disconnected undercut on the sides complements the long hair on top beautifully.

Rocking Mohawk

This cool summer look is perfect for parties and casual gatherings. Just let your boy grow his hair long and shave off the sides. Take a palm-full of hair gel and spike it all up.

Classic Mohawk

A classic Mohawk can be an ideal summer haircut for boys if you want to give them a cool look with a touch of style.

Colorful Mohawk With Flash Design

A typical Mohawk revamped with a cool blue tint for summer, this hairstyle delivers awesome vibes. To give it an extra bit of oomph, a flash design is created on the sides with a razor.

Stylish Mohawk Spike

A simple no-fuss hairstyle, this one requires you to spike it all up in the center and secure it right there. You will have to use an extra bit of styling product to achieve this perfect look.

Braided Mohawk With Horizontal Cornrows

A beautiful hairstyle for black kids, this stylish look requires you to braid their hair all the way to the tips. The braided layers in the center are all combed back to create an unconventional Mohawk look.

Curly Mohawk

A cool way to put his curly hair in order during the summer months, this stylish Mohawk features a faded undercut on the sides and boasts some curly volume on the top.

Red Mohawk With a Curly Fringe

This Mohawk looks amazing with a beautiful red shade on the top. The unconventional curly fringe on the top gives it a cool, unique look.

Extravagant Long Mohawk

This stylish Mohawk boasts a unique extravagant look, particularly due to that perfect color contrast. There is some volume on the top, and the sides are trimmed short to create a Mohawk.

Casual Mohawk With A V-Shaped Back

This casual Mohawk is a perfect summer look for the everyday routine. The hair at the back is given a unique v-shaped cut, while a few strands are allowed to fall over casually.

Spiky Mohawk With Long Hair

This cool spiky Mohawk is a perfect hairstyle for summer, but it will take a little extra time and effort to perfectly achieve this look.

Short Forward-Swept Mohawk

This beautiful forward-swept Mohawk looks stylish and unique. The color highlights add a touch of interest to this hairdo.

Short And Wide Spikes

This stylish look with the sides shaved off makes a perfect summer haircut. The hair in the center is kept short and wide to give it a more organized look.

Casual Sideways Spikes

Casual Sideways Spikes


A casual spiky look, this hairstyle is easy to achieve. You just need to run your fingers through the spikes to tilt them sideways

Crazy Mohawk

Crazy Mohawk


This crazy hairstyle is both cool and stylish. It’s pretty simple to achieve with a thin layer of hair spiked up right in the center.

Kids Mohawk haircuts never look bland and outdated. You just need to tap your creative side to come up with a cool new variation. Pick one of the stylish Mohawk hairstyles above to bring the little Rockstar out of your kid.