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School Girl Hairstyle For Short Hair – Take A Simple And Straight Forward Approach To Styling

Getting your girl ready for school every morning may seem like the most challenging task you may ever have. You’re just 10 minutes short of when her school van will arrive and you don’t seem to finish up all your routine chores before she has to leave. Wait; have you given her a perfect hairstyle this morning? You must be overwhelmed by seeing all those crazy hairstyle options that require a whole lot of time and effort to pull off a perfect hairstyle. Why don’t you try some of the simplest looks that you can achieve with school girl hairstyle for short hair? Don’t really have a clue which of these hairstyles exist and which of them you should be styling your girl’s hair with? Just have a look at our compilation here and you will find some of the most stylish short hairstyles for girls that won’t need much of your time every morning for styling and will also work fine with her school code at the same time as well. So, let’s ward your worries off and try learning a few simple and easy hairstyles that won’t take too much of your time every morning and will look perfect on your little girl too.

Top 5 School Girl Hairstyle For Short Hair

Short hair is not always the hardest to style. Especially, it’s probably the type of hair which needs least possible work around to come up with a perfect look. And, when it comes to styling her hair for school, you won’t find anything better because short and organized hairstyles work with the strictest of school codes fairly easily. Let’s have a look at these wonderfully stylish looks

  1. Triple Low Updo

When it comes to school hairstyles for girls, the hairdos which need anywhere under three minutes to achieve are probably the fanciest. This beautiful triple low updo with buns is one perfect choice for your little girl. The hairstyle would be done perfectly on the 2nd or 3rd day hair. Here is how to achieve this hairstyle in simple steps.

  • Tie her hair off into 3 ponytails while keeping them horizontally adjacent to one another.
  • Now, loop these ponytails midway through hair elastics.
  • Next, spread the looped hair out to create a bit messy buns in circular shape. Use bobby pins for securing the buns to her head.
  1. Classy Ponytail

We often see kids complaining about the tighter ponytails which cause headaches. Here we have this simple hack which is going to solve the issue once and for all. In fact, it will add a wonderful twist to the ponytail that looks ordinary otherwise. You need some bobby pins only to secure this wonderful look to perfection. Here we have the steps you need to follow for achieving this look.

  • Leave her frontal hair out and tie the rest at the back forming a beautiful mid-level ponytail.
  • The frontal hair that was left behind should now be parted to a side.
  • Now, pick the hair towards the side of that parting you created in last step and take it backwards.
  • This hair section should be placed across top of the ponytail before you pin the section down on opposite side just beside that hair elastic.
  • The last step should then be repeated with front hair section on other side for finishing it off.
  1. Ballerina Bow Bun

Has your little girl always wanted to look like ballerina? Why don’t you give her this wonderful hairstyle to make her feel like that? This cool little bun hairstyle will keep her hair neatly out of the face and will still give her a really cute look. You just need to style it with small hair bow and complete a wonderful, sweet look overall. Besides elastics and bobby pins, the hairstyle will require you to have a hair bow as well. Here you have the steps to follow for achieving a perfect look.

  • Create a high pony and tie her hair into place
  • Leave a hair selection of around 2-inches from bottom section and roll the ponytail into cool little bun before securing it to the head using bobby pins.
  • The hair that you had left out should now be divided into a couple of sections before you can twist them right to the tips. Now intertwine these twisted hair together.
  • The twisted hair should now be wrapped around base of the hair bun before being pinned into place.
  • Now, pin the hair bow underneath the hair bun and finish it off in style.
  1. Double Hidden Pony

Even though you can always find a perfect school girl hairstyle for short hair, but short hair may turn out to be disadvantageous if you just plan to throw it all into ponytail style. Girls with shorter hair always know that struggle they have to face while tying their hair up and all they get in the end is those short pesky pieces that fall out towards the bottom. But here we have this wonderful hack which not just fixes the issue but it also makes for a bouncy and full ponytail that doesn’t require any hair extensions to achieve this effect. Here you have the steps to follow:

  • Create half ponytail by gathering top half of her hair.
  • Create a ponytail using that bottom half left behind.
  • Use teasing brush to tease both these ponytails you just created into one another and you are done. It’s a simple and quick hack that you can try for creating a longer and full ponytail using her short hair.
  1. Flirty Pigtails

Pigtails are often considered a go to hairstyle choice for little girls and when done correctly, they really look fun and flirty. The hairstyle won’t breach her school code and will give her a more organized look and feel. To achieve a perfect look, here are the steps to follow.

  • Part her hair right into the center to start off. Gather it all on a side from the ear level and form a beautiful high ponytail. Secure it with small and clear elastic.
  • Repeat the same step on other side as well.
  • If her hair isn’t curled already, these pigtails will have a flatter look. So, you need to spice it all up with the help of some sporadic curls right throughout her pigtails and also the loose hair. Run the fingers through her hair and break up those curls adding enough volume right throughout.
  • The pigtails should now be tightened up a bit at roots for getting a little extra bounce and lift.

The hairstyle will look really amazing and your girl is definitely going to love it. So, what do you make of these school girl hairstyle for short hair options listed above? They all have that unique element of style which is going to amp up her looks without breaching the school code. And, obviously, these hairstyles can really work well for those short locks. If you don’t want to spend most of your precious time every morning while styling her hair, you should definitely go with any of these wonderful hairstyles.