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Top 10 Haircuts For Girls with Round Faces

For little girls with round faces, it’s a never ending battle to come up with a haircut that makes a statement. You’d always want that your little girl’s rounded face is somehow camouflaged and not highlighted.

Well, one thing you need to understand when looking for a haircut for girls with round faces is that you have to create an illusion of some length and your chosen haircut should do that to perfection.

There are all sorts of wonderful hairstyles available for girls with round faces and, therefore, you have to make the right choice.

So, let’s cut the debate short and get directly into the best low maintenance haircuts that you’d want to give to your little girl with round face.

How to Choose the Right Haircuts for Round-faced Girls

Choosing the right haircut for a round face shape aims at creating the illusion of length and reducing the appearance of fullness. Here are a few tips to guide your choice:

  • Layers: When a hairstylist cuts hair in layers, they’re cutting it at varying lengths to give your children’s hair more dimension and volume. For instance, some strands might be cut shorter than others. This can make the hair appear more textured and less one-dimensional, which can add structure to round faces.
  • Bangs: Bangs refer to the hair that falls over the forehead. They can be cut in different ways, depending on the look you’re going for. Straight bangs emphasize the widest part across the cheeks. Side-swept bangs are more suitable for girls with round face. It can cut the round shape of the face and make it appear longer.
  • Volume: Adding volume to your hair often involves styling techniques that make your hair appear fuller and less flat. Add volume to hair by using certain products or using tools like a blow dryer or curling iron.
  • Avoid Very Short Haircuts: Very short haircuts can often make the face look more round, so you might want to avoid cuts like the pixie.
  • Avoid Single-Length Bobs: Bobs that are the same length all around might accentuate the roundness of your face. If you like bobs, consider an A-line bob that’s shorter at the back and angles longer towards the front. This cut can help your face appear longer.
  • Avoid Center Parts: Center parts can highlight the roundness of the face. Try parting your hair on the side.

Haircuts For Girls with Round Faces

The shape of your girl’s face isn’t the single factor that should be taken into consideration when deciding on their next hairstyle. Her personality and hair texture are also important as well. Check out these hairstyles for girls with round faces.

1. Long Layered Cut

A long layered cut works excellently for girls with round faces. The different lengths of the layers can help to elongate the face, creating a more balanced appearance. This cut is versatile and works well with a variety of hair textures, from straight to curly.

2. Asymmetrical Bob

An asymmetrical bob is a chic and modern haircut that is perfect for girls with round faces. By being longer on one side, this cut can create a sense of balance and proportion. It is a stylish option that is easy to maintain and can be styled in various ways.

3. Pixie Cut with Side-Swept Bangs

A pixie cut is a bold, stylish option that can suit girls with round faces well. Adding side-swept bangs to the cut can help to create a more oval-shaped appearance, as the bangs can highlight the cheekbones and minimize the width of the face. This cut is easy to style and maintain.

4. Medium Cut with Side Bangs

A medium-length cut is a versatile choice for girls with round faces. Adding side bangs can give this cut a modern twist and help to elongate the face, reducing the roundness. This haircut is suitable for both straight and curly hair types, offering various styling options.

5. Long And Straight Hair

Long And Straight Hair

Longish hair always makes an obvious choice for round faces. The hairstyle looks flattering as the longer hair will mean that her face will seem longer as well while straight hair doesn’t really add any body to sides. This makes for a curtain effect which can nicely slim down a roundish face.

Remember, however, that if you want your girl to wear the look with center part then you should keep the hair several inches past the shoulders and cut it down in layers hitting at her jaw.

Subtle angles can be created by cutting a little hair on sides. You can use flat iron for getting it all pin-straight.


6. Beautiful Long Waves

beautiful long waves

For girls with naturally wavy hair, the round face shape can be well taken care of by letting the natural waves come out and adding more in using curling iron.

To bring her natural wave out, first wash your girl’s hair and then comb it through after applying some salt spray. Let the hair to air dry and, when it is drying, take the hair into the palm and try squeezing it.

For bringing a perfect wavy touch, it is advised that you use curling iron. Wind the hair around its barrel and leave the tips out before starting to take it all away from her face.

After drying the hair, you can do whatever you like. Pin it backwards, twist it, or even create small braids pinned at the back. Obviously, when you keep it long, you get all the versatility you want in the world.


7. Long Bangs

Long Bangs

Long bangs can always work perfectly for complementing the delicate, feminine features of round faces. However, you have to make sure that it is cut perfectly. Get the stylist to cut it in a beautiful “graphic, curved shape”.

Also make sure that the bangs are left thicker. It would be a great idea to keep the bangs longer on sides while shorter in the center.


8. Side Swept Bangs

side swept bangs

Girls with round faces can style their hair with side swept bangs in a couple of ways.  These bangs can capture the eye in a way that it creates sort of angles on otherwise round and soft face. When swept to the side, bangs look at their best when hitting the cheekbone.


9. Long Hair With Center Part

Long Hair With Center Part

Girls with round faces can style their hair with center part to counter their round faces.

One of the best low maintenance haircuts for round faces, this one lets the hair fall over making a cool curtain on each side creating a thinning effect for the face. The hairstyle makes the best choice for girls who want to keep their hair longer than the chin.


10. Side Swept Bangs With Long Hair

Side Swept Bangs With Long Hair

For girls with a round face and straight hair, it is a wise choice to go with long and side-swept bangs. They’ll serve to add length and angles to the round face shape.

You can always make her achieve a cool look by choosing to combine the length, layers beginning around the shoulder area, and some beautiful highlights that add volume.


So, which of these low maintenance haircuts for round faces seems more flattering to you? Why not let your girl decide which one she’d like to go with?