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105 Cute Wavy Hairstyles For Kids That Are Easy to Create

Kids often look beautiful in curly and wavy locks. Be it a girl or a boy, wavy hair really brings out the cuteness of your child and takes their style to the next level. Wavy hairstyles for kids are a great way to add some variety and flair to your child’s look.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for wavy hairstyles for your child, you’ve come to the right place. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose a style that works best for your little one.

In this article, we’ll share some of the trendiest wavy hairstyles that are easy to create and will make your child feel like a fashionista.


105 Stunning Wavy Hairstyles for Kids

You just have to make sure that you choose the best ones around that will suit your child’s face shape and bring out the best overall look. Here we have listed some cool wavy hairstyles to consider for your child. 

Beach Waves

Beach Waves Boy Haircut

Source: tunatunaliofficial

It’s a nice hairdo for boys not really looking to go with short or long hair. If your little one has those naturally blessed thick waves, beach waves is the perfect haircut they should go with.The hairdo should land clean around neck and the ears. As for the sides, they should be kept around an inch whereas top hair should be 2-3 inches in length.The top hair should also be blend with bottom perfectly with the help of scissors and comb. This haircut doesn’t really need layers as well and can be styled easily with a  bit of mousse.

Naturally Curly Haircut

Naturally Curly Boy Haircut

Source: bitesizeimages

If your boy has got those naturally curly locks, just allow them to shine in their all natural look. For achieving the look, leave the hair to around 2” length all over.You may have to use scissors for getting back of neck as well as around ears cut nice. However, the overall hair length should remain the same.Pull-out technique should be used for cutting the hair and ensure that you keep curl in your mind while measuring length. The final look can be achieved with little mousse.

Loose Curls For Little Girls

Loose Curls For Little Girls

Source: brookeshairdiaries

Curls are really great for your little girl in 2018 and hair hairstyle can’t get any cuter than this loose curls hairdo.Loose curls can be styled in variety of different ways including edgy broken spirals to windswept wave and can be spread around shoulders.Medium length or long curly hair can be given half-up style which you can adjust for matching their image and style.


Mini Pompadour

Mini Pompadour for Kids

Source: cjdutton

A perfect style for your little hipster, Mini Pompadour is one of the great wavy hair that falls in unique toddler kids haircuts category. To have the cut, start using number 1 clipper head all around ears and lower neck.As hair go up, use clipper head number 2 and number 3 for creating blended look. Use scissors to cut hair on the top. The frontal hair should be kept long enough such that they can be slicked backwards to achieve the final look.For styling purposes, hair on the top should be teased for getting desired height. Besides, you should use some mousse, hair wax or gel for smoothing out that puff and keeping it in place.

The Shoulder-Length Waves:

This wavy hairstyle for kids is perfect for little girls with naturally wavy hair. It maintains the length at shoulder level, allowing the waves to beautifully frame the child’s face. To create this look, let the hair dry naturally after washing, applying a bit of curl-enhancing mousse to boost the wave pattern.

Suitable for: Girls aged 3-12. It’s a manageable length for them to start learning about hair care.


Braided Crown with Waves:

This is a charming wavy hairstyle for little girls that pairs a loose braid crown with flowing waves. Start by creating a braid around the head like a crown, then let the rest of the hair fall into natural waves.

Suitable for: Girls aged 5-12. This style is perfect for special occasions or everyday wear.


Side-Parted Wavy Bob:

A wavy bob with a side part is a cute and chic style for girls. It’s one of the best wavy hairstyles for kids who prefer shorter hair. To get this look, cut the hair into a bob and style it with a deep side part, letting the waves fall naturally.

Suitable for: Girls aged 4-10. The bob length is easy to manage for this age group.


Wavy Ponytail with Ribbon:

A high ponytail with loose waves is a timeless style for little girls. Add a colorful ribbon for a touch of fun and whimsy. To create this style, gather the hair into a high ponytail and secure it with a hair tie, then add the ribbon.

Suitable for: Girls aged 3-12. This style keeps hair out of the face, making it practical for play and school.


Half-Up Half-Down Waves:

This wavy hairstyle for kids is perfect for girls who want a style that’s both practical and pretty. To achieve this look, simply gather the top half of the hair into a ponytail, bun, or braid, and let the rest of the hair fall into its natural waves.

Suitable for: Girls aged 4-12. This style is a great choice for both school days and special events.


The Surfer Shag:

This is a cool and relaxed wavy hairstyle for little boys. It features longer, textured layers that look just like the tousled waves of a surfer’s hair. To get this style, ask your barber for a layered cut and let the waves do their thing.

Suitable for: Boys aged 4-12. This casual style is ideal for the active boy who wants a low-maintenance cut.


Short Wavy Crop:

This is a stylish yet practical wavy hairstyle for little boys. It’s a shorter style that lets those natural waves add some personality. To achieve this look, get a short haircut, leaving just enough length for the waves to show.

Suitable for: Boys aged 3-10. This short and easy-to-maintain style is great for boys of this age.


Wavy Undercut:

This modern and edgy hairstyle is perfect for boys who want to make a statement with their hair. The undercut style features shorter sides with a longer top to highlight the waves. To achieve this style, get an undercut haircut and use a bit of styling product to enhance the wavy top.

Suitable for: Boys aged 6-12. This fashionable hairstyle may be a hit with boys who enjoy expressing their personal style.


Wavy Hair with Side Part:

This is a classic and handsome wavy hairstyle for little boys. It’s a neat style that looks great with wavy hair. To get this style, create a side part and let the waves fall naturally, using a bit of pomade for hold if necessary.

Suitable for: Boys aged 4-12. This versatile style is suitable for school, parties, and family gatherings.


Long Wavy Layers:

This wavy hairstyle for kids lets boys embrace their natural wave patterns. Long layers help control the volume and keep the waves looking stylish. To achieve this look, ask your barber for a layered cut and let the hair air dry after washing.

Suitable for: Boys aged 6-12. This style is ideal for boys who are comfortable with a bit more hair to manage.

Braids Hairstyle For Girls

Braids Hairstyle For Girls

Source: tewebraids

Braids never go out of style and they look equally well on young girls and kids. Your cute little girl will really look cool in this hairdo and there is a whole range of hairstyles available as far as braids are concerned.Try keeping the loose braids that look more individual just like the one in the picture. You can also get as creative as you may want to bring the best out of your kids’ wavy hair. Braids can even be added to medium length or bob style hair for giving them a trendy look.


Twisted Low Ponytail

When your little girl already has wavy hair, an elegant updo like this low ponytail is easy to pull together in minutes! Just gather the hair in a low ponytail, twist tightly, then secure with hair ties or fancy hair clips! 

Wavy Pigtails

What little girl doesn’t want to rock a playful wavy hairstyle like pigtails? Part hair in the center to begin, then create two medium to high ponytails. You can use your fingers to encourage the wavy texture and seal the style with hairspray.

Soft Parted Blonde Wavy Hair

For little boys with medium to long wavy hair, give them easy style they can wake up and go with by softly brushing in an off center part. The part will ensure you can still see their beautiful eyes!

Long Wavy Hair with Bangs

If you don’t encourage your little girl to rock her wavy hair with a headband, you’re missing out! Headbands come in many colors and patterns – she’ll love picking out one to make her wavy hair and straight bangs look their best! 


High Ponytail

Other than leaving hair down and natural, there’s really no other easier wavy hairstyle better suited for kids than a simple, classic high ponytail. Don’t worry about combing back those soft baby bangs!


Fancy Wavy Ponytail Updo

If there’s a wedding or another special occasion coming up, a fancy updo with soft loose tendrils is a must! With a little bit of combing and hair spray, this high ponytail for kids with wavy hair is a piece of cake! A colorful ribbon will finish off the style. 


Low Fishtail Braids

The little girl in your life with long wavy hair will love how two low fishtail braids make her feel like a princess! Pulling the sections loose will thicken up the hair nicely.


Little Boys Long Wavy Hairstyle

We love that many little boys are growing their wavy hair longer these days. A shoulder-length wavy haircut like this is easy to manage, especially since all your little boy will have to do for styling in the morning is finger comb in a part.


Short Hair with Thick Messy Waves

If your little boy is blessed to have thick wavy hair, a short haircut is great for showing off that enviable texture. This kids wavy hairstyle can even be fluffed up more with a little hair product!


Blonde Waves and Short Bangs

For kids with wavy hair who like wearing it long, keep it neat with short layered bangs. It keeps the kids wavy hairstyle from being too messy, but allows him to still rock the long locks he loves.


Shortened Texture

Shortened Texture Haircut for Curly Hairs

Source: kidcuts

It’s a haircut for your boy kid and it requires very less maintenance. Perfect for little ones having thick hair, keeping the textured hair short will add a lot of grace to your little man.

To achieve the look, use number 4 clipper head on back and sides and choose number 6 or number 7 for the top. You should also use clippers for blending purposes as well.

Use scissors around ears and on the neck for creating clean finish. Loose-hold gel can be used for styling purposes, however, it works fine otherwise as well.


Pompadour Quiff Ponytails

Pompadour Quiff Ponytails

Source: art_de_cheveux_by_skevi

Though Quiff and Pompadour hairdos are popular with men, this one is a unique hairstyle for little girls that will give them some personality and charm.

Try bubble ponytail and style it at the top like a Pompadour Quiff. It will definitely create a hip, unique and chic look overall.


Shortened Curls

Shortened Curls for Kids

Source: kinda.koky.mohamed

Though keeping the curly locks long enough can create a great style, cutting your kid’s curls short can still allow for a cool looking hairdo for your kid. The style normally looks cool with the black ethnicities having curly locks.

However, it works fine for just about any kid having curly, thick hair. To achieve the look you can use number 3 clipper head all over your kid’s head and number 2 or number 1 can be used around ears as well as lower neck.

This will make the curls to stick closer to head and still maintain that curly vibe.


Curly Faux Hawk

Curly Faux Hawk Kid Haircut

Source: kidcuts

You can also go for curly faux-hawk hairdo for your kiddo if you’d want to maintain those shortened curls. The look can be achieved with number 3 clipper head used down the center of his head.

Number 1 and number 2 clipper heads should be used on the sides for creating a perfect blend. To style this look, use some mousse, wax or gel and add some texture to the short curls.


Pixie Curly Cut

Pixie Curly haircut for Girl

Source: zandra_zane

If you have already been thinking about bob haircuts and chin length long bob for your little girl, why not choose a pixie haircut.

It’s a perfect example of short and wavy haircuts for girls having curly hair and features longer hair on top while the sides are kept shorter. It’s probably the ideal choice for thin and curly hair.


Tame The Mane

Tame The Mane

Source: kidcuts

It’s a cool style in wavy hair that works perfectly for boys who have more hair as compared to what they can actually handle.

Though it can be hard to handle thick and curly hair but if they are correctly styled then you probably don’t need to cut everything out for taming them.

Number 2 clipper head can be used at bottom while blending it up with number 3 head as you go upwards. After shaving everything right up to upper hairline, leave hair on top long.

Scissors can be used for trimming and layering the curls at desired length. You will still be able to keep some thick hair right on top and the ones at bottom will be controlled and trimmed.


Wavy Lob Combined With Bangs

Wavy Lob Combined With Bangs

Source: de.ja.hue

If your girl has thinner hair and allow for easy styling, try this hairdo for size. It works fine with naturally wavy hair as well.

Layers will add volume and structure to the hair and will give an elongated look to the face. Messy bangs also add edgy touch to the finished look.


Shrunken Dreads

Shrunken Dreads Hairstyle for Girls

Source: salon_ollae

Dreads work just fine for just about anyone whose hair is thick enough, it’s used best for the black ethnicities quite often. The texture you have in the hair of black people is really different and needs to be dealt with care.

But these hair can really handle dreadlock hairdos very well and look awesome on kids. Try this smaller dreadlock hairdo to give a stylish look. Plus, it’s easy to maintain as well.


Wavy Hair With Side Part

Wavy Hair With Side Part

Source: tricociuniversity

Keep the hair short and style it to one side and your kid will look like a hero from an old movie.

This hairdo gives a unique style of its own to your kid and draws as many eyes as you may like to him. The look is simple and clean and very much stylish as well.


Tiny Pompadour

Tiny Pompadour For Wavy Hairs

Source: barbearia.yagoalbuquerque

Tiny Pompadour is also a cool hairstyle for little kids with wavy hair. The hair is cut short to a length where there is almost no curl but wavy look can still be achieved.

Comb the hair on the backend of the top forward and frontal hair can be simply combed to a side creating short cute waves. Your little one will really look amazing in such wavy hair. The overall look is so cute and you’ll love it.

Here are beautiful Picture :

Idea # 26

Medium Length Wavy hairstyle for Little Girl

Source: _Erickdelarosa

The carefree messy look of her curls is just awesome. Your kid can also sport this beautiful hairstyle if she has long wavy hair.


Idea # 27

Massy Wavy Little Girl Hairstyle

Source: _Erickdelarosa

Another beautiful wavy hairstyle with curls added at the bottom.


Idea # 28

Extreme Curl Short Kids Hairs

Source: Letyourcurlsshine

Don’t seem to find any cool way of handling your boy’s curls? Just let them grow and sport this beautiful hairdo.


Idea # 29

Natural Wavy Hairstyle for Kids

Source: Lee_yunseo

Messy curls are always one of the best wavy hair and nothing can match the look.


Idea # 30

Loose Curls for Little Girls

Source: feathergirl_27

Does your girl have straight, fine hair? Add these beautiful waves to her long locks and see how stunning she will look.


Idea # 31

Short Texture Boy Haircut

Source: Hairstyle_para_hombres

Messy waves on top can really make young boys look adorable as well.


Idea # 32

Beach Waves Little Girl Hairstyle

Source: hairmakeuplucy

This beautiful look of the curly waves at the back is complemented with a stunning braided crown and styling accessory.


Idea # 33

Shoulder Length Wavy Hairstyle for Kids

Source: Cosmoprofbeauty

Let your kid get rid of her long locks and add beautiful wavy patterns to her short bob style.


Idea # 34

brown ombre wavy Girls hairstyle

Source: angelisinspired

The beautiful curly waves look messy and elegant just like she has it.


Idea # 35

Shaved Side with Short Wavy Hairs


Messy wavy mohawk hairstyle is one of the best wavy hair for boys.


Idea # 36

Long Wavy Girl Haircut

Source: mrscorncob

Style her long locks beautifully with a well-chosen accessory and curly waves towards the bottom.


Idea # 37

Midum Length With Little Wave

Source: Kaleidoscopinlife

Long hair on boys look cool no matter how you style them. This bob style with wavy touch really is one of the amazing wavy hair


Idea # 38

Medium Length with Messy Curl

Source: Pearlsandpetunias

Curly, wavy, messy, call it whatever you like but this kid is sporting a wonderful look.


Idea # 39

Nape Length Natural Curly Kids Hairstyle

Source: Hair_by_cayley

Long curls with waves look adorable. And that’s exactly the case with this boy.


Idea # 40

Fancy Double Heart Bun Wavy Hairstyle for Little Girl

Source: hairwithsutton

Ever thought of experimenting with the pigtails? Try out this wonder look by creating hearts and adding beautiful waves at the bottom.


Idea # 41

Medium Wavy Hairstyle with Ponytail for Little Girl


This little girl looks so adorable in back combed hairdo with beautiful waves at the back.


Idea # 42

Beach Waves Curl Haircut

Source: Sincereannon

Messy and wavy hair to create a carefree look, the boy really rocks it.


Idea # 43

High Fade with Short Curl Kid Haircut

Source: Hairbyvgrace

Undercut with waves on top really makes the boy look cool and amazing.


Idea # 44

Side Braid with Long Wavy School Girl Hairstyle

Source: hairstyles_by_jane

What a cute and unique look we have here, sectioned ponytail with beautiful heart shaped short braids and long wavy ponytails at the back. You can’t ask for more.


Idea # 45

Line Up Medium Curly Hairstyle for Boys

Source: kidcuts

Curly and wavy hair are always cool and this sort of flat top up do with hard parted undercut really makes it amazing.


Idea # 46

Bob Curl Haircut for Kids

Source: Makaylakbeauty

This beautiful blunt bob wavy hair is a perfect look for any girl.


Idea # 47

Pompadour Short Curly Kids Haircut

Source: kidcuts

If you are looking to give an organized touch to your boy’s unruly curls, try this side parted undercut and make him rock the look.


Idea # 48

Back to School Wavy Hairstyle with Braid

Source: curious_strands

Another beautiful, but a bit different, look for braided crown style and wavy long locks at the back. It really is adorable.


Idea # 49

Medium Length Wavy Hairstyle for Girls

Source: Valhalla.hstudio

If your girl doesn’t has those beautiful long locks, volume and grace can still be added to her hair by styling them beautifully in this style and letting a wavy fringe fall over.


Idea # 50

Fancy Long Scolopendra Hairstyle with Ribon

Source: oolasp

Wow, what a beautiful braided ponytail it is. The wavy look further adds to the style.


Idea # 51

Medium Natural Wavy Hairs


The beautiful casual look of this kid works wonders. It’s the magic wavy hair can do for your hair.


Idea # 52

Long Wavy Boy Haircut

Source: kidcuts

This is a beautiful forward swept Quiff hairdo and looks adorable on kids. Sides are kept short, however.


Idea # 53

Short Faux Hawk with Long Back Wavy Hairs

Source: kidcuts

Looking for the best and the funkiest of wavy hairTry this long tail mohawk hairstyle with surgical designs on sides. Nothing can be funkier than this look.


Idea # 54

elegant bun with long wavy girl hairstyle

Source: l.j.harper

Now, this is one hell of a beautiful look. Who says girls can’t wear bows? They can have a wonderful bow style with wavy long locks flowing freely downwards.


Idea # 55

Short Wavy Boy Haircut

Source: Rmhairbeautique

Short and messy hair on top, This is one of the finest haircuts for kids with wavy hairs.


Idea # 56

Long Wedding Wavy Hairstyle for Little Girl

Source: quinn_ryan5

Long beautiful locks can be sported with some amazing wavy hair at the back. It’s really a timeless look for girls.


Idea # 57

faux hawk wavy Kids Hairstyle

Source: By_inga

Simple medium length haircut for boys with beautiful waves to complete the look.


Idea # 58

Wild Loose Wavy Hairstyle with Drop Fade

Source : Vickk_thebarber

Long wavy hair on top can always create a beautiful impact and is complemented with an amazing undercut here.


Idea # 59

Medium Wavy Boy Haircut

Source: Johnnybthebarber

Messy on top and fringes falling over, this hairdo really looks cute.


Idea # 60

Braided Long Black Wavy Haircut for Girl

Source: deezahair

Another beautiful wavy kids haircuts with shoulder length hair sporting cool waves. There is braided crown style on top as well.


Idea # 61

Messy Layered with Low fade Boy Haircut

Source: La_rosy15

This wavy hairdo features a spiky look on the top while there is undercut and surgical design to add to the overall elegance.


Idea # 62

Long Wavy Boy Hairstyle

Source: sandraetruben

Wavy long locks always look adorable just as the case with this cute girl.


Idea # 63

Short Bob Wavy Boy Haircut

Source: Showshaircut

Creating waves in long hair for boys only requires rolling your fingers through and you’ll get a beautiful style.


Idea # 64

Wedding Curl Hairstyle for Cute Girls

Source: beautybyricky

For girls, styling their long locks like this with beautiful curly waves towards the ends is a popular style. This one takes it up a notch by adding a band at the top and styling the puffs differently.


Idea # 65

Short Beach Wavy Hairs

Source: Sydneepeacock

Medium length boys hair can’t be styled better than this with waves. You can also give this beautiful style to your kid. This look really is among the coolest haircuts for boys 2024.


Idea # 66

Crisscross Braid Ponytail

Source: sandraetruben

Long ponytails with braids styled in a unique way create an amazing look overall.


Idea # 67

Messy Wavy Boy Haircut

Source: imson17

This is a casual, carefree, wavy look and create your macho image.


Idea # 68

Wave Plus Layered Short Hairstyle

Source: Sydneepeacock

This wavy fringe and messy look is great for any kid and is considered among the best wavy kids haircuts.


Idea # 69

Bob Curly Hairstyle for Little Girl

Source: yasmina_elias

Curly wavy bob hairdo is a perfect look to achieve for little girls. Accessorize it with a cute flower clip and it will look even better.


Idea # 70

Disconnected Undercut with Medium Length Wavy Hairs

Source: campushairdesignuvic

This undercut with wavy, messy, fringe is beautiful and makes kids look standout from the crowd.


Idea # 71

Beautiful Party Wavy Hairstyle for Cute Girls

Source: fancydiarybyjk

The wavy kids haircuts can’t get any stylish than this. There are beautiful waves created at the back and some amazing touch is given to the waves at the top to make a beautiful crown.


Idea # 72

Short Wings plus Layeres Haircut for Boys

Source: salonutopialkn

This is a simple look that doesn’t have much detail into it but still it looks elegant and stylish.


Idea # 73

Boy Front Short Wavy Wings

Source: Maestribarbearia

Keep the short messy hair on top and achieve wavy look with this beautiful hairdo.


Idea # 74

Pompadour with Long Wavy Girls Haircut

Source: Emilysbeautysalon

Beautiful combed back hair on top and stunningly beautiful waves at the back really make this hairdo a classic one for girls.


Idea # 75

Wavy Textured layered with Side Parted haircut

Source : Barcode9

Styling these messy fringes to create a beautiful wavy look is so easy.


Idea # 76

Wavy Textured Layers Mid Fade Boy Haircut

Source :  Jose.a_barber

These messy waves with undercut look beautiful on any boy.


Idea # 77

Short Bob Wavy Girl Haircut

Source: Sophie_dolled_up

Ever seen this curly, wavy bob before? It’s one of the best wavy kids haircuts and looks quite adorable.


Idea # 78

Short Wavy Boy Hairstyle

Source: Pigtailsturkeycreek

This short bob haircut is for every little girl with curly textured hair and looks great with all those waves.


Idea # 79

Medium with Two Braids Wavy Haircut

Source: Cookiecutters

This cutie pie looks so beautiful in curly, wavy hair with small pigtails. Overall look is so adorable.


Idea # 80

Messy Medium Wavy Little Girl Haircut

Source: Callramona

Styling these curly waves to perfection is never easier but nothing can match the end result for sure.


Idea # 81

Wavy Faux Hawk with Side Design Boy Haircut

Source: Annaarcherartist

This little boy with wavy hair couldn’t have asked for something better. Complemented with an undercut, the look seems unique and adorable. Surgical design adds further elegance.


Idea # 82

Natural Curly Boy Hairsytle

Source: Michelineshairstudio

This beautiful wavy look comes natural to many kids and keeping it intact is the key.


Idea # 83

Shoulder Length Girl Wavy hairsytle

Source: Hotspothairsalon_mary

Style a braided band like this girl and add waves to the ends to achieve the beautiful final look.


Idea # 84

Long Bob Wavy Girl Haircut

Source: drawingout

The naturally wavy texture of the hair can be maintained to have this beautiful wavy kids haircuts.


Idea # 85

Silk and Long Wavy Girl Hairs

Source: Shanebalthazar

Rolled using a styling tool to create shoulder length waves, the style makes it easier to carry the long locks.


Idea # 86

Short Bob Wavy Hairstyle

Source: Bettyboop

Short blunt bob with waves is a perfect style to go with on any occasion.


Idea # 87

Lovely Short Curly Hairstyle

Source: sabaibarbers

These side parted long wavy locks look so cute on this boy. Style your kid’s hair in same manner to achieve a great look.


Idea # 88

Thick Curly Girl Haircut

Source: Lamar.floripa

This cute little girl looks stunning in the wavy short bob haircut. Those curly fringes falling on the forehead seem pretty amazing.


Idea # 89

Curly Black Hairstyle for Girls

Source: Blogdoisencantos

Side swept curly hair really make for one of the coolest wavy kids haircuts. If your girl has long curls, let her sport this beautiful look.


Idea # 90

Short Wavy hairstyle for Little Cute Girls

Source: Glutenfreeh

This side parted short bob gives a causal look to your kid and will still look amazing.


Idea # 91

Medium and Silk Wavy Bob Haircut with Layered

Source: blisshairbystef

The blunt bob here with beautiful waves to the sides portrays real beauty and elegance.


Idea # 92

Short Wavy Bob Haircut with Bangs

Source: tarynexplores

Another blunt bob with beautifully crafted waves, this one will make your girl look standout.


Idea # 93

Curly Medium Length with Side Parted

Source: plastica_yas

See how a beautiful look can be achieved from those long curly locks to have an elegant wavy bob hairdo.


Idea # 94

Line Up Curly Hairs with Side Design

Source: Barbershopconnect

This wavy top and undercut really make a deadly combo for boys.


Idea # 95

Line up short Wavy Boy Hairstyle

Source: Barbershopconnect

This undercut with more of wavy flat top is a perfect choice for guys having curly hair.


So, these wavy hair will really look stunning on your kid and it’s just the matter of choice as to which look you’d want him to sport. The options are aplenty, so choose wisely.

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