Top 40 Hairstyles For Kids That Will Be Trending In 2023

Every year we see plenty of new hairstyles for kids that are aimed at giving our little ones a fresh look with a sense of style and elegance.

Sometimes, it’s the same hairstyles that come in a new variation and on other occasions we have all-new hairstyles that are ready to make a statement.

Whatever the case, one thing is for sure and that is we have many beautiful hairstyles that become the trend and impress everyone around those sporting the look. So, have you made any guesses for this year?

Do you know which hairstyles for boys and girls are going to be the top trend this time around? Well, let’s have a look at some of the trendy hairstyles that will make some waves in the fashion industry this year and, maybe, even beyond.


Trendy Hairstyles For Girls

So, let’s start with a few beautiful hairstyles we have shortlisted for your little princess this year. All of them look gorgeous and make a unique statement. Surely, there’s going to be something that will look amazing on your little girl.

Thick Natural Curls With Crossover Cornrows

If you talk about the centerpiece for this beautiful hairstyle, it’s definitely those beautiful and thick natural curls that sprawl everywhere around the head allowing your girl to have a cool, funky appearance.

The hairstyle is complemented with simple cornrows crossing over at the front and a few rolled up strands adding an all-unique style element to the look. It’s really something gorgeous and makes for an exclusive hairstyle for special events.


Cornrows With Naturally Kinky Hair

One of the beautiful variations of the natural braided hairstyles is the cornrows. In fact, cornrows can be achieved in a variety of different styles and here we have a cool variation.

Achieved with naturally kinky locks, this beautiful hairstyle boasts of some cornrows on top and a couple on either side. What’s different is that a couple of rows are extended to make beautiful, naturally wavy fringes.

Furthermore, the hair towards the back is made into a nice and beautiful bee-hive shape which makes a unique statement.

For an added element of style and beauty, a beautiful flower accessory is added on top of that. The hairstyle makes for a perfect choice on special occasions like marriage parties or casual parties.


Naturally Wavy Bob Hairstyle

Naturally Wavy Bob Hairstyle
Source: Anahita

If you want something special for your little girl that doesn’t require too much of maintenance and is quite easy to achieve as well, this beautiful bob hairstyle variation is the way to go.

The hairstyle boasts of naturally wavy hair styled casually into a beautiful bob. Just keep the length a bit more than what you have with chin-length bobs and the naturally wavy look will reduce it to chin-length bob automatically.

A side part on top will complement the overall look to perfection. You really can’t ask for anything better.


Angled Cornrows With Colorful Ribbons

Angled Cornrows With Colorful Ribbons
Source: Splufiqhair

This cool hairstyle is about cornrows achieved at an angle with naturally kinky and curly hair. Obviously, the kink and curls will be ruled out when the hair will be made into beautiful cornrows.

Just make sure that they are created at perfect angles just the way depicted in the picture above. Add a few colorful ribbons to make a unique style statement. The hairstyle really looks gorgeous overall.


Edgy Pigtails

Edgy Pigtails
Source: Mahli_in_motion

This is one of the best short hairstyles for girls that is going to be a trendy look this year. You might not have seen many girls wearing this beautiful hairstyle and it’s just starting to pick up.

The look can be achieved with short-to-medium length hair all over the head and it really looks amazing when given an edgy cut. Yes, just let the tips look a bit edgy and make it into beautiful pigtails.

Secure the look with the help of a beautiful hair accessory on top and you have something really amazing ready for your little girl to flaunt.


Half Up Half Down

half up hair for little girl

If your little girl has long, rich hair, that gives you plenty of opportunities in terms of styling. Use the top hair to style a rolled bun and the curling wand to create a stunning look with loads of volume.

Also, if you’re aiming for even more volume in the crown area, use a micro crimping iron for the roots only. 


Two Ponytails with Bangs

little girl with pigtails

All kids look adorable, but certain hairstyles suit them just like a glove. These will make them look even more cute and irresistible. And the two high ponytails with straight bangs make no exceptions. 


Top Rolled Bun

high bun hairstyle for little girl

This simple hairstyle is one of the easiest to create and is ideal for both little girls and women. A high-top bun looks wonderful if you also spare a few locks from the corners of the forehead and the fringe area.


Curly One Sided Hairstyle

curly hairstyle for little girl

Dealing with tight curls is not an easy thing to do. Get your little angel a proper haircut that won’t give her hair the shape of a triangle.

We recommend you to go for a layered kids hairstyle. Flip the top on one side, and your little girl will look like a cute doll. 


Braided Bangs with Curls

long hairstyle for little girl

This hairstyle for kids is so glamorous and perfect if you want your girl to look radiant and incredibly beautiful.

Use the French braiding technique to knit the bangs going towards the ear. Take your magic hair wand and curl only half of the hair. She will look like a tiny angel!


One-Sided Top Pony

ponytail for little girl

If your want your straight girl’s hair to gain more volume without applying styling products or ironing the hair, we have a natural method that will really help.

During night, braid the hair and secure the knits with an elastic. In the morning, unbraid it and the hair will keep that natural wave. 


Bow Bun

updo hair for little girl

When your girl has rich long hair, it is easy to create this amazing bow bun on top of the head. Slightly comb the top on one side and back and tie the mane in a big regular pony, leaving a tail.

Split this bun into two pieces, take that tail from the back, and place it between the two sections. Secure everything with bobby pins and use styling products to make the whole hairstyle look perfect. 


Pastel Hair

ombre bob hairstyle for little girl

It is not recommended to dye your kid’s hair starting at a young age, but you must know there are a lot of sprays and hair dyes with no ammonia and other damaging chemicals that you can use for your daughter’s hair.

If she loves pastel hair, buy sprays that you can use to create a unicorn or rainbow look. Don’t worry; these sprays go off after just one wash. 


Swirling Cornrows With A Statement Hair Bun

Swirling Cornrows With A Statement Hair Bun

As said earlier, cornrows can be achieved in all sorts of different styles and this beautiful hairdo is just a true depiction of that.

It boasts of a swirling pattern on top that is achieved by starting the cornrows at one side and making it go swirling around the head to the crown area.

Similarly, start other parallel cornrows just behind where you started the initial pattern and make these go swirling to the crown as well.

Finally, secure the look with a statement hair bun achieved right at the crown. It will look amazing and will surely stun everyone who looks at your little girl’s style.


Side Parted Open Cornrows Style

Side Parted Open Cornrows Style

This beautiful cornrows variation is a perfect look to achieve for black girls. The hairstyle boasts of a side parted look and on either side of the part the hair is braided into beautiful cornrows at different angles.

Towards the longer side sweep, it’s achieved in a horizontal pattern making the hair fall over on the side eventually.

On the shorter end, you have to start braiding it in a vertical pattern making the hair to go all the way back and join the rest of the layers that have been started somewhere around the crown area.

So, it’s all about patterns and if you are able to pull it off to perfection, you have a trendy hairstyle ready for your little girl to flaunt.


Sectioned Hairstyle With Frontal Bangs

This beautiful hairstyle is achieved by sectioning off the hair on top in a perfect manner and forward sweeping the frontal bangs that look amazing falling over the forehead as they are being casually separated.

The hair in the section behind the bangs is combed back nicely and a few knotted tails are created out of them that look perfect going towards the back.

You can even secure it into a beautiful braided bun at the back as well if your girl’s hair allows you that sort of flexibility. Secure the style with a bow clip and it will really look amazing.


Combed Back Hairstyle With Unique Braided Ponytails

Combed Back Hairstyle With Unique Braided Ponytails
Source: Hairtodream

This is another statement hairstyle that your little girl would love to flaunt regardless of the occasion you want to style her hair for. The beautiful hairstyle is quite unique and different and creates amazing vibes.

The hairstyle boasts of combed back hair at the front while it gets a uniquely stylish look towards the back with braided designs that are made into beautiful pigtails.

Start a statement braid at one side and make it go swirling around the crown area towards the back on the other side where it should be secured onto a long and open ponytail.

Grab the hair sectioned off by that swirling braid and make it into a beautiful heart-shaped braid that goes into a similar ponytail on the same side without any swirls whatsoever.

Even though the hairstyle will need some time to achieve the look to perfection, it will surely make your girl look gorgeous.


Side Parted Hairstyle With Hair Accessories

Side Parted Hairstyle With Hair Accessories
Source: Nina_rosello

The haircuts for girls with long hair always create a unique and elegant vibe that is special to them. This hairstyle gives you a perfect example.

All you have to do is to let your girl’s hair grow long and then simple style it with a side part. The long beautiful locks are all kept open and swaying at the back.

The hair on either side is secured right there with the help of complementing hair accessories. It’s quite a simple look and yet it creates uniquely elegant vibes.


Center Parted Hairstyles With Crossing Braids At Back

Center Parted Hairstyles With Crossing Braids At Back
Source: Alexiilayne

Pigtails have long been considered among the top stylish looks girls can achieve on any occasion and here we have a unique variation to that.

The beautiful hairstyle boasts of a center part on top and a few layers on either side of the part are taken to form beautiful and thick braids that go all the way to the back and then cross over to form cool pigtails at the back.

For most part, it’s a typical braided look that you might give to your little girl in daily routine but it has that cool and unique vibe to it  achieved with a bit of styling done at the back.


Center Parted Wavy Hairstyle With Bangs

Achieved with a nice center part, this beautiful hairstyle boasts of a luxurious wavy look on the sides and doesn’t require too much of effort to achieve either.

The hair on top is styled with a center part and with frontal bangs that make a statement with their elegant and unique vibe.

The fringes blend with the wavy locks on the side while it gets extremely wavy and stylish going towards the tips. It’s a statement style that is just tailor made for special occasions.


Trendy Hairstyles For Boys

Now that you have a few cool looks on your mind for the little girls, why not have a few ready for your boys too. Let’s have a look at some of the gorgeous looks that would work perfectly for your little boys.

Forward Spikes With Taper Fade

Forward Spikes With Taper Fade
Source: Kidshaircut

Spikes really is among the top hairstyles for boys that works fine for any occasion. The spiky hairstyles can look the cleanest or they can have the most casual outlook.

The hairstyle we have here boasts of mid-length spikes on top that is nicely swept forward to achieve a perfectly stylish look.

The hair on the sides is given an even better look with a taper fade. Remember that it’s all clean and nice on all sides and can be classified among the formal hairstyles for boys.


Caesar Haircut

   Caesar Haircut
Source: Salon_gigolo

A cool variation of a typical Caesar haircut, this one is surely among the best hairstyles for kids out there. And, yes, it will be trending this year for sure.

The hairstyle boasts of medium length hair on top that is given a nice glossy look with the help of a styling product. Sweep it to a side nicely and we have a beautiful high fade on the sides to complement it to perfection.

Overall, the hairstyle qualifies for the most formal looks around but still has a casual touch to it. It will really make your little boy attract all eyes when he wears it.


Edgy Side Swept Fringe With Undercut

Edgy Side Swept Fringe With Undercut
Source: Babydean

Simple, cute and stylish! That’s certainly the best way to describe this beautiful hairstyle for boys. The hairdo boasts of a nice and simple haircut that is achieved by giving an edgy look to the frontal fringe.

However, it’s all kept to medium length on top and is stylishly swept to a side. You can achieve this beautiful look both with a casual side part and a hard part, the choice is yours. Complement it with a nice high fade and you can’t ask for anything better.


Casual Side Swept Hairstyle With Hair Design

This simple hairstyle is made to look unique and different with the help of that beautiful hair design on the sides. The hair is kept short all over and is styled with a casual side sweep on top.

The choice of hair design is completely yours, but if you would like to go with this one in the picture above, you’re surely in for allowing your kid to make a unique style statement. The hairstyle won’t take much of styling and it’s all in the haircut that will make it look amazing.


Spiky Mohawk With Undercut

Spiky Mohawk With Undercut
Source: Kidshaircut

There are lots of beautiful variations of the undercut hairstyle and this one here is surely going to make your boy look rocking.

The hairstyle boasts of medium-to-long hair on top that is dead straight and spiked up with the help of a styling product. The hair on the sides is given a cool undercut that makes it completely contrasting to what’s there on top.

The hairdo has a unique statement of its own to make and it can be worn both casual and formal. The choice is yours.

High One-Sided Top

side part hair for little boy

Your kid will look like a younger Harry Pooter but without the forehead scar. Get him a medium fade haircut with a long top that you can style up and oriented on one side. 


Long Hair with One-Sided Bangs

long hairstyle for little boy

If you want your little man to be one of the coolest boys in the neighborhood, you need to get him this long hairstyle for kids. Keep the mane long, over the shoulders and layer it. Get him long bangs that he can wear on one side. 


Messy Ginger Curls

messy hairstyle for little boy

Women will kill for such a vivid, gorgeous natural color, and some pay thousands of dollars to get one. But if your boy has this amazing ginger nuance, keep his hair longer so the curls can form. It is a quite low maintenance hairstyle for kids and it only requires a tousle in the styling department. 


Loose Box Braids

braided hairstyle for little boy

To recreate this hairstyle for kids, part your little man’s hair in two big sections. On each section, you need to repeat the parting for each braid. You can even give these parts a shape like squares, triangles and even circles. 


Mini Braids

hairstyle for little black boy

This hairstyle for kids requires a lot of time and energy on your part and a lot of patience from your son, especially if you want the braids to be so thin. If you want to speed up the process, ask a friend to help you knit the braids. 


Swirling Spikes With Side Fade

When you are going to spike up the straight hair types, you have the luxury of styling it in whatever way you like. This beautiful hairstyle here gives you a perfect example.

The hair on top is kept to medium length and given a spiky touch by raising it all up to a side and then making it to swirl going towards the back. There can be nothing more casual than this beautiful hairstyle and it will allow your kid to make a rocking statement.

There is no part on top and the hair on the sides is given a cool faded look. Overall, it all gels in to perfection and makes for a wonderful hairdo for any day.


Short Crop With High Fade

Short Crop With High Fade
Source: Shrunknheads

Another one among the cool fade haircut options for little boys, this beautiful hairstyle boasts of the short crop on top which actually makes a statement.

The frontal bangs is also cut short so that it doesn’t fall over the forehead and is just restricted in its place right there on top. The casual look given to the hair on top is what this beautiful hairstyle is all about.

However, a bit of clean touch is also added with the help of that beautiful fade on the sides in order to balance things off nicely.


Side Swept Hairstyle

Side Swept Hairstyle
Source: Dondiegosalon

Sweet and simple, this is one of the best toddler boys haircuts around and it will surely make your kid look awesome. The hairstyle suits perfectly to the age of toddlers and allows them to look as cuter as ever.

To achieve the look, just keep it a bit shorter on top and the sides while gently sweeping it all to one side with a part on the other. Gentle and plush, the hairstyle is just perfect for toddlers to make a statement.


Casual Side Swept Hairstyle

Funky Forward Swept Spikes
Source: Milk.official

This hairstyle boasts of medium length hair on top and it’s there to make a unique statement. Even though it’s a side swept hairstyle, it does not feature any kind of side part whatsoever.

The casual side swept look is what this beautiful hairstyle is all about. Styled with a nice fade on the sides, you can’t ask for a better look for little boys.


Funky Forward Swept Spikes

Funky Forward Swept Spikes
Source: Kidshaircut

This funky little look is just perfect for your kid’s Tom Boy vibe. The hairstyle boasts of a medium length on top with slightly shorter hair on the sides.

Just separate the hair on top from those on the sides by creating casual parting on either side and bringing everything right into the center. Sweep it forward and up to achieve a cool hairstyle that will definitely make a unique statement.

To take it up a notch, make sure that there are some highlights of color added to your boys’ hair. He’ll definitely rock this amazing look.


Mohawk Hairstyle With Undercut

Mohawk Hairstyle With Undercut
Source: Kidshaircut

This cool little Mohawk is there to make a unique statement. The hairstyle boasts of some cool, medium length hair on top that is spiked up in a perfect Mohawk style.

The sides complement the hair on top to perfection by giving it a nice undercut. Obviously, the undercut is disconnected from the top but it may not give that same vibe because there is nothing falling over the sides and rather it’s all spiked up.

A rocking look for a casual day out or a party night, your boy is surely going to attract everyone with this hairdo.


Combed Back Hairstyle With Disconnected Undercut

Combed Back Hairstyle With Disconnected Undercut
Source: Kidshaircut

If your boy loves to grow it long on top but you want to make sure that he still gets a clean and clear haircut, this one is a perfect combo that will satisfy you both.

The hairstyle features long and grown out hair on top that is combed all the way to the back and it’s complemented with nice, beautiful and elegant looking disconnected undercut on the sides.

Both the contrasting hair lengths balance each other out rather stylishly and you have a hard part on a side that makes a unique statement.

Want another element of style? Add a few surgical lines towards the back just as shown in the picture above. You can’t ask for anything better.


Spikes Hairstyle With Hard Part And Undercut

25.   Spikes Hairstyle With Hard Part And Undercut
Source: Kidshaircut

Spikes always look amazing on little boys regardless of the form in which the look is achieved. Take this one, for example.

Its glossy sheen on top and a nice textured look is creating amazing vibes. And, obviously, the height this hairstyle gets with all the top hair spiked into the center certainly makes it look even better.

There is a nice hard part and a beautiful undercut on the sides to complete the look. The rockstar is ready to rock anywhere regardless of the occasion you’d like him to sport the look on.


Short Spiky Mohawk With High Undercut

  Short Spiky Mohawk With High Undercut
Source: Kidshaircut

This hairstyle looks unique in the fact that it has a higher undercut on the sides and it’s almost completely shaved off. The hair on top is kept short and is brought into the center and spiked up nicely.

In fact, it’s more of a short Mohawk style that works perfectly fine for toddler boys. The hairstyle just looks amazing when achieved on blonde hair types.

Obviously, it’s a casual look and will make a statement on days with casual events or plenty of leisure activities. It doesn’t require too much of maintenance either and you just have to spike it up once with the help of a styling product.


Long Casual Mohawk With Faded Sides

   Long Casual Mohawk With Faded Sides
Source: Kidshaircut

Yes, we have another Mohawk on the list but it’s quite different from the rest featured above. The hairstyle boasts of a cool and stylish look that is more casual than anything else.

The hairstyle requires you to let your boy grow his hair longer on top and then bring it all in the center running the fingers through to achieve a cool spiky look that creates a perfectly casual vibe.

Remember that you will have to use lots of strong hold gel to achieve perfect spikes on top and then keep it all intact right there. The sides have a simple fade and it complements the top hair rather elegantly.

In fact, it helps create a perfect balance between a blown out and organized look. You can’t really ask for anything better for a casual event.


So, if you have long been waiting for the best trending hairstyles for kids, these beautiful hairstyles listed above are surely going to give you something you can style your kids’ hair with confidently.

They all have a unique vibe to them and each of these are capable of making a statement anywhere. Pick with the help of your kid so that they can also have something they like and grab all the praise for your kids’ style on the next event they have to attend. It’s surely going to make them look and feel classic and confident.

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