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40 Dapper Fade Haircuts For Boys Who Set The Trend

Have you been searching for the perfect fade haircut for boys?  Finding the right hairstyle for your little one can be a challenging task. As a parent, you want your child to look stylish and feel confident.

The fade haircut has become increasingly popular, offering a trendy and versatile option for boys of all ages. Whether you’re aiming for a classic, low fade or a bold, high fade, we’ve got you covered.

In this article, we’ll explore the world of fade haircuts for boys, discussing different variations, styling tips, and maintenance advice. Get ready to discover the ideal fade haircut that will have your young one looking sharp and feeling great. Let’s dive in!

How To Get A Fade On Your Boy’s Hair?

Achieving a fade haircut for boys involves careful use of hair clippers with various guard sizes to create a graduated or “faded” effect on the sides and back of the head. 

Materials You’ll Need

  1. Hair clippers
  2. Hair trimmer for detailing
  3. Set of guide combs for the clippers
  4. Scissors for the top, if necessary
  5. Haircut cape, or a towel to protect clothes
  6. Mirror

Tips to Achieve a Fade Haircut

  1. Before starting the haircut, make sure your clippers are clean and in good working condition. Drape the haircut cape or a towel around the boy’s shoulders to protect his clothing from hair clippings.
  2. Decide on the final length of the hair on top and how short you want it on the sides and back.
  3. Attach a longer guard to your clippers, usually a #3 or #4. Starting from the top, move the clippers upwards and stop where you want the fade to begin.
  4. Next, switch to a shorter guard size, such as a #2. Start a bit lower than where you stopped with the longer guard and repeat the motion.
  5. Continue this process with decreasing guard sizes, always starting lower on the head. This will create the gradient or “fade” effect.
  6. For a skin or bald fade, use the clippers without a guard to blend the bottom of the fade into the skin. Be careful not to remove too much hair.
  7. Use a trimmer to clean up the edges around the ears and back of the neck.
  8. Check the haircut from all angles to ensure the fade is even and there are no hard lines between lengths.


Best Fade Haircuts For Boys 

The hairstyle has all the flexibility to offer and it blends in perfectly with just about any hairstyle you can name.

So, if that’s the kind of flexibility and versatility you’ve been looking for, the hairstyles below would definitely make a wonderful choice for you as they all have a fade on the sides and the back.

Let’s check out some of the coolest hairstyle options that your kid would love and so will everyone else around.

1. Bald Fade / Skin Fade

The bald fade, also referred to as a skin fade, presents a bold and sleek look. The fade begins at about the mid-ear region or lower, transitioning swiftly into complete baldness at the very bottom. The stark contrast between the longer hair on top and the almost non-existent hair on the sides contributes to a modern and edgy appearance.

2. High Fade

The high fade haircut starts at the upper regions of the head, typically near the temples or even higher. This style is marked by a quick transition from the long hair at the top to short or nearly shaved hair at the sides and back. This gives the high fade a sense of drama and pronounced style, making it a preferred choice for those looking to make a statement with their hairstyle.

3. Low Fade

Contrasting the high fade, the low fade haircut starts its transition at or just above the ear. This results in a gradual and subtle transition from the longer hair on the crown to the shorter hair on the sides and back. Its understated and elegant finish makes the low fade an excellent choice for individuals seeking a professional or more conservative appearance.

4. Mid Fade

Striking a balance between the high and low fades, the mid fade haircut starts its transition midway between the top of the head and the ear. The mid fade presents a moderate contrast between the longer hair on top and the shorter sides. It offers a balanced, versatile look, perfect for those who prefer neither a very dramatic nor a very subtle fade.

5. Spiky Fade Haircut

A popular choice for boys is a fade haircut styled with spikes. After the hair is dried, apply some gel or wax evenly to the hair on top. Then, use your fingers to pull the hair upwards, creating spikes. The contrast between the spiky top and the faded sides can create a fun, energetic look.

6. Comb Over Fade Haircut

For a more sophisticated style, consider a comb over fade haircut. This requires longer hair on top. Apply some pomade or gel to the hair, then use a comb to sweep the hair to one side, creating a sleek, brushed look.

7. Pompadour Fade Haircut

This is a classic style that combines a fade haircut with a pompadour. The hair on top needs to be longer for this style. Apply some pomade to the hair, then use a comb to brush the hair back and upwards, creating volume.

8. Crew Cut Fade Haircut

A crew cut with a fade is a popular choice for boys due to its low maintenance. The hair on top is cut short and tapered, getting gradually shorter towards the back of the head. The fade on the sides adds a modern touch.

9. Curly High Fade Haircut

For boys with curly hair, a curly top fade haircut can be a great way to manage their curls. The short sides make the curls on top the main focus of the hairstyle. Use a curl-defining cream to enhance the curls and reduce frizz.

10. Faux Hawk Fade Haircut

A faux hawk fade haircut for boys is a less drastic version of a traditional mohawk. The hair in the middle of the head is left longer and the sides are faded. Use some pomade or gel to style the hair upwards in the center, creating a mohawk effect.

11. Samurai Knot With Fade And Design

Samurai Knot With Fade And Design


This beautiful hairstyle is achieved with some length on top. Remember, however, that the hairstyle is best suited for straight hair types and if your kid has that type of hair then it’s very simple to achieve the look.

All you have to do comb it all back close to the head and achieve an edgy top knot just around the crown area. The high fade on the sides is more of an undercut style that is defined with the help of a hard part. There is a cool surgical design on the sides as well.


12. Side Swept Hairstyle With High Fade

Side Swept Hairstyle With High Fade


This hairstyle is a very cool and simple variation of the look as it only requires you to keep your kid’s hair short and sweep it to a side.

It’s a very typical side sweep that is kept very close to the head and is achieved in a bit of textured manner with the help of a styling product.

The part on the side is also very casual and there is nothing too clear or achieved surgically. There is a high fade on the sides which almost seems to have the same length as that on top but can still be recognized very well.


13. Short And Textured Hairstyle With High Fade

Short And Textured Hairstyle With High Fade


This beautiful hairstyle is about keeping the hair on top shorter and very tight to the head. The frontal hair, however, has some length and it is given a nice combed back look.

A bit of texture is also achieved on top with the help of a styling product and it makes the hairstyle look quite chic and elegant. The hair on the sides is faded high and it looks gorgeous in the overall scheme of things.


14. Side Swept Hairstyle With Hard Part And Fade

Side Swept Hairstyle With Hard Part And Fade


This is yet another cool variation of the fade hairstyles and it also features a high fade like many of the looks described above.

The hairstyle boasts of short and side swept hair on top while the hard part makes a typical attention grabber in this hairstyle. Yes, it’s the focal point in the entire look and it draws all eyes towards your kid making him look stylish and elegant.


15. Buzz Cut With Surgical Design And Fade

Side Swept Hairstyle With Hard Part And Fade


This beautiful hairstyle is all about a nice and cool buzzed up look on top. The hairstyle is achieved for black boys’ kinky hair and all you have to do is to buzz it up tight to the head and get a cool surgical design created starting from the front and going towards a side.

The one in the picture above is just perfect and you should better go with this one. The sides have a skin fade and it complements the entire hairstyle to perfection.


16. Box Haircut

The box fade was so common more than 30 years ago, and it didn’t lose its popularity even now.

To create it, you need coarse hair that has height and volume and a high fade. This haircut makes a face look more elongated, and it’s very stylish.


17. Temple Fade

If your son has medium hair and wants a cut that maintains the length, you can go for a temple haircut. This hairstyle will make his face look elongated and slimmer. In the case of wavy hair, use a hair gel for better definition.


18. Modern Cesar’s Cut

Inspired by the well-known Caesar’s cut, this fade haircut has a modern touch that is also suitable for small boys.

Get your sun a bald fade in the back and for the sides and delimit the longer top from the bald area with a razored line. For the top, create ultra-small bangs and cut them in a straight line. 


19. Low Side Fade

A low fade side is easy to create, and all you need is a trimming machine. If you’re not confident in using it at home, get your son and go to a barbershop. Maintain the top hair short in the same length.


20. Dreads and Fades

A high fade around the ears will draw all the attention to the dreadlocks. Use a razor to define the hairline in the forehead and temple area. To make the hairstyle look modern, dye the tips of the dreads in a light brown color


Sleek Hairstyle with Line Design

A high round fade haircut allows you to create all the design you want on each side of the head.

As for the top, the hair must be longer and styled with hair gel. It will gain that sleek wet look. Comb it on one side and to the back or build a Pomp.


High Fade

A high bald fade is ideal if you want to get your little guy a manly and low-maintenance haircut. Create a great delimitation for the forehead, cutting the hair short, in a straight line.TO make it look glammy, apply some pomade. 


Pale Red Top

A low fade haircut keeps the hair pretty short around the ears and nape area. The hair gets gradually longer towards the top. Here you can keep the crown hair as long as you want, allowing the curl to form, if the hair has such texture. 


Curved Line Design

To recreate this amazing hairstyle, get your son a bald fade haircut on the sides and back. Gain that great contrast by delimiting the bald sections from the ones with coarse hair by creating two curved lines. 


One-Sided Haircut

This one-sided haircut looks so sleek and elegant and transforms your little man into a true young gentleman.

For the sides, you should create a medium fade and style a side part. The top is swooped on the left or right, revealing the short cut. 


Funky Textured Hairstyle With Fade

Side Swept Hairstyle With Hard Part And Fade


This fade haircut is about creating a cool and funky look on top. The hairdo boasts of some length up top which is all swept to a side nicely and kept into place with the help of a hairspray.

Just make sure that you achieve a cool and wide texture on top and apply some cool colors to make the hairstyle stand out.

A hard part on the side with a high fade makes this cool hairstyle worth wearing on special occasions. It will make your kid stand out and be recognized even from a distance or in the crowd.


 Hard Part And Fade

Side Swept Hairstyle With Hard Part And Fade


This beautiful hairstyle is cool, simple and low maintenance. There is a bit of volume kept on top and it is swept all the way to a side. A bit of hairspray will make it shine and keep it into place as well.

There is a nice hard part on the side and a cool high fade that starts from just where the part is. It seems to be balancing out the volume on top and overall defines a cool look that is good to wear in every season. Plus, it doesn’t require too much of maintenance either.


Edgy Side 

One of the best Asian hairstyle for boys, this beautiful look is about keeping it edgy and swept to a side. The hair is shorter towards the sides while it reaches full length on top with spiky edges evident everywhere.

The hair on the sides is faded away and we have more of a high fade style here that blends in to the hair on top perfectly. The part is quite casual and there is nothing so evident to define the top hair from those on the sides.


Undercut Fade With Spikes

Undercut Fade With Spikes

This beautiful hairstyle is about keeping the hair on top to medium length while maintaining the natural texture of the hair so that it could be raised up into beautiful spikes and is still kept apart to maintain a beautiful spiky look.

The undercut fade ensures that a perfect balance is maintained between the hair on top and those on the sides. In fact, the sides get almost shaven going down towards the bottom.

The hairstyle will need a bit of maintenance though because the top hair is not going to stay all day long in a perfect shape despite some strong hold product being applied. Other than that, this hairstyle is a wonderful choice and it creates beautiful vibes.


Fringe Hairstyle

This cool look is about achieving a simple side swept style on top with a slight natural texture to it. The fringe at the front is swept to a side and is slightly raised up.

There is also a cool hard part on the side with a high fade that complements the hair on top rather nicely. A cohesive look overall, the hairstyle is just perfect for any occasion and doesn’t need much of styling and organization over and over again.


Textured With High Fade

This is quite a different hairstyle that has its own unique look and style. It requires you to cut the hair on top shorter and sweep it to a side with a slight natural texture becoming very evident.

The hair gets too short around the crown area giving it an edgy look while there is a high fade on the sides that blends nicely into the hair on top.

The side part is not very evident and at seems quite an unbroken look that just starts on top and keeps coming down as the sides get faded. If you can spritz a quality hairspray on the hair on top, you’d be able to create a unique and beautiful look.


High Fade 

This hairstyle looks pretty similar to one of the hairstyles described above, but it has its own unique and cool vibe. Swept to a side and kept into place with a wider texture, the hairstyle looks just stunning and beautifully organized with a rainbow color added to the top.

There is a sleek hard part on a side and a high fade which complete the entire look to perfection. You can’t really ask for anything better.


Gentle Side With Mid Fade

Gentle Side With Mid Fade

This beautiful fade haircut comes with a slight variation as the hair on the sides is faded midway through and the fade does not start high up on top. A casual side part and some beautiful side swept locks on top, the hairstyle has to speak a lot for itself.

If you want something simpler for your little one then this surely is the hairstyle that you would want to go with. It brings elegance and stylish looks to the table even with its simple and elegant style.


 Spiky Top With Undercut Fade

This cool hairstyle boasts of medium length hair on top which is given a perfect style by spiking it all up right in the center. The frontal locks, however, have a nice forward swept look but it is also spiky as well.

The hair on the sides is faded high with a beautiful undercut and that’s what defines the character of this cool hairstyle.

You may even want to go for a couple of surgical lines around the temple area but the hairstyle works just fine even without that. Overall, the hairstyle is quite cool, stylish and elegant.


Crew Cut With Fade

Crew Cut With Fade

A crew cut really is one of the best hairstyles for boys and it’s a timeless look that works for just about everyone. The hairstyle boasts of short hair all over and a typical crew will have it raised slightly at the front.

However, this one experiments with the look by keeping it all straight and tight to the head. The natural texture becoming evident through the top hair is definitely going to make a statement.

The hair on the sides is faded very high and we have a curving surgical design that further elevates the look to make it feel amazing.

The hairstyle doesn’t require any maintenance and it’s a one-time cut that won’t put you in the hassle of doing too much styling every now and then.


Textured Side Swept Hairstyle With High Fade

Textured Side Swept Hairstyle With High Fade

Source: Robertodiaz

Like most side swept hairstyles, this one also boasts of a typical hard part that separates the hair on top from those on the sides.

However, here we have a slightly thinner parting and the hair on top has a natural texture as it’s swept to a side. The high fade on the sides gives your boy a more military-like haircut and it complements the hair on top perfectly.

The hairstyle is low maintenance with trimming requirements for the hair on top every now and then. Otherwise, you don’t need to worry about much of styling as once the top hair is held into place it will stay right there for sure.


Forward Swept Hairstyle With High Fade

Forward Swept Hairstyle With High Fade

Source: Fadedbynohail

This beautiful hairstyle is rather simple and it doesn’t really need too much of effort to be put in either. The hairstyle boasts of short-to-medium length hair on top which is all swept forward to make a wonderful style.

The slight natural texture exists to make for a unique vibe as well. As far as the hair on the sides is concerned, we have a cool high fade which completes the look to perfection.

Remember that the faded hair on the sides is all blended nicely with the hair on top and it doesn’t make for quite a distinct look there.


Sharp Fade

Another similar look to achieve for your little boy, this cool hairstyle boasts of medium length hair on top that is all swept to a side and held into place with the help of a strong hold styling product.

The hard part starts right at the front and goes all the way back to the crown area and it’s slightly wider to make it more evident and noticeable. The sides are given a typical undercut fade that makes them complete a perfect overall look.

The hairstyle can serve as your kid’s everyday hairdo and can even work for special occasions and events as well. The key, however, is to ensure that you get your kid a perfect haircut.

How to Style a Fade Haircut for Boys

Styling a fade haircut largely depends on the length and type of hair on top. Here are some general tips:

  1. Wash and Dry: Always start with clean, dry hair. Use a good quality shampoo and conditioner suitable for the boy’s hair type.

  2. Apply Product: Depending on the desired look, use a hair product. For a shiny, slick look, a gel or pomade is a good choice. For a matte, textured style, use a clay or wax.

  3. Style the Hair: Use a comb or your fingers to style the hair. This could involve combing the hair to one side for a comb over fade, pulling it up into spikes for a spiky fade, or pushing it forward for a fringe fade. If the boy’s hair is curly, consider using a curl-defining cream or mousse to enhance the curls.

  4. Maintain the Style: Throughout the day, the hair might need a bit of touching up. This can be done by reapplying some product and restyling the hair.

How to Maintain a Fade Haircut for Boys

Maintaining a fade haircut requires regular trims to keep the faded sides looking sharp. Here are some tips:

  1. Regular Trims: Depending on how fast the hair grows, the boy might need a trim every 2-4 weeks to maintain the fade.

  2. Hair Care: Washing and conditioning the hair regularly is crucial. Avoid using hot water as it can strip the hair of its natural oils, leading to dry and dull-looking hair. Instead, use lukewarm water and always finish with a cool rinse to close the hair cuticles, promoting shine.

  3. Healthy Diet: A healthy diet can contribute to maintaining healthy hair. Ensure the boy’s diet includes plenty of protein, as well as fruits and vegetables for essential vitamins and minerals.

  4. Product Use: Avoid using too many styling products, as this can lead to product build-up and make the hair look greasy. Always wash out styling products thoroughly.

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