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Best Quick and Easy Hairstyles That Won’t Take More Than A Minute To Style 2024

We often don’t have much time to spare for styling our kids’ hair, but we still want to make sure they are able to flaunt some of the best trending hairstyles. To make that happen, we prefer to go with some quick and easy hairstyles that could be achieved effortlessly amidst your busy morning routine. Believe it or not, it’s quite possible to achieve the best hairstyles that would look gorgeous on your kids and that too without spending too much time on styling.

Whether you are going for easy hairstyles for girls or easy hairstyles for boys, you’d be required to shampoo their hair and remove any type of grease or dirt first by washing it through. You should also try some conditioning products on a weekly basis to keep your hair in good shape.

Quick And Easy Hairstyles In 2024

Wondering which hairstyles can actually be classified as the quick and easy ones. Well, for boys, it’s about getting no-fuss haircuts that only take as little styling as possible to make the hair pop. It may be just about running the fingers through or applying a product and brushing it into a perfect shape.

As for the girls, easy hairstyles could be something like a funky ponytail or a single, small braid on either side of the head. You can get as creative as you like with her hair and style it up within minutes.

Quick And Easy Hairstyles For Girls 

Let’s run you down through some of the best options you can try with easy hairstyles for girls. These hairstyles can be achieved on any occasion and your girl will look as gorgeous as she can ever get.

  1. Tousled and Textured Ponytail

Tousled and Textured Ponytail


For girls with some length to their hair, this really is one of the best hairstyles that won’t take more than a few minutes to style. It’s a pretty relaxed look that is unbelievably easy and can give that stylish funk to your girl’s hair.

To achieve this look to perfection, you should skip shampoo prior to styling your hair. Things really work the best when you’re able to work with some natural grease. You’ll have to put in a lot of effort if you are working with squeaky clean locks because you’ll be working to achieve the messy vibe.

Tousled and Textured Ponytail

You should be careful while comb-teasing her hair as well. Make sure that you tease it throughout the hair on top. It will help ensure that you do not end up with any kind of awkward bumps. The messier you make it, the better it looks.

  1. Ponytail Fauxhawk

Ponytail Fauxhawk


You might have thought that a Fauxhawk is only for boys but you can have its implementation in some of the most beautiful girls hairstyles as well. Just take this ponytail fauxhawk, for example. It’s a hands-down favorite for many and girls are so eager to wear this beautiful hairstyle.

The hairstyle does not require you to buzz it off on top and it’s both edgy and elegant to look at. The hairstyle makes a perfect pair with jeans or a formal dress.

Ponytail Fauxhawk

For achieving a perfect style, you need to pull it all back on top and then form sort of a high bubble ponytail at the back. Make sections in the ponytail with rubber-bands and leave the tips open. It will look gorgeous on your little one for sure.

  1. Chestnut Bun

Chestnut Bun


Many girls don’t find it easy to go with slicked-back buns because they make you feel as if you’re about to wash your face. However, this one has really changed that impression. It’s really elegant and you can style your girl’s hair with this one anytime.

Just part it in the center and take it casually to the back before securing the locks into a cool chestnut bun just below the crown.

  1. Milkmaid Braids

Milkmaid Braids


When you are on the lookout for quick and easy hairstyles for girls, the milkmaid braids are definitely going to cross your path. One of those most daring hairstyles, it’s definitely going to earn your girl some praise.

You can always play around a bit with this beautiful hairstyle and it won’t make your girl feel like she belongs in the Alps either. For the perfect look, however, you are going to need super-long hair. It looks awesome with a simple side part and a beautiful braid that forms more of a headband on top.

If you can create a bit of mess on top, and add some texture to it, the hairstyle would feel much more relaxed. You must try it out on special, formal occasions for sure.

  1. Topsytail Ponytail

Topsytail Ponytail


Distinct and funky, this ponytail looks quite elegant and will definitely make your girl stand out. You can combine it with some casual sundress for summer, but this beautiful perky updo will look amazing on your cocktail dress in black as well.

Topsytail Ponytail

Center-parted and combed back on top, the hairstyle features more of a fishtail braided ponytail at the back. It is sectioned off in the middle and creates amazing vibes. Even though it looks rubber-band intensive, it’s still pretty easy to achieve. It’s a good idea to finds rubber bands matching the color of your hair because they’ll be visible on the ponytail and you won’t like to allow them to ruin your hairstyle.

  1. Dragon Buns

Dragon Buns

It’s quite a simple one among all the girls hairstyles available today. Separate the hair on top into a high half-back before pulling it into that beautiful bun. Secure it with the help of bobby pins right there. Repeat these steps with the middle and the bottom hair sections on the back to form three cute buns in total.

Dragon Buns

It is advised that you secure the buns using shorter bobby pins as they won’t stick out from another side just because the buns are small and the pins are bigger. It’s a perfect look that you can pull together if you’re not interested in that popular messy hair bun.

  1. Pull-Through Braids

Pull-Through Braids


This one may look like having too many rubber bands on it but that’s always something well worth it. It is quick and easy to achieve but you must watch its tutorial video right throughout before you start braiding so that you can end up with a perfect overall look. If your girl has very long hair then you are good to go with this hairstyle because that’s going to help a lot with this particular look. Even if she doesn’t, however, you can still make this hairdo work for her.

Pull-Through Braids

Remember, the braid is created towards the lower section on the sides and then made into a horizontal, rollover bun which looks amazing.

  1. Relaxed Braid With Swept-Back Look


This one may feel a bit more relaxed overall than what you might have thought initially. Nevertheless, you are going to love it when your girl will wear the hairstyle. Get rid of her typical side-parted look and rather sweep the locks boldly towards the back of her head to give it a refresh.

To achieve this look, sweep her hair in half-back style and tease it beneath that half-back section close to the crown area. After that, start French-braiding and use bobby pins to tuck those braided ends underneath. That’s it. Her perfect style is ready!

You may want to create it a little tighter when braiding. But it works fine either way.

Quick And Easy Hairstyles For Boys

When it comes to quick and easy hairstyles, boys don’t always have to look for ways to help carry their long hair stylishly. A wonderful haircut is all they need to find their easy way towards style. They don’t always have to go short on top, however. Instead, they can look for options that are a perfect mix of long and short hair to give them a stylish look that doesn’t require too much maintenance.

Here we have a few low maintenance haircuts that you can try out with your little guys to give them a wonderful style that looks gorgeous on any day. Let’s check out.

  1. Top Knot


Top knot and man bun hairstyles have been often mixed together but they are actually the two different looks that boys and men can get. Both the hairstyles made an appearance together but the top knot didn’t really enjoy as much following as its counterpart did.

Even though the top knot has remarkable similarities to ponytails, the difference actually lies in the tie-up placement. Besides, the top knots are often worn with shaved sides or with undercuts or a fade haircut on the sides.


Leave some volume on top and comb it tightly all the way to the back before tying that into a cool knot just around the crown.

  1. Long and Curly Hairstyle

Long and Curly Hairstyle


For boys with curly hair, growing it long and carefree is always a good idea. You must have had issues with styling their curly locks but the simplest option you have is to just let it all flow naturally.

This hairstyle is definitely one of the best easy hairstyles for boys with thick and long hair. The natural look will easily weigh down the curls while adding a unique touch of style to his overall style. Applying some pomade to achieve a textured look would be a good idea for sure.

  1. Thick Pompadour


Pompadour hairstyles have been the classic best over the years and they are not going out of fashion any time soon. So, you can safely bet on a thick pompadour when looking for easy hairstyles for your little guy.

The hairstyle can be achieved quite quickly once you have given him a perfect haircut. Yes, you have to keep it short on the sides while leaving all the volume on top. The voluminous thick hair on top is definitely going to do a perfect job at the end of the day. Just run the fingers through his hair to maintain some natural texture to the look.

  1. Short & Spiky

Short & Spiky


Nothing can beat a short and spiky haircut when it comes to the ease of styling. You have to get him a fresh haircut once in a while and just style it up with some styling product to give it a cool and sexy vibe overall. For added appeal, make sure that you keep the sides slightly faded and that’s going to do the job to perfection.

  1. Classic Slicked Back Hairstyle

A slicked back hairstyle is more classic than anything else on the planet. Keep it voluminous on top and slick it all the way back with some styling product applied to the top. You can style this hairdo with a simple side part while closely shaving off the hair on the sides. It will look gorgeous on formal occasions where you have to take your kid with you.

  1. Textured and Tapered Haircut

You may have heard how popular fade haircuts have been over the years but have you ever figured out how you can incorporate them into different hairstyles? Have you ever tried to bring up combinations of hairstyles for that added appeal?

Textured Haircut

This beautiful hairdo gives you just that. Give your boy’s hair a bit of texture and volume with the help of some styling product and then simply brush it all back. Taper the front with the help of a brush, running it through his hair repeatedly. The hairstyle won’t take more than five minutes to be achieved to perfection.

  1. Mohawk Hairstyle With Bangs

Mohawk Hairstyle With Bangs

Mohawks have been the favorite among boys who prefer some element of funkiness added to their hairdo. But if your kid has got bored of styling the same short Mohawk style, you can give it a bit of change with this beautiful Mohawk hairstyle with banks. It really gives some lift and volume to the hairstyle.

Just maintain some natural texture and length at the front to style it to perfection. Your kid is definitely going to rock this wonderful look.

How many more quick and easy hairstyles for kids do you need then? What about picking a few from the list above? Whatever your choice is, your kid is definitely going to make a statement with these easy hairstyles. Just sift through the options with your little one sitting by your side and give them a hairstyle they’d love sporting. Combine style with ease and let your kids rock!