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40 School Hairstyles for Girls – Simple & Easy Hairstyles for School Girls

Girls always want to look stylish and elegant no matter if it’s their routine day at school or a special event they have to attend with their entire family. There are lots of hairstyles for girls available that can make life easier for the little gals and they can choose simply anything that fits best to their styling needs for a special occasion. However, when it comes to school girls hairstyles, one has to be a bit cautious because the hairdos need to be well-aligned with the school codes and there must be something that gives a more organized vibe.

Quick and Easy Natural Hairstyle for School Girl

Nevertheless, there are so many school girls hairstyles available today that give a perfectly stylish vibe and are still good enough to be worn on a day to day basis at school as well. So, what are you waiting for then? Here’s our list of school girls hairstyles where you can easily find a few that will suit your styling needs as a school girl. Let’s check out.

Back Braided Crown With Ponytail

You might have seen quite a few variations of a typical braided crown, but this one is a bit different and really is a special one. The hairstyle boasts of center-parted hair that goes swirling towards the back and form sort of a crown at the back with braided hair. There is a cool ponytail that starts at the nape and goes below the shoulders. Overall, it’s a great look to have.

Long Braided Pigtails

As simple as it may look, the hairstyle has a unique vibe to it and it still is organized enough to work for your school. Wear the beautiful hairdo with long and flat braids forming beautiful long pigtails that look just awesome. The center part starts at the front and goes all the way back right till the nape. A perfect look overall that will not let you down for sure.

Angled Braids With Ponytail

Angled Braids With Ponytail
Source : Lerusyapol

This look is as chic as it can ever get. The hairstyle boasts of a simple center part with braids being formed using the strands from either side. Create a couple of thick braids on one side and take them across to the other while forming nice and beautiful thick braid around the nape area. All the smaller braids then join into one thick braid which then opens up into a long and thick ponytail. Believe it, your school won’t object and you’ll still look gorgeous with this beautiful hairstyle.

Angle Part With Swirling Sectioned Hair And Braided Ponytail

The title of this beautiful hairdo says it all about this cool look. The hairstyle boasts of an angled part with a layer of hair being pulled all the way to the back. The hair on the said layer is sectioned with colorful rubber bands and it’s made to swirl to the other side from the crown. Once there, form it into beautiful and thick ponytail with a few nice braids. It will look gorgeous overall.

Braided Crown Variation

This is another nice variation of the braided crown hairstyle that boasts of thick and nice braids forming a special U-crown shape on top before joining all the braided sections into beautiful and thick fishtail braid at the back. Complement the hairstyle with a nice and colorful bow clip to secure the final look. It will look awesome.

Parallel Thin Braids With Pigtails And Bow Clips

Parallel Thin Braids With Pigtails And Bow Clips
Source : Momdoinghair

This is another cool look you can achieve for school with the braided style. The hairdo looks pretty organized and makes for a perfect vibe. The look is achieved by creating three cool and parallel braided sections on the top that go all the way towards a side around the crown to form a pigtail. The hair on the other side is made into a beautiful pigtail without any such braided intervention. The pigtails are secured with nice and elegant bow clips in a vibrant color to achieve a perfect vibe. Overall, it’s just amazing.

Flat Braided Hairstyle With Long Braided Pony

Flat Braided Hairstyle With Long Braided Pony
Source : Bella_braids_

This really is one of the coolest and unique styles out there when it comes to school girls hairstyles. The hairdo boasts of a unique braided look with a nice braid going through horizontal layers of hair on either side. It all joins in to form a nice braided look towards the back, however, giving you a thick braided ponytail that will enhance your girlish vibe for sure.

Heart Braided Crown With Thick Braided Ponytail

Ever came across such a unique and cool braided look? Probably not! Well, this hairstyle boasts of three different thin braids around the crown which form a nice angle together to create an illusion of a braided heart at the crown area. Combined together with the help of a hair accessory, these three braids are then formed into one giving you a nice braided ponytail towards the back. In fact, it’s more like a thin fishtail braid at the back which looks just gorgeous.

Flat Top With Thick Braided Back

Flat Top With Thick Braided Back
Source : Frances987

If you want to keep it simple yet elegant, this is one of the best school girls hairstyles that you can opt for. The hairdo is all about simply combed back hair on top that is kept tight to the scalp and then formed into beautiful and thick braided ponytail at the back. Secure it with a Rainbow hair bow to create an even better vibe. Everyone will surely fall in love with it.

Nice And Tight Braided Ponytails With Center Part

Source : Goosehairs

Nothing can be better than a nice and tight braided ponytail like this one in the picture above. It really makes for one of the best hairstyles for school. The braids start at an angle right from where the center part begins and then it continues to part away and form thick and organized braided ponytails that go over the shoulders.

Colorful Over-The-Shoulder Pigtails

This really is another cool variation of the braided hairstyles for girls. In fact, it is more like a typical over-the-shoulder braided pigtails but that punch of color added with the help of colorful ribbons really works wonders for the overall look. Don’t worry, even the strictest of school codes won’t have any issues whatsoever with this blunt and beautiful hairstyle for school girls.

High, Curly And Voluminous Ponytail

Girls like ponytails more than anything else and there is no reason for you to keep those ponytails boring and typical all the time. Try this beautiful high, curly and voluminous ponytail for school to look stylish while not breaching the code either. If you have enough volume on top, you can always expand it to achieve this gorgeous-looking hairstyle for school. The hair at the front and sides is kept tight to the scalp and all the volume and bounce is given to that big ponytail only.

Combed Back Hairstyle With Uniquely Sectioned Ponytail

Now, that’s a look which you may not have seen many times before. Yes, that’s a unique one and it’s still simple enough that you can achieve it on any day as you may like. The hairstyle is achieved by combing all the hair on top backwards and then securing it into place at the crown with the help of a nice little hair accessory. After that, create sections on a few layers towards the back starting from only a couple of layers and then sectioning them off into 5 to 6 at the bottom to achieve a perfectly organized look overall.

Combed Back Hairstyle With Sections And Accessories

This really is among the best unique school girls hairstyles out there. The hairdo boasts of nice and fine hair that is pulled back from the front before being carved into a couple of thin hair sections going all the way back forming a cool V shape. There are colorful flower bows on either side of the crown while the hair towards the back is left all open and curly to achieve a perfect vibe. The hairstyle looks both casual and organized at the same time and you can’t really ask for anything better.

Thick Sectioned Ponytail With Combed Back Front

Thick Sectioned Ponytail With Combed Back Front
Source : Annabrownhair

Another variation of the sectioned hair, this beautiful hairstyle boasts of a nice sectioned ponytail that is thick and long and works to perfection for all sorts of hair. The hair at the front is all pulled back and secured in various places with the help of hair accessories. Overall, it is quite a simple hairstyle and doesn’t require too much of time and effort to achieve the look. So, it’s simple, elegant and gorgeous, all at the same time.

Thin Angled Braids With A Thick Swirling Side Pony

Thin braids always look gorgeous and when you achieve them in a certain pattern they look even better. Just take this one as an example. The hairstyle boasts of thin layers of hair formed into nice braids on a side and then made to go over towards the other. It then uses a vibrantly colored bow clip to take this hairstyle up a notch. In fact, there is nothing better than that swirling ponytail towards the side as it creates more of a vintage look.

Uniquely Braided Hairstyle With Side Pony

Uniquely Braided Hairstyle With Side Pony
Source : Esther.bee.33

Another of the beautiful school girls hairstyles that comes with a unique look and a gorgeous side ponytail, this one has volumes to speak about itself. The hairstyle boasts of side combed hair with braids starting at different angles around the crown area. Remember, these are thick braids and only they will be able to create a perfect overall look. One braid starts at the side of the crown and goes straight down while the other one comes horizontally along the nape of the neck while both of them join together towards a side to form a nice braided side ponytail.

Horizontal Back Braids With Flower Design On The Side

Horizontal Back Braids With Flower Design On The Side
Source : Aigr22

When you achieve intricate school girls hairstyles, they have volumes to speak about themselves. This one here is just a perfect example of that. You have nice side swept hair at the front while there are horizontal braids achieved at the back to form a nice and gorgeous look. That intricate flower towards a side where the braids join together makes for an even better vibe before it opens up into a nice, simple and voluminous side ponytail. The style is just perfect for school parties and every girl would love it for sure.

Combed Back Hairstyle With Braided Ponytail

Combed Back Hairstyle With Braided Ponytail
Source : Esther.bee.33

Combed back hair always looks simple and is often the go-to hairstyle for school. But what if you want to add a touch of flair to your otherwise boring hairstyle? Well, you can always make it look gorgeous by adding a few details into the look. This hairstyle here focuses on that same combed back look with a bit of textured style but it then adds up a nicely braided thick ponytail towards the back as well. Most of the hair, however, is left open and it’s just that braided ponytail in the center that creates a cool overall look. Add that colorful bow clip to the mix, and you have an even better style to flaunt overall.

Thin Heart Braid With A Thick Center Braid

Source: Hairmomy

Braided hairstyle can take just about any shape and form and this one here is simply awesome. The hairstyle is a perfect amalgamation of the thick and thin braids to achieve a more than perfect final look. There are a couple of parts on top, sectioning off the hair to make sure a cool final look is achieved. A thick braid starts in the center of the sectioned hair on top and it goes all the way back forming a long and beautiful ponytail with sectioned hair. Cool thin braids start on either side and then form a nice heart shape going along the sides before escorting the sections on that long ponytail. Even though it’s intricate and will take a bit of time to achieve, the final look will be well worth the effort you put in.

Braided hairstyle

Yet another cool look to achieve with a braided hairstyle, this one requires you to pull off a wonderful braid at the front. Even that frontal braid is at an angle and goes towards a side to achieve a perfect overall look. The hair towards the back is left open and nicely combed to create amazingly perfect vibes. Even though the hairstyle has somewhat of an informal touch to it, it’s still good enough to work for those formal days at school.

Éclair Braids With A Thick Braided Ponytail

Éclair Braids With A Thick Braided Ponytail
Source : Eclairbraids

Éclair braids make for an amazing look for those formal days at school and they really look cool enough to keep your stylish side intact at the same time as well. So, if you are looking for something special that doesn’t breach your school code and still gives you a vibrant touch of style, this is the look to go for. This one is pretty much similar to many of the looks shared above that are about heart-shaped braids at the back, but this one is slightly different with the center braid starting with a straight chunk of hair grabbed from either side. All those thin braids finally join together at the nape to form one big thick braided ponytail that is secured with a rubber band at the tip.

Cross Braided Pigtails

Another cool braided variation, this one is about beautifully crossing hair sections at the back that join together into the cool braids and are secured with the help of nice and colorful hair accessories. The shape that is finally achieved has volumes to speak for itself. However, one thing you should keep in mind is that the style is all about what it looks like from the back and at the front it’s a simple center-parted look with frontal hair combed to the sides tight to the skin. In fact, that is exactly what makes it a suitable choice for the school girls hairstyles.

Combed Back Hair With Bun And A Thin Braid

This combed back look is pretty organized and makes for a perfect style on any day for a school girl. The hairstyle boasts of tightly combed back hair that goes at a slight angle and there is a section that is formed into a nice and cool braid as well. Eventually, a nice and thick hair bun is achieved at the crown with nice hair accessories covering it up from almost all sides. As cool and organized as it can ever get, this really is gem of a look for school girls.

Center Parted Hair With Thick Braids

Center Parted Hair With Thick Braids
Source : Braidsbyalexa

Many would say that this shouldn’t be among the school girls hairstyles but it still manages to make it to the list due to the kind of organization it offers. It’s simple center-parted look that you can wear to school fearlessly on any day and the beautiful thick braids on either side going into the pigtails make it even better. However, if your school has a strict code and you are not too comfortable with its funky color, you can avoid dyeing your hair and just achieve the rest of the look.

Thick Frontal Braid With Open Wavy Hair

For school parties and events, you want something a bit funky that makes you look slightly different from what you look on any other day at school. So, this is the gorgeous look you would want for those special days. The hairstyle has a bit of organization at the front where that thick braid does the trick as it goes waving down towards a side and is secured with the help of a nice and colorful hair accessory. The rest of the hair is left open and wavy falling all over the shoulders to create a perfect look overall.

Combed Back Hair With Thick Inverted Braid

Source: Eclairbraids

Inverted braids have always been known for their gorgeous and atypical looks and they add the same vibe to this otherwise normal hairstyle as well. Overall, the hairstyle looks pretty organized as it is nicely combed back at the front and secured at the crown with a vibrant and gorgeous hair accessory. The hair towards the back is left open with this signature inverted braid achieved right in the center. The hairdo really makes for one of the best school girls hairstyles for all sorts of occasions.

Braided Hairband

Source : Hairbysierraw

If organization is all that you seek, this beautiful hairstyle is just tailor made for you. And, it’s this organization that really makes it one of the best hairstyles out there for girls to wear to school in their daily routine. In fact, it doesn’t require you to wear that headband either because that’s actually created with the help of your own hair braiding it horizontally all the way from one side to the other. All the rest of the hair is nicely tucked in and gives this wonderful hairstyle a perfect school look.

Braided Top With Pigtail Buns

Want something out of the ordinary for your days at school? Try this unusually pleasant look that won’t breach your school code either. The hairstyle boasts of long open hair on the sides and the back while there are a couple of parallel sections created on the top each with a thin braid right in the center. The braids then end up into beautifully carved out rough pigtail buns at the crown that actually define this overall gorgeous hairstyle. Essentially, it creates three parts on top which makes it quite a unique hairstyle but it’s still worth it because the style creates a unique and organized vibe overall.

Combed Back Hairstyle With Twisted Side Layers

As simple as it can ever get, this is one of the coolest and simplest school girls hairstyles you can ever get. The hairdo boasts of a nice combed back look at the front that takes the hair all the way to the back, leaving it all open right there. The hair from the sides, however, is combed back into twisted layers and is then secured with the help of a colorful bow clip to achieve a perfect final look. The hairstyle works best for somewhat wavy and rugged hair that is not perfectly straight and silky.

Cross Braided Hairstyle With Pigtails

Cross Braided Hairstyle With Pigtails
Source : Hairmomy

This really is a cool look to achieve for little school going girls. The hairstyle is simple yet elegant and stylish. You have simple center-parted hair on top while there is a braided design that starts from one side and goes crossing over to the other before joining that braided pigtail towards the back. Overall, the hairstyle has a unique vibe, especially due to that cross braided design and it looks perfectly amazing.

Twisted Garland Hairstyle With Sectioned Ponytail

Source : Esther.bee.33

This is another simple and elegant look to achieve for any day at school. The hairstyle boasts of a simple combed back look at the front and is actually made to look stylish by those twisted layers starting from one side and going over to the other forming sort of a garland at the back. Combine it with a wonderful and nice sectioned ponytail with sections created using colorful rubber bands to achieve a perfect style. What else would you want for a perfect day at school?

Thick Fishtail Braid

Even though this one looks stylish, elegant, unique and perfect hairstyle for school, it will eat up a lot of your important time. The hairstyle boasts of combed back hair at the top and a couple of thin braids coming from either side and joining in at the back. The actual style comes from the thick braided look that forms a nice and cool fishtail braid which has been a signature style to wear on special occasions for many years. Perfect for school, and perfect for literally any occasion, this is the hairstyle you should be wearing for a cool and organized look.

Side Swept Wavy Hairstyle

If your little girl has naturally wavy hair, this hairstyle is perfect for her to wear to school. This is one of the simplest school girls hairstyles out there and can be achieved without much of hassle. Just comb the naturally wavy hair to a side and secure it into place with the help of a hair band. The wavy locks on the sides make a great statement and will give her a touch of style, elegance and exuberance.

Cross Braided Hairstyle With Long Ponytail

Cross Braided Hairstyle With Long Ponytail
Source: Aigr22

One of the best braided looks to have on the list, this hairstyle boasts of a cross-braided vibe on top and then forms a nice heart shape towards the back before ending up into a nice, long and open ponytail. The hair at the front has a cool combed back look which complements the overall style to perfection. Even though this is not the simplest of school girls hairstyles we have on the list here, it is still worth spending your time on and creates a unique but well-organized vibe overall.

Angled Braided Hairstyle With Open Back

This really is a cool angled braided look for school girls to achieve even in their day to day routine. The hairstyle is perfect for any day at school and comes with its own unique touch of style. The sides and the back are left open and the silky shine of the hair is allowed to make its statement. The hair on top is, however, braided at an angle and then formed into a short ponytail which nicely blends into the open hair at the back. Overall, this hairstyle gives you a cool look to flaunt.

Thick Double Braided Ponytail

Source : Hairmomy

With braided hairstyles ruling this list of school girls hairstyles, here we have another one that has its own unique style and feel. The hairdo boasts of a combed back look at the front and the sides. There is a nice thin braided crown that circles around the head and some colorful ropes being built zig-zagging between these thin braids. What makes a statement, however, is that thick double braid right in the center. It looks as if there are two braids joined together and they run parallel to each other before ending around the nape of the neck and forming a long and thick ponytail at the back. A big bow clip should be used to keep it into place at the back.

Combed Back Hair With Braided And Twisted Back

Source: Aigr22

This is yet another beautiful look to achieve for school girls hairstyles. Yet again, we have that same combed back look at the front with all the styling done on the back. The hair in the center is sectioned off to create a cool vibe while there are twisted and zig-zagging layers at the back as well. Add a nice thin braid into the mix and a colorful hair accessory to complete, and you have a more than perfect hairstyle to flaunt at school on any given day.

Braided Crown With Braided Ponytail

Source : Pequeinados

Braided crown seems to be a very renowned name and many school girls hairstyles are achieved with this signature look. In fact, the hairstyle works for special occasions as well. However, here we have given it a whole new twist with a few more braids popping out of it towards the back. All of these new short braids are then joined together before they are knotted and opened up into a nice and long ponytail. The open hair towards the back gives a nice wavy look and overall it makes for a perfectly unique and organized hairstyle for school girls.

Center Parted Hairstyle With Side Braids

Yet another center parted hairstyle to wear to school, this one adds the touch of organization to the look with the help of that nice and thick braid on the sides. The braided hair sticks to the head as they reach where the crown is and then they simply fall over with the rest of the hair forming a cool overall look. The hair towards back is left nice and open as well to complete a perfect style for school.

So, if you have been on the lookout for school girls hairstyles, the ones listed above will surely make for some of the best looks to try out, at least. Most of these school girls hairstyles are all about organization and clean looks which is what the school codes usually prefer. However, there are some funky styles listed here as well that would work best on special occasions and events. No matter what you are looking for, these school girls hairstyles are surely going to make a statement for you and let you look stylish and modest all at the same time to keep the school-like look intact. Make your pick out of the options available and see how things work out for you.