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90 Best Little Girl Haircuts For 2024 – Trendy Styling Ideas

Ever found it hard to come up with a perfect hairstyle for your cute little barbie? Yes, it often gets tricky to find the best hairstyle options from among the lots available out there.

However, you shouldn’t worry as you can still check out the best little girl haircuts around and find a cool option that works perfectly for your little one. best products for curly hair that you can use daily. Wondering how will it be possible?

Best Little Girl Haircuts 2024

Well, you can start right here as we have listed some of the top little girl haircuts and hairstyles that can suit just about any cute barbie out there.

So, let’s take a start! you should be taking inspiration from the best hairstyles for girls that will give you a more authentic and unique vibe.

1. Clean Bob Haircut

Clean Bob Haircut

Source: Amystonerstylist

A clean bob is probably the cleanest option available for styling little girls’ hair. It’s nice and it looks so cool covering your girls’ face and creating a sense of symmetry.

Add to it that side part and you have a perfect hairstyle for just about any occasion and your girl will love it as well.

2. Layered bob Hairstyle

Layered bob Hairstyle

Source: Rougenailbar

A layered bob is a cool variation of the conventional bob hairstyle. And, when you combine it with forward swept bangs, it looks even better.

The layered look of the hair on the sides makes the hairstyle look amazing. Overall, it’s a nice look to achieve if styled perfectly.

3. Bowl Haircut – Little Girl Haircuts Short

Bowl Haircut

Source: Kutz4kidznew

This is a cool hairstyle that works both for little boys and little girls. It’s simple and features forward swept hair all around.

To give it a bit of definition, the hair is given a disconnected mid fade on the sides so that the bowl look becomes prominent.

4. Boys Haircut

Boys Haircut

Source: Drenaeicher

Girls always look cool when they’re given a boyish feel. Cut their hair into a beautiful boys hairstyle and let them be the Tom Boy they have always imagined to be.

It’s quite a popular choice in kids haircuts and can suit just about anyone.

5. Long Shoulder Length Hair

Source: Hairbyharmss

Little girls look as adorable in long locks as it can ever get. Those beautiful layers falling from the top going to the shoulder length create a more than perfect vibe.And, when cut nicely, it looks cute and adorable. Make sure that the tips are cut evenly to create a perfect image.

6. Bob Hairstyle With Side Swept Fringe

Bob Hairstyle With Side Swept Fringe

Source: Shani_davis

This is a cool bob hairstyle for little girls that boasts a cool little accessory at the top. A major styling element is that beautiful side-swept fringe.

It really adds a touch of elegance and class to this beautiful hairdo. Other than that, it’s very much like a conventional bob hairstyle.

7. Short Bob With Side Swept Frontal Braid

Short Bob With Side Swept Frontal Braid

Source: Another_surrey_mum

A short bob is a cool and stylish option among the best little girl haircuts. However, you can make it look even better by adding a few cool elements of style to it.

A cool little braid at the front is a great idea. Just keep it swept to a side and add a beautiful accessory to compliment. 

8. Short Bob

short bob

Source: Mobile_salon_by_tanya

If you are interested in short hairstyles for girls then this one is the better choice for you.

Keeping it close to the ears, the hair is cut into a bob shape while the frontal hair is kept short and side swept as well. In fact, we don’t even have those extravagant bangs in this hairstyle as well.

9. Wavy Bob – Little Girl Haircuts with Bangs 

Wavy Bob

Source: Drawingout

This cool bob hairstyle looks amazing on little girls. It requires the hair to be grown to almost shoulder length and then cool waves are added to the hairstyle.

The beautiful side swept fringe at the top blending into those cool waves at the bottom defines this look rather nicely.

10. Funky Slicked Back Hairstyle

Funky Slicked Back Hairstyle

Source: Marloshears

Yes, slicked back hairstyles aren’t just for boys, they can even qualify for being the coolest little girl haircuts around.

Combine it with a beautiful disconnected undercut and you have an even better hairstyle to flaunt on just about any occasion. The slicked back hair on top can be dyed in a beautiful hue to add a touch of drama to an already cool look.

11. Short Bob With Parted Fringe

Short Bob With Parted Fringe

Source: Sevenbellsmuslimahsalon

Styling a bob haircut can be a challenge but there are many options available that you can still adopt. In fact, it’s all about how creative you can get with your bob hairstyle.

A cool option is to go for a short bob hairstyle and part the fringe from a side. It will look really nice and cretae a cool vibe overall.

12. Side Parted Bob Hairstyle

Side Parted Bob Hairstyle

Source: Jonsewellhair

A beautiful side parted bob can give your little one a really nice hairstyle that covers her face to perfection. Those angled layers of hair curving into the face always look awesome.

With hair falling over the face slightly, and that side part making it look more organized, nothing can beat the perfect look this hairdo has to present.

13. Shoulder Length Hair With An Extravagant Fringe

Shoulder Length Hair With An Extravagant Fringe

Source: Kutz4kidznew

Girls always have that desire to grow their hair longer and make them look beautiful and elegant. And if you’re looking for little girl haircuts that can give the very same feeling to your girl, this is the best option you’ve got.

The extravagant fringe falling over the face makes it even more stylish and those inward curves towards the tips look just amazing as well.

14. A Line Bob Hairstyle

A Line Bob Hairstyle

Source: Hairwithkristina

A cool variation of the Bob haircut for girls, this A Line bob can be a perfect choice for both parties and school.

The angle created to let the hair slant makes it look even better. Add to it that center part and you have achieved a more than perfect hairstyle for your cutie.

15. Center-Parted Shoulder Length Hair

Center-Parted Shoulder Length Hair

Source: Allcutupsalon

If your girl doesn’t like to lift the weight of those long hair on her shoulders, let her get rid of it by cutting it half the length.

Cut it nicely to shoulder length and keep it center parted to achieve a perfect look. She will look gorgeous and her friends will also love it when they’ll meet at school.

16. Messy Curls – Haircuts for Little Girls

Messy Curls

Source: Lamar.floripa

Nothing can beat the vibe of a natural hairstyle. Yes, if your little girl has soft and curly hair, you don’t really need to look for little girl haircuts anymore.

Just let her flaunt those natural curls and keep her wavy look intact while cutting the hair into a bob at the bottom. Overall, it looks cool.

17. Kinky Hairstyle For Black Girls

Kinky Hairstyle For Black Girls

Source: Murrays_salon__and_barbershop

Like black boys, the black girls also have very few options when it comes to styling their hair.

The natural choice, however, is to simply let those natural kinky locks grow longer and give it some definition at the front and the sides. She’ll look adorable for sure.

18. Boys Haircut

Boys Haircut


Among the popular choices for little girl haircuts, you can never overlook a boys haircut option. Just keep it short as boys’ hairstyles and sweep it forward while keeping those layers intact to achieve a perfect style.

19. Stacked Bob Hairstyle

Stacked Bob Hairstyle

Source: Cats_styles_

A stacked bob hairstyle is a cool option for little girl haircuts and when she’ll tuck it nicely behind the ears, it will get even better. Remember to keep the bangs shorter as it will go perfectly with the overall hairstyle.

20. Short And Side Swept

Short And Side Swept

Source: Pigtailschattanooga

For toddler girls, you already have to deal with short hair.

And, if you want to turn it into a nice style, just sweep it nicely to a side and give it some definition by cropping those short locks nicely. It will definitely make her look cuter.

21. Long Bob Haircut

Long Bob Haircut

Source: Ar_fashion_and_hair

A long bob is a cool choice in hairstyles for girls. Give it a puffy touch at the top and it will look even better.

It goes for girls of all ages and even teenagers can style their hair nicely in this beautiful hairdo. It’s a perfect hairstyle and it looks nice.

22. Extravagant Waves

Extravagant Waves

Source: Hairweareprague

If your girl has those naturally wavy locks, the best option she has is to flaunt this hairstyle with extravagant waves.

It looks perfect on blonde hair type and gives a perfect party look. Even the fringe has a cool wavy look and everyone will love it.

23. Shoulder Length Hairstyles – Fine Hairs for Little Girls

Shoulder Length Hairstyles

Source: Crystalclsalon

For those straight and fine hair, the shoulder length hairstyles look gorgeous. Whether you want to give it a wavy touch towards the bottom or keep it straight right through to the tips, it’s up to you.

The hairstyle looks amazing and everyone is looking to get it.

24. Funky Bob Hairstyle

Funky Bob Hairstyle

Source: Sweetz2626

This is a conventional bob hairstyle that is added with a tinge of color to allow it to make a bold statement.

Curving nicely inward, this beautiful bob covers her face nicely and is a go-to choice in little girl haircuts that have an extravagant touch of style to it.

25. Long Bob With Beach Waves

Long Bob With Beach Waves

Source: Chees0324

Looking for the little girl haircuts that look conventional but still have some sort of unique and elegant touch to them.

This one qualifies for it rather nicely. Sort of a conventional long bob hairstyle, those beach waves towards the back and bottom add a sense of style to it.

26. Shoulder Length With Stylish Spirals

Shoulder Length With Stylish Spirals

Source: Szaboimreszalonok

Shoulder length hairstyles always look cool on little girls and if you want something stylish then  you can’t find a better option than this one.

Those beautiful spirals coming down the bottom make it attractive and eye-grabbing. A perfect hairstyle for just about any event.

27. Shoulder Length With Bangs

Shoulder Length With Bangs

Source: Gabrielaeka_e

The little girl haircuts can be as simple as you like and they can get as stylish as you may want them to be. In fact, you can even go for moderate styles as well that aren’t too bland and don’t even have too many funky details either.

This hairstyle here is just a perfect example. Those long ponytails towards the sides give it a simple look but the bangs at the front make it a bit more stylish.


28. Simple Bob Hairstyle

Simple Bob Hairstyle

Source: Dopehairstudiohb

This simple bob hairstyle is a cool choice for little girl haircuts. The fringe at the front is given some sort of a curvy look to make it stand out. Otherwise, it’s just like any other conventional bob out there.


29. Samurai Bun

Samurai Bun

Source: Haircutkidz

Many think that a Samurai bun is just for boys but that’s not the case. Even girls can be made into a cute little Samurai by styling their hair into a nice bun.

Just let their short hair cut nicely and then raise them all up to form a nice bun around the crown. It will make her look cutely awesome!


30. Side Swept And Side Parted

Side Swept And Side Parted

Source: Hairbystaceyochsner

For little girls in their toddlerhood, this is probably one of the best haircuts for girls 2024. Yes, the hair is very short, thin and fine, and all you need is to give it a bit of definition.

So, just give it a side-parted look and keep the sides faded while the top should be side swept. It will create a nice and clean vibe overall.


31. Short Bob Haircut

Short Bob Haircut

Source: Carolsuedesalon

Short bob hairstyle is a popular choice when it comes to little girl haircuts. However, you can always experiment with the overall look.

This one here is a bit casual in style and looks awesome in itself. The top hair is swept nicely forward and a cool look is achieved with cropped bangs.


32. Short Stacked Bob

Short Stacked Bob

Source: Updatehair_

Short bob and a stacked bob combined into a single hairstyle, this one creates a neat and clean look overall. This one also features frontal bangs, and a nicely swept look overall on all sides.


33. Bob Hairstyle With Side Swept Fringe

Bob Hairstyle With Side Swept Fringe

Source: Annanowobilska

This is a cool bob hairstyle look that is complimented nicely with a side swept fringe. This one is all about that nice curvy shape at the front. Make it swept to a side and you can have an even better look overall.


34. Shoulder Length With Bangs

Shoulder Length With Bangs

Source: xxlamxx

Shoulder length hair look cool and when you combine it with nice little bangs, it gets even better. Just make sure that the bangs are nicely cropped and evenly cut to achieve a perfect look overall.


35. Side Swept Medium Length Hair 

Side Swept Medium Length Hair 

Source: Kianadayana

If your little one doesn’t have any issues in growing it a bit longer, let her grow the beautiful locks to medium length and sweep the top hair to a side for achieving that nice and perfect overall look.

The hairstyle would work nicely on just about any occasion.


36. Long Side Swept Hair

Long Side Swept Hair

Source: Salooncutekids

If your little princess wants to grow up quickly, let her grow those beautiful locks along. The length won’t just give her a perfect style to flaunt but will also give her a bigger feel.

The hair is nicely swept to a side and sort of a puff is created to make it look better than ever.


37. Center Parted Bob Hairstyle

Center Parted Bob Hairstyle

Source: Flchefnicole

If you’ve got bored of those bobs with bangs or fringes, why not change it a bit this time. Yes, your girl will look cute and will love this new hairstyle for sure.

All you need to do is to give her a center-parted bob hairstyle and keep it to shoulder length to add a bit of volume.


38. Bob With Braid And Waves

Bob With Braid And Waves

Source: Hotspothairsalon_mary

Another cool variation of the bob hairstyle, this one is actually about those cool waves around the shoulder. Some styling might be required for achieving this hairstyle but the end result will be gorgeous.

To add to the look, the bangs are replaced by a beautiful braid that runs across the forehead. It looks amazing overall.


39. Curly Bob Hairstyle

Curly Bob Hairstyle

Source: Kianadayana

The hardest thing you have to do as a hairstylist of your little girl is to style her hard and curly hair.

Well, just don’t get worried as you can simply let the hair grow longer and achieve more of a bob hairstyle look while keeping the natural curls intact. It will look simply awesome.


40. Shoulder Length With Side Swept Hair

Shoulder Length With Side Swept Hair

Source: Beau.tbyasha

Shoulder length hair look nice you can add a touch of style to the overall look by sweeping it all to a side and achieving a side part to define the look.

The feel of that fringe at the front is amazing and everyone will love it for sure.


41. Shoulder Length With Spiraled Bottom

Shoulder Length With Spiraled Bottom

Source: Zinc_04

This cool hairstyle is achieved simply by creating those spirals down the bottom and around the tips of the hair. A hot styling iron might be needed to do that.

Nevertheless, the look is perfectly cool and feels amazing. To further enhance the style, a bit of color is added along the spiral to make it awesomely unique.


42. Long Layered Haircuts

Long Layered Haircuts

Source: Sassybeauty.pik

When it comes to little girl haircuts, you have so many cool options available and probably the best one among them is the layered hairstyle.

The hair is cut into layers forming sort of sections to create a perfect look overall. The hair is swept to a side to create a cuter vibe.


43. Short Bob With Bangs

Short Bob With Bangs

Source: Shearluckdesigns

Short bob hairstyle is a cool option for styling little girls’ hair. It suits them to perfection whether they have to wear it on some party night or as a regular school look.

This one here is a cool example of the same with those bangs making a wonderful style statement. Add to it that outward curve at the back and you have a perfect look for your little girl to flaunt.


44. Baby Cut – Little Girl Haircut Short

Baby Cut - Best Little Girls Haircuts

Source: Olivebeautylounge

A baby cut is quite a common hairstyle option for toddler girls. In fact, you might have had the hairstyle once at least in your childhood as well.

The hairstyle is simple with short-to-medium hair cropped nicely to give it a clean look overall. The side swept style makes it look even better with a couple of fringes falling over.


45. Curly Side Swept Hair

Curly Side Swept Hair

Source: Mariaclarahair

Curly hair always look adorable on little kids and when you combine it with a cool natural style, it looks even better. Just comb it through to get rid of any tangles and then let the curls be.

The hair on top should be swept to a side with a side part and you have a perfect hairstyle for your little one. She will really look cuter than ever.


46. Braided Hairstyle

Braided Hairstyle

Source: Charlys_hairfashion

If you are looking for the little girl haircuts that are uniquely awesome, a braided hairstyle would do for you.

It suits perfectly to naturally curly hair as you have to put in less effort to achieve the final look. The hair on top is made into cool braids right from the base to tips and a perfectly stylish vibe is achieved.


47. Side Swept Shoulder Length Hair With Streaks

Side Swept Shoulder Length Hair With Streaks

Source: Alxmcqueenartistry

If you love to keep your girls’hair simple, you can still add a touch of style to it with the help of a cool color streak.

Just keep it a simple shoulder-length haircut and add a bit of drama to the look with a color streak running from the base to the tip. Overall, it looks gorgeous.


48. Straight Hair With Bangs

 Straight Hair With Bangs


Straight, shoulder-length hair cut evenly look so cool on little girls. And when you combine it with bangs creating a boxed shape around the forehead, it looks even better. Just sweep it forward all over and your girl will look so cute in it.


49. Short Bob With Angled Bangs

Short Bob With Angled Bangs

Source: Chees0324

Bob haircuts are always a popular choice in little girl haircuts. The way it covers the face is simply unparalleled.

And if you want to make it look a bit different, cut the bangs at an angle to achieve an even better style overall. It will be different and it will be awesome at the same time.


50. Blunt Bob

Blunt Bob

Source: Sozo_hair_design

Another cool variation of the Bob hairstyle, this Blunt Bob haircut adds a touch of elegance and style to your little girl’s personality.

Very much similar to a conventional bob, this one has hair curving inwards at the bottom on one side. Combine it with a center part to achieve a perfect overall style.


51. Side Swept And Side Parted Hairstyle

Side Swept And Side Parted Hairstyle

Source: Somerbyshairsalon

Again, a very simple hairstyle for little girls. This one features shoulder length hair cut evenly at the tips.

The hair on top is swept nicely to a side and there is a cool side part as well that completes the look to perfection. Other than that, it’s a simple hairstyle and there isn’t much of detailing about it.


52. Punk Hairstyle

Punk Hairstyle

Source: Bekikeralyhair

Now this is more of a punk hairstyle for girls. If your little girl is over-active and loves to do stuff that even boys can’t do, this beautiful hairstyle would go rather nicely with her personality.

The look is achieved by simply cutting her hair into a spiky boys haircut and then dyeing the top hair into different colors of your choice.


53. Wavy Bob With A Bowtie

Wavy Bob With A Bowtie

Source: Platformcolorsalon

For little girl haircuts that can be styled with a nice accessory, this one is a really cool example. The hair is cut into a bob and nice waves are achieved all along.

To give it a final touch, the top hair is side swept and a cute bowtie is used to achieve a cool look.


54. Long Hair With Pigtails And A Long Fringe

Long Hair With Pigtails And A Long Fringe

Source: Szaboimreszalonok

For cute little girls, you really need to go with a cute hairstyle option. And, among all the cute little girl haircuts, this one is simply unparalleled.

Besides the long hair towards the back, there are a couple of details to this beautiful hairstyle. First, there’s that long fringe falling over her face and second is those two beautiful pigtails at either side. Overall, it’s picture perfect.


55. Boxed Bob Hairstyle

Boxed Bob Hairstyle

Source: Lizztong

Boxed bob is another cool variation of the bob hairstyle. It is all about cutting the bangs and the hair on the side into a nice shape giving more of a boxed image. In fact, the hairstyle even boxes the face nicely to create a cool vibe as well.


56. Short Bob With Bangs

Short Bob With Bangs

Source: Mizuyasu0312

Short bob hairstyle is a cool variation of the popular bob haircut and it can be styled in so many different ways itself. The hairstyle looks amazing with those cute bangs and it will make your little girl look even cuter as well.

Just make sure that a spiky forward swept look is created with the bangs by running the scissor through them and getting rid of that extra volume. It will look really cool.


57. Long Angled Bob Hairstyle

Long Angled Bob Hairstyle

Source: Hair_by_jess.r

Another bob hairstyle on the list, this one is a bit longer than normal and also cut in a unique angled style. However, the hair at the back is evenly cut to make it look cleaner.

The center-parted look at the top makes it even better. It’s a cool style overall and works perfect for routine setting and also for schools.


58. Short Bob With Hair Accessory

Short Bob With Hair Accessory

Source: Elen547

Even a simple short bob hairstyle would do for your little girl but if you can style it rather nicely it would become even better.

For those red headed, this beautiful hairstyle looks amazing with a bit of curly touch towards the tips and a beautiful hair accessory on top.


59. Side Swept Bob

Side Swept Bob

Source: Number_76sg

This bob hairstyle variation features a chin-length bob with side swept hair at the top. There is no clear parting but still it looks cool overall.

The hair is tucked behind the ears on one side and let to flow freely on the other. A perfect school look is what your girl is going to get with this beautiful hairstyle.


60. Shoulder Length With Long Fringe

Shoulder Length With Long Fringe

Source: Hairbykara___

This is another cool variation that looks sort of a bob hairstyle too. However, if you don’t want to say it a bob, it’s a shoulder length hairstyle that features a long fringe swept nicely to a side.

The hair is kept straight and fine without any extra detailing. And, it works for your little girl perfectly.


61. Wavy Bob With Combed Back Fringe

Wavy Bob With Combed Back Fringe

Source: Mobile_salon_by_tanya

This cool variation of the bob hairstyle is all about those natural waves. The wavy look makes it even more stylish and it feels all-natural as well. A touch of style is further added by sweeping that top fringe towards the back.


62. Short Bob With Layers

Short Bob With Layers

Source: Reallovedfamily

Another cool choice among the little girl haircuts, this one gives a more stylish and clean look to a bob.

Styled nicely to a side with a cool side part, it is made to form layers. The length is kept short to the chin and overall it gets a perfect vibe.


63. Shoulder Length With Bangs

Shoulder Length With Bangs

Source: Oxococo

If your little girl loves to have hairstyles with bangs, it’s not necessary for you to go with a bob only. In fact, bangs can be achieved with just about any other hairstyle you can imagine.

And, if you’re after something simpler then just keep it longer at the back and sides – even beyond shoulder length – and style the frontal locks into cool bangs. She’ll rock the look.


64. Side Swept With Nice Curvy Lengths

Side Swept With Nice Curvy Lengths

Source: Hairbydmx

Another one among the cool little girl haircuts, this hairstyle requires her hair to be kept shoulder length and nice curves are added to it towards the bottom. Frontal locks are swept nicely to a side and create a perfect vibe.


65. Side Swept With Inward Curve

Side Swept With Inward Curve

Source: Val_coiffure

This is another beautiful hairstyle for those looking to keep the hair to medium length.

The hairstyle doesn’t have too many details about it and it’s just cut into layers giving it an inward curve around the chin as if it were to cover the face.


66. Braided Hairstyle With Long Pigtails

Braided Hairstyle With Long Pigtails

Source: brownhairedbliss

If you are not shy of giving your little girl a hairstyle that would need some time to achieve and also to maintain, this is probably the most stylish and elegant look that you can get.

The hair on the top is swept tight to the skin and then made into beautiful braids going across from the crown and another one below it. Both the braids end up into nice pigtail with a yellow ribbon to add further detail.


67. Center Parted With A Fancy Pony

Center Parted With A Fancy Pony

Source: Mybraidedprincess

This cool hairstyle is about medium length hair styled nicely with a fancy pony.

The frontal locks are nicely parted from the center while that unique ponytail starts around the crown on either side of the head and then joined with a layer right in the center. It looks quite Royal.


68. Shoulder Length With A Side Part

Shoulder Length With A Side Part

Source: Littletreasureshairbowtique

One of the most obvious choices for little girl haircuts is to let her have the natural shoulder length hair – it’s rare to grow it beyond that in such early age – and then style it with a side part.

The frontal locks can be styled with an accessory by sweeping them backwards and using a clip to keep the look intact.


69. Chin Length Bob

Chin Length Bob

Source: Tinacoutanchehair

This chin length bob features cool frontal locks that are swept nicely to a side and everything else is just kept straight and cut to chin length. Overall, it’s a nice and clean look that your little one will love.


70. Angled Bob With Streaks

Angled Bob With Streaks

Source: Kimichellehairdressing

Streaking her hair is a nice way to add a touch of elegance to her angled bob hairstyle. A wide strip makes a bold statement and also makes the streaks quite evident. Other than that, the hairstyle is all about that nice angle which adds style to the look.


71. Boys Hairstyle

Boys Hairstyle

Source: Jesshairfx

This cool look is a low-maintenance hairstyle for little girls. Cut it like boys and give her an all different feel.

The hair can be parted from the center or let to flow freely even without a part. Nevertheless, it’s a cool look to have.


72. Asymmetrical Bob

Asymmetrical Bob

Source: Hairbyclarisa

This asymmetrical bob hairstyle is a nice party look that will let your girl flaunt her style flawlessly.

Besides, she can wear it at school as well without any kind of hassles whatsoever. The hair looks nice and pretty organised and that curve around the face makes it look as elegant as ever.


73. Center Parted Layered Hairstyle

Center Parted Layered Hairstyle

Source: Maloriehair

Let her celebrate her love for the long locks by cutting her long locks into layers and then achieving a perfect look with a center part.

If you want to make her look even cuter, a nice flowered crown is probably going to do the trick for you. Your little one will adore it.


74. Chin Length Bob Hairstyle

Chin Length Bob Hairstyle

Source: Corydontimes

A chin length bob worn with an extravagant smile is something that can make a real difference. Yes, she will look adorable and cute in this timeless look. The circular shape of the bob haircut covers the face rather nicely.


75. Short Side Swept Hair

Short Side Swept Hair

Source: Blades_and_bows

Cut it short as if it were a trendy boys haircut and you have a low maintenance hairstyle ready for your little one. Sweep those fine hair to a side – with or without a side part – and it looks just amazing.


76. Stylish Blown Out Bob

Stylish Blown Out Bob

Source: Perfectdayperfectlook

This is quite a different bob hairstyle look that is a perfect choice in little girl haircuts available today. And, obviously, if you want something different, this is what you need.

To achieve the look the hair is cut to chin length and given a blown out look. The hair on top is styled into a beautiful wide cenetred braid that ends around the crown. It’s a perfect look for parties.


77. Simple Short Bob 

Simple Short Bob 

Source: Marygeruntinohair_athens

A simple short bob hairstyle still looks stylish and cool without much of detailing. The only thing worth describing about this look is the way those frontal bangs are allowed to fall over the forehead and let to make a bold style statement.


78. SHort Bob With Side Swept Fringe

SHort Bob With Side Swept Fringe

Source: Thezealousroot

This short bob haircut is a cool look to give to your kid. She will look as adorable in it as ever. As it’s a short bob  hairstyle, the hair is cut shorter and then styled nicely to a side with a slight side parting. Overall, it creates a cool vibe.


79. Side Parted Shoulder Length Hairstyle

Side Parted Shoulder Length Hairstyle

Source: Carebearjean

Another simple and elegant option in little girl haircuts, this one keeps the hair to shoulder length and completes the look with a side part and a short side swept fringe.

She will look so cute in this hairstyle and will be able to wear it everywhere without any issues.


80. Side Parted A Line Bob Hairstyle

Side Parted A Line Bob Hairstyle

Source: Jodiaz_zaidoj

This A line bob hairstyle has a unique and stylish vibe to it. It looks simple and clean at the same time. The look is achieved by cutting the hair at an angle and then sweeping the hair to a side dividing it with a nice side part.

81. The Pixie Princess

Meet the Pixie Princess, a haircut that brings a dash of fairy-tale magic to your little girl’s look. This short, layered cut is perfect for girls with fine hair. The layers add volume and the side-swept bangs add a touch of whimsy. This little girl haircut is perfect for your active adventurer who doesn’t want to be bogged down by long locks.

82. Wavy Lob

The Wavy Lob, or long bob, is an on-trend haircut that works wonderfully for little girls with wavy hair. The hair is cut at shoulder length, allowing the natural waves to cascade down and frame the face. This haircut for little girls is stylish, yet easy to manage, making it an ideal choice for any occasion.

83. Twist Braids Bob

Twist Braids Bob takes the classic bob haircut up a notch. This style involves adding small twist braids to the bob, giving it a unique texture and flair. It’s a cute and trendy little girl haircut that also serves as a protective style for your child’s hair.

84. Side Swept Layers

Side Swept Layers is a versatile and stylish haircut for little girls. The hair is cut in layers and styled to sweep to one side, creating a soft, flowing look. This haircut can easily be dressed up for special occasions or kept simple for everyday wear.

85. Pigtails with a Twist

Pigtails with a Twist is a playful and adorable haircut that’s perfect for little girls with medium to long hair. Instead of regular pigtails, the hair is twisted or braided before being tied up. It’s a fun twist on a classic little girl haircut that your child is sure to love.

86. Crowning Braid

A Crowning Braid is an elegant and regal haircut for little girls. This style involves braiding the hair around the head to create a “crown.” It’s a beautiful style that’s sure to make your little girl feel like a queen.

87. Curly Shag

The Curly Shag is a haircut that’s perfect for little girls with curly hair. This style features multiple layers that add depth and volume to the curls. It’s a bold, trendy haircut for little girls that celebrates the beauty of natural curls.

88. Ballerina Bun

The Ballerina Bun is an elegant and timeless haircut for little girls. This style involves gathering the hair into a high bun on the top of the head. It’s a neat and polished little girl haircut that’s perfect for formal occasions.

89. Dutch Braids

Dutch Braids is a trendy and cute haircut for little girls. This style involves creating two braids on each side of the head that start from the hairline and go all the way back. It’s a practical and stylish haircut that keeps your child’s hair neatly out of their face.

90. Long and Straight

Long and Straight is a classic and chic haircut for little girls. This style involves keeping the hair long and straight with minimal layers. It’s

So, these are the options you have when it comes to girls haircutsMany of them are slight variations to a particular hairstyle but each of these variations has a sense of uniqueness to it.

You really need to style them to perfection so that the uniqueness of each of these little girl haircuts is kept intact.

Besides, you can get creative with these hairstyle options as well and come up with something altogether different for your little one to flaunt regardless of the occasion. Just give it a try.