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Top 60 Trendy And Best Boys Haircut 2024 – Mr Kids Haircuts

Looking for the best boys haircut 2024 options around? Getting frustrated just because nothing seems to suit you? Well, you shouldn’t feel like that as there are plenty of options available for you to choose from.

If one boys haircut 2024 list doesn’t have many options to suit your personal style and taste, you can switch to the next and then continue in the same fashion until you find something that is perfect for you.


Best Boys Haircut 2024

Even here we have listed some of the most popular options around for styling boys’ hair and you can check out if there is something that works for you.

Faux Hawk With Surgical Design

Source: Allison_zartman

The most obvious choice for boys who love to have a funky hairstyle that they can flaunt everywhere they go, faux hawk makes it to the top of this list. In fact, this faux hawk look is a touch different and comes with its own unique style elements.

The hair is raised forward and up getting the maximum height at the front. There’s a high fade on the sides and a surgical line goes right where it ends. So, it looks gorgeous overall.


Caesar Cut

Source: Bonbondoeshair

This is a cool variation to the Caesar cut that boasts of a bit longer hair compared to the conventional Caesar hairstyle.

Nevertheless, the hair is styled in pretty much the same fashion and is complemented by those nicely faded sides.


Forward Swept Hairstyle

Source: Lelehayes

This is a cool haircuts for boys with straight and fine hair. It requires the hair to be grown to the same length all over and then swept forward nicely.

It creates cool bangs at the front and boasts of an overall casual look that will make your little one feel comfortable everywhere.


Long Side Swept Fringe With Surgical Design

Source: Jeyenvi

Side swept hairstyles are a common boys trendy haircuts option. However, this one is quite different as it’s not the conventional side swept look.

This one features an extravagant fringe that is swept to a side creating a combed over look while the rest of the hair is trimmed nicely and kept short.

There is a surgical design just where the side part starts and there’s another one just around the nape. Overall, it looks cool and funky and can be a dream hairdo for any young boy.


Comb Over With Disconnected Undercut

Source: Hairsby.nikki

If you love to sweep it all back, this beautiful comb over hairstyle should be your first choice. In fact, it doesn’t even require thorough combing and only needs you to run your fingers through to sweep it all backwards.

The sides are kept short and cut into a nice disconnected undercut to complete the look to perfection.


Slicked back Hairstyle With Mid Fade

Slicked back hairstyles have always been a popular choice in boys haircut options and here we have got one for you.

The hairstyle features medium length hair swept nicely to the back and combined with a cool disconnected undercut to achieve a perfect look for any occasion. This one also presents a bit of vintage look and is just awesome.


Comb Over With Disconnected Undercut

This is another cool comb over hairstyle for boys that looks amazing on the teenage boys. It requires the top hair to be grown long enough and then combed over to create sort of a puff on top.

The natural texture of the hair is also kept intact by sweeping it all with fingers. The disconnected undercut blends in rather nicely to complete the look.


Side Swept With High Fade

This side swept hairstyle features medium length hair swept nicely to a side. Here again, we have that layered texture apparent in the look.

The high fade on the side gives it quite a clean look overall and allows you to have a perfect hairstyle to flaunt.


Short Forward Swept Hair

Source: J_rabbitcutz

If you love to keep it short, your most obvious choice is to go with short and forward swept hair.

Add in some gel or any other styling product to impart some shine into the look and keep it looking fresh. The hair on the sides is kept faded giving top hair a bit of prominence.


Pompadour Hairstyle

If you are after something more formal and stylish then a Pompadour hairstyle is what you need.

The look is gorgeous and features puffy side swept hair on top. Combine it with a high fade and you have an even better look. It’s clean, it’s chic and it’s just awesome.



If you like something even funkier than a faux hawk hairstyle, then you should probably go with a Mohawk that features a spiky look with sort of a tail at the back.

It’s a gorgeous boys haircut that has a unique sense of style. And, it looks awesome with that cool undercut on the sides.


Side Swept Hair

Keeping it all medium length gives you a nice choice in haircuts for boys. And, with that, the go-to choice for you is a simple side swept look.

There is nothing so fancy about this hairstyle but it still is a cool option to go with toddler hairstyles. In fact, it’s a cool everyday look that you will surely adore.


Textured Side Swept Hair

If you love to keep the natural texture of your hair intact, this is the look you should go with. It’s all short on top and complemented nicely with a cool undercut.

There is a hard part that defines it to perfection. It’s simple yet stylish and makes for a perfect hairstyle for you to flaunt on any day.


Spikes With Undercut

Source: Loxhairstudio

Spikes is a gorgeous hairstyle option when it comes to boys haircut designs. It requires a special technique for cropping the hair but if you have an expert stylist to take care of your hair then you don’t need to worry.

The hair is cut to medium length and then styled into cool spikes with a proper styling product. To add to the overall look, add in a beautiful undercut with surgical design. It will look awesome.


Slicked Back Hairstyle

If you don’t have naturally silky and smooth hair, you can still have a few cool choices to make with your hair. Even for slightly wavy hair, this slicked back hairstyle is a cool option.

The hair is swept back nicely and kept in place with a styling product. The sides have a mid fade and go perfectly with the overall look.


Forward Spike With Faded Sides

Source: Raw_the_barber

This boys haircut gives an all-new touch to the spikes hairstyles. It’s not completely a spikes haircut but only features a cool spike right at the front.

The rest of the hair is swept nicely to a side. Remember to keep your hair to medium length and add a cool surgical design on faded sides. Overall, the hairdo looks gorgeous.


Side Swept With Hard Part

Hard parts have long been a style statement for many and they’re featured in many haircuts for boys today.

This hairstyle is a cool example with hard part being the only element of style to it. Other than that, it’s simply swept to a side and is complimented with faded sides. The look is so cool overall.


Side Swept With Zig-Zag Surgical Design

This is another cool side swept hairstyle that features short hair swept nicely to a side. We don’t have a hard part here, however, and the hair is parted gently on a side.

The surgical design on the sides is a bit unique in this one as it forms a cool zig-zag shape while fading the sides going down the bottom.


Wavy Textured Hairstyle With High Fade

For those with curly hair, maintaining that natural wavy texture of their hair is probably the best way to have a perfect hairstyle.

The hair is kept short all over and a bit of length is given to it at the front so that it can be raised up. The sides are faded with a high fade to add a touch of neatness to the overall look.


Centered Spikes

Source: Action.jaxon14

This hairstyle has more of a faux hawk vibe to it but it’s different and is referred to as a Centered spikes haircut. The sides are kept medium length as well and given a casual style that goes perfectly with the spiky look on top.

To achieve the top spikes, the hair is raised up and brought into the center to give it a spiky look. A bit of styling product is needed for giving it a perfect look.


Side Raised Spikes

Source: Cam_n_

This is a cool variation of the spikes haircut that works perfectly for the boys with golden brown hair. The hair is cut the same way as in the case of conventional spikes hairstyle, however, it’s raised a bit differently.

Yes, when raising the hair up, you have to raise it up to a side to achieve this wonderful look. Use some styling product to keep it in place.


Comb Over Hairstyle With Medium Length

Comb over hairstyles look cool and are a perfect boys haircut option to go with. However, the ones we discussed above had cleaner sides with less volume.

This one here keeps the sides medium length as well and it’s just the comb over look on top that makes this beautiful hairstyle work perfectly. It’s a top choice for many boys and works in all sorts of settings be it casual or formal.


Forward Raised Layers

Source: Haircutkidz

This is another cool variation of the spikes hairstyle. Not essentially a spikes haircut but this hairstyle creates a similar vibe. The sides are kept short while the top hair is given some length so that it can be raised forward in style.

While raising it forward, the layers are kept intact to make it look cool. Overall, it’s a perfect hairstyle for parties and casual events.


Extravagant Spikes

If you are looking for something that is simply outstanding and doesn’t look too mainstream, this is the boys haircut you should go with. You don’t see many around you styling their hair in such unique fashion.

It requires the hair to be all grown up and then raised up to create a spiky look. Remember, it’s not just any typical spikes haircut out there and needs some styling to be done. You’ll need a strong hold styling product to achieve this look.


Long Casually Side Swept Hair

For boys who love long locks, styling their hair shouldn’t be a problem at all. They can create all sorts of unique and elegant hairstyles with their beautiful hair and this one is a cool example.

The hair is swept casually to a side with all those layers creating a perfect look to flaunt. Overall, the hairstyle is just awesome.


Spikes Haircut

Source: Action.jaxon14

Again, we have another cool variation of the spikes hairstyle here. It features medium length hair all raised up into the center and styled with a styling product to keep the look intact.

There’s a slight parting on either side while the sides are kept faded to complete the look.


Long Frontal Spikes

Source: Haircutkidz

How many variations of spikes hairstyles do we have on the list? Wait, we have another one here. This cool hairstyle features long grown frontal locks that are raised up to create a spiky look.

The hair towards the back is kept flat while the sides have a disconnected fade. Overall, it creates a perfectly cool vibe and looks amazing on boys of all ages.


Side Swept Fringe

Source: Haircutkidz

This boys haircut is for you if you’re crazy about keeping it long on top. However, keeping it long doesn’t mean that it always has to be casual in look.

Rather, this hairstyle is partially formal with its side swept look creating a perfect vibe. The sides are kept short and faded and those glasses make it look even better.


Comb Over Spikes

Source: Loulinalivio

This is another cool variation of the spikes haircut that only features raised up hair in a combover style at the front.

The sides are kept short and faded to achieve a perfect balance in the hairstyle. The hair around the crown is swept forward as well to make it look cute overall.


Forward Raised Spikes With Surgical Lines

Source: Hairkidstyle

This forward raised spikes hairstyle looks cute and is unique in itself. The hairstyle features streaked hair with an undercut defining the look to perfection.

The surgical lines around the temple make it look even better by adding a touch of style to it. Overall, it looks cool and amazing.


Long Spikes

Another spiky hairstyle on the list, this one also features long hair on top and is styled nicely into spikes.

The hair is raised to a side and then held together with a strong hold product to achieve the look. The sides are kept faded to make sure that the style on top becomes evident.


Spikes With Undercut

This one is a more formal spiky look that seems pretty formal and organized due to evenly cut hair on top. Besides, the way hair is raised up is also important as that’s what makes it look different.

There is an undercut on the sides and a hard part that defines the border between top hair and the sides. Overall, it looks so cool and amazing.


Spikes With Bat Design

Source: Zinc_04

If you’re a big fan of the Batman series then this nice hairstyle is tailormade for you. This perfect hairstyle is also a variation of spikes hairstyle but doesn’t have those long raised up hair like the ones mentioned above.

The hairstyle features short spiky hair that is very much swept to a side. What’s unique about this hairstyle, however, is the unique surgical design on the side that takes the form of a Bat. Other than that, it’s a conventional undercut.


Side Swept Hair With Mid Fade

Source: Friseurhauke

If you are looking for something more formal then this is the look you should copy right away. It’s a very nice and clean look that gives a formal vibe.

The hair is swept nicely to a side and there’s a typical side part to give it the definition it needs. The sides have a mid fade that completes the look to perfection.


Casually Side Swept Hair With Undercut

For an everyday style or something that you can wear on a party night, this look fulfills your needs perfectly. The hairstyle is about casually side swept hair and keeps hat natural layered texture intact.

There’s a tinge of color added just close to the side part and an undercut completes the look to perfection. It’s a cute hairstle and you can’t ask for anything better.


Short Side Swept With Surgical Design

Source: Barber.silva

More of a commando look, this boys haircut keeps it short all over. However, the hair on the top is kept a bit longer than what we have on the sides to create a cool style out of it.

This hairstyle is perfectly suited for guys who have a bit of rough and tough hair. The undercut and that beautiful surgical design over it really add to the beauty of this cool hairstyle.


Short Black Boys Hair

Black boys haircuts are always about styling those rough and curly hair and if you also have the same hair type then this is the hairstyle you should go with.

Just trim the top hair close to the skin and keep the natural curly texture intact. Opt for a mid fade to define the look.


Funky Slicked Back Hairstyle

Source: Marloshears

If you love color and have a special party to attend where you want to look standout from the crowd, you can’t find a better hairstyle than this funky slicked back hairdo.

You can choose the color yourself, but if you want something really cool then go with this nice hue as shown in the picture. Add to it that disconnected undercut and you have a perfect hairstyle to flaunt.


Crew Cut

Source: Lexfadez

Crew cut is all about that short spiky look and that’s exactly what we have here.

This boys haircut requires you to keep it very short and tight to the skin but you have the liberty of styling it with some gel or mousse to get that spiky touch. The faded sides blend into the look rather nicely.


Center Parted Hairstyle

Source: Elijahbzayas

This is a simple center parted look that you might have been wearing since ages. However, there is still nothing bad about it and you can wear it as your everyday hairstyle.

To make it a little different and to add a touch of style, just don’t go for a clean and straight center part. Rather, make it look a bit messy with strands crossing over. It will look cool for sure.


Slicked Back Side Parted Hairstyle

Source: Jaxohair

Slicked back hairstyles always have a cool side to them and this beautiful boys haircut is no different at all.

Just keep it slicked to the back with a strong hold styling product and define it with a nice side part. The sides are kept short and faded to complete the look rather nicely.


Forward Swept Spikes

Spikes hairstyles are all about carrying it to perfection in a rough look. And, obviously, you can have as many spikes hairstyles as you can imagine with all sorts of options available.

Here we have a nice variation where the rough spiky look is achieved by sweeping it all forward. The messy look on top is just perfect for achieving the desired hairstyle.


Side Swept With Surgical Line

Source: _Julitobarber

This is a cool variation of the side swept hairstyles where top hair is kept to medium length and swept nicely to a side. A textured look is created by combing it with an appropriate comb.

The sides are kept faded and there’s a beautiful surgical line all along that mid fade. It all looks cool, stylish and elegant together.


Caesar Haircut

This is a cool Caesar hairstyle that looks awesomely stylish on teenage boys. Some shine is added to the look with the help of a styling product which also helps in keeping the look intact.

The look is achieved by sweeping it all forward and then slightly raising the frontal locks. There is a high fade on the sides that completes the look to perfection.


Forward Swept Spiky Hair

This is another cool variation of the spiky hairstyle that features spiky hair. The hairstyle doesn’t have those typical raised up spikes and rather it relies on just a casual and spiky look given to the hairstyle.

There’s an undercut that completes the hairstyle perfectly. Overall, it looks so cool and stylish.


Side Swept Hairstyle With Surgical Design

Side swept hairstyles are probably the most obvious choice when it comes to choosing the best boys haircut options around. And, here we have another cool variation.

The hairstyle features a typical side swept look on top and but a touch of elegance and style is added to it with those stylish surgical lines on the sides.

And, as far as sides are concerned, we have a faded look there to complete a perfectly stylish hairdo for boys.


Side Swept With Undercut And Surgical Design

Most of the boys haircuts with a side swept look borrow that element of style from those surgical lines and beautiful undercuts or side fades.

This hairstyle does the same as well except the fact that hair on top is styled nicely with a bit of mousse or gel to achieve a more than perfect look. Coming to the sides, it has a nice and beautiful undercut and a surgical design that looks better than anything else.

The interesting element of this hairstyle is that the surgical design is blended nicely into a perfect hard part. It’s just stylishly amazing.


Voluminous Side Swept Hairstyle

Source: _Julitobarber

This cool hairstyle is all about that volume on top and that gives it a perfect vibe that you can flaunt anywhere. A razor is used just on top of the forehead to add a bit of definition to the look.

There’s a cool side part that nicely blends into the look, and remember it’s a gentle part not a hard one. The hairstyle is completed with a cool low fade that goes with it nicely.


Casual Side Swept Hairstyle

Source: Hairrbylexyy

If you always love to keep your casual figure intact, this is the hairstyle you should go for.

It features cool and stylish casually side swept hair on top and the look is achieved even without a side part. A rough and casual look is given to the sides as well to make it look perfect.


Side Swept With Surgical Design

Source: Haircutkidz

This one is a cool side swept hairstyle that features hair gently swept to a side. It’s up to you whether you want to use a styling product with this one or not as in both cases the hairstyle would work just fine.

There is a cool surgical design on the sides to complete the look while a gentle part defines it to perfection. It can be your everyday look that you can even wear at school as well.


Combed Back Hairstyle With Surgical Design

Source: Vavakids

If you want a puffy combed back look then this is the perfect hairstyle you should go with. It’s not that typical tightly combed back look rather a cool and stylish hairstyle that features loosely combed back hair.

There is a disconnected undercut that goes with the look nicely and then there’s a cool surgical design that complements the look to perfection.


Side Swept With Undercut

Source: Lemesbarbearia

This is another cool variation to side swept boys haircut options. The hairstyle features a slightly puffy look at the front and then there’s a cool undercut that completes it nicely.

It’s a clean hairstyle option that doesn’t require much of maintenance and works perfectly for little boys.


Side Swept And Side Parted Hairstyle

Source: D.gaspar14

If you have always adored short hair for little boys then this is a nice look that you can choose to go with.

Keeping it short on top and using some styling product to achieve a shiny look, the hairstyle is achieved without much of a hassle. The hair on the sides is kept faded and it’s a high fade that makes it a perfectly clean option for your short hair.


Short Side Swept Curly Hairstyle

Source: Kinothebarber

For boys with little bit curly hair, this is a perfect hairstyle to go with. Keeping it all naturally curly, the hair is swept to a side at the front and those little curls are still evident.

There is a mid fade that really makes it a perfect choice for boys and completes the look rather elegantly. Overall, it’s just perfect both for school going boys and also for those who would like to wear it in their daily routine.


Faux Hawk With Surgical Design

Yes, you may have seen many faux hawk hairstyles out there but this one is a rather stylish and a different look.

Even though the hair on top is styled in a typical manner to achieve a faux hawk look, the hair on the sides are cut into a nice undercut and then a beautiful surgical design is achieved. Even that surgical design is different in nature make it look as unique as it can ever get.


Outgrown Mohawk With Low Fade

Just as we have a different faux hawk look above, this one is a cool and stylish mohawk hairstyle that features long outgrown hair. All you need to do is to grow it all long and raise it up into center to achieve the look.

Some styling product with strong hold will be needed to keep it intact. The sides have a low fade while the centered hair go down the nape of the neck. Overall, it looks cool and stylish and is a perfect look to achieve for parties and casual events.


Caesar Haircut With Undercut

Source: Gfresh_barber

This is a cool variation of the Caesar haircut that features short hair on top and then achieves the look with a cool undercut and a beautiful surgical design.

The design starts at the temple and goes to the back and, obviously, it’s a clean and different style that looks cool and elegant at the same time like Twa hair.


Casual Spikes

Source: Nadinemichelle

This is a cool casual and spiky look that works perfectly for the teenagers. Though it may not be the best choice for school but still it works wonders for casual settings.

The hair is grown to medium length and then a casual look is achieved by running the fingers through and getting that just-out-of-the-bed look. It’s cool and it’s a perfect style for a party night.


So, if you have been looking for a boys haircut that works perfectly for you, there’s a whole list above for you to choose from.

All these hairstyles have something cool and unique about them and it’s just about how you can incorporate them into your overall style.

Just make sure that you go with the boys haircut that works perfectly for you in terms of your hair type, face cut and overall look.

And, when you’ll do that, you’ll surely have a perfect look to flaunt. Just give it a try and you’re surely going to love it.