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80 Trendy Black Boy Haircuts for Every Style

There are so many hairstyles out there for boys but when it comes to black boy’s haircuts there needs to be something different and special to keep the kinky locks in style.

The black boy’s haircuts must combine functionality and cool style to give you a perfectly carved-out look. Obviously, the aim to have a cool haircut is to make sure that black boys feel confident and look good and even have the freedom to style their hair in the way they desire.

Here we have listed some of the best haircuts for black boys that will help your young one rise and shine in their own unique way. Try the best hairstyles for black boys that will give you a more authentic and unique vibe.


Black Boy Haircuts

With so many black boy haircuts ideas around, it can quickly become overwhelming to choose the real best. However, we have made the job easier for you by listing the top trending haircuts for the year below.

Blurry Fade

Blurry Fade Boy Haircut
Source: jasonjaybarber

It’s a clean fade haircut for black boys that gives a very refreshing look. It requires you to have curly hair on the top while the back and sides are faded.

This hairdo also features hard part with a razor that has well-defined outlines to achieve super elegant look overall.


Ocean Waves With Hair Art

Ocean Waves With Hair Art
Source: hairjordan419

The ocean waves often turn out to be a cool haircut for black boys. However, when the hairdo is combined with hair designs on a side, it really looks great. You must get a special brush to achieve the look and learn exactly how the waves are made.


Kinky Curls

Long Kinky Curls Boy haircut
Source: hellolana07

The black boys haircuts are all about dealing with kinky hair. And, probably, the best option you have for showing off those kinky curls is to get the sides all cleaned up with a tapered fade leaving enough buzz behind for creating that crisp line-up at temples. we can use best products for curly hair Also, make sure it enhances fade’s transition as well.


Buzz Cut

Buzz Haircut for Boy
Source: sino_pure

This one is a hairdo that offers all the simplicity you need. With manageable height, you get all the convenience to maintain your hair easily. It’s a uniform cut that is definitely going to look amazing on your boy.



It’s one of the most popular black boys haircuts that you or your boy must try out. Keeping a neat top part using some gel, creates a perfect impression. You may even go for a messy touch if you want to.


High Top Mohawk

High Top Mohawk Black Boy Haircut
Source: jasonjaybarber

The Kinky Mohawks somehow find their way of being more appealing than anything else because that natural curly hair texture styles everything up nicely and it looks awesome when combined with a fade as well as a blonde highlight right on top.

Short enough buzz is left on sides for allowing crisp line-up at end of back head.


Gelled Haircut With A Skin Fade

Gelled Haircut With A Skin Fade
Source: jasonjaybarber

Give your black hair that gelled look to make them curl a bit more. There’s a skin fade on the sides as well that offers fresh and clean finish.

There is sharper lining in the look which creates an edgy touch for the overall look.

High Top Fade

This cool haircut has a neat fade on the sides with a tall, straight top. It shows off your young man’s hair texture and radiates confidence. Perfect to grab the limelight!


Curly Mohawk

Want to fuse personality with style? Opt for a curly mohawk. The sides are short or faded while the top showcases those natural curls. This unique blend of traditional and modern styles will be perfect for all events.


Buzz Cut with Design

The buzz cut is a simple yet stylish choice. To make it more fun and appealing, consider adding a design on the sides. It not only minimizes hair maintenance but also adds a creative touch to your boy’s style.



An afro is a timeless style that lets your boy flaunt his curls in a big way. The perfect round shape, maintained with regular trims, adds a touch of elegance to this black boy haircut.


Braided Top with Fade

The braided top with fade mixes traditional braiding styles with modern trends. A neat fade on the sides coupled with braids or twists on the top, it’s a hairstyle that is sure to turn heads.


Dreads with Undercut

For a bold and edgy style, consider dreads with an undercut. This haircut includes a neatly shaved undercut with longer dreadlocks on top, a fun way for your boy to express his personality.


Short Curls

For a simple and cute style, opt for short curls. This haircut is easy to manage and lets those beautiful curls shine without the need for extensive styling or products, an excellent choice for haircuts for black boys.


Box Braids

Box braids are stylish and practical, keeping the hair secure and promoting healthy growth. This option brings together style and practicality in an amazing way.


Flat Top

The flat top is a throwback to the 80s and 90s, with a cool, modern twist. A flat surface on top and the sides and back are trimmed or faded. Your boy will definitely love this chic style.


Curly Fade

The curly fade is fashionable and versatile, showcasing those natural curls beautifully. The neat fade on the sides with the top left longer makes this one of the most trendy hairstyles for black boys.


Creative Fohawk Haircut

Creative Fohawk Haircut Black Boy
Source: jasonjaybarber

If you are not very comfortable with a creative and smooth fohawk, try some fun-filled hair designs.

You can shave the sides while leaving just a few lines above the ears. To be unfortunate, this is one of those black boys haircuts which may not last for long.


Chunky Twists And Temple Fade

Chunky Twists And Temple Fade
Source: leenahmolly

It always remains a trendy option to combine different textures within a single hairstyle. It will surely add a new flair to your look.

The hairdo features some rugged twists at the top along with a temple fade on the sides for shaping up a perfect look.


Flat Top

If you have ever had box haircut, believe it, this one is the creative version of that same style. There’s a professionally trimmed longer top.

There is low fade on back and sides and quite unique razor part which makes the look way more elegant. The style displays shape up hairdo perfectly.


Wavy Fade

This wavy haircut will suit just about any length of hair if it is done properly. There are short waves on top and a fade on sides. Just ask the stylist to tell you how exactly you can achieve the look all by yourself.


Fade Cut And Curly Top

With this hairstyle, you get all the elegance of curly coarse top which extends itself to crown.

Medium black boy haircuts fade is given to adorn sides and the transitions into skin fade which covers occipital bone right to your neck’s nape. Besides, more style is added with the help of surgical line on a side for creating statement.


Short Fade

It may not be so easy to create classic taper fade if you have really short hair. But if you have the right stylish for the job then this haircut will really give you an elegant and fashionable look that will remain intact for long.



Dreadlocks Black Boy Haircut
Source: tonistouchsalon

This one is a perfect way of getting that “rasta man” look. One of the best low maintenance black boys haircuts, this one gives you perfectly cropped hair.


Curly Hair With Bangs

Curly Hair With Bangs Black Boy Haircut
Source: mycrownandglory

Afro Americans usually have curly frizzes on their head and can go for this haircut to own a special fringe. Just grow hair over the forehead and create the fun, natural spiky bangs that will really look awesome.


Faded Mohawk Haircut

Fade Mohawk With Bangs Black Boy Haircut
Source: Iambiijayflexxie

Mohawks are a popular style among boys and works fine for black boys as well. This one will sport your bushy and thick locks and will still allow you to retain the natural look of your hair.

There’s hard part that can be achieved with a razor and faded sides are there create the perfect Mohawk.


Taper Mohawk Haircut

Taper Mohawk for Black Boy
Source: samscuts

It’s probably the coolest among all the black boys haircuts we have here. The haircut features a long hair strip right in the center and the sides are completely shaven to achieve a taper Mohawk look.


Twisted Sloppy Top

For achieving this awesome look, the locks on the top are given a few twists which prove to be the source of adding some creativity to the entire look.

Natural curly hair is styled with faded sides while the nape and occipital bone sport that bald fade.



Even though there are plenty of black boys haircuts out there, S-curls really stands out when you want to keep the hair a bit longer on top and curling it down on sides as well as back.

The haircut really is a cool option as it adds to beauty of your natural curls by giving you a perfect style to brag about.


Braided Cornrows

Braided Cornrows Hairstyle for Black Boy
Source: sandrasbraids

Cornrows turns out to be amongst the most popular hairstyles for black boys. The braided cornrows hairdo creates somewhat of a girlish look.

But fade cut towards the front having sharp linings will be helpful in retaining the boy in you.


Outer Fade Hairdo

Most of the fades that you will find everywhere will focus normally on entire back and sides, a fainter fade can be achieved if you choose to have something equally attractive yet different.

This one only involves the nape and temples and shapes the look off while accentuating messy curls on the top.


Here Are Some More Black Boys Haircuts

Fade with Design

Buzz Cut with Design for Black Boy
Source: Black_haircuts

The cool haircut usually revolve around short hair and this one is a cool example. The surgical design gives it a wonderful touch.


Short hair

Simple and Short Waves Haircut for Black Boy
Source: Black_haircuts

Short kinky hair are usually kept close to the scalp and that’s exactly what we have here. The clean look is perfectly amazing.


High Fade

Stylish undercut for black boys, the look is achieved with a surgical style right at the front.


Medium Curls

Beautiful up do hairstyle for black boys with curl dreads. The faded undercut really complements the look beautifully.


Faded undercut

Another faded undercut for black boys with kinky hair. The clean look from the front and sides is all that matters.


Long Twisted Braids with Fade

Long twisted braids with a fade combines the edgy appeal of a fade cut with the cultural richness of long braids. This hairstyle provides a great avenue for your boy to express his personality and style.


Coiled Curls with Side Part

For those with natural curls, a coiled curls style with a distinct side part can give a fresh look. The side part adds a touch of sophistication to the natural, bouncy curls. This is a classy and youthful hairstyle for black boys.


Afro Puffs with Cornrows

This unique style is a great choice for boys with thicker hair. Cornrows on the sides leading up to afro puffs at the top offer a fun, dynamic look. This style allows for a lot of creativity and self-expression.


Bantu Knots with High Top

Bantu knots with a high top is a culturally rich hairstyle that celebrates African heritage. This style features a high top with bantu knots, exuding uniqueness and boldness. It’s a stylish and confident choice among hairstyles for black boys.


Long Dreadlocks with Undercut

Long dreadlocks with an undercut is a style that shows off length while maintaining neatness. The undercut keeps things tidy around the sides and back, while the long dreadlocks on top make a striking statement.


kinky hair on top and stylish surgical lines

The black boys haircuts can’t get more stylish than this. Both up do and kinky hair on top and stylish surgical lines on the sides with undercut make this hairdo look amazing.


Long dyed hair

High Fade with Kinky Hairstyle for Black Boy
Source : Barbershopconnect

If your boy wants to grow the hair long on top, that’s how he can do it in a stylish and elegant manner. Faded undercut with sort of a design at the back and dyed hair on top create a funky, stylish look overall.


Faded Hair with up do

Beautiful up do with faded undercut, this beautiful hairstyle suits school going black boys and is definitely a perfect choice.


Curly horizontal waves

Up do haircut for black boys with beautiful horizontal waves, the look feels great with a beautiful undercut.


Undercut with short hair on top

Another undercut with short hair on top, it really looks gorgeous and adds a new charm to the personality.


Short Kinky Hair With Design

Surgical designs never go out of fashion as far as black boys haircuts are concerned.


Long Casual Top With Mid Fade

Long fringes and side parted undercut, this one really creates a chic look for black boys.


Grown Out Kinky Top With Fade

Beautiful surgical lines combined with a kinky up do, you can’t ask for black boys haircuts to get any better.


Kinky Buzz Cut

Ever tried no side burns? As a black boy, you really should! It is a beautiful hairdo for black guys who have short kinky locks.


Kinky Mess With Clean Sides

Medium Length Black Boy Haircut
Source: Barbershopconnec

Grow the hair a bit long on the top, and combine it with beautiful undercut to achieve this look.


Buzz Cut With Artistic Design

Another surgical style for black boys, this one goes for any event and creates a beautiful appearance overall.


Kinky Mohawk With Undercut

This beautiful fohawk style hairdo creates a perfectly amazing look for black boys. Your kid won’t just look cool in this hairstyle but will also love to flaunt it.


Kinky Top With Faded Undercut And Design

If you love more of funky surgical styles, this look is perfect one for you to choose.


Kinky Volume On Top With Design

Dreadlocks with a cute surgical design, this one looks amazingly appealing on black boys.


Long Square Top With Faded Sides

Black hair up do with surgical design and undercut, what else you’d need black boys haircuts to have? This is a perfect look for anyone who loves flaunting their hair and want to create a style statement.


Kinky Hair With Short Knot And Fade

A beautiful look given to the dreadlocks, this beautiful black boys hairdo features cute little braids and a pony to make a perfect combo.


Combover Hairstyle With Undercut and Surgical Part

Black boys don’t often have straight locks, but if you do have them then this is a perfect look to achieve with hard parted faded undercut.


Messy Top With Curly Knot

This beautiful look requires you to grow your hair a bit longer and then you can have an undercut with surgical lines while knotting top hair beautifully in the center.


Kinky Top With Color And Undercut Design

Beautiful black boys haircuts feature such amazing designs and a cool touch is given to kinky locks by using a dye.


Blonde Curls With Faded Undercut

Ever thought of having such a beautiful look with outgrown hair on top and a clean undercut to complete the look? Add a funky touch by dyeing the top locks in a different color.


Long Grown Messy Top With Mid Fade

This is a beautiful up do hairstyle for black boys that is sported by a beautifully faded undercut. It creates a funky Tom Boy look.


Kinky Mess With Undercut Fade

This undercut with a cool long hair up do creates a perfect vibe for just about everyone. Overall, it’s a great look to achieve.


Kinky Curls With Side Fade

Undercut with slightly held back hair at the front and overall mohawk style, this really is one of the best black boys haircuts that will suit you regardless of age.


Long Twisted Dreadlocks

Grown Out Kinky Hair With Mid Fade

Cornrows With Undercut

Kinky Buzz With Design


Buzz Cut With Cross Design

Kinky Top Bun With Design On The Sides

Blonde Square Top With Undercut

Kinky Square Top With Low Fade

Kinky Buzz Cut With a Swirling Pattern

Traditional Buzz Cut With A Surgical Line



Kinky Mohawk With Undercut

Two-Toned Square Top With Undercut

Spikes With Undercut And Star Design

Short Layered Curly Hair

Beautiful wavy haircut for black boys, this one sports a faded undercut and short hair on the top.


Grown Out Dreadlocks With Stylish Design

Black boys can also sport the casual look just like this one. Grow the hair on top and let them flow freely and get a beautiful surgical design with undercut on sides.


Buzz Cut With Extravagant Design

This is a beautiful undercut with surgical design for black boys. The design is chic and creates a perfect impression.


Short Messy Curls With Undercut Fade

Another beautiful undercut with slightly longer locks on the top,  This one is one of the most favorites in the list of toddler boys haircuts 2021 for black. The overall look is stunning for black boys.


Kinky Curls With Heart Beat Design

This faded undercut with long kinky hair on top is just another of black boys haircuts out there but what sets it apart is that beautiful heartbeat surgical design. It really makes a different style statement.


Kinky Buzz Cut With Side Fade

This undercut with kinky locks gives a cool vibe overall.


Well-Trimmed Square Top With Design And Fade

Boy haircuts with up do style are always in fashion for black boys and this one really is a classic example. The surgical lines create a different look and style.


Casual Kinky Mess

Another beautiful up do haircut for black boys gives a wonderful look creating a surgical M shape.


Funky Mohawk With Design

The black boys haircuts can’t get any funkier than this. The beautiful design features a funky mohawk and undercut with surgical design on one side.


Kinky Mohawk With Undercut Design

Faux Hawk haircut for boys with surgical design and undercut creates a cool vibe overall.


Buzz Cut With Airplane Part

Does your boy love Air Planes? Give him this funky black boys haircuts with a hard part. He’ll rock the look for sure.


Blonde Square Top With Star Design

The surgical design combined with updo hairstyle, this really is one of the perfect boy’s haircuts especially for black boys.


Messy Square Top With Surgical Line And Fade

That’s a beautiful, stylish and elegant undercut for black boys that features a funky side part and up do style on top.


Grown Out Curls With Disconnected Undercut And Design

Long Curly Hairs with Shaved sides and Back

Growing curly locks long can be a challenge but no one can wear them better than black boys. And, here’s a perfect example for that.

The look is combined with an undercut and a beautiful circle of hair is left at the back to complete the look. It’s funky and it looks amazing.


Curly Top With Temple Fade

Short Curly Hairs with Low Fade

Beautifully trimmed sides combined with a bit longer locks on the top, this really is a wonderful haircut to have black boys in teenage.


Kinky Mohawk With Blended Undercut

Mohawk + Kinky Hairs + Skin Fade + Surgical Line

Mohawk, undercut and surgical side part, you can’t ask for a better combo for black boy haircuts.


So, these are some of the best options you have as far as black boys haircuts are concerned. You’ll rock in just about any look described here as long as you have those amazingly unique hair black men are known to have.