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Afro Hairstyles For Girls To Create A Chic Look With Kinky Hair In 2024

Afro hairstyles are often considered to be the hardest to achieve. In fact, the general perception is that there aren’t enough of them to give girls a unique look every now and then. You have to sport the same old looks after some time as the cycle continues.

However, you don’t have to be a pessimist and should rather take things positively. If you are the creative type, there are still quite a few hairstyles that you can sport and give an attractive look to the typical afro hair.


Best Afro Hairstyles 2024

Just show some creativity and come up with these cool hairstyle variations to give your girl a unique look. These are not the most intricate looks to achieve and, with little effort, a cool hairstyle can be pulled off no matter how kinky and curly your girls’ hair may be. Here are a few cool options to try.

1. Headband Puff

headband puff for afro hair

This is the simplest of looks to try out and it still lends your girl a stylish hairdo to flaunt. It doesn’t require too much styling to achieve this hairstyle to perfection.

Just get her a bob-style haircut and simply let her kinky and curly hair stay in its natural shape. A colorful headband can be wrapped around her hair with a knot forming right at the front. It looks gorgeous.


2. Double Ponytails

double ponytails for afro hair

Ponytails may not sound like the most obvious choice for kinky hair, but just have a look at this beautiful style here. It looks gorgeous.

For short kinky hair, simply part it horizontally around the crown area and form two ponytails at the back. Some tidy and expansive volume on top completes this look to perfection.


3. Braided Half-Updo

braided half updo for afro hair


For a chic look, try out this cool braided hairstyle. It’s a bit intricate, though, with frontal hair formed into braided strands that are taken back before letting everything open up and take the natural kinky and voluminous form. The half-up hairstyle just looks amazing on little girls.


4. Braided Bun

braided bun with afro hair

Braided cornrows make the most obvious choice in hairstyles for black girls. But have you ever seen such a stylish implementation of the hairdo ever?

Cornrows are formed all over the head and the strands are all brought to the crown area where it is twisted around and formed into a nice and cool-looking hair bun. A braided strand on either side is allowed to fall over to lend this hairstyle an even better and stylish look.


5.  Half-Up Braided Bun with Charmed Braids

Half-Up Braided Bun with Charmed Braids

This is another cool implementation of Afro hairstyles that can be sported easily on parties and special events. To achieve a perfect style, comb it back tightly at the front before making partitions on either side and forming nice and long thin braided layers that fall over.

Accessorize their tips with nice jewelry and leave the rest of the hair at the back open and naturally kinky. The hairstyle will make a perfect look to flaunt on parties.


6. Curly Pixie Haircut

curly pixie

Pixie haircuts have long been touted as the no-fuss hairstyles for girls and this one here is just a perfect example. In fact, it makes those naturally kinky and curly hairs look stylish and perfectly organized.

The hairstyle lets the curls shine and make a perfect impression. Just leave it slightly messy and curly so that it maintains the natural vibes of her hair too.


7. Bubble Braided Updo

Bubble Braided Updo for Afro Hair


The bubble braids make quite a unique choice when it comes to kinky Afro hair. Yes, it’s not an everyday look and it requires some special effort to be put in for achieving the hairstyle.

There are nice, short patches of hair formed on top all over the head while a bubble braid starts at the crown before it goes swirling around the head before it ends on a side. The hairstyle really looks gorgeous. But, it does require you to put in a little extra styling effort.


8. Tri-Color Curls

curly highlights for afro hair


As far as the haircut is concerned, you can call it a disconnected undercut style with some volume left intact on top. The oomph, however, is added to the look by adding a tinge of color to it.

It’s given three different shades and that’s actually what’s special about it. The frontal hair is kept a bit on the golden side while it is brown towards the back. The sides and lower section of the back is left in the natural tone. It really looks cool overall.


9. Natural Twisted-Up Curly Hair

Natural Twisted Up Afro Hair


Natural, shoulder-length curly springs always look amazing and here we have a perfect example of that. Remember that it’s not a bob hairstyle. In fact, it’s just naturally grown out hair that is kept to shoulder length and made to look voluminous at the back.

The hair on top is given a side-parted look with short angled cornrows making a cute vibe. The hair on the other side of the part is nicely swept to that side to complete the look to perfection.


10. French-Braided Hairstyle

French-Braided Hairstyle

French braids have always been a great style to flaunt for little girls. But have you ever thought that they could work with Afro hair as well. Probably not! Remember, however, that this beautiful hairstyle would work only for girls with slightly straighter and longish hair.

Trying out this look with those kinky hair types may not be the best of choices you’d make. Otherwise, it looks cool and amazing for black girls.


11.   Braided Hair Bun Hairstyles for Black Girls

Braided Hair Bun Hairstyles for Black Girls


This is probably the cutest of looks you could give to your little girl this winter. The hairstyle has amazing vibes to deliver with those naturally kinky hair formed into nice hair buns on either side of the head. The frontal braids look cool too.


12. Wild Curls

Wild Curls

A wild and messy look makes the most obvious choice when it comes to girls hairstyles for the African kids. This one is a perfect implementation for those kinky and naturally curly locks.


13. High Hair Bun

high hair bun for afro hair


This is quite a dramatic look to achieve and it works best with the Afro hair. It can best be achieved with thick and voluminous long hair and looks even better when accessorized with some jewelry. The big hair bun on top makes it look even better.


14. Black Hair Bun Style With Bow Accessory

Afro Hair Bun Style With Bow Accessory


A thick, massive, black bun is the centerpiece of this beautiful hairstyle. There are cornrows all over the head that are created in a specific pattern taking them towards the crown area.

And, that’s where they are transformed into a beautiful hair bun before securing the look with a statement hair bow in a cool color.


Afro hairstyles require a great deal of deliberation and thought before you can proceed with a certain style. Obviously, you need to look different and cool. So, an appropriate hairstyle choice would matter a great deal. Pick your best amazing hairstyles for girls from the list above and give your little girl something special to flaunt.