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25 Modern Quiff Hairstyles for Boys (2024 Guide)

Year in and year out, the Quiff hairstyle has been a popular choice among kids and boys looking for a cool hairstyle option. Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of variations of this haircut, and each one has brought a unique and exciting vibe.

From formal to casual, from messy to slicked back, there’s a perfect Quiff style to meet your child’s specific hair needs.

This year, the Quiff hairstyle is making a booming comeback. Let’s explore more about this beautiful hairstyle and its charm.


Choosing The Right Quiff Hairstyle For Your Boy

When choosing a Quiff hairstyle for your little man, there are a few factors to consider. One major factor to consider is their face shape, which is relevant when choosing any haircut.

Fortunately, there’s a Quiff style for every boy, but it is particularly flattering for those looking to add some length to their round faces.

Rounder faces have a bit of structure and prominent angles, and so square-shaped hairstyles with some height would look great on them. A classic hairstyle with a casual part on the side or a Quiff would make a perfect example.

Just be cautious if your boy has a thin face. Taking the hair higher up will make his face appear more elongated and angular. You should opt for something shorter, rather than one that is toweringly high.

Most Quiff haircuts require fading or shaving at the sides to emphasize the top, which may not be suitable for kids with slightly larger ears.

The great thing about Quiff hairstyles is that, depending on their shape and the tightness of the sides, it will look different on everyone who wears it. If you want a modern look, consider having a fade on the sides.

Quiff hairstyles work well with most hair types, except for extremely curly or very fine hair.

Adding movement can enhance texture. Therefore, wavy hair would be a perfect choice if you’re going for a slightly messier and more textured look. However, you can always use straighteners to achieve a more classic Quiff hairstyle.


Top Quiff Hairstyles For Kids

Now that you are well-versed with what quiff hairstyles are all about, here we have listed a few coolest quiff hairstyle variations for you to take a look at and see which of them you’d want to style your kid’s hair with the next time you’re planning on giving him some cool kids haircuts.

Classic Quiff

Try the classic quiff for a timeless and versatile look. This style requires keeping the hair long on top, while maintaining short sides, and styling the top hair upwards and backwards for a noticeable lift.


Undercut Quiff

Opt for an undercut quiff to add a modern edge to the traditional style. This haircut involves shaving the sides of the head close to the skin, which dramatically contrasts with the voluminous quiff on top.


Textured Quiff

Give a textured quiff a go for a more relaxed and casual look. Use a texturizing product on the top hair to create a tousled, messy finish that adds dimension to the quiff.


Pompadour Quiff

Choose a pompadour quiff for an elegant, vintage vibe. This version involves styling the top hair into a high, rounded shape, similar to the iconic pompadour style, while keeping the sides short.


Curly Quiff

Experiment with a curly quiff if your boy has naturally curly or wavy hair. The curls add an interesting twist to the classic quiff, making it more playful and unique.


Short Quiff

Consider a short quiff for a more subtle and manageable look. This style keeps the quiff relatively short and neat, making it an excellent choice for school or formal events.


Long Quiff

Go for a long quiff for a statement look. The long top hair can be swept back or to the side, creating an exaggerated quiff that’s sure to catch the eye.


Faux Hawk Quiff

Try a faux hawk quiff for a rebellious and bold style. This hairstyle blends the traditional quiff with the edgy mohawk, resulting in a daring look that’s full of personality.


Side Part Quiff

Choose a side part quiff for a more structured and formal appearance. A defined side part separates the voluminous quiff from the short sides, adding an element of sophistication to the look.


Casually Textured Quiff With Mid Fade

Casually Textured Quiff With Mid Fade

This really is one of the most trending variations of the quiff hairstyle this year. The hairstyle boasts of some length on top while it is trimmed really short on the sides.

The length on top is given a perfect combed back look with naturally casual texture added simply by running the fingers through the hair on top.

The undercut on the sides gets faded mid way through and it is completely separated from the length on top. Overall, it’s a perfectly balanced look and it makes for a cool style on both formal and informal occasions.


Short Quiff With Low Fade

Short Quiff With Low Fade
Source: Jim Bogle

Quiff hairstyles do not necessarily have to be long and it is your choice exactly what length you would want to keep it to depending on the trend and what suits your little one.

This one is a nice and clean quiff hairstyle variation that is achieved with very short trimmed hair on top and sides. The hairstyle boasts of some naturally textured side swept hair on top and a short frontal quiff complements it to perfection.

Going down the sides, the hair is trimmed even shorter and we have a nice high fade that looks pleasing to the eye in the overall scheme of things.


Slick Haircut With A Quiff, High And Tight

Slick Haircut With A Quiff, High And Tight

Gaining some length again, this variation is a perfect combination of long hair on top and a fade haircut on the sides. The length on top is nicely slicked and textured going all the way to the back.

The hair on the sides, however, gets a high fade which balances out the look to perfection. You can style it on any day and everyone would definitely love the style your boy would be carrying.


Angled Quiff With High Fade And Hard Part

Angled Quiff With High Fade And Hard Part

As mentioned earlier, a quiff can be styled in as many ways as you would like. The hairstyle we have here is a perfect reflection of that. The hairdo boasts of some length on top with the frontal hair made into a perfect quiff.

However, it slants backwards as you move further towards the crown and achieves the least possible height around the crown area.

The sides are given a perfect high fade and it blends into the overall hairstyle rather elegantly. A high fade makes it look even better.


Forward Swept Hair With Frontal Quiff

Forward Swept Hair With Frontal Quiff

Most of the quiffs we have seen so far take it either to the back or to a side making a puffy look at the front. However, this one takes a completely different approach to a quiff hairstyle.

The hairdo brings the hair forward starting at the crown area and raises it all up at the front making a perfectly stylish raised quiff at the front.

The sides are given a disconnected undercut which is complemented with beautiful surgical lines. The hairstyle doesn’t require too much of maintenance and works just fine on those semi-formal occasions.


Quiff With Lots Of Volume

quiff haircut for boys

There’s some extreme volume to this quiff haircut for boys. The hair stands very tall and sweeps to one side in feathery spikes, and the hair on the sides of the head is cropped and messy for a very nice, youthful, fun look.

Quiff Centerpiece Look

black boy with quiff hairstyle

In this quiff haircut for boys, the quiff is the only thing that catches the eye, as the rest of the hair is shaved to a number 1 haircut with a slight fade on the sides. The hairline is very straight, and some of the hair around the hairline is shaven so the quiff starts further back.

Soft Side Sweeping Quiff Look

boys quiff haircut with side part

This quiff look is grown-up and soft. The hair sweeps to one side in the quiff, and the sides of the hair are longer than bristles but still short enough to see some of the scamp poking through around the ears.

Spiked Front Quiff

spiky quiff hairstyle for boys

The front of this quiff is spikey to deliver a bad-boy twist to this quiff look. The hair on the sides is a little long and gelled down. It’s perfect for a little boy who wants to look tough yet charming.

Sleek Sideways Quiff

blonde quiff hairstyle for boys

This quiff is very sleek and is pushed to one side, accentuating the hard part and the soft sides of the hair. It’s a look that’ll require careful styling every day, as there’s not a single hair out of place.

Pompadour-Inspired Quiff

boys quiff hairstyle for wavy hair

This quiff is not a pompadour, but it takes inspiration from it. The hair has a lot of volume and is very sleek as it’s pushed back, but there’s less tightness than with a pompadour look. However, it’s still a very chic and modern look that your boy can rock.

Fluffy Fallen Quiff

short quiff hairstyle for boys

This quiff is very fluffy and falls forward so it brushes the forehead a little. It works well for thick hair, and there’s a lot of texture and volume to it.

Mohawk Style Quiff

short hair quiff for boys

This quiff has a mohawk style to it as the quiff is spiked in the center of the head. The sides of the hair are nice and long with a slight fade.

Softly Spiked Quiff

boys quiff haircut for blonde hair

If your little boy wants soft hair as well as some spikes, this is a very good look. The sides of the hair are smooth, but the quiff is spiked tall and stands out very well.


Edgy Combed Over Quiff With High Fade

Edgy Combed Over Quiff With High Fade

If you really want your little boy to look more like a rockstar, this is the hairstyle you would want to go with. The hairdo boasts of some length on top that is given an edgy and combed back appearance before being held into place with the help of a styling product.

Go for a high fade on the sides and you have a perfectly balanced look that will give a fantastic feel no matter what occasion your boy wears it on.


Combed Back Quiff With Undercut Fade

Combed Back Quiff With Undercut Fade
Source: Kirsten

A slight variation from the one above, this quiff hairstyle works really fine as an everyday look. The hairstyle requires your boy’s hair to be grown long on top and then combed all the way back. The undercut fade on the sides really makes for a perfect hairstyle overall.

Your boy can wear it on any day and in all sorts of settings be it formal or casual. Such versatility really makes it one of the best go to hairstyles for boys.


Textured Quiff With Side Part And High Fade

Looking for a formal hairstyle that speaks volumes about its beauty and elegant looks? This is the perfect choice that you’d love and so will everyone else.

The hairstyle requires medium length hair on top and can be styled into a perfectly textured, low quiff hairstyle that is defined by a cool and casual side part and a nice, clean high fade on the sides.

The texture added to the quiff really makes it one chic hairstyle for little boys and it will work best for the most formal events he will have to attend.


Casually Textured Quiff With Side Part

Source: caodown

This beautiful quiff hairstyle boasts of a natural, casually textured quiff that is perfect swept to a side and back. One of the best haircuts for boys, it’s characterized by that casual side part and a high fade on the sides.

The centerpiece is, obviously, that formal hairstyle on top and it makes a perfect vibe giving your boy a cool haircut to flaunt.


Voluminous Frontal Quiff With Side Fade

Voluminous Frontal Quiff With Side Fade
Source: elainehair_93

This beautiful variation of the quiff hairstyle boasts of some volume on top and it really looks pleasing to the eye as the frontal quiff goes up.

The hair behind is made to come forward from the crown area and it looks really cool as it blends into the volume at the front. The sides have a perfect fade haircut which complements this hairstyle even better.


Messy Quiff With Undercut

Messy Quiff With Undercut
Source: diego_derry

If your little boy loves to style his hair in a way that reflects his personality to perfection, this might be the right choice for him.

Overall, it’s more of a carefree look that boasts of some volume on top and it’s left all messy. The natural texture speaks volumes about this beautiful look and the undercut balances things out rather elegantly.

A perfect mix of tidiness and messy looks, this hairstyle would work perfectly for your little one no matter what the occasion is.


Casual Quiff With Lineup

This beautiful hairstyle is about that naturally messy look that is given to this casual quiff. However, what makes this hairdo stand out is that line up style which makes the faded sides look as elegant and unique as ever.

The texture brought forward and the frontal hair combed back really makes for a perfect combo which is going to speak volumes about the hairstyle.


Lean & Textured Side-Swept Quiff

Lean & Textured Side-Swept Quiff
Source: the59tattoo

One of the simplest hairstyle variations to achieve, this beautiful hairstyle is about keeping the hair short-to-medium length on top and then creating a perfectly textured, side-swept hairstyle out of it.

The sides have a nice fade which blends into the overall style rather elegantly. The hairstyle makes for a wonderful school-boy look and it works out for little boys really well.


Tight Textured Quiff With Undercut

If you want a classic quiff hairstyle for your boy, this is the one you should be after. The hairstyle looks amazing on blonde kids who have really thin and fine hair.

Just get it cut to medium length and apply lots of styling product before combing it to a side and back and letting the frontal texture speak out loud about the wonderful style.

This tightly textured look is further enhanced by that undercut fade on the sides and it really looks amazing overall.


Short Quiff For Wavy Hair

There are only a few perfect hairstyles that work best for the wavy hair and keep it all in style. However, if you don’t have any issues keeping it short-to-medium length, this hairstyle is going to work for your kids.

Just make sure that the frontal hair looks a bit longer and more voluminous than those behind and it is perfectly wavy at the same time as well.

The sides are given a wonderful line up haircut and it blends into the mix rather nicely. The hairstyle would work for school and for all sorts of formal events as well.


Flat Quiff With Undercut

This is another cool variation of a typical quiff haircut. The hairstyle boasts of some length on top which is made into a flat quiff that is combed back tight to the head.

The natural texture of the hair is maintained quite nicely and a good gentle hold product would do the job to perfection. The undercut is also quite different as it starts higher up and is not like any other conventional disconnected undercut.

So, if you are able to pull out all the style elements in the hairdo perfectly, you really are up for a wonderful hairstyle that will make your kid look different and elegant.


So, which of these beautiful hairstyles are you going to give to your boy this year? All these quiff variations have something special about them and they will work for your kid in all sorts of settings.

What’s even better is that there is some variation of this hairstyle that would work with the kind of hair and face shape your boy has. Let him ‘Rock n Roll’ with a perfect hairstyle that suits him.


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