80 Cute Haircuts for Boys 2023 – Top Trendy Haircuts & Style Of the Year

Choosing a haircut is most important part of a boy’s routine. Obviously, everyone wants to look stylish, cute and elegant.

However, with lots of available options in haircuts for boys, it becomes hard sometimes to choose the right haircut that suits your face and personality and is still not out of fashion.

So, you need to be cautious and must be equipped with right kind of information for choosing the best for you from amongst plethora of haircuts for boys out there.

Here we have detailed some of the best haircuts that you can go with whether you’re a teenager or a grown-up. Take a look and find out which option you’d like to go with.

Razor Up-Sweep Mohawk

Razor Up Sweep Mohawk
Source: criztofferson

Teenagers having long hair would love to have up-sweep Mohawk haircut, particularly, if it’s more in natural vertical form rather than having to use lots of gel for keeping everything in place.

There’s a dimension to this group as the hair on top are long, the ones in the center are medium and the bottom ones are super short.


Short Fade Hairdo

Short Fade Hairdo
Source: koldkutters_red

It’s one of the great haircuts for boys that is all about showing off those pretty curls while maintaining that boyish feel. If you want to nail this look, go for smooth fade as well as line up.

As you get the fade, make sure that it starts low. And, if the look suits you then you can experiment with high fade and see how it looks on you.


Disconnected Undercut

It’s one of latest trends in haircuts for boys. This one is unique variation for classic undercut. If you talk about the word “disconnected”, it is used for referring to that sharp line which separates long hair at the top from short ones towards sides.

This haircut has all the potential to stand out and, even though it may not be that easy when it comes to styling, it will really look great.


Fade With A Short Frontal Flip

Front flips are not so common in teenagers but it really is a cool option to go with. It looks great, especially, when you combine it with shaved line right in the center and a fade.

Obviously, there is no need to copy the design exactly, but if you want to have that flip on the front just ask the stylist what else can be done for adding that additional vibe to the entire look.


Textured Waves And Low Fade

Textured Waves And Low Fade
Source: mozambeak

If you’re looking for haircuts for boys that can be styled easily, go with something that doesn’t require hair blow or any treatment of hair with styling products.

And, that’s what you get with this particular haircut. The length is kept at under two inches to ensure that you can simply wash the hair and go with it just like that.


Surfer Style

Surfer Style Hairs
Source: rmlphotos

Now, this one is a beach-inspired hairdo that looks perfect in summer. The hair is short enough to make sure not much of maintenance is needed and long enough to style it to perfection.

You can style the hair in whatever way you like be it spiked, messy, brushed back or even short quaff. You, literally, have endless possibilities. It is a laid-back, simple hairstyle for those easygoing boys and you’ll definitely love it.


Medium Length Faux Hawk For Teens

Medium Length Faux Hawk For Teens
Source: hairbythomaz

Faux Hawk remains to be amongst most popular boy haircuts for years. This one has thick hair on top while keeping the length even right through to back.

The hair gets shorter towards the neck as well as the sides. The sides are not cut too short so that the growth can be faster and the style can be changed sooner if the need be.


Top Knot

Stylishly varying your man bun, this hairstyle adds some sort of samurai touch to your bun to make it more stylish and attractive. Rather than pulling all the hair to make a bun, single knot is created on top of your head.

Usually, the knot is there on top of crown. If you love to have versatile hairdos then this one is tailor made for you as it combines both long and short style. As some length will be needed for top knot, the hair is kept longer.

However, as it will create a knot on the top, it’s classified as shorter hairdo. Additional style can be achieved by letting some long strands to hang down.


Ivy League Haircut

Ivy League Haircut for Boy
Source: bren.da.t

One of classic haircuts for boys, it’s a stylish haircut that can impress a bunch of friends while making sure that your family loves your style as well. There is a little pompadour touch in this one to make it look elegantly different.

For having more of a structured and still gentle style, use some mousse. Also heat the protectant before blow drying the hair.


Short And Spiky Hairstyle

Short And Spiky Hairstyle
Source: allison_zartman

This one exemplifies how classic your short haircuts can get in order to look cool and attractive. Some length is given to hair that fall along your hairline to add the bit of oomph factor.

To add some additional texture and volume to the hair, styling is done on top hair. Much of styling won’t be needed on the second day.


Layered Skin Fade

Layered Skin Fade
Source: spukthebarber

There may not be so many haircuts for boys who love to have shorter hair with layers, but here’s a stylish skin fade that offers immense range courtesy different lengths that are kept on top. You get extra body too with that up-swept bang.


Emo Haircut

Emo Haircut for Boy
Source: xxemoarranxx

Emo movement that took place in 2000s, basically, brought this hairdo to stardom. The haircut features an uneven, choppy texture and it is normally styled with long hair.

Also, the hair is dyed black usually but that is not any requirement for having the haircut. A good choice for older boys, this haircut allows one to simply stand out from the crowd and keep their hair in style.


Side Bang With Side Undercuts

This one seems to be a great option when it comes to balancing out that longer bang as the sides are shaved for making it serve as the focal point for overall look. It’s a perfect hairdo for boys having fine hair.


Spiky Fauxhawk

Boys always love to have a Mohawk haircut or a fauxhawk hair cut as they grow up. It’s probably the best way of showing off that funky, boyish look.

Now, this Spiky Fauxhawk really is a cool version of the hairstyle and is quite school-appropriate at the same time as well.


High & Tight Haircut

High and Tight Haircut for boy
Source: aprillinnea81

It’s another short haircut that gives you the military-style look. But still, this haircut is a lot different from butch hairdo.

Where butch haircut features short hair all over, this one goes with longer hair on the top and shorter ones on sides and back.

It’s a popular hairdo in African Americans and it works perfectly for all the teenage boys who love to have that strong and noticeable haircut.


Combover Hairstyle

Combover mid fade Hairstyle
Source: haircutkidz

It’s a classic combover haircut that requires a bit of pomade for proper styling and to hold everything in place. It requires you to comb your hair back diagonally for creating somewhat of a buzz around that look.

It is also a good idea to use low/medium shine finish to get the finishing touch for formal occasions. It is preferred to wear the look with side part and apply that product only on the dry hair.


Long Top Fade

Even the celebrities would get jealous of you if you go for this hairdo. It’s really too adorable. For recreating the look, go with designed side parted hair and cool locks on the top.


Quiff Hairstyle

Quiff hairstyle has lately got immense popularity. And, if you are someone who loves to have some sort of classy appearance then this haircut is a perfect choice for you.

Even though it is more of a noticeable hairdo, you can modify it in your own way to make it look bold or subtle.

To achieve subtle look, for instance, short quiff is recommended. But if you want to make a bold statement, go with messy quiff or long quiff to stand out among the crowd.


Undercut Ponytail for Boys

Undercut Ponytail for Boys
Source: haircutkidz

If you are planning to keep hair on the top super long, make sure that you never forget some of coolest options for styling your hair.

And, one of them is a ponytail. The look always remains in style and makes you standout every time you go for it.

If you have shaved the sides and maintained ponytail on the top, it will really look amazing no matter how many times you wear this look. Looking to try something different? Why not go for a bun and spice things up a bit.



Short Wings Haircut for Boys
Source: salonutopialkn

It’s a skater-influenced hairstyle that needs some maintenance as well. However, if you are fond of longer hair, you should definitely go for this hairstyle. It’s perfect for those who have wavy hair but you can still wear it on straight hair too.
Hair length is kept to medium and they rise towards sides to take the form of wings. Wings look can be achieved in several different ways but a simple one is to towel dry your damp hair to leave them slightly wet.

Now, put a hat on and then blow dry the hair for making the exposed part flip upwards. Congo, you have your Wings ready. Some wax or styling gel can be used to keep the look intact.

Here are Some More Beautiful pictures:

Idea # 21

This spiky up do creates more of a gangster look and gives a casual style to your kid.


Idea # 22

One of the best haircuts for boys, this pompadour with faded undercut creates more of a neat look that every boy can cherish.


Idea # 23

Boy Front Short Wings
Source: Maestribarbearia

Almost same length hair kept throughout and a messy touch given on the top, this haircut gives you a casual look.


Idea # 24

Have you ever thought of giving your kid such heroic looks? This combed over hairstyle with undercut sports a classic look.


Idea # 25

Boy Mohawk Fade for Medium Hairs
Source: Wolfgang.muse

Undercut with messy spikes on the top, the kid looks in a style of his own.


Idea # 26

Cool Haircut for Boys
Source: Chi_chan_fl2000

This is a simple hairdo for boys with a messy fringe on top. Nevertheless it looks quite stylish.


Idea # 27

Long Top with Side Parted for Boys
Source: Radicecco

Long side swept hair always create a classic look and that’s quite evident in this picture.


Idea # 28

The beautiful surgical double part with long side swept hair gives this boy an amazing and stylish look.


Idea # 29

Ivy League High Fade Hairstyle for Boy
Source: Acutabovesparta

Faded undercut with a hard part and slicked back hair on top is one of the best haircuts for boys for 2023 and creates a neat look overall.


Idea # 30

Sharp Side Part for Boys
Source: Stacynhi

This is another beautiful undercut with side swept hair on the top.


Idea # 31

High Fade with Short Curly Hairs

Source: Hollywoodsnj

After undercut with side swept hairstyle, what about the same with curly hair? Grow the hair on top a bit longer to make fine curls and have a undercut below that to achieve this wonderful look.


Idea # 32

Top Mohawk with Shaved Side and Back

Source: Dgfmbarber

This undercut with a different mohawk style on top is a perfect and stylish choice for little kids. And if you believe your kids can rock it then do go for this one.


Idea # 33

Front Flip high Fade haircut for Boys

Source: The_singing_barberr

Faux Hawk haircut alone is quite a stylish hairdo worn by many celebrities but boys can take it up a notch with these beautiful surgical designs.


Idea # 34

Short Top with Side Design Haircut

Source: Cesarthebarber

Surgical designs combined with undercut can give you a whole new look. The design options can be plentiful and you just have to go with something that suits you.


Idea # 35

Long Spiky Mohawk for boys

Source: Tagyourhair

Another beautiful undercut with long and spiky mohawk style at the top. This really makes for the best haircuts for boys.


Idea # 36

Side Bang with handsome Layeres for Boy

Source: Hairstyle_para_hombres

Messy hair on top with a fringe and faded sides create this perfect look for your toddler.


Idea # 37

Verticle Combover with low side hairdo

Source: Sportclips_middletown

This beautiful side swept pompadour with faded sides creates a timeless party look and will definitely make you standout from the crowd.


Idea # 38

Combover with Shaved Side Hairstyle for boy

Source: Essexhairgoddess

These two beautiful hairstyles will look so cool on your kids. And if you’re choosing something for yourself and your little brother, choose the unique looks portrayed in the picture here.


Idea # 39

Boy Cool Short hairstyle

Source: J_rabbitcutz

The faded sides with a bit longer hair on top styled straight with some styling product, the hairstyle creates a wonderful look overall.


Idea # 40

Curly Pompadour hairstyle

Source: Kristynofsavvysalonanddayspa

This is one of the best haircuts for boys that brags about its mohawk look.


Idea # 41

Combover with high Fade

Source: Allthingsboyshair

Nice, beautiful, and neat combed back hair with hard part and faded sides, nothing can compete this amazing look.


Idea # 42

Short Mohawk with Side Design for boy

Source: Coldkane907

This funky mohawk style hairdo with surgical designs is a perfect choice for kids who love to flaunt their unique personality.


Idea # 43

Shave Sides with Brushed Back Long Hairstyle

Source: Agendahair

This unique combed back look with undercut looks just perfect on anyone with golden hair.


Idea # 44

Cool Haircuts for Boys

Source: Hairstyledmen

Here are some cool combed back styles and mohawk haircut options for boys in 2023.


Idea # 45

Long Top Flip Side Part hairstyle for Boy

Source: Alanperez016

If you’re looking for haircuts for boys that feature long hair and still want to have a look of short hairdo, it’s best to combine the two looks. The hair on top are kept too long while the sides have a undercut with hard side part.


Idea # 46

Cool haircuts for Teen Boys

Source: Haircutsforboys

Here we have a couple of different spiky looks for boys. One features a more funky hairdo with undercut while the other is more casual look that creates wavy spikes on top.


Idea # 47

Trendy hairstyle for Boys


Pompadour hairstyles never go out of fashion and the same can be witnessed from the different options depicted here for styling this look.


Idea # 48

Pompadour Fade for Boys

Source: Eegancegelca

This clean look boasts of a faded undercut and slicked back hair on top styled with a product.


Idea # 49

Boy Trendy medium Length Haircut

Source: Elegancegelca

Mohawk haircuts for boys can’t get any funkier than this. The mohawk look is combined with faded sides and a surgical design to achieve the final style.


Idea # 50

Undercut Brushed back for Boy

Source: Elegancegelca

This comb over pompadour style with faded undercut looks neat and clean while keeping the style statement intact.


Idea # 51

Medium Silk hairs - Side part for Boys

Source: Thegreatbritishbarberbash.

This long hair style with side swept hair will bring the elegance and style in you.


Idea # 52

Thick Wavy Haircut for Teens

Source : Ferrazbarber

Textured hair on top with an undercut, this is one of the best haircuts for boys and suits boys of any age.


Idea # 53

Undercut with Side Design Short Hairs

Source : 4hairpleasure

Keeping the long spiky hair on top and adding a cool dye will create this funky look. The look can be further complemented with a surgical design on the faded sides.


Idea # 54

Boy Silky Hairstyle for Medium Length

Source : Aaaakari.makes

This Helmet bob for boys with a clean undercut at the back really gives a pleasing vibe.


Idea # 55

Medium Wavy hairstyle for Boy

Source : Pranitofficial

The beautiful long quiff gives a rough look but still it is quite beautiful and can be worn casually on any occasion.


Idea # 56

Cool Haircut for Boys

Source : The_barberpost_roma

What can be more patterned than this beautiful crown? Long pattered hair on top and a undercut at the bottom make it a trendy hairstyle for boys.


Idea # 57

Wavy layered with Side Parted haircut

Source : Barcode9

These messy fringes create a perfect vibe for a boys haircut. The look is completed with the faded undercut.


Idea # 58

Edge Up Haircut with Side and Back Design

Source : Notis_kwstog

If you are short of ideas on surgical designs then try this beautiful one. Combine it with hard parted normal length hair on top and you’ll love the look.


Idea # 59

Wavy Medium hairstyle with Shaved Side

Source : Kazu_ofhair

If you do not want something neat and clean, try this mixture with clean faded sides and messy side parted hair on top.


Idea # 60

Cool Pompadour Boy Haircut

Source : Cristiangoiceanu

The beautiful pompadour hairstyle with a faded undercut is what you need to style elegantly on formal occasion.


Idea # 61

Low Fade Haircut for Thick Hairs

Source : Don.paradox

Try this Quiff haircuts for boys with faded undercut to achieve a perfect, desirable look.


Idea # 62

Simple Silk Haircut for Boy

Source :  Yoneokome

This undercut with longer hair on top falling to the sides creates a perfect helmet like look that seems quite adorable.


Idea # 63

Classic Combover with Mide Fade

Source : Elie_the_barberThe side part ?

Slicked back hair always create a perfect look but what about sweeping them to a side and keeping it all short? Check out this amazing look.


Idea # 64

Cool Boy haircut Simple and Straight Hairs

Source : Su.goes.on 

Long messy fringe style when combined with a faded undercut creates this more than perfect look.


Idea # 65

Burshed Back Thick Hairs with High Fade

Source : Christianobed_thebarber

The haircuts for boys can’t get any cleaner than this. Styled with a Quiff on top and hard parted undercut on the sides, this really is one timeless look.


Idea # 66

Cool haircut for Boys 2018

Source : Chees0324

Messy spikes with an undercut can be styled in as many ways as you like. Just look at this one where hair on the back also take the same look as those on the top.


Idea # 67

Short Textured Wave with Low Fade

Source : Cutthroat.mike

This messy texture with undercut creates a simple yet elegant look for boys.


Idea # 68

Short Silk Straight Hairs

Source : Saaya0826

Now, this one really is a classy spiky look. Hair is kept just about medium length and styled as messy spikes.


Idea # 69

Shaved Side Short Textured Haircut for Boy

Source :  Carrasco.vic

Clean undercut with simple textured hair on top can be a cool hairdo for boys in the next year.


Idea # 70

Burshed Back with Mid Fade for Silk hairs

Source : Hungcutshair

This beautiful Quiff with a faded undercut can be worn elegantly on any occasion.


Idea # 71

Simple Curl Short with Side Design
Source :Criminal_barber

This faded undercut with a surgical design looks so beautiful on anyone with frizzy hair on top.


Idea # 72

Undercut with short hair on top and a frontal fringe creates a timeless look for boys.


Idea # 73

Wavy Textured Layers Mid Fade Boy Haircut
Source :  Jose.a_barber

For young boys, this messy hairdo gives a clear representation of their personality. The undercut adds a bit of style to the look.


Idea # 74

Simple Brushed Back with Mid Fade
Source :  Jose.a_barber

Every tried a Quiff with an undercut? It’s one of the best haircuts for boys that is going to rock this year and you should definitely have it.


Idea # 75

Popular Side Part Haircut for Boy
Source : Newera_bocaraton

Side swept Quiff with faded sides really make for a high end look for boys of any age.


Idea # 76

Silk Short Textured Layers with Shaved Sides
Source : Drewrys_

Uneven hair on top, styled with a fringe and undercut, this hairdo is amazing and can be worn on any occasion.


Idea # 77

Another Quiff with an undercut just styled in a different way, this is a perfect haircut for teenagers.


Idea # 78

Simple Short combfront with Mid Fade Boy Cut
Source : criminal_barber

Surgical style in the undercut and simple, straight hair on top create a perfect look for boys of all ages.


Idea # 79

Short Pompadour Boy Haircut
Source : Enziothebarber

This neat look seems so cool with an undercut and beautifully styled combed back hair on top. The texture adds more elegance to the look.


Idea # 80

Front Long Spiky Boy Haircut
Source: haircutkidz

For little boys, spiky hair are always in trend but look at this long updo to create more of a fohawk look. It’s amazing!


So, check out these haircuts for boys and find one for yourself or your younger one. Any style can be worn elegantly and you just need to make the right pick.