Hair Length Chart To Understand Your Hair Type And Length For Appropriate Style Selection

We all dream of having long and luscious hair that lends us a beautiful, princess look. And, even though you might have tried everything to grow your hair quickly, it’s all easier said than done – particularly for specific hair types. The type of hair you have can play a vital role in deciding the hair length you could achieve. A complete hair length chart can help you understand how long you could grow your hair for different types and what possible hairstyles could be the best option for you. Let’s explore more in detail about this.

Understanding Your Hair Type And Hair Length

Understanding Your Hair Type And Hair Length

The type of hair you have directly influences the length you could achieve or, at least, how long your hair appears to be. The logic is simple – just consider a long ribbon piece that seems longer when held straight but shrinks significantly when rolled or folded. The same goes for your hair as it appears shorter when it is wavy or curly and longer when it’s straight.

How To Describe Your Length According To A Hair Length Chart?

It is always confusing to answer your stylist when they ask what length you would like to keep your hair. However, a hair length chart can help you describe exactly what you want to achieve and how the stylist should style your hair. Let’s try to explain how you’d describe your desired length to the stylist.

Short Hair

Short hair could either be all-buzzed up, kept to ear length, or they can be chin length. Here’s a brief explanation for each.

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  • Buzz Cut

If you don’t want a lengthy hairstyling routine, you can go with the buzz cuts. In this hairstyle, the hair is kept under an inch and the same length goes all over. To make it look expressive and attractive, you might want to try cool hair color.

  • Ear Length (Pixie Haircut)

Girls who want to show off their amazing bone structure should go for an ear length or pixie haircut. If you have curly hair, it will elevate the ringlets with no extra effort. It’s an effortless hairstyle to achieve and adds personality to your hair. To make it look even better, apply some hair mousse  to ensure your hair gets weightless volume.

  • Chin Length (Bob Hairstyle)

Chin Length hair or a classic bob hairstyle keeps your hair short so much so that it doesn’t go beyond the jawline. You can always experiment with this length by trying an asymmetrical bob, for instance.

Medium Hair

Medium length hair can either be shoulder length or armpit length if you want it slightly longer.

  • Shoulder Length

This length is universally flattering – just imagine modern shag or a lob haircut. These haircuts toe the line between a bob and longer hairstyles, allowing you to pick the best aspects of the two types. When going with a haircut with layers, the natural texture could be enhanced using a texturizing spray . It will give your hair hold and airy texture with frizz protection.

  • Armpit Length

When your hair has grown past that awkward stage while growing it longer, you have achieved the armpit length. This hair length is ideal for girls who have textured hair as curls always look beautiful if you add some extra inches. For curly hair, a styling product similar to Mizani True Textures Curl Enhancing Lotion will add more definition to the ringlets and will also enhance texture.

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Long Hair

When you grow your hair past the arm-pit length, it can be described as long hair. Here again, you can either keep it to mid-back length or tailbone length depending on your personal preference.

  • Mid-Back Length

The mid-back length is a perfect choice for thicker, coarse hair textures. And, if you can add some shining serum or hair oil  even better!

  • Tailbone Length

It is very much possible to grow your hair to the tailbone length. However, it will require your strands to be strong enough to bear the weight. For that, you can use a product like Redken Extreme Length Shampoo and Conditioner With Biotin system. It helps strengthen any damaged hair while helping it to grow stronger and longer.

What To Consider Before Cutting Your Hair To A Perfect Length?

A perfect length varies from one person to another and there are a few things you should consider to determine what works best for you. These include:

  • Hair Type
  • Hair Texture
  • Face Shape

Besides, when cutting the hair, it is important that your long-term hair goals are considered as well. For instance, you won’t like to trim six inches off of your mane when your ultimate aim is to grow it to waist length.

Now that you are equipped with all the necessary information on what hair length works for different hair types and textures, follow the hair length chart to figure out your perfect length. Make sure that you understand your long-term hair goals and opt for an appropriate length accordingly.