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25 Trendy Line Up Haircuts for Kids to Try Now

Struggling to keep your kids still for a haircut? Dreading the salon visit due to the potential fuss? Consider line up haircuts for your kids!

For years, line-up haircuts have been a fashionable choice for men, and now they’re gaining popularity for kids as well.

This style creates a clean, sharp cut around the hairline and sideburns, offering an easy-to-maintain and trendy look.

Perfect for kids who find it hard to sit still, line up haircuts provide a fun and stylish way to diversify their appearance.

In this article, we delve into the ins and outs of line up haircuts for kids, covering how they’re done and the best ways to keep them looking sharp. So, let’s dive in!

What Are Haircuts With a Line-up?

Line up haircuts are a grooming trend where the hairline around the forehead, temples, and sideburns is neatly trimmed to create a defined edge. Often combined with styles like fades or tapers, this technique gives a polished look. Using clippers, scissors, and a razor, a skilled stylist creates a sharp line up, enhancing facial features and complementing your style. Whether it’s a crew cut or an undercut, a line up adds precision and sophistication to any hairstyle.

Adorable Line Up Haircuts for Little Boys

Introduce your little boy to the stylish world of line up haircuts! These neat, precise cuts offer a polished look that’s perfect for any occasion.Check out our below collection to find out the best for your little boy.

Straight Line Up Haircut

One of the best kids hairstyles out there, this one is quite sleek and elegant. The hair on top is styled nicely forward and it’s kept all short on top.The sides have a nice faded look which blends nicely into the top hair. The edgy temples really make for a perfect line up style.

Line Up With Short Curls

This cool line up hairstyle variation is a perfect choice for kids with naturally curly and kinky locks. The hair on top is trimmed short so that the curls can be left soft and gentle.The sides have a nice fade as the perfect line up style is created around the temples. The little bit of contrast in length between the hair on top and the sides looks really amazing and makes for a perfect hairstyle on any day. 

The Curly Line Up Haircut

For boys with curly hair, the line up haircut can be adapted to suit their hair type. This style features a clean line up around the hairline and temples, while the curly hair on top is left natural. This gives boys with curly hair a stylish yet low-maintenance look.

Line Up with Design

For a creative twist, consider the Line Up with Design. This trendy haircut includes a custom design shaved into the faded sides, adding a playful element to the refined line up haircut. It’s a fun way to let your child express their personal style.

The Mohawk Line Up Haircut

The Mohawk line up haircut is a bold and daring style that features a strip of hair that is styled upwards in the middle of the head. The hair on the sides is then buzzed short with a line up around the temples and hairline. This edgy style is perfect for boys who want to make a statement.

Line Up with Long Top

For boys who prefer longer hair, the Line Up with Long Top offers the best of both worlds. It retains the tidy, defined hairline of line up haircuts for kids, while the longer hair on top adds a youthful, stylish touch.

The Side Part Line Up Haircut

The side part line up haircut is a classic style that never goes out of fashion. This cut features a deep side part with a clean line up around the hairline and temples. The hair on top is styled into a neat side-swept look, giving boys a sophisticated and mature appearance.

Short Forward Swept Line Up

Source: Broccli

This cool variation of the line up hairstyle is very much the same as we have above but the fade here starts higher on top.It’s a skin fade on the sides that complements the overall hairstyle to perfection and makes for a wonderful look on any day. Simple and easy to style, this low maintenance haircut won’t require you to put in too much of effort.

Curly Flat Top Line Up Haircut

One of the best hairstyles for curly hair types, this cool line up haircut creates a uniquely amazing vibe.The hairstyle boasts of a flattop with naturally curly hair and there is a surgical line up that defines the look to perfection. Faded sides blend into the hairstyle rather elegantly and a nice and cool look is created with a gentle touch to it.

Spiky Line Up

Source: Mohawk

You have seen the simplest of looks so far on this compilation of lineup haircuts, but if you want something funky and special then this is the hairstyle you would want to adopt on any given day.The haircut is a typical short lineup style with fade on the sides but it requires the hair to grow longer on top moving towards the front from the crown area.The front is styled into a perfect edgy and spiky look and creates a perfect vibe overall. You can’t ask for anything better.

Side Part with Side Fade

line up haircut with fade

One of the simplest line up haircuts, all you do is simply side part the hair in this style. Have the thinner section with medium fade with a longer length for the broader section. Get a few spikes in the front with the remaining hair neatly combed.


4-Line Geometric Line Cuts

line up haircut with design

For this unique hairstyle, you can have a fade at the side and the back. Increase the length of the fade as you go away from the ear. Get 3-4 line cuts with fading width. Have an almost equal length of hair on the head.


Short Fade with Long Length

boys haircuts with lines

This is another simple one from the line up haircuts category where you have a short fade just near the ear. Get an increasing length of fade from the nape to the crown. Bring short fringes on the forehead while sweeping the hair to the front.


Short Spiky Hair with Geometric Line Cuts

line up haircut for boys

If your kid has extremely straight hair, then this is definitely the go-to style. Cut the hair not very short or medium. Have fade at the side and the back. Get two line cuts at the side on the fade, and it’s done.


High Fade with a Cut Line

line up haircut with high fade

Gently side part the hair while getting a very high fade at the side and the back. Have long length in the broader section and comb the hair to one side. Make a cut line on the fade, starting from the forehead to the back.


Designed Fade with Mohawk

A mohawk style for your kid, this hairstyle has fade only limited to the design. Side part the hair with short hair just above the design. Get spikes on the larger section of the part with decreasing length to the back. You can get a few strands on the forehead.


Very Short Hair with Partition Line

line up haircut with crop short hair


This haircut does not have a partition, but the line up divides the hair into two parts. Have fade at the side and the back with very short hair on the crown, starting from the front till the back in equal length.


Dense Curls with Fade Design

Want to try a cool haircut while having dense curls? Color the ends of the curls in pink-red. Have fade at the side and the back. Get a geometric line cut along the line of the fade with two lines cutting it.


Blonde Red Length with Skin Fade Design

This is a very bold style in which your kid can get a skin fade at the side. Create a unique design on the fade with a longer length on the crown, starting from the front to the back. Color the length in red and do them in any direction.


Fade Design with Spiked Mohawk

A quirky style to experiment with, have a very high fade start from short with increasing length to the middle of the head and the nape. Get a line cut on the fade from the temple to the back. Make long spikes on the crown.


Line Up With Temple Fade

Another cool variation of the typical lineup hairstyle, this beautiful hairdo boasts of kinky hair trimmed short and tight to the head and it features faded temples as well.

The line up looks just perfect and the hairstyle doesn’t require much of maintenance either because of very short and nicely trimmed locks on top.


Messy Line Up Hairstyle

If you want to make your kid’s haircut look a bit more stylish rather than being simple and bland, this is the hairstyle you’d want to go with.

Contrary to the ones above, the hairstyle requires the hair on top to be grown long and feel a bit messier.

The naturally wavy mess on top makes a unique style statement and it really looks nice with the line up hairstyle and faded sides. Overall, it looks perfect.


Kinky Line Up With Surgical Line

Source: Mens Hairstyles Today

This cool hairstyle is a perfect choice for black boys haircuts as it’s just tailor made for the naturally kinky locks. Trimmed short and tight to the head, the hairstyle reduces the natural kink of the hair to minimum.

It gets a temple fade on the sides and a touch of style is added to the look by creating that cool surgical line on the sides. It looks gorgeous and makes for a perfect hairstyle overall.


Comb Over Hairstyle With Line Up

Source: Menhairdos

This is another cool line up haircut that gives more of a perfect and classy touch to your kid’s style. The hair on top is required to grow a bit longer and it’s combed over nicely before securing it into place with the help of a styling product.

A hard part on the side with a line up, it really makes for wonderful formal look that your boy can flaunt in style anywhere he goes. It will let him make a statement and he’ll surely look gorgeous.


Quiff Hairstyle With Line Up And Hard Part

Source: Hairstyles Ideas

Yet another gorgeous look for your little boy to flaunt, this one is actually a semi-formal look that makes a unique vibe overall.

The hairstyle requires the hair on top to be grown longer and styled into a beautiful Quiff combed back to perfection.

A perfectly textured top looks just amazing and it is balanced nicely with the faded hair on the sides that have a line up style to them. A hard side part takes the hairstyle to the next level and its edgy appearance is what everyone would love about it.


So, if a line up haircut is what you want to give to your kid this year, it would be a perfect choice for sure. A unique stylish look is what’s going to be trending this year and nothing can beat a line up in that respect.

Just go through all the variations above and see which of them is going to look the coolest on your little boy and choose accordingly. Let him rock in an all new and different style!

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