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Top Short Hairstyles For Kids That You Can Style On Any Day

With so many kids hairstyles coming in and trending this year, it can often becomes challenging for the parents to pick the best hairstyles for kids that would allow them to make a statement. However, if you want to make sure that you go for something that will make your kids look awesome on any day, it’s in your best interest to try out some of the best short hairstyles for kids out there. There is a long range of hairstyle options that can be styled with the shorter locks on top and they all look quite trendy, elegant and unique at the same time as well. So, what’s wrong in trying out these looks that your kid can wear on any given day without having to worry at all about their style and uniqueness?

Let’s go through our top choices among the short kids hairstyles and see which of these would suit your little one the best.

  1. Casual Wavy Bob Hairstyle

Casual Wavy Bob

Source: Stylingwithmya

Bob hairstyles make the obvious choice for girls with short hair. This casual and naturally wavy look, however, is something that we don’t see too often. However, that’s quite surprising because the hairstyle will definitely lift your girls’ looks on any given day and will make her look and feel amazing. It doesn’t require much of maintenance either and it’s a look that can make a statement on any day without too much of special efforts being put in.

  1. Casual Side Swept Hairstyle With Low Fade And Design

Casual Side Swept Hairstyle With Low Fade And

Source: Petraultrika

Though the hairstyle gives more of a boyish vibe, it looks just perfect for little girls who just want to have a Tom Boy feel. The hairstyle requires you to cut her hair short enough and sweep it all naturally to a side. There is a gentle side part while the hair on the sides is faded low and there’s a nicely curving hair design achieved surgically to define the low fade. The hairstyle is perfect for those casual days.

  1. Short Hairstyle With Slicked And Angled Fringe

Short Hairstyle With Slicked And Angled Fringe

Source: Primacapellisalon

This beautiful short hairstyle for girls also gives a nice boyish look. So, if your girl wants to look stylish in an all-different and unique manner, this is the hairstyle that she’d want to sport. The style is actually in the haircut and you’ll have to make sure that it’s done nicely and quite precisely at the same time. The angle at which the frontal hair has to be cut is critical. Make sure it’s a bit edgy and the hair gets shorter gradually going towards the back. Slick the fringe to the sides with a nice angling look and it will make for a wonderful vibe for sure.

  1. Side Parted A-Line Bob Hairstyle

Side Parted A-Line Bob Hairstyle

Source: Candiceehair

No list of short hairstyles for kids would be complete without featuring a typical A-line Bob haircut. The hairstyle has its own unique look which can attract eyes within a moment. However, if you don’t want to go for that steep a look, this simple variation would do the job for you. Part it towards a side and let the nice and fine hair fall over. It will really look amazing when your girl will wear it with a nice, vibrant smile. A perfect combo without a doubt!

  1. Side Parted Long Bob Hairstyle

Side Parted Long Bob Hairstyle

Source: Family_beauty_club_astana

Many would say that a long bob hairstyle is quite old-fashioned but, believe it or not, it’s still relevant. Obviously, it’s one of the most popular fashion trends that have made a comeback, especially for little girls. So, if your girl has the luxury of those beautiful, straight and fine locks, give her a nice bob hairstyle to flaunt on a formal event. It will look really amazing with a nice side part and will definitely make a statement for her. As for length, let it go down to the shoulders and then make it curve inwards for a perfectly classic look.

  1. Side Parted Bob Hairstyle With Angled Haircut

Side Parted Bob Hairstyle With Angled Haircut

Source: Salonblowindia

Usually, we have seen so many beautiful bob hairstyles that come forward at the front growing longer and are actually kept shorter towards the back. Typically, they are called the A-line Bob hairstyles. However, here we have something different. In fact, it’s a complete opposite of that look. The hairstyle requires the hair on top to be parted in the center and style nicely towards the sides. However, the fringes are cut shorter this time and the length grows at an angle going towards the back. It’s a perfect routine look and doesn’t require too much of effort to achieve.

  1. Wavy Shoulder Length Hairstyles

Wavy Shoulder Length Hairstyles

Source: Lesawithan_e

Even though it’s a bit longer than the hairstyles listed above, this one is still categorized as a short hairstyle for girls. The hairstyle is simple to achieve with naturally wavy hair on the sides and a simple side part on top. The sides have a naturally wavy look which makes it look perfect and there is a statement bow clip on top slightly towards the side allowing you to secure a more than perfect hairstyle at the end of the day.

  1. Textured Side Swept Hairstyle With Undercut

Textured Side Swept Hairstyle With Undercut

Source: Trucutbarber

Now, if you have had enough of short hairstyles for girls, let’s move on to the best looks for boys. Starting with this short and simple hairstyle, it gets a nice and textured look on top with the hair swept close and tight to the head towards a side. There is an undercut to complement the top and contrast it to perfection. Overall, the look is perfectly balanced out and has volumes to speak about itself.

9.       Casual Side Swept Hairstyle With Frontal Bangs

Casual Side Swept Hairstyle With Frontal Bangs

Source: Cosmosarah13

This casual look doesn’t require you to put in too much of your time and effort in styling your boy’s hair every day. Rather, just get him a perfect short hairstyle and he’s good to go. The hair on top is slightly textured and swept casually towards a side leaving short bangs at the front falling over the forehead. The sides have a high fade and it balances out the look to perfection. Just run your fingers through the boy’s hair and he’ll be ready to flaunt his beautiful hairstyle.

  1. Short Textured Quiff With Side Part And Fade

Short Textured Quiff With Side Part And Fade

Source: Madabouthairvegas

Quiff hairstyles have always been among the top formal styles for boys and they’re typically characterized by that big lump on top. However, this one takes a different approach making this hairstyle ever more stylish and elegant. You have short-to-medium length hair at the front which is combed back after applying a good amount of styling gel to achieve a perfectly textured look on top. There is a side part and we have a nice and high fade on the sides which make for a clean and perfectly formal vibe. The hairstyle is a perfect choice for formal school events and any other formal functions that you’d like to take your kid to.

  1. Casual Edgy Top With Forward Swept Bangs

Short Textured Quiff With Side Part And Fade

Source: Barber.farmer

This hairstyle is completely different from the one above as it boasts of an entirely casual look. The edgy and casual top, however, makes it look quite appealing and it doesn’t require you to put in any extra effort to achieve the look either. The frontal bangs are also kept wide, open and casual as they cover the forehead. As for the sides, we have a contrasting, cleaner look with a high fade. Even though it has a casual look, it may not be at conflict with most school codes and your kid will be able to sport the look in regular routine. Styling is not a hassle as all it takes is to run the fingers through after applying some soft styling product.

  1. Side Swept Hairstyle With Casual Part

Side Swept Hairstyle With Casual Part

Source: Morsanti07

Nothing can get simpler than this beautiful short hairstyle for boys. It doesn’t even require you to have contrasting lengths on top and the sides. All you have to do is to keep it to same lengths all over and go for a long side sweep with a casual part on the sides. Yes, remember, the part is casual and we have a longer sweep on top. A perfectly Asian look, your boy will look amazing in this wonderful hairstyle both on casual and formal days.

  1. Caesar Haircut

Caesar Haircut

Source: Amfbeautysalon

Known for being one of the best short hairstyles for boys out there over the years, the Caesar haircut is still relevant in today’s times of modern and contemporary looks. So, if you want to make sure that your kid looks his best and has a unique style to make a statement, this simple hairdo will do the job rather nicely. The hair on top is all swept forward or to a side with a slightly textured look while the hair on the sides has the same effect too. A touch of style is, however, given by the raised up spike at the front which defines to the look in entirety. The hairstyle works for formal as well as casual days.

  1. Textured Side Swept Top With Undercut

Source: Madeofcircles

An undercut can blend in nicely with most of the hairstyles out there and here we have a perfect example of that. This really is one of the best short hairstyles for kids that boasts of short-to-medium length on top which is given a textured look and is swept nicely to a side. Even here, you don’t have to go for a formal side sweep and rather run the fingers through casually to achieve a perfect hairstyle. The sides have a nice and simple undercut which complements and contrasts the top to perfection.

  1. Kinky Top Knot With Hair Design

Kinky Top Knot With Hair Design

Source: Illethal_cut

Now, here we have a perfect black boys hairstyle that is achieved with naturally kinky and rugged locks all over. The hair on top is nicely combed back with short cornrows like stuff on the side edges and a unique top knot just around the crown area. A stylish look is created by achieving surgical designs on the sides and it really makes the hairstyle look chic, unique and elegant. You can’t really ask for a better look for black boys with naturally kinky locks.

16.   Textured Side Swept Hairstyle With Angled Hard Part

16.   Textured Side Swept Hairstyle With Angled Hard Part

Source: Azteckproud1

This side parted hairstyle boasts of a nice and short textured look on top with hair swept all the way to a side and it’s actually defined by that beautiful angled side part which is created surgically. There is a taper fade on the sides and it makes for a perfect, well-organized and clean look. The hairstyle will look stylish on any day and will make your kid rock his style everywhere he goes and make new fans. You can’t really ask for a better look for those formal days.

  1. Casually Side Swept Short Fringe

Casually Side Swept Short Fringe

Source: Tanglesandtoeskids

This is another beautiful look that boasts of nothing but simplicity. Achieving the hairstyle isn’t too hard either as you have to get his hair cut short enough and swept nicely to a side. The hair on the sides is trimmed shorter into a fade haircut which makes for a perfect balance all over. The hairstyle would look amazing on kids with golden blonde, fine and straight hair types. You can comb it through or simply sweep it to a side by running your fingers through. Overall, it’s just amazing!

  1. Short Spiky Buzz Cut

Short Spiky Buzz Cut

Source: Hillsbarbershop

Your kid may not want to go for an all out buzz, but if you can give it an even better and stylish look then there is no reason why they would want to reject getting this wonderful hairstyle. Go for a high fade on the sides and trim it tight to the skin while keeping the hair on top slightly spiky and edgy. The length on top is kept the same all over and it makes for a perfect combination with the faded hair on the sides. The hairstyle requires no maintenance whatsoever and will make for a perfect hairstyle in daily routine. You’ll definitely not have to worry at all about your kid’s style day in and day out.

So, what do you think of these short hairstyles for kids? Whether you’re a parent to a boy or a girl, you have lots of amazing options to choose from. Just go through the list with your kids and get their input into which hairstyles they’d like to sport as well. You’re sure to come up with something that won’t just satisfy your kids’ styling needs but also makes them look attractive as well. Everyone will look at them for sure and they’ll flatter their style like never before.