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Choosing a cute unique hairstyle for kids is always a challenge as every kid has his/her own style and persona. Besides, with such a wide variety of haircuts for kids around, you never know which one is going to suit your kid and make them look perfect. However, with little help and some styling sense, you can easily choose the best haircuts for kids out there. Just make sure that you do your research and find the real best according to your kid’s face cut and personal style. Here we have listed some of the best haircuts that you may like to give to your kid. So, take a look and choose one for your little one.

  1. Fancy Hairstyle Featuring Braids

Fancy Hairstyle Featuring Braids

Source: matsu.mama

It’s a cute hairstyle for girls that includes the decorative braids to make it look adorable overall. To achieve the look, 3 braids are made starting at hairline. The join together to make mid-height ponytail towards the side.

  1. Punk Rock Tot

Punk Rock Tot Haircut

Source: marloshears

It’s a perfect hairdo or your little rebel and will surely match his personality. The haircut pairs the shaved sides with long bang on the side and creates an outright edgy look. Now the styling possibilities are, literally, endless as you can spike the hair up or slick them down just the way you like.

  1. Curly Ponytail With A Headband

Curly Ponytail With A Headband

Source: lindsayherrerahair

If you have to prepare your little princess for a special event, creating a curly pony and catching the hair with a headband at the top would be a great style to give her. For styling the hair, create a horizontal part that goes parallel to hairline and then divides to create smaller sections to house ponytail headband.

Now, make first pony and secure it using an elastic. Then split that pony into 2 parts and then feed its ends into 3rd pony rather than second. After completing woven hairband this way, just pull up all the remaining hair into a ponytail.

  1. Point Cut Feathers

Point Cut Feathers

Source: haircutkidz

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It’s one of the cutest kids haircuts that will just look perfect on your little boy. Actually, it’s a Mohawk haircut having longer plumage. That jagged outline in this hawk haircut looks just stunning and you will always love the way it pushes the hair forward to front for creating that amazing fringe.

  1. Dutch Braids Going Into The Voluminous Buns

Dutch Braids Going Into The Voluminous Buns

Source: h.airstylist

Another braids hairstyle on the list, addition of voluminous buns to a braided haircut for girls really is a cool idea for diversifying the braids for girls. Part the hair down through the center and start Dutch braiding every section working right up to the head. Finally, ends of those braids should be twisted to make buns.

  1. Mohawk Haircut

Mohawk Hairdo for Kids

Source: _missdayna

Mohawk is a popular haircut for boys and really makes the young guns look cuter than ever. Add a bowtie to the overall style and you have some real class out of your boy. Though it may appear to be more of a cliché on older guys, nothing can be more adorable than this on cute little kids.

  1. Flower Bun Plus Braid

Flower Bun Plus Braid

Source: empire_braids_with_farra_

The flower hairstyles really look pretty on long and blond hair and the same stands true for this pretty braided hairdo. The look can be achieved by separating your kid’s hair to create two different sections in very much the same manner as with half updo. Braids are created in top section and are then swirled to make flowers. Ensure that the edges are stretched in a way that they appear more like the real petals. A decorative pin right in middle of flower will certainly make it look standout. All the remaining hair can be French braided.

  1. Long Fauxhawk

Long fauxhawk

Source: dana_smyl

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Toddlers really look great wearing this amazing look as they usually have softer hair that can be easily put into just about any style one can name. The Mohawk we have here is longer than normal and requires to be styled with a gel or mousse for keeping a perfect hold. Probably, it’s best time for boasting the longer locks of your kids.

  1. Multi Strand French With A Bun

Multi Strand French With A Bun

Source: eclairbraids

Ever tried three-strand braid with your kid? If not then it’s the time probably. You can increase the number of braids as well for adding more of a style statement. To achieve the look, create multi-strand braid that runs diagonally along the head of your young girl. And, for the finishing touch, create a braided bun that is loosely wrapped.

  1. Shaved Waves Haircut For Short Hair

Shaved Waved with Fauxhawk

Source: haircutkidz

There are quite a few hairstyles that you can opt for when it comes to rocking the etched look. Take a look at this haircut here that features disconnected undershave and combines it with wave pattern to achieve a really cool look overall. It’s different, stylish and elegant.

  1. Twist Crown Updo

Twist Crown Updo

Source: brownhairedbliss

Crown updo can be easily styled for hair with medium length. It is a good idea to use twist rather than conventional French braid. Make sure all the hair is not tucked into that twisted crown. Leaving a little tail on a side can also be a great thing to do.

  1. Platinum Heights

Platinum Heights

Source: haircutkidz

A Mohawk can’t get taller than this. This aggressive and unique Mohawk look for your little kid will really make them standout from the crowd. The style will definitely turn the heads wherever your kid will go. A razor is used for cutting the hair strands and achieving the wispy look at the ends. To achieve the look, keep the hair long above and make them short at the back. Besides, make jagged ends towards nape.

  1. Triple Lace Braid Combined With A Rosette

Triple Lace Braid Combined With Layered and Rosette

Source: pedagogiek_cynthia

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The creative use of hair accessories can really make the hairstyles for girls look different and attractive at the same time. Give this style to your little girl simply by weaving 3 braids in a diagonal orientation across the head. Braids’ ends should be brought together into that flat rosette and then you must pin some hairclip right in the middle.

  1. Spiky Haircut For Boys

Spiky Haircut for Boys

Source: tinambriggs

Spikes always add a different aura and charm to the boys and that stands true for baby boys as well. So, if you do not want to commit your young one to full-on Mohawk style, long bang can be the way to go. Obviously, you can style it in various ways as you like. Gel can be used for spiking it up and achieving that crazy look on the weekend. However, if you’re up for a special occasion then  you can smooth the hair down and your kid will look equally amazing.

  1. Princess Locks With Twists And Braids

Princess Locks With Twists And Braids

Source: billie_hughes91

If your girl has thicker and longer hair then you can try more of amazing toddler haircuts for girls.