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Top 80 Hairstyles for 10 Years Old Girls (2024 Guide)

There are plenty of hairstyles for 10 year old girls available and one has the liberty to choose any of them according to what’s currently in fashion.

However, things can get confusing sometimes as you may not know exactly which one is going to suit you or how the look can be achieved.

For all your guidance about some of the best hairstyles for girls, here we have listed the real best and most in vogue options that you must go for.

All you’ll be left with is to take a look at the image, see if it will suit your face or not, and decide which one you’d want to go with.


Ideal Hairstyles for 10-Year-Old Girls

One more thing that you should take into account is what hairstyle you should opt for according to the occasion you want to wear it on. So, let’s check out these cool and stylish hairstyles for 10 year old girls in 2024.

Knotted braid

Knotted braid Little Girl Haircut
Source: Fryzurki.laurki

For duping this twisted appearance, make a big braid that starts at about 3 inches above the ear and sweep it around back to make the knotted bun. After that, pull the layers in the braid out for taking the texture to the next level.


Undercut with Bread for girls
Source: Salon9liz

For getting an edgy hairstyle that does not need much of maintenance and styling on daily basis, try this undercut.

It’s one of the best hairstyles for girls that works for just about any length of hair and will give a new look to even most low-key buns or ponytails.

All the maintenance you need is just trimming the hair if you’re intending to keep the look for some time. But if you don’t have any such intentions then you can simply let the hair grow and take the new style when you have enough hair to achieve the new look.


Bubble Ponytail

Bubble Ponytail For School Girls
Source: Jessygps

It’s really a wild look that you can snag by securing about a third of the hair on top into pony shape at the crown. Now grab that first pony and another hair section to form the second one at back side of the head.

After that, pull the pony and all remaining hair to make the third ponytail. For creating the bubbled look, simply tug out hair sections between every elastic.


Short Hair Buns

Short Hair Buns for Cute Girls
Source: kristalrose

One of the perfect hairstyles for 10 years old girls having shoulder length hair, this haircut is for you if you’ve always wanted to make those donut buns without having to use any extensions at all.

The hairdo gives you an alternative as you can create a couple of mini buns at your head’s back while allowing those shortest whisps to fall out for framing the face.


Pixie Haircut

If you have never had this haircut then you will find it intimidating and the best part is that it requires almost no maintenance at all.

However, if it’s for the first time that you’re going to have this haircut then you may find it a bit shocking to see yourself in the new look.

Whether you want to use some styling product or just want to roll right out of the bed, you can do whatever you like with your little Pixie.


Colorful Bands in Multiple Braids

10 year old girl with braid hairstyle

Divide the hair into multiple sections. Tie thin braids in each section, taking a range of colorful bands in each. This way, you can have multiple braids pulled over the shoulder in the front.


Horizontal Partition with Braid Ponies and Bangs

blonde braided pigtails for 10 year old girl

A common hairstyle to have for your 10 year old girl, horizontally part the hair to get medium-length bangs over the temple. Have a vertical partition to get two sections. Tie a braided pony on each side.


Side Waterfall Braid

braid hairstyles for 10 year old girl

A stunning style to try, get a side waterfall braid for your kid’s hair. Comb the hair neatly without partitioning it. Tie the end of the braid with a flower rubber band. Leave the remaining hair over the shoulders.


Multiple Braids in a Pony

Section the hair in the middle to make 5 braids. Have two braids at the sides starting from the front and three braids from the middle of the head. Tie the hair in a pony with a strand along with the loose hair.


Bubble Ponytail with Colorful Bands

In this hairstyle, neatly comb the hair. Get a high pony in the middle of the head. Tie it with a beautiful cloth band. At regular sections, puff the length of the hair and tie it in different colors of rubber bands. Leave the last section loose.


Bow Tied Hair with a Braid

A unique hairstyle making a bold statement pulls the hair from the front and makes it a bow tie just below the top of the head. Have a braid from the middle of the bow and leave the remaining length straight.


Wavy Hair with a Round Flower Band

Want to try a quick hairstyle for your kid? Comb the wavy hair neatly. Section them and put a beautiful round flower band to get an angel-like look. It will shift the complete focus from the face to the hair giving a fuller look to the features.


Multiple Braids with Pony

Divide the hair into multiple sections. Have a C-like braid starting from the middle of the head, moving to the front, and then ending at the back on both sides. Have another pair of small braids just near the middle of the head and tie them in a pony.


Long Straight Hair With a Rose Hairband

Another one from the simplest hairstyles for 10 year old girls to try, you can leave the long hair in this style. Simply brush them after side partitioning. And, put a hairband with a rose satin flower or any other design.


Middle Part Two-Sided Tied Style

One of the simplest hairstyles for 10 year old girls, you can try this style if you have loose curls and wavy hair. Middle partition the hair. Make two small sections near the front of the head. Tie them in a pony on both sides, leaving the remaining hair.


Disco Buns

Disco Buns
Source:  Katrinadeeganhair

Another hairdo that features stylish buns, this one will let you to amp up the space buns you have in routine with necessary dose of the holiday sparkle.

Just mix a clear gel with the glitter of your choice and paint it on to the desired part with the help of dye brush.


Half-Up Braid

One of the best haircuts for 10 year old girls with curly hair, this one requires you to douse the hair in some dry shampoo and then braid the bangs back and secure that braid right behind the ear.

Half of the hair on top should be pulled into sort of messy pony or bun and then bobby pins should be added to keep the look intact.


Pretty Sideswept Bun

Get this sweet new look that boasts a voluminous low bun. From frontal hair separate a 3-inch section and pull all remaining hair into a low side pony.

Twist small pieces from the pony and pin them to create a sort of messy bun. After that drape that frontal section loosely for framing the face and pin it into that bun you’ve just created.


Curly Pigtails – The Twirly Whirlies

Curly pigtails aren’t just your average pigtails, they are pigtails with a twist! Literally! It’s a hairstyle for a 10-year-old girl that combines the timeless charm of classic pigtails with the added fun of curls. Perfect for when your little fashionista wants to twirl around the room and her hair decides to join the party!

Braided Updo – The Crown Glory

Braided updos are like the tiaras of the hair world, creating a ‘crown’ effect that’s fit for a princess! It’s a sophisticated 10-year-old girl hairstyle that’s perfect for when your little one wants to channel her inner queen. “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who has the prettiest braid of them all?”

High Ponytail – The Reach-for-the-Stars Style

High ponytails are for those days when your little girl wants her style to reach for the stars! This easy-to-create hairstyle for a 10-year-old girl is the ultimate symbol of energy and youthfulness. Who needs a hat when you can have a high-flying ponytail?

Bob Cut – The Classic Chic

Bob cuts are the little black dress of hairstyles. Classic, elegant, and always in style! This 10-year-old girl hairstyle is perfect for any occasion, whether it’s a school day or a special event. “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” said Dr. Seuss, and surely he must have been thinking of bob cuts!

Side Braids – The ‘I-mean-Business’ Look

Side braids mean business. They’re the perfect hairstyle for a 10-year-old girl who’s ready to conquer her math homework or win the school spelling bee. “Watch out world, here I come!” says the girl with the side braids!

Wavy Layers – The Beach Babe

Wavy layers are for the girl who loves the beach even when she’s stuck in the city. This breezy 10-year-old girl hairstyle gives the impression that your little one just stepped off a tropical island. “Who needs a beach when you’ve got beach waves?”

Double Buns – The Twice-as-Nice Look

Double buns are twice as nice and twice as fun. This hairstyle for a 10-year-old girl is all about balance and symmetry, giving a fun twist to the traditional bun. When your little girl can’t decide between one bun or two, why not have both? Because two buns are always better than one!

Half Up Half Down – The Best of Both Worlds

The half up half down hairstyle is for the girl who wants the best of both worlds. Why choose between leaving your hair down or putting it up when you can do both? It’s a stylish 10-year-old girl hairstyle that’s always ready for a photo-op!

Loose Curls – The Effortlessly Glamorous

Loose curls are the equivalent of the ‘I woke up like this’ look. They’re effortlessly glamorous and perfect for any occasion. It’s a hairstyle for a 10-year-old girl that’s always ready to make an entrance. Because sometimes, your little girl just wants to let her hair down, and with these curls, she’ll be doing it in style!

Wrapped Bun

Wrapped Bun
Source: Zarla_hair

To achieve somewhat of a glam look than what you may get with a regular top knot, try this looped style to personify elegance.

Create the bun simply by pulling the hair halfway using an elastic and then wrap it around the base for hiding that hair tie.


Cool Hair Bow

Cool Hair Bow
Source: Daniellek1111

Designing your hairstyle in your own unique way will simply allow you to stand out from the crowd no matter where you go. So, why not try creating this cool hair bow.

Tame frizzes by applying leave-in lotion and then blow dry the hair. After that twist a couple of hair strands back and create a bow by tying them together. Congrats, you can now flaunt your new personalized hairdo.


Textured Twists

Textured Twists
Source: Normstyles_803

Talking about the haircuts for 10 year old black girls, messier hair is always considered better. Take some mousse on your palm and apply it to roots through the ends of your hair until they get slightly damp.

Work your way from the front to the back and separate the hair to make one-inch sections. Now, start teasing the roots using a boar-bristle brush.

Once you’ve done the teasing, get more mousse on the fingers and then twirl your hair till you get everything in place.


Side Braid

Side Braid
Source: Source: Khloehairdontcare

It’s a perfect hairdo for rocker chicks and can be styled for a special occasion like New Year’s Eve. For styling the look, use your favorite wand of yours for creating messy waves all over and then part the hair on the sides.

Gather your hair from a smaller side to work it through a single Dutch Braid which wraps from the beginning of the part to your neck’s nape.


Beachy Knot

Beachy Knot
Source: Source: Studiokdavis

There are many haircuts for 10 year old girls that allow the natural texture of a girl’s hair to shine and this is one of them.

You can get the beachy knot by tying the hair into loose knot right at your neck’s nape and allow those humidity-induced waves to stay in place. For those who have finer strands, sticking in a few bobby pins would do.


Pineapple Ponytail

If you have curly hair that never seem to settled down into a cool hairstyle, this is one of the best girls haircuts that gives you a perfect way for playing around.

You can achieve the look by brushing the curls right up to tippy-top of the noggin and tying the base using an elastic. You may need some mousse or other styling product for adding some definition to your style.


Crimped Hairdo

After wearing a perfect braid hairstyle just a day before, it’s time to show off those cool little crimps now.

To have some additional emphasis, sleep in the braid overnight and brush it up in morning. For finishing purposes add a headband to the look.


Ribbon Braid

Ribbon Braid
Source:  Trencitajohnson

Now this one is what you call one of the best classic haircuts for girls. You can have this look by using some pomade on the dry hair for added grip.

Grab a long piece of ribbon and wrap that piece onto your head just as you do with headbands and tie it at the nape. Now, gather all your hair to a side and create a braid while working the ribbon in as you make it.


Playful Sock Hair Bun

Playful Sock Hair Bun

Sock buns have always made a great style statement but the perfect donut may look completely unnatural.

Once you are able to make one, make sure that it is mussed up a bit using your fingers to achieve the perfect playful look.


One-Sided Braid

One-Sided Braid for Little Girl
Source: Yassy_classy09

It’s an ultra-polished ponytail that announces your chic and edgy style to everyone out there. The perfect look can be achieved by sectioning off 2-inch of hair to a side and then creating a French braid.

Make sure that it’s as tight as it could be and then pin it into place around your neck’s nape right underneath the ear on opposite side.

Next, use curling iron having medium-sized barrel for creating somewhat uneven and stylish beach waves on the hair that was not included in the braid.


Wispy Top Knot

Wispy Top Knot for Little Girl
Source:  Littledarlingsblog

For those casual occasions, choose laid-back look which still has something special about it.

You can achieve this wispy top knot look by twisting up the hair and then letting some strands to loosely fall around the face. The rest should be secured into that bun right on top of the head.


Undone Bun

Undone Bun Little Girl Haircut
Source: Shining_melania

Coolest haircuts for girls always have a bun that is not perfect from any angle. So, achieve this look and let some ends of the hair to poke out from the low ballerina hair bun. The overall messy look will really create an elegant vibe.


Here are more images:

Simple Long Bob Hairstyle
Source:  stylist_diana

This beautiful bob hairstyle for girls covers her face perfectly and gives a nice touch to the overall look.


Wavy Long Girls Hairstyle
Source: Stylist

Another long bob with ends curved outwards, the added style that comes with this hairdo lies in that short braid at the top.


Girls Short Hairstyle
Source: Ispademan

This is how pixie haircuts for girls look like. They are adorable and elegant and can be your casual look for everyday routine.


Short Helmet Bob Hairstyle for Girls
Source: Elvisreemasalon

This A-Line bob looks beautiful on just about any girl with frontal hair coming forward elegantly.


This is a beautiful bob hairstyle that shows how fine hair look like when cut into a beautiful bob.


Girls Long Hairstyle
Source: Salon_life

Lob haircut never goes out of fashion for cute girls. This is one of the best haircuts for girls.


Medium Length Bob Haircut with Layered Style
Source:  Lunaticfringesv

This blunt bob hairdo for girls has its own vibe and hidden beauty that is second to none.


Pixie Haircut for Little Girls
Source: Cailiejan

This beautiful pixie haircuts for girls with bangs looks amazing and creates an amazing, timeless look.


Long Wavy Cute Girl Haircut
Source: arleneguzman

The girl haircuts can be styled beautifully with waves just like the one we have here.


Helmet Bob Long Hairs with Waves
Source: Rosy_gamez

This is a wonderfully framed hairdo for little girls. The nice touch is given by making the hair to curl inwards.


Short Bob Haircut for Girls
Source: Thezealousroot

Have you ever given a short bob haircut to your little kid? Check out this adorable little girl and decide how your girl will look in this cut.


Fine hair always look beautiful in a straight combed bob hairdo.


Bangs with Mid Parted Shoulder Length Girls Hairstyle
Source: Hairbypucci

A funky look is given to the long bob haircut with a pink streak. Overall the look is quite decent and beautiful.


Silk Long Girls Hairstyle
Source: Minerva

Styling beautiful long hair in different haircuts can be challenging. But if you want to keep it simple, here’s the look you need to sport.


Short Haircut for Little Cute Girl
Source: Beabor

Bob on one side and short on the other, this haircut is surprisingly unique.


Medium Length Silk Girl Hairstyle
Source:  Cutsbyamerica

Normal length bob haircut is always elegant and adorable. See the chic look this young girl is getting with the hairdo.


A short bob can be as simple as this but stands uniquely among all the haircuts for girls.


A cute smile to complement the beautiful hairdo, the long bob haircut for girls is something to wear in style.


Asymmetrical bob haircut is what we have here. One of the cool haircuts for girls, this one will keep you in style.


Simple and Short Pixie Girl Hairstyle
Source:  Cutsbyamerica

Pixie haircut with stylish fringes at the front, this is a beautiful haircut for any occasion.


Stylish long hair for girls can always look adorable if you keep them styled naturally. The look is just amazing.


A-Line Girl Bob Hairstyle
Source: Bobbedhaircuts

This is how your A-line bob variation will look when you give it sort of a mushroom cut at the back.


Girl Short Hairstyle
Source: Minerva0101

From long locks to beautiful chin-length bob hairdo, this girl really looks amazing in the new style.


A simple, old school look, it’s great for everyday routine.


Medium Layered Girl Hairstyle
Source: Ashleezakar

That’s how you style wavy locks no matter what length of hair you have. The style always looks adorable and mod.


Girl Straight Bob haircut
Source:  Jodiaz_zaidoj

This is a beautiful blunt bob haircuts for girls that is easy to carry and still makes a bold statement.


Simple Layered Long Silk Girl Haircut
Source: Hairbymichellej

Another blunt bob variation, the hair is kept to shoulder length in this one and given proper direction.


A wavy bob hairdo for girls, this one looks beautifully awesome. A hair band at the top adds a unique vibe to the look.


This is how beautiful your asymmetrical, side parted bob can look. Wear that beautiful smile just like this girl and you will rock it.


Shoulder Length Layered Girl Hairstyle
Source: drawingout

Wavy hair combined with a bob hairstyle always look beautiful and amazing.


Cute Girl Helmet Bob
Source: Hairdo_ran

This short bob haircut with short fringes at the top is amazing.


Side Part Chest Length Cute Girl Hairstyle
Source: Hairbykara

Long bob with a layered look can give you that charming vibe and you’ll rock the look.


Long Wavy to Short Bob Haircut For Little Girl
Source: Hot_herbamomma

Another bob haircut on the list, this makes for the best haircuts for girls and can be styled to perfection quite easily.


Pixie Layered Girl Haircut
Source: Perla_zakopane

This is a slight variation to the popular pixie haircut with somewhat longer locks around the crown.


Cute Short Haircut for Girls
Source: Emilynichols

This short bob looks adorable on cute little girls and should be a top choice haircut.


Chest Length Cute Girl Haircut
Source:  Somerbyshairsalon

That’s how little girls can sport the longer locks. Keep it just a bit long from the shoulder length and style it in layers.


Wow, what a cute and beautiful look your little girl can get with a A-line bob. Just get it styled to perfection and she’ll love the look.


Simple Bob Haircut
Source: Monkeydooztc

Another look at the A-line bob haircut, it always looks beautiful.


Blunt bob with a different touch, this look is adorable, elegant and stylish.


Layered Bob with Bang Girl Hairstyle
Source: drawingout

This curly and wavy bob looks too beautiful and amazing. It’s one of the best haircuts for girls regardless of the occasion you want to wear it on. It’s simple and classy.


Long Wavy Girl Hairstyle
Source: Shanebalthazar

This hairstyle shows you exactly how you keep your long locks manageable. Add beautiful curly waves to them and bring them to the front for a beautiful look.


Side Part Silk Shoulder Lenght Girl Hairstyle
Source: Muafianisofya

This short hairstyle for girls is a wonderful choice for fine hair.


Pixie Hairstyle for Cute Girl
Source: J_mcfinnigan

This is a beautiful variation of pixie haircut and the look is complemented with bangs. Hair on top is combed forward to achieve the wonderful look.


Want to style your straight hair in a bit different way, this beautiful hairstyle is what you need to keep the volume intact and add a glamorous look.


Bun with Long Wavy Girl Hairstyle
Source:  Emilysbeautysalon

A stylish comb over with wavy hair on sides and back, this is the perfect haircuts for girls who want to create volume in their fine hair.


Cute Toddler Wavy Girl Haircuts
Source: Bettyboop

A perfect blunt bob variation, this hairdo is for girls who love wavy texture added to their hair.


So, that’s all for now on our haircuts for girls list. There are plenty of beautiful looks that you can wear and make yourself look adorable on any given occasion. Just choose a style that you’re sure will suit you.


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