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23 Cutest Hairstyles For 10 Year Olds Girl – Simple Yet Vibrant Looks

As your girl grows older, you start looking for new ways to make her personality pop. Your focus is, particularly on her hairstyle as the look of her hair can change her style upside down.

You should start early, however, and try the best hairstyles for 10 year olds girl and explore something that she can wear in everyday routine and also on special occasions.

Cute Hairstyles For 10 Year Olds Girl

Finding the best hairstyles for your 10-year-old girl shouldn’t really be a hassle as there are plenty of them around. You just need to make the right pick for the occasion and find something that makes a good choice for her routine hairdo as well

Stylish Braids With Pigtails

This is a simple hairstyle for girls with shoulder-length hair. It is created with a center part and fine braids are done at the front. Take the braids all the way to the crown and form them into long pigtails.

Open Hair With A Braided Crown and Flowers


This beautiful party look is tailor-made for 10 year old girls whose hair has grown enough to let it stay open and curl the tips at the back.

A touch of style is added with a beautiful crown braid created around her head and decorating it with flowers.

Cornrows With High Ponytail


This cool hairstyle for black girls makes a perfect choice any day. It brings organization and style to her dry kinky hair, and the curly tips will grab everyone’s fancy for sure. It will certainly be a cool new look for your 10 year old.

Stylish Hairstyle with Crown Braid And Curled Back

Picture a regal crown braid adorning the top of the head, with the rest of the hair gracefully curled back. This is a perfect princess look with a modern twist!

High Ponytail With Colorful Beads And Ribbons

It’s a classic high ponytail, but jazzed up with an array of colorful beads and ribbons. It’s fun, it’s playful, it’s perfect for showing off your personality!

Curly Hairstyle With A Big Ribbon Accessory

Imagine gorgeous curls, all topped off with a big, bold ribbon accessory. It’s as if Cinderella decided to let her hair down for a day!

Stylish Braided Hairdo With A Sectioned Ponytail

This one features an intricate braided ‘do upfront, complemented by a cool sectioned ponytail at the back. It’s like wearing a piece of art on your head!

Simple Center-Parted Hairstyle


Sometimes, less is more, and this hairstyle proves it! It’s a simple center-parted ‘do that lets natural beauty shine.

Long Combed Back Hairstyle With a Crown Knot

Here we have long hair gracefully combed back and styled into a neat crown knot. It’s chic yet comfortable, ideal for a day of fun and play.

Elsa Braid Hairstyle Variation

Think Frozen, but with a twist! This Elsa-inspired braid is revamped with a unique variation. It’s dreamy, elegant, and perfect for a little queen!

Short Side-Swept Bob

This is a cute, low-maintenance bob that’s swept to one side. It’s stylish, easy to manage, and it just screams personality!

Combed Back With Long Bubble Ponytail

A neat, combed-back style ending with an enchanting bubble ponytail. This ‘do is playful and fun, yet polished and put-together.

Wavy Shoulder-Length Hairstyle With Color

This one’s all about a vibrant burst of color in a charming, wavy shoulder-length hairstyle. It’s a great way to show off personal style and creativity!

Unique Braided Tail Variations

This style features unique, intricate braids that end with different tail variations. It’s like having a new hairstyle surprise every time you turn your head!

Long Wavy Hair With A Stylish Accessory

Imagine long, free-flowing waves adorned with a stylish accessory. This is a perfect blend of elegance and fun!

Side-Parted Braided Top With High Ponytail

It’s all about height and style here! The hair is side-parted, with the top braided and ending in a high, lively ponytail.

Cornrows With A Unique Braided Bun Pattern

Picture neatly styled cornrows leading to a unique braided bun pattern at the back. It’s a beautifully artistic and cultural hairstyle.

Long Cornrows With Braided Tails

These are long, sleek cornrows that end in cute braided tails. It’s an elegant, stylish look that’s also very practical.

Colorful Hair With Crown Knot

Imagine a burst of color topped off with a regal crown knot. It’s playful, fun, and definitely a head-turner!

Wavy Purple Hair With A Centre Part

This style’s all about making a statement! Think vibrant, wavy purple hair parted neatly in the center. It’s edgy, stylish, and simply unforgettable!

Side-Parted Hairstyle With Braided Tails

This one is a side-parted style leading to enchanting braided tails. It’s a unique blend of classic and creative, perfect for a girl who loves to stand out!

Knitted Braids With Low Braided Pigtails

This cool hairstyle looks unique and pretty organized with knitted braids all over. Low braided pigtail buns add some personality to this unique hairstyle, while the knotted hairpins make it look even better.

Long Hair With Thin Braided Layers

It’s a simple hairstyle for girls with silky straight hair. You just need to start braiding layers at the crown and accessorize them with colorful beads to achieve a perfect look for your 10 year old.

These amazing hairstyles for 10 year olds girl make choice easier for you regardless of the occasion. The funky touch in most of these hairstyles makes them a perfect option for your little girl. Shortlist a few, and try one now!