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5 Year Old Boy Haircuts for 2024 – 50+ Adorable Styles for 5 Year Old Kids

Are you looking for 5 year old boy haircuts? Yes, This is the right place to find awesome ideas. Boys often have lots of hairstyle options to choose from as there are so many stylish and elegant hairstyles out there that go with just about any occasion.

However, when it comes to little boys haircuts, you have a bit of challenge to face as you have to find something that goes with their ever-changing features and still gives them a perfectly cool vibe.

If you are already facing this challenge, you are in luck as there are ample 5 year old boy haircuts that you can give to your little one. Getting anxious?


5 Year Old Boy Haircuts Ideas in 2024

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1. Casual Spikes

Casual Spikes
Source: Vava

This cool little spiky look is what every little boy will adore no matter what the occasion may be.

It’s not a formal spikes haircut rather it only has that spiky touch at the front and a gentle side part is there to define the look. A little surgical line on the side makes it even better.


2. Spikes Haircut

Spikes Haircut
Source: Fade_players

This one is a cool look for 5 year old boy haircuts as the hair is grown to medium length and then raised up in the center.

There is a hard part on a side and that makes it look even better going perfectly with the undercut. Overall, it’s a cool hairdo and looks even better with those sunglasses on.


3. The Combover

The Combover
Source: Loulinalivio

One of the finest boys haircuts, this little rock star looks so adorable in this cool combover hairstyle. The hair is grown to medium length and then raised nicely at the front in combover style.

Slight parting can also be given towards a side to give it a more natural look. Combine it with a side fade and your little one will really rock this wonderful look.


4. Reverse Spikes

Spikes hairstyles can be achieved in so many different ways and this one here is a perfect example. Just as the name suggests, the spikes are created in the opposite direction to what his normal styling usually has.

Some gel is applied to the medium length hair and then fingers are run through the hair in opposite direction to achieve that perfect look.


5. Side Swept Fringe With Medium Fade

Side swept hair always look simple and elegant. However, despite all that simplicity, you can always add a bit of style to these beautiful hairdos.

A cool example is this double fringe swept nicely to a side and complimented beautifully with the medium fade. Overall, it’s just amazing.


6. Fine Mohawk Hairstyle

Fine Mohawk Hairstyle
Source: Malechekkate

When looking for 5 year old boy haircuts for fine and thin hair, you have to go through a lot of hassle.

However, a cool style can simply be achieved by raising those fine locks up and combining them into the center to form a fine Mohawk. The hair on the sides can be allowed to flow freely towards the bottom.


7. Raised And High With Streaks

If you love hair streaking, this one is a perfect hairstyle you can give to your little 5 year old. Just let him grow his hair to medium length and then raise it all up to a side nicely. There is a hard part that completes the look to perfection.


8. Forward Swept Hairstyle

Forward Swept Hairstyle
Source: Ozgeyasinayaz

Grown equally all over and swept nicely forward, you have a cool ambiance to this wonderful 5 years old boy haircut.

Add to it a nice little accessory, like that black hat on top, and your kid will have a more than perfect look to brag.


9. Natural Side Swept Curls

Natural Side Swept Curls
Source: Hairmanstyles

Wavy haircuts for kids is one of the most trendy styles for nowadays. The naturally curly and wavy texture of the hair can be kept intact and still made to look stylish.

All such 5 year old boy haircuts require from you is to sweep it naturally to a side and just try to keep it all natural.


10. Fine Side Swept Hair

Fine hair swept to a side make a perfect vibe and it’s something that your cute 5 year old will love for sure.

The side sweep should look natural and can be allowed to fall over the forehead slightly to achieve a more than perfect look overall.


11. Pompadour Hairstyle

Pompadour Hairstyle
Source: Cagehairclub

This cute pompadour variation is something that will bring the little gentleman out of your kiddo. He will look cute and adorable in this timeless look.

All it takes is to comb the hair backward to get a puffy feel at the front and keep the sides faded to make it look even more standout.


12. Short And Simple

Short And Simple
Source: Beautybykf

This short hairstyle for little kids is perfectly amazing. It requires the least maintenance and looks adorable with that cute smile of your kiddo.

Want to give this look to your beautiful little guy? Just cut it short all over and keep it same length and sweep the hair forward at the top. That’s it, you’re good to go.


13. Forward Swept Beauty

Forward Swept Beauty
Source: Haircutkidz

Yes, it really is a beauty when it comes to 5 year old boy haircuts. In fact, it’s quite simple to achieve as well.

You just have to let your kid grow his hair to an appropriate length and then simply raise the hair forward in a casual manner. In fact, you can even keep it forward swept and it will look adorable for sure.


14. Combed Back Spikes

This combed back spiky look is as adorable as it can ever get. Combine it with faded sides and you have a perfect hairstyle for your little one. He will rock the look for sure.


15. Casual Side Swept Hairstyle

Casual Side Swept Hairstyle
Source: Loulinalivio

This one really is casually beautiful. Swept nicely to a side while keep that casual touch intact, this hairstyle will bring the little Rockstar out for sure. He will love it and so will everyone else around.


16. Side Swept With No Part

Side Swept With No Part
Source: Hairrbylexyy

Side swept hairstyle can be simple, elegant and stylish. You just need to know how to carry it.

And if your little one can manage, a casual side swept look like the one above will make for a perfect hairstyle for him. Remember not to use a comb rather finger comb his hair to achieve a perfect look.


17. Cute And Simple

For 5 year old boy haircuts, keeping it all simple is probably the best way to go about it. The simple hair swept to a side nicely will make him look cute and adorable.

No need to have a fade or extraordinarily grown out hair on top, just keep everything simple and he’ll be your perfect guy.


18. Mohawk Hairstyle

Mohawk Hairstyle

Source: Action.jaxon14

Something that goes for guys of all ages, Mohawk hairstyle maintains that rockstar vibe of your little one.

The hair is parted from the sides and all raised up in the center to achieve a perfect look. Remember, not to grow it too big and just achieve the look with medium-length hair.


19. Comb Over Hairstyle

Comb Over Hairstyle

Source: Barbearia_seville

One of the best 5 year old boy haircuts, the combover hairstyles never go out of fashion. Probably the best choice for 5-year-old boys, this hairstyle simply requires you to comb his hair over to a side and achieve a perfect look overall.

You might need some light hold styling product to keep the beautiful look intact. There’s a side fade to compliment as well.


20. Casual Fringe

Casual Fringe

Source: Reritta

This is a cool and casual look that every little boy will adore for sure. The hair is cut nicely into a rough and messy look on top and then a bit of styling is done to keep a few strands raised up into a casual spiky look while the fringe is swept nicely to a side. Overall, it’s a cool haircut to give to your 5-year-old.


21. Curly Shag

Curly Shag


Shag hairstyle is a popular choice in men and boys alike. However, it’s usually associated with straight and fine hair.

Nevertheless, you can achieve a beautiful shag hairstyle for your little kid even on curly locks as well. Just let his hair grow naturally and get it cut into something nice and casual with ample volume left behind.


22. Curly Mohawk

Curly Mohawk

Source: Barbershopconnect

For black little kids with Afro hair, having a beautiful curly mohawk is a cool option. Yes, that’s one of the best 5 year old boy haircuts for black boys.

The hair on top is cut into a mohawk shape while the sides are faded to the skin. Overall, it looks perfect.


23. Nice Side Swept Hair

Nice Side Swept Hair

Source: _alimcocukkuaforuofficial

If you want to give him a clean and cool vibe, just go for this simple side swept hairstyle and your kid will love it. His nice and cool image will be stressed even further and he’ll love those compliments everyone will give him.


24. Funky Mohawk

Funky Mohawk for 5 year old Boy haircuts

Source: Beccanazaruk

Mohawk hairstyles can be stylish and cool. And, if you want to give your little one’s fine locks a whole new touch of elegance and funkiness, you can give him a cool mohawk and spice it up with all the beautiful colors that pop up in your mind.

Only that color spice will make it a perfect eye-grabber and you don’t need to do much of styling other than that.


25. Extravagant Spikes

Extravagant Spikes

Source: Haircutkidz

Spikes are usually small-to-medium in size but you can give them new heights as well if you want to. This beautiful extravagant spikes haircut is a perfect example.

Make your little one a real rockstar by giving him this cool hairstyle that’s all raised up at the front and faded at the sides.


26. Faux Hawk With Undercut

Faux Hawk With Undercut

Source: Ashleygiddings

Want to give a funky look to your little one? This is the best 5 year old boy haircuts that every kid will adore. Just cut his hair into a nice faux hawk style and compliment it with a beautiful undercut. Overall, it looks cool, stylish and elegant.


27. Faux Hawk With Side Fade

Faux Hawk With Side Fade

Source: Milliestephenshairdesign

This is another cool variation of the faux hawk hairstyle for little kids. Your young gun will love it for sure.

Just let his hair grow nicely to medium length and then achieve the looking by sweeping and raising it all forward. The hair on the sides is kept faded a bit to achieve a perfect look.


28. Caesar Haircut

Caesar Haircut

Source: Crystalsargent

Caesar haircut remains to be one of the best 5 year old boy haircuts around. It’s quite a simple haircut to achieve with short hair all over and a slight raised-up look at the front.

Complete the look with a gentle side part and you have a more than perfect style for your kid to flaunt.


29. Side Swept With High Fade

Side Swept With High Fade

Source: Jenshairapy

Side swept hairstyles are always nice and this beautiful 5 year old boy haircuts is no different either.

You have everything to praise about this nice and beautiful hairstyle that features a gentle side sweep with a high fade to complete the look. Overall, it looks amazing.


30. Natural Curls With High Fade

Natural Curls With High Fade

Source: Hairbyvgrace

Curls are always nice and look awesome on 5 year old boys. However, if you are not interested in all grown out curls then you should keep it naturally curly on top without combing it and complete the look with a beautiful high fade on the sides.

That’s probably the best you can do to keep it nicely trimmed and still casually perfect.


31. Side Swept Hair With Side Fade

Side Swept Hair With Side Fade

Source: Ciseau_magic

Growing his hair to medium length and then sweeping it all to a side is probably the most natural choice to style your little one’s hair.

Just make sure it’s casually swept to a side and there isn’t any styling product used to keep it looking natural.


32. Side Swept Hairstyle

Side Swept Hairstyle


This is another cool hairstyle that is swept nicely to a side. A little bit of styling product is used to keep it intact for long. Other than that, you don’t really need to do much to achieve this beautiful and timeless look.


33. Grown Out Faux Hawk

Grown Out Faux Hawk

Source: NewHaircuts

If your 5 year old loves to grow his hair outrageously, this is the most natural choice for you to go with.

This is a casual hairstyle that is perfect for casual events and parties. Combine it with an undercut and you have a more than perfect hairstyle for your kid to flaunt.


34. Grown Out Curls

 Grown Out Curls

Source: Hair_by_cayley

Looking for the natural 5 year old boy haircuts? Well, you have plenty of options available. Just look at this cool example that features beautiful grown out curls.

Just let the mess grow out and you won’t have to do anything to achieve the beautiful style. It’s natural and it’s amazing.


35. Crew Cut

Crew Cut for 5 Year old boy

Source: Chelbelle1111

Crew cut has always been a popular choice among hairstyles for boys and you should not have any kind of hesitation whatsoever in giving this beautiful style to your little one.

The best part is that it’s a low maintenance hairstyle that features short hair all over and just requires you to pull up a few strands at the front to achieve a perfect style.


36. Short Forward Swept Hair

Short Forward Swept Hair

Source: Osidehair

Cut it short, and keep it simple. Sweep it forward and you have a wonderful hairstyle ready for your little man. Want to add a touch of style to it?

Slightly raise the frontal strands to give it a touch of crew cut hairstyle. The sides are kept faded to easily blend into the wonderful hairstyle. Overall, it’s just amazing.


37. Center Spikes

Center Spikes

Source: yoncakunacav

One of the best 5 year old boy haircuts, this one works perfectly for those blonde hair types.

The hair is styled into a centered spikes look and complimented nicely with those faded sides. It’s a casual hairstyle for parties and hangouts and gives your little one a perfect vibe.


38. Formal Side Swept Look

Formal Side Swept Look

Source: Meagansylvia

Side swept hairstyles can both be formal and casual and it’s up to you what sort of personality you want to give to your little one.

This one here is more of a formal look that works for the red-headed. Simply sweep it to a side and let your kid flaunt the style.


39. Layered Side Swept Hair

Layered Side Swept Hair

Source: Jylliana

Another cool hairstyle look for side swept hair, this beautiful layered haircut is a dream for every little kid and even their parents.

The hairstyle is achieved by simply sweeping the hair to a side and keeping the texture intact. And, if your little one loves that fringe at the front, this hairdo will have one swept nicely to a side as well.


40. Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk

Source: Action.jaxon14

Nothing can look more stylish and dashing than a faux hawk hairstyle. This beautiful look is achieved by growing the hair medium length and then raising it all up into the center and in the forward direction.

The sides are kept nice and evenly cropped to give a perfect final touch to the beautiful hairstyle.


41. Slicked Back Pompadour

Slicked Back Pompadour

Source: Eli_thebarber

For those 5 year old boy haircuts, a slicked back pompadour look is something that will make your kid look like a little businessman. It’s probably the cleanest of looks you can give to your young man.

Some styling product will be needed to style it to perfection. There’s a hard part and a mid fade on the sides to make it look even better.


42. Side Swept With Mid Fade

Side Swept With Mid Fade

Source: Yosi_kastanja

Side swept hairstyles are often a go-to hairstyle option for boys and it’s your creativity exactly how you can make it look different and unique on your kiddo.

A cool option is here, just combine it with a mid fade and go for a slight hard part to create a perfectly unique vibe.


43. Naturally Curly With Undercut

Naturally Curly With Undercut

Source: hforeste

This cool naturally curly hairstyle is all about keeping the natural texture intact. And, a bit of definition is added to this beautiful hairstyle with that cool undercut. Overall, it looks amazing and will make your child look cuter than ever.


44. Casual Texture

Casual Texture for 5 Year boy

Source: Rmhairbeautique

If you are looking for short hairstyles for your little one then you should go with this beautiful hairdo. Keep it short, keep it naturally textured and just style it with your fingers to create a more than perfect look.


45. Curly Spikes

5 Year Old Boy Haircut with Curly Spikes

Source: Mogii_b

What? Curly Spikes? Yes, you heard it right. It’s a cool hairstyle that is very much similar to the typical spikes but goes with the curly hair.

Not essentially a spikes haircut, it just gives that spiky vibe with raised up hair in the center and an undercut on the sides.


47. Side Swept With Hard Part And Undercut

 Side Swept With Hard Part And Undercut

Source: Mrs_kimmie

If you have always adored a clean look for your little one, this is the hairstyle you should go for.

The side swept hair is styled nicely with a styling product to give it a more finished look. The hard part is there and it works perfectly with the undercut.


48. Disconnected Combed Back Hairstyle

Disconnected Combed Back Hairstyle

Source: Hairsby.nikki

Growing the hair longer on top and combing it all backwards creates a more than perfect vibe.

Combine it with a disconnected look towards the side and you have an all new and unique hairstyle to flaunt. Overall, it looks amazing and your little one will definitely adore it.


49. Short And Kinky With Mid Fade

Short And Kinky With Mid Fade

Source: Barbershopconnect

This one is a perfect black boys haircut for short and kinky strands. In fact, that’s the most natural choice for this hair type and you can consider it as one of the most popular 5 year old boy haircuts. 

Combine it with a mid fade and you can’t ask for anything better.


50. Cool Faux Hawk

 Cool Faux Hawk

Source: Fade_players

Faux Hawk variations are aplenty and you have to choose one that goes perfectly with your kid’s face shape and hair type.

This one here is a cool choice for straight and beautiful locks and has a beautiful spiky touch to it. The hair is all raised up in the center and that beautiful texture is kept intact.


51. Wavy Side Swept Hair

Wavy Side Swept Hair

Source: Tease_salon_mke

Another simple side swept hairstyle, this cool hairdo is all about those natural waves that make it stand out.

Just remember to keep it a bit voluminous on top and cut it short on the sides to achieve a perfect look. Overall, it looks gorgeous.


So, if you have been looking for the best 5 year old boy haircuts around, you can find a few from the above list.

There are many that will suit your little one for sure. Just make a pick and let your kiddo flaunt his style like never before.