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Long Bob With Layers – A Chic Look For A Typical Hairstyle

There are many hairstyles for girls that come in, become a trend, and then never leave. Bob Hairstyle is one such popular hairstyle and ever since it was first introduced we have seen a lot of different variations of the look to date. In fact, each of these amazing variations have been better than the previous ones. For a chic look, a long bob with layers is the order of the day and everyone should consider it as part of their styling routine.

Top Variations You Must Consider For Long Bob With Layers

As with other bob haircuts, the long bob with layers can be styled in so many different ways, each with a unique touch of styling. Here we have listed a few wonderful variations of the look and you must try them out to give a chic look to your otherwise typical hairstyle.

  1. Textured Bob for Straight Fine Hair
Textured Bob for Straight Fine Hair


A layered bob haircut is unique and stylish in itself but you can make it look even better by adding some natural texture to the hair. This beautiful hairstyle is just that. It’s a perfect choice for straight and fine hair and can be styled within minutes on any day.

  1. Medium-to-Long Haircut with Light Layers

Medium-to-Long Haircut with Light Layers


What about taking your LOB haircut a bit too further in length this year? Check out this beautiful implementation of the layered bob haircut that is achieved with slightly longer locks. The light layers look just amazing and you can flaunt the look even on the parties or anywhere else.

  1. Chin-Length Rounded Bob for Girls

Chin-Length Rounded Bob for Girls


If you don’t want to grow your fine, thin, and beautiful locks beyond your chin, this beautiful variation would do for you. The hairstyle is as neat and cool as it can get and the layers sit in just perfectly. And that rounded shape at the back is better than anything else. If you want neat and clean vibes with your perfectly stylish look, this hairstyle is just for you.

  1. Angled Chopped Bob For Girls

Angled Chopped Bob For Girls


If you want to try something fancy, rough, and chic, this is the hairstyle you should go with. It is more of a casual look that will work for you on those routine days and can create amazing vibes. The hairstyle boasts of longer length at the front while it gets shorter towards the back. The chopped off layers create an amazing outlook and that is, probably, why this is the most in-demand bob variation these days.

  1. Cool Lob With Metallic Accents

Cool Lob With Metallic Accents


The long bob with layers is not always about the length and a stylish choppy or rounded look, you can add some color accents to lift it a notch up. This beautiful long bob hairstyle is a perfect depiction of that. The metallic accents look amazing in this beautiful hairstyle and a few colorful strands add a unique touch of style to this beautiful look.

  1. Inverted Bob Haircut For Fine Hair

Inverted Bob Haircut For Fine Hair


Call it an inverted bob or an A-Line bob, whatever you like. It just makes a perfect choice for school and also for parties. The style can be easily sported in your daily routine and it looks just gorgeous. In fact, those layers look just amazing as they fall down on the sides and the strands grow bigger moving forward. What else you’d want to look gorgeous?

  1. Bodacious Bob Blowout

Bodacious Bob Blowout


Most people would say a bob looks cool when it is achieved neat and clean. However, this beautiful hairdo wrongs that statement. It looks equally good with a blown out style too. The hairdo boasts of a little longer length and is cut in layers in a way that there is nothing neat about it. Still, it creates gorgeous vibes and can make a perfect everyday look.

  1. Long Bob With Tucked In Fringe

Long Bob With Tucked In Fringe

Just as its name suggests, this beautiful hairstyle boasts of a nice fringe that is tucked in towards a side. The length is kept a little longer than a typical bob hairstyle and it makes a perfect look overall. It is a pretty organized look and the layers take it up a notch.

The long bob with layers is one of the most amazing looks trending these days and it gives you a unique style to flaunt. There are different variations to the look that can be styled rather easily and don’t need you to be a styling expert. Try it out and get a uniquely chic style!