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10 Awesome Military Haircuts for Kids

How often do you want your kids to look classic, clean, and corporal? Well, yes these are the words that best define Military Haircuts for Kids. They have really become the order of the day as they remain the go-to choice for parents when looking for hairstyle options for their kids. We have a lot of inspiration coming from the military folks in our lives and the stylish looks aren’t an exception either. And, when it comes to kids, you do not always think of anything better than an army haircut to make sure that they get the best of looks possible and brag about their style.

If you have been looking for the best military haircut options for your little man who is already growing up fast, you can rest assured that there are a whole lot of options that you could try on any given day. Here we have tried to list the best trending hairstyles for kids that would not really collide with the army haircut regulations. Let’s have a look!

Top Military Haircuts for Kids

Military Cut Fade

Over the years, this beautiful hairstyle has come forward as one of the best military-inspired haircuts and it is trending even today. You can experiment with the length all around however and it’s your choice exactly how short you would want it to be. And, if you are interested in adding an extra element of style to this wonderful hairdo, you may want to give a surgical style to your kid adding a line or two here and there. It will definitely make the hairdo look even more pleasing to the eye and your kid will make a unique style statement everywhere.

Induction or Buzz Cut

Call it an induction haircut or name it a Buzzcut, it’s going to rock this year too and will make one of the best Military Haircuts for Kids options available for little kids. Usually, this is the haircut given to the new recruits after their induction into the armed forces. The idea, obviously, is to get a low maintenance haircut that does not cause any troubles with all the different types of headgears they have to train with.

An interesting fact to share here is that this hairstyle was traditionally used for preventing lice spread among soldiers. Synchronously called as a buzz cut, this hairstyle is just perfect for anyone with oval or square face shape. These face shapes are known to handle no or little length. Get your kid this beautiful haircut and forget the maintenance work.

Ivy League Haircut

Even though the hairstyle is not often classified as a Military Haircuts for Kids, it is very much on the cards to qualify for a perfect army hairstyle. It has the influence of classic collegiate style and looks awesome on kids and adults alike. The hairdo is quite easily adaptable and the hair is kept shorter on sides while there is some volume left on top. It’s a perfect hairstyle option when it comes to complimenting preppy aesthetic and you should definitely go for this one if you want your kid to wear something more refined and beautiful.

Crew Cut

Crew cut has been one of the most stylish looks for kids to wear over these years. It’s also an iconic hairstyle for the guys in the military and is known for its simple proportions and identifiable shape. It really is one of the best fail-safe military hairstyles out there that you can try with your kid’s hair on any day. The hairstyle is also perfect for adding some definition to their face shape if that’s the motive behind picking a new hairstyle for your kid. While the hair is tapered nicely to his head shape, the longest hair portion comes in front. Having a perfect adaptation of the haircut will mean that it capitalizes on the shorter proportions than anything else.

Curly Crew Cut

Crew cut is not just for the straight hair types, and even the kids with naturally curly locks can flaunt this beautiful hairdo. You can always capitalize on their natural volume using this signature hairstyle. Taking this approach, you will be able to tame their head full of hair and still be able to showcase the natural waves to ensure that their original style is kept intact. Because the hairstyle is shorter all over the head leaving some length at the front, most of his curls will already be tamed off. Here the trick to getting a perfect haircut is going for a strategic cut which allows the curls to be maximized. It should still produce shorter proportions all over the head. Try incorporating a hair product that is made specifically for curly hair and can enhance the shine and natural texture of your kid’s hair.

Regulation Haircut

This beautiful hairstyle takes all its inspiration from the Military Haircuts for Kids and it boasts of longish proportions. Known traditionally for the side parting, this haircut makes for a perfect idea for little kids for whom you want the hair to be tamed nicely but do not want to get rid of all of it. The comb’s corner should be used for precisely parting the hair and get a perfect regulation cut. Also, make sure that you go with some strong hold styling product so that everything is kept into place.

Military Haircut

This beautiful look gets more of a vintage shape and it is popular among kids and parents who love military hairstyles from the past. What makes the adaptations of the haircut different from various other Military Haircuts for Kids options is the kind of finishing it gets. Side parts remain a common feature but a gel-like, high gloss product must be used to give it the touch of the past. You can always experiment with this look by keeping the hair on top a bit longer. Styling should be done accordingly as well using some gel or other styling products so that the typical retro-essence of the hairstyle is captured.

Flat Top Hairstyle

Flat tops may not be too common these days but they can still impart that classic vintage vibe into your kid’s hair. These can give it some height, but it is cut horizontally all across and an upright look is given to the hair on top, hence creating a perfect ‘flat’ portion. Before you give your kid this beautiful hairdo, you should first consider the type of hair they have because that’s what going to decide the fate of this beautiful hairdo. When it comes to kids with heavier, fuller locks, some added texture to the mane would do great making sure that flat top does not read much severe. It should also be kept in mind that the cut should be adopted in more of a modern look. You can try various textured products to achieve the looks that are more stylish and contemporary at the same time.

High & Tight Haircut

For this hairstyle, you have to get the cut right. So, make sure that you get it done from a good barber who you can trust. They must be able to blend the hair well and should also understand proportions well for your kid’s face. It’s a good idea to continue experimenting with this look and find features that can help enhance the haircut a bit.

Fuller Undercut

Even though modern-day undercut hairstyles might not be categorized as the best army haircuts because of their typically longish and voluminous vibe. Nevertheless, this fuller undercut manages to stick to the very essence of military cuts. The best thing about this beautiful haircut is that it’s quite versatile and you can adapt it for various occasions.

So, do you think there is a military cut in the above list that will fit best to your little kid? Are they going to like the kind of style statement they’d be able to make with these military hairstyles? Well, everyone has their own choice and style preferences. But if you are looking for military styles, you really ought to pick one or two from the list above.