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21 Army Hairstyles For Kids to Wear in 2024

Many of us have dreamt of being army personnel during our childhood, captivated by its distinct appeal and exhilarating aura. One engaging way of channeling that spirit is by adopting army hairstyles, providing your kids with a sense of connection to the military.

There’s an abundance of variations when it comes to army hairstyles for kids, allowing you to easily select from a range of military haircut styles.

Numerous options are perfectly suited for the summer months, offering your child not just comfort, but also the opportunity to sport these remarkable looks.

Cool Army Haircuts for Little Boys

While army cuts typically require very short hair, several variations allow for different short hairstyles. The key is to ensure that the chosen style flatters your child’s face shape and hair type.

For example, you have the option to experiment with a high or low fade on the sides or even try a full undercut. Most military fade haircuts are buzzed down to the scalp or cut to a #1 guard size.

You also have the discretion to determine the length of the hair on top. The chosen length determines whether you’re opting for a buzz cut, regulation cut, burr cut, crew cut, high & tight haircut, or an induction haircut.

Regardless of the style you choose, army hairstyles will certainly look cool on your little one if you can select the appropriate haircut and hair length all around.

So, do you have any specific variations of the hairstyle in mind? Do you know which hairstyle your kid is going to adore?

Even though the army haircuts are often short, the soldiers are allowed to unofficially grow their hair longer as they get promoted.

So, you really have a lot of short hairstyles available for your little boy and style his hair the way you like. So, here are a few cool options to try out for your little one this summer.

Induction Cut

Induction Cut

Photo: Bonita R Cheshier/Shutterstock

This is probably the first haircut that a soldier gets when they are commissioned into the army. The hairstyle doesn’t really require much styling and it makes for a perfect hairdo for hot summer days as well.

Your kids would love it for sure as they can move freely around without having to fear at all about their hairstyle going bad. It’s even less than an inch all around and makes for a unique hairstyle for kids.


Burr Cut

Burr Cut

A slightly longish variation of the induction haircut discussed above, a burr cut gives your kids a slightly fuller head of hair.

Remember that you do not really need to clean it up on the edges and it looks great when kept a bit rough on all sides. It really looks cool even with the same length all over.


Regulation Cut

Regulation Cut

A regulation army haircut for kids is more about a pretty organized side swept look that is kept into place with the help of a styling product. It really looks cool with the natural texture added to it as well.

The style statement is made by the high undercut that goes on the sides. You can even style this beautiful hairstyle with a fade haircut as well if you know exactly how it should be done.

The part on the sides is more of a casual one with no clear line visible. Overall, it’s a more formal hairstyle that works fine for your kids on any day and would work for the school as well.


Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut

Buzz cut hairstyles have always been a popular choice among kids of all ages and it’s not going to be any different here either.

This beautiful hairstyle is going to amp-up the look of your little one this summer and it is definitely going to allow him flaunt a wonderful new look. It’s all buzzed up high and tight giving him a unique look overall.


Crew Cut

Crew Cut

Crew cut hairstyles have been among the most stylish of looks around and they take things a bit further from those typical, same-length hairstyles. Another one among the short hairstyles for summer, a crew cut is more of a stylish take on a typical Buzz, Burr, or induction haircut.

It calls for a high fade on the sides while the hair on top is kept slightly longer. The natural texture is further enhanced with the hair on top and it is all made to look amazing.


Brush Cut

brush cut

Source: Instagram

One of the best army haircut styles, this beautiful hairdo is more of a replica of the simple hairstyles listed above.

Giving the perception as if it features same length hair all over, the hairstyle differs a bit and creates more of an elevated look in the middle on top. Overall, it resembles a typical Burr cut style but creates its own unique vibes.


High & Tight Haircut

High & Tight Haircut

This beautiful hairstyle exploits more of a stylish side of the army hairstyles. The beautiful look can be achieved for kids by going all out on the sides and shaving it all up while leaving a bit of length on top.

It forms more of a center patch on top and looks just gorgeous. The hairstyle doesn’t need any maintenance at all.


Military Fade Haircut

Military Fade Haircut

A typical military haircut is all about keeping the hair short all over and not requiring any special styling to be done. This one, however, adds a bit of style to the look by going with a fade on the sides.

It is all short both on top and the sides but the sides are slightly faded away to create a cool look. It qualifies for a wonderful military look and your kid is definitely going to rock this beautiful hairstyle.


High Skin Fade

High Skin Fade

If you do not want to go with same length all over, you can try out a typical high skin fade haircut which also makes a perfect choice among army hairstyles while keeping things a bit more modern.

Obviously, you will have to keep a bit of volume on top to make sure everything is balanced off nicely.


Low Fade

Low Fade

A fade haircut can be styled in so many different ways only if you consider the positioning of the fade.

For this one, you need to start fading a bit low on the sides while keeping the length on top pretty much intact. You can either style it with a side part or keep a patch on top just like with a high & tight haircut. The choice is yours.


Military Undercut

Military Undercut

A cool take at the typical undercut hairstyle, this military undercut is definitely going to impart a touch of style into your kids’ hair.

High on the sides and the back, the hairstyle imparts a whole new touch to the overall look with the help of short and casual hairstyle on top.

It is all kept short and brought nicely into the center to make for a perfect look overall. Even though it may not work fine with most of the school codes, it still makes a cool, unique vibe for him.


Butch Cut With Fade

Butch Cut With Fade

The Butch cut hairstyle is relatively short on the top while the sides are faded even shorter. Fading is done above his ears and around the temples to make for a perfectly balanced look. The hairstyle looks really cool even without combing it through.


Army Hairstyle With A Hard Part

Army Hairstyle With A Hard Part

Most of the military hairstyles do not need to follow any rules and you can style them in whatever way you like while keeping it short.

You can always experiment with the look to give your kids a unique personality of their own by making some adjustments here and there.

What about adding a diagonal hard part to have some extra definition to the hairdo? Yes, that would work perfectly on any day.


Retro Army Hairstyle

Retro Army Hairstyle

If you want to bring in some retro vibes, you can try this beautiful retro army hairstyles with your kids’ hair. To achieve a perfect look, try to lift the quiff up a little and flip it backwards.

The key here is to have a well-placed side part while slicking the top hair to a side. Just make sure that you have to flip back the hair section that’s in the front. It will look gorgeous on any day.


Chiseled Army Haircut

Chiseled Army Haircut

There are a few military hairstyles that have their own charming and historic feel and this beautiful hairdo is one among st them.

Soldiers often love the haircuts which make them feel like from mid-twentieth century. The simple reason is that these hairstyles don’t seem to be going out of fashion any time soon.

For this hairdo, you need to go with a medium length on top and a cool chiseled taper fade on the sides. A nice side part is definitely going to compliment the style to perfection.

Little Trooper Buzz Cut

For a style that requires minimal maintenance, the buzz cut is a go-to option. It’s short, neat, and screams discipline – just like a real soldier! The best part? No morning hair wars for your little trooper.

Junior Cadet Crew Cut

The crew cut is another military favorite. With hair tapering from the crown to the back and sides, this cut might just inspire your kiddo to start doing push-ups. Remember, it’s not just a haircut, it’s a lifestyle.

Mini Enlistee High and Tight

The high and tight cut, true to its name, is short on the sides and back but leaves a little length on the top. It’s a classic military style that says “I’m here, I’m neat, and I’m ready for duty (or dessert).”

Child Soldier Flat Top

Introducing the flat top – a haircut with enough surface area for a toy helicopter landing. With the hair cut short on the sides and back, and the top styled to create a flat surface, this style is a sure-fire way to bring out the mini soldier in your child.

Little General Butch Cut

The butch cut is all about equal length hair from front to back, side to side. So uniform and precise, it’s like having an army of hairs standing at attention. Salute to simplicity!

Youth Infantry Induction Cut

The induction cut, also known as the “boot camp” cut, is the shortest of the short. It’s as if the hair was there one moment and went on a secret mission the next. It’s the ideal cut for those who appreciate extreme neatness and no-nonsense mornings.

Junior Ranger Undercut

For the little one who’s got style and discipline, the undercut is a trendy option. Short on the sides and back with more length on top, it’s a haircut that shows they mean business… well, kid business, that is.

All these, and many more, army hairstyles options are definitely going to make a perfect choice for your little one’s hair this summer. Do you have any idea which army haircut styles are going to look great on your kid’s own specific facial features?

The options are endless and you really need to pay close attention to the hairstyle options available to you so that you can come up with something special for your little kid on any day. Start looking now and make a perfect choice!