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Top 35 Cutest Anime Girls With Brown Hair ( 2024)

As an avid anime enthusiast, you must relish the sight of adorable anime girls with brown hair who steal the show!

You’re in good company, for the charm and appeal of these characters are celebrated far and wide. With an overwhelming array of new anime series debuting each year, staying updated on all the delightful and endearing characters is indeed a challenge.

Anime has captured hearts around the world, and the female characters are often the center of attention. Nothing beats watching an anime with an endearing girl with brown hair and big, sparkly eyes. It’s no surprise that anime fans are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest “best girl” contenders.

To help you in your quest to find the most charming anime girls, we’ve compiled a list of the top 25 cutest anime girls with brown hair that are sure to make your heart flutter.


Trendy Hairstyles For Anime Girl With Brown Hair

Here we have some of the coolest hairstyle ideas shortlisted from Anime Girls With Stunning Brown Hair. Just take the inspiration and flaunt a cool new look today.


1. Twisted Crown with Side Braid (Kosaki Onodera – Nisekoi)

Kosaki Onodera, an Anime Girl With Brown Hair, wears a beautifully twisted crown braid that is accompanied by a side braid. This hairstyle gives her a sweet and innocent look, characteristic of her personality in Nisekoi.

How to: Start by creating a crown braid around the head. Then, take a section from the side and braid it, incorporating it into the crown.


2. Side Ponytail with Hair Accessories (Chizuru Hishiro – ReLIFE)

Chizuru Hishiro from ReLIFE is an Anime Girl With Brown Hair who sports a side ponytail, adorned with cute hair accessories. This hairstyle adds to her youthful and bright character.

How to: Gather hair to one side and secure into a side ponytail. Add hair accessories like ribbons or hair clips to enhance the look.


3. Samurai Ponytail (Fuu – Samurai Champloo)

Fuu from Samurai Champloo goes for a samurai-inspired ponytail. This hairstyle reflects her strong-willed and adventurous nature, while the brown color gives it a softer touch.

How to: Pull hair into a high ponytail and secure with a band. Use a small section of hair to wrap around the base for an authentic samurai look.


4. Hime Cut with Ombre Tips (Sawako Kuronuma – Kimi ni Todoke)

Sawako from Kimi ni Todoke has her brown hair styled in a Hime cut with ombre tips. The combination of the traditional Hime cut and modern ombre coloring reflects the blend of classic and contemporary elements in her character.

How to: Cut hair in the traditional Hime style, and then dye the tips of the hair in a lighter shade to achieve the ombre effect.


5. Long Wavy Locks with a Side Braid (Holo – Spice and Wolf)

Holo from Spice and Wolf flaunts long wavy locks with a side braid, making her an enchanting Anime Girl With Brown Hair. This hairstyle emphasizes her mystical and charming personality.

How to: Curl the hair for wavy locks, then take a section from the side and create a loose braid.


6. Low Double Buns (Kushina Anna – K Project)

Kushina Anna from K Project styles her brown hair in low double buns. This is one of the trendy Hairstyles for Anime Girl With Brown Hair that conveys a cute and charming look.

How to: Part hair in the middle, and create two low buns on each side. Secure with hairbands.


7. Side Swept Layers with Headband

This hairstyle features side-swept layers and a headband, ideal for an anime girl with brown hair. The headband adds a touch of playfulness to the look.

How to: Sweep hair to one side in layers, and place a headband around the crown.


8. Elegant Updo with Side Curls (Asami Sato – The Legend of Korra) [Not Anime]

Asami Sato sports an elegant updo with side curls. Although not an anime, this hairstyle is worthy of attention, with its grace and sophistication.

How to: Pull hair into a high bun, leaving a few strands out. Curl these strands and let them fall loosely around the face.


9. High Twin Tails with Ribbons (Taiga Aisaka with brown hair – Toradora!)

Taiga Aisaka with brown hair in Toradora! looks adorable in high twin tails secured with ribbons. This hairstyle accentuates her feisty and spirited character.

How to: Part hair in the middle, and create two high ponytails. Secure with ribbons.


10. Classic Schoolgirl with Side Ponytail (Tohru Honda – Fruits Basket)

Tohru Honda, a classic anime girl with brown hair, rocks the schoolgirl look with a side ponytail. This hairstyle enhances her earnest and kind-hearted personality in Fruits Basket.

How to: Brush hair to one side and secure into a side ponytail, then add a ribbon or hairband for the schoolgirl effect.


11. Long Layered Bob With Bangs

Long Layered Bob With Bangs

Bangs are usually featured in most of the anime hairstyles and this one is no different. It’s more of a layered long bob haircut that makes an ideal choice for an everyday look.

The hairstyle boasts volume all around and the layers make it look even better.


12. Hange Zoë- Choppy Bob

Choppy Bob

Another cool look for girls with brown hair, this one is about creating an edgy and choppy look all over.

The bangs at the front are trimmed off while a couple of strands are allowed to fall over at either side. Overall, the hairdo looks amazing.


13. High Ponytail With Frontal Bangs And Layers

High Ponytail With Frontal Bangs And Layers

A cool layered look, this hairstyle boasts of some length, unlike the others listed above.

The hairdo secures the long hair at the back into a high ponytail while frontal locks are made into layered bangs at the sides and straight bangs on the forehead.


14. Long Hairstyle With Bangs

Long Hairstyle With Bangs

This long hairstyle requires you to keep it all open at the back and let the bangs fall over at the front. There is a cool styling accessory added on top to complete the look.


15. Voluminous Hairstyle With Side-Swept Bangs And Ribbon

Voluminous Hairstyle With Side-Swept Bangs And Ribbon

This beautiful anime hairstyle boasts of some volume to achieve a perfect look.

The hairstyle makes the hair fall over at the shoulders while the bangs at the front are given a slightly side-swept look. There’s a ribbon accessory used to complete the look.


16. Large Pigtails With Bangs

This is a sweet anime girl with brown hair as it can look wonderful on little girls of all ages. The hair is pulled into two simple pigtails high on on the head, and there are bangs that go below the eyebrows all across the forehead.


17. Sides Tied Back With Ribbons

This is a classic anime girls brown hair look. The hair is long and curly, and the bangs are thick but side-parted and sweep the forehead and some of the cheeks. The sides of the hair are pulled back and secured using some sweet ribbons.


18. Long Brown Curls

This style has most of the hair loose and free and curly, but there are braids that pull the sides of the hair back and secure it towards the base of the head. The bangs are parted at the side and very full, covering the forehead and framing the face.


19. Long and Curly Pigtails

This is another pigtails look. The dark brown hair is put into high pigtails, and it’s curly and falls down past the shoulders. The bangs are long and parted in the middle, long enough to come down below the glasses and ears.


20. Straight Hair With Full Bangs

If you like a simple look, this anime look is fantastic. The hair is long and not too thick as it falls in a clean sheet down the back. The bangs are full and slightly longer on each side of the face so some of the hair is long enough to touch the shoulders.


21. Shorter Full Bangs Look

anime girl with medium brown hair

Here’s a look that’s a lot like the one directly above it. The hair is straight and short, and the bangs are full with some larger parts of them framing the face very sweetly in this fun, youthful look.


22. Shaggy Semi-Mullet

This hair takes inspiration from the shag and the mullet. There are full bangs and some thick hair that comes down below the cheekbones. The hair on the sides is shoulder-length. The hair in the back is very, very long and sweeps midway down the torso.


23. Ultra High Pony and Lots Of Bangs

This high ponytail is chic and modern, and it’s also very anime. The full bangs have a longer portion falling down the nose and staggered length across the rest of the face. The longest parts of the bangs ruck nicely under the chin, framing the face.


24. Cute Messy Ponytail

If you want a more casual ponytail look, this one is good. It’s a ponytail that starts on the crown of the head and has layers, so it looks a little messy and choppy. Long bangs sweep over one eye and frame the face on the other side.


25. Gentle Curls With Bangs

This is perfect for a girl with curly hair that she wants to keep long. It falls past the shoulders naturally, and some light bangs that dust across the forehead help make the face look small, sweet, and youthful. Anyone will adore this perfect look.


26. Layered Bob

Layered Bob

A cool bob hairstyle variation, this hairstyle for anime girl with brown hair is all about those perfectly cut layers. The frontal layers frame the face nicely while the bangs are kept shorter and they fall nicely over the forehead.


27. Half-up Braids

Half-up Braids

Braids really look amazing when they pull your hair back from either side and make a great way of taming the hair.

In this fun hairstyle, some of the hair falls down around her face and that helps in softening the look while preventing it from looking too harsh. There are small braids created and the loose ends stick out to create a fun look.


28. Flowing Curly Layers On Ash Brown Hair

Flowing Curly Layers On Ash Brown Hair

This is a perfect look for any special occasion and it looks special with those flowing layers that curl around her face alluringly. It’s a more grown-up hairstyle which takes very little work. The curly hair looks really attractive.


29. Longer Pinned Back Bangs

Longer Pinned Back Bangs

This hairstyle is all about pinning back those longer bangs using a flower that is perfectly placed on a side.

It’s a sweet look with loose bangs and an attractive flower. The long chocolate brown hair gently falls around her shoulders to make it look more appealing.


30. Side Bangs

Side Bangs

It’s not always necessary to have bangs straight across. In fact, that makes a rather harsh look and is never a good choice for girls.

So, instead of creating that blunt straight line going across your face, use a simple small part to separate the bangs. It also makes a perfect choice for anyone with frontal cowlick and will hide the movement of the hair.


31. Long Layers With Bangs

Long Layers With Bangs

You can always push the bangs up at the front making sure that it shows off those beautiful brown eyes in a fun way.

What’s best about this hairstyle idea is that it will add so much of visual interest and makes the hairstyle look amazing. Curl all the remaining hair to give it some movement and you have a gorgeous look to flaunt.


32. Anime Ponytail With Bangs

Anime Ponytail With Bangs

It’s a wonderful hairstyle to make sure that your hair doesn’t fall over the face. Thick bangs brush your eyebrows rarely and the remaining hair is nicely held back into a ponytail. Use a cool clip to secure it into place.

Curled ends make a perfect choice for adding some body and movement to the hairstyle preventing it from going flat.


33. Anime Hairstyle With Bonnet

Anime Hairstyle With Bonnet

Bonnet can be a great way of giving your anime hairstyle a unique, updated look. It will also keep the hair out of way.

You can always experiment with the way you wear the bonnet and achieve a wonderful final look. It can be a great way of managing any flyaways which might get out of control otherwise.


34. Anime Hairstyle With Highlights

Anime Hairstyle With Highlights

This light hairstyle for girls comes with lots of highlights and looks gorgeous when it grows longer. It frames the face nicely and combines with some amazing bangs to highlight the color of the eye. Overall, it makes a great choice.


35. Long & Sleek Layers

Long & Sleek Layers

These long and sleek layers look elegant. This hairstyle for an anime girl with brown hair looks stunning on girls with deep green eyes and dark brown hair. It requires some layers to be cut right to the chin to add some interest.


What do you make of these fun hairstyles for anime girl with brown hair? They really make a wonderful update for beautiful girls planning to refresh their old look. We all know that anime characters boast great hair and these 25 hairstyles for girls would give them a new life.

So, what are you waiting for then? Pick any of these gorgeously stunning hairstyles and imitate a cool anime look on a special day. You’re surely going to love it!

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