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How To Cut Boy’s Hair: A Quick Guide for Layering & Blending

With the help of the right hair-cutting tools, cutting your boy’s hair may not be much of a hassle. You should also know how to cut a boy’s hair step by step, where to start, and how to advance so that you can achieve the desired cut.

Remember, however, that there can be so many different ways used for cutting kids’ hair and it depends on what hairstyle your boy wants as well as the kind of hair length and texture that is desirable.

For a typical haircut, electric clippers are used on either side of the head while the top is worked with using scissors. Here we have listed different options you can try if you want to know how to cut boys’ hair.

How to Cut Boy’s Hair – the Basics

Alrighty, get ready to dig into some barber shop secrets about how to cut boys’ hair. These kiddos have more energy than a wind-up toy, so let’s get down to business.

The Initial Chop

When you’re diving into a little dude’s haircut, you want to start by lifting the hair up, snip-snip-snip on the top. You’re like an artist, and your fingertips are your guide, measuring the length. Now, when you’re dealing with the bottom, get your trusty comb out, comb down the hair, and cut from there.

Here’s the kicker, you want to keep it consistent, the same length all around. Don’t worry about layers yet, we’ll get there. And before you start slicing and dicing, comb the hair in the direction you want it to fall. Remember, it’s like sculpting, one small snip at a time. And use the ends of the scissors, they’re sharper and give you more control.

Bringing Layers to Life

Now, once you’ve got the length sorted, it’s time for layers. Layers add that cool, textured look. You don’t want everything one length, right? When cutting layers, imagine you’re playing a mini-game of whack-a-mole with the scissors, hacking gently at the hair to give it different lengths.

Bangs aren’t just a blunt cut across, give them a few wispy cuts for a softer look. And here’s a barber trick for ya, use a razor blade instead of scissors to really dial up the texture. When you’re wielding the blade, slice the hair in a slanted way for a really rugged, chopped look.

The Art of Blending

Okay, now that we’ve cut and layered, let’s talk about blending. This is where your clippers come into play. They’re your magic wand to seamlessly blend the different hair lengths for our little guy’s haircut. You start from the top, setting the long lengths first, then, like a descending mountain, use the clippers to carve out the shorter lengths.

When you reach the line where the long hair starts, it’s time to put your comb to work with the clippers. Gently trim the tips of the hair to help it blend with the short areas, instead of a sharp divide.

Another way to blend is by switching up your clipper head size, like a middle-ground between the top and bottom lengths. But remember, it’s blending, not chopping, so don’t climb too far up on top.

Which Clipper to Use for Cutting Boy’s Hair?

Here’s a tabular representation of the different clipper lengths and the corresponding kid’s haircuts that can be achieved with them:

Clipper Number Length Suggested Kid’s Haircut
#1 one-eighth of an inch Buzz Cut
#2 one-fourth of an inch Very Short Crew Cut
#3 three-eighths of an inch Short Crew Cut
#4 one-half of an inch Medium Crew Cut/Short Fade
#5 five-eighths of an inch Longer Crew Cut/Medium Fade
#6 three-fourths of an inch Long Fade/Short Pompadour
#7 seven-eighths of an inch Longer Pompadour/Short Layered Cut
#8 one inch Long Layered Cut/Short Taper Cut


Tools You’ll Need When Cutting Boy’s Hair

Cutting Boy’s Hair With Electric Clippers

Cutting Boys Hair With Electric Clippers

Here are a few steps you should be following to cut boys’ hair with electric clippers.

  1. Select Clipper Number: After putting the towel over his shoulders, start by selecting the right clipper number. Lower numbers typically mean that the hair will be cut shorter. Every number, basically, is a representation of hair length that is left behind after the cutting.
  2. Decide where you’d be clipping from: There are a number of typical haircuts for boys that are cut using clippers on the sides while scissors are on top. In some cases, however, clippers are used on the entire head to create more of a uniform look all over. So, before you start clipping, you should decide where you’d be starting.
  3. If the haircut requires you to cut the top hair with scissors then you should decide on the exact place where you’d be stopping the clippers. This will be the point where the clipper cut will be transitioning into a typical scissor haircut. Normally, it’s just above that occipital bone.
  4. Start Clipping from the Bottom of Hairline: Just position the clippers against your boy’s head making a 90-degree angle. Start clipping at the base of his neck and go straight up.
  5. Continue Clipping Around The Head: Continue clipping in the same manner all around his head. Ensure that you use smooth and even cuts without missy any strips at all. Right throughout, the clippers should be kept at a 90-degree angle from your boy’s head.
  6. Take Off The Clippers Attachment: Now, you can use clippers without any attachments for cleaning it up. It will help take care of any stray hair around the ears and on the neck as well as sideburns.

Cutting Boy’s Hair With Scissors

Cutting Boys Hair With Electric Clippers

Another option you have is to use scissors all around. Here is how to cut boy’s hair perfectly with scissors.

  1. Decide on the amount of hair you’d like to cut off: It would be a good idea if you start small here. If you think the hair is still too long after the first iteration, you can go on to trim it further.
  2. Choose the Guide Cut: It is a cut that will help you determine the length you would want to keep for all remaining hair. Comb the frontal hair back enough to be held between your fingers. Use the comb to do so and then transfer the combed back hair between the middle and index fingers of the hand in which you’re not holding the scissor.
  3. Cut his hair straight across, keeping it parallel to the fingers: This will help you ensure that the hair is cut evenly. However, you can always cut down on those unruly locks later on as well. As a result, the frontal section of his hair will be left a little shorter compared to the rest of the hair on his head.
  4. Pull back the hair section just behind the frontal hair: Use that guide cut here to determine how much you should be cutting. Keep doing that as you work backwards from the front. It is a good idea to keep a bit of the cut you’ve just done for guiding you on how much to cut now. Keep repeating the process and do it right to the back of his head. The same method should be used if you’re cutting hair on the sides with scissors as well.
  5. Cut it around his ears: For cutting the hair around his ears, first, fold down his right ear and cut around it just as if you had to trace it down. Now, do the same on the other side as well. It will be your alternative to the Clippers.

Blending Clipper Cut And Scissor Cut

Cutting Boys Hair With Electric Clippers

Now, for blending purposes, here are the steps that you need to follow.

  1. Comb a little section of his hair: Comb this section to a side and make sure that it remains perpendicular to the floor as you comb. Incorporate the sections done with clippers and scissors and start combing the hair of your boy out to the side using your non-dominant hand.
    • Now on his haircut, the clipper haircut should be on the bottom while the scissor haircut should be on top. A line may also be noticeable just where the clipper haircut ends. Keep the middle of the comb at this point.
  2. Use fingers to hold his hair: Now transfer all his hair from the comb and hold it between your index and middle fingers of the non-dominant hand. Pull his hair out and take it to a position where the longest hair gets even with the fingers of your non-dominant hand.
  3. Cut away anything extra: Anything beyond the fingers is nothing but extra length and you should cut it away. Keep your scissors in a vertical position, parallel to the fingers, and start cutting the extra hair you just spotted. The process will leave you with perfectly blended scissor-cut and clipper-cut hair.

So, that’s how to cut boy’s hair and you should do it accordingly the next time you want to do it. Make sure each step is followed precisely so that you do not end up messing it all up. Get ready to give your boy a special haircut that will look just awesome on him!