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Top 5 Teen Boys Haircuts in 2023 – Classical Haircuts for Teenager Boys

Just like any other fashion and design trends, the hair trends also make a comeback after some time. The hairstyles that once used to be every other youngster’s choice are now making a huge comeback in 2023. Here we have assorted top 5 teen boys haircuts that are going to rock this year. Let’s try to find out how these looks are achieved.

Top 5 Teen Boys Haircuts of The Year


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Recently, we have seen quiff hairstyles becoming a lot more popular. The hairstyle looks awesome on boys who want to have a classy look. While the hairstyle is noticed more than any other hairdo, you can modify it either into a bold or subtle look. For keeping it a bit subtle, it is recommended that you go with short quiff while if you want to make things go bold then you should try a long or messy quiff.

For achieving the look, choose a top stylist and make sure that the hairstyle is done to perfection. The hair on top is kept longer while it should get shorter on the sides. On top of the head, you should go up and back while styling the hair. It will look gorgeous.


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 This year, undercut will be making a huge impact on the fashion scene. The hairstyle has been around for years and it is worn in a variety of different hairstyle options on top. It requires the hair to be cut shorter around the back and the sides and ensures that the hair on top is kept longer. Probably, the best option you have to wear such teen boys haircuts would be to go with slicked back hair on top. Nevertheless, you can style it in other ways as well.

For achieving a perfect look, tell the stylist to give you an undercut style. Most of them would be familiar with how this style is achieved. If they don’t understand, ask them to keep some longer locks on top while buzzing the sides off using mild clippers.

Crew Cut

Crew cut remains a classic, timeless look that is making a comeback with a bang. One of the top hairstyles for boys, this beautiful short hairstyle is perfect for athletes and gives you a similar vibe even if you aren’t one. The hairstyle will also make your face look much defined.

The hairstyle requires you to buzz it off on top using clippers at different lengths. It actually depends on the specific area on your head where you are clipping it off. You can use #4 – #6 on top of your head while keeping the frontal locks to longest length. Keep trimming it shorter as you move towards the back side.

You should use #2 – #4 on back and sides to trim it even shorter. Go for some gradual tapering right to the nape of the neck.



Another classic look that teenagers will be sporting more than any other hairstyle this year, the Pompadour is making a comeback again. The hairstyle makes for the best teen boys haircuts and gives a dapper and slick look. There is length all over while the hair gets longer towards the top. Styled in a slicked back look, the hairstyle is still not kept tight and looks more “poofed” than anything else.

It’s a high maintenance haircut that requires you to put in a significant amount of gel on your locks. It works perfectly for round faces, stronger cheekbones, and shorter foreheads. The hairstyle makes a perfect choice for teenagers with an undercut and a side part.

Get your hair trimmed shorter on the back and the sides while there should be some length on top. Apply quality pomade before slicking the top hair all the way to the back.

For getting a perfect pomp, put the free hand on top and push it forward while combing frontal hair upwards. Use some hairspray to fix it if required.

High & Tight Haircut

High & Tight Haircut

This is a beautiful military-style, short haircut that creates a perfect vibe. Many might confuse it with a butch haircut but it is completely different. The butch is shorter all over whereas this one is cut longer on the top while keeping the back and the sides shorter.

This really is one of the best teen boys haircuts for African Americans and it works perfectly fine for boys who want their hairstyle to be strong and noticeable.

To achieve the look you have to trim the sides and the back using #1 clipper attachment. The hair on top is kept relatively longer than typical butch cut style. Sometimes it is cut using scissors which makes it a bit longer and it is styled easily. Typically, a #6 – #8 attachment is used to clip off the hair.

There have been many teen boys haircuts that have made great vibes over the years. The trend is shifting gears now and we are seeing some of the typical, classic looks making a comeback this year. See which of the above hairstyles you would want to sport this year. They’ll all make a bold statement!