Hottest Short Layered Haircuts To Trend In 2023

Hairstyle trends keep changing and one really has to stay abreast of what’s currently in vogue to make sure that they are fashion-forward and look their best too. As 2023 sets in, the shorter locks have again started trending and they’d make the fashion mantra for the year. Here we have the hottest short layered haircuts that you must keep an eye on throughout 2023.

Short Layered Haircuts 2023 To Make A Fashion Statement

For expressing your unique style and making a statement with your beautiful hairstyle, ensure that you give a try to these beautiful short layered hairstyles we have listed here. It won’t be a hassle to achieve these beautiful hairdos.

  1. Twisted Messy Balayage Layers

Twisted Messy Balayage Layers


A unique implementation of the short bob haircut, this beautiful hairstyle with twisted layers makes a unique statement. Just make sure that you keep it a little messy to express it in style.

  1. Choppy Pixie Haircut With Longish Side Bangs

Choppy Pixie Haircut With Longish Side Bangs


If you have always loved the pixie haircut, what about this beautiful implementation of the look? The hairstyle has a nice choppy look with longer bangs giving it a uniquely stylish vibe. It’s just amazing.

  1. Layered Curls

Layered Curls

Source: Paula Peralta

If you have always preferred to go short with your hair, trying this layered mess will make a unique statement for you this year. The hairstyle has amazing vibes to deliver and it’s one of the best low maintenance hairstyles too.

  1. Feathered Long Pixie Haircut


    Feathered Long Pixie Haircut

    Source: Erin Boha

A pixie is stylish, but if you give it a long feathered look that’s even more special. The base haircut remains the same but a stylish carefree vibe is given to the hairdo with this beautiful look.

  1. Asymmetrical Pixie

Asymmetrical Pixie

Source: By Patrick Trant

Another cool variation of the pixie haircut, this beautiful hairstyle is about giving an asymmetric look to the beautiful pixie ‘do. Just keep it slightly puffy and messy on top and it will look gorgeous. The asymmetric look of the bangs really lends this beautiful hairstyle a stylish look.

  1. Messy Hair

Messy Hair


 For those looking for the short layered hairstyles with not much of maintenance required, this hairstyle makes an amazing new look. It’s all about keeping the volume intact and trimming it short enough into a short bob style. The casual bangs fall over to a side and the overall messy look really makes a unique statement.

  1. Textured Inverted Bob

Textured Inverted Bob

This is one of the most amazing looks to flaunt this year in short and layered hairstyles. The inverted bob has always impressed the ladies but when you add a little texture to the layered haircut then it becomes even better. Let the bangs fall over to a side and express a unique and stylish look. The hairstyle looks gorgeous overall.

  1. Graduated Angled BobGraduated Angled Bob

A graduated bob haircut always has some sophisticated vibes to offer. You can achieve this look with a perfect layered bob cut in an asymmetric manner. Add a tinge of color and organize the look a little better and you have a wonderful hairstyle ready for the party night.

There aren’t many short layered haircuts that are as easy to achieve as what we have here. These beautiful looks are going to trend in 2023 and will give ladies something special to flaunt. Pick one and impress everybody on those special events and parties you have to attend.