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Kids Braids Hairstyles 2024 That Are There To Make A Statement

The New Year has arrived and there is all the buzz about new hairstyles and haircuts that would make a unique style statement. That’s not limited to just a single demographic and, in fact, people of all ages and ethnicities are looking forward to some amazing looks that they could flaunt at different times throughout this year. However, when it comes to kids hairstyles, you have lots of amazing options that pop out every year and you may want to try them out. Among all those beautiful hairstyle options, kids braids have a special appearance and the variations available for this type of hairstyles are just amazing.

You have hundreds of different looks that you can achieve with braids hairstyles and the only limit is your creativity. In fact, if you are not able to come up with new braids ideas, you can check out our list of coolest kids braids hairstyles and you are sure to find some amazing clues as to how you should be styling braids for your kids next time. Let’s have a look at this list of coolest hairstyles of the year for little ones.

  1. Long Braided Cornrows With Beaded Tails And Design

Long Braided Cornrows With Beaded Tails And Design

Source : Braidsbykristal

This probably is one of the most intricate braids for kids that you would ever see. The hairstyle boasts of nice braided cornrows all over the head that start somewhere in the middle section and then go outwards all the way to the tips where it leaves the head and is beaded. There is a beautiful flower design achieved with the cornrows towards the back of the head. If you know the tricks of creating amazing cornrows, you’d definitely not have a hard time achieving this beautiful look.

  1. Cornrows Design With Thick Braided Buns

Cornrows Design With Thick Braided Buns

Source: Braidsbynyeshah

This beautiful hairstyle brings a perfect combo of cornrows designs on top and beautiful braided hair buns achieved more towards a side. The braided designs also have a cool bun right in the center as well. The difference here is that this cornrows for kids is basically achieved on half of the head and not on the full head. Going towards the side, it leaves the head and thick braids are created to achieve a contrasting and unique look.

  1. Swirling Cornrows With Braided Buns

Swirling Cornrows With Braided Buns

Source: Minesen78

If you have been trying to experiment with those typical braids for girls, the hairstyle here gives you a perfect option to go with. It boasts of thick and wide cornrows that swirl around from one side to the other before being crafted into a beautiful hair bun. There is another braided hair bun achieved towards the nape of the neck to add another element of style. Overall, the look is just amazing and it makes for a perfect school girl look.

  1. Thick And Long Dreadlocks

Thick And Long Dreadlocks

Source : Andrew_chimphondah

Dreadlocks may be perceived among the black boys haircuts but you can achieve this look for little girls as well. The hairstyle we have here features a little longish hair on top which is nicely converted into thick dreadlocks. To add a further touch of style to the look, colorful thick beads are also added to the hair towards the tips. The hairstyle doesn’t require too much of maintenance and it works just fine for casual and formal events.

  1. Cornrows With Thick Braids

Cornrows With Thick Braids

Source: Tigist9971

This is a cool center parted hairstyle that works great with the variation of cornrows and braids. There are fine cornrows created in different sections of the head but the centerpiece in this look is actually those thick braids that start at the front just where the center part is and then go all the way towards the back to form long braided ponytails. Just make sure that you have perfect balance of thick braids and small and fine cornrows to keep things in perspective.

  1. Cornrows With Braided Top Knot

Cornrows With Braided Top Knot

Source: Sharlyn_thatopic

You must have seen the samurai haircut and all its variations available today for boys hairstyles, but have you ever thought the similar look could also be achieved for girls with top knot hairdos? Yes, that’s very much possible and it would be even better if you are going to achieve the look with beautiful cornrows. Create cornrows in different parts of the head and make them go swirling around to the crown where you can make it into a beautiful top knot that just looks amazing. The hairstyle would work wonders for black girls and will surely attract all eyes to them.

  1. Long Dreadlocks

Cornrows With Braided Top Knot

Source : Key_styles

Dreadlocks make for one of the obvious choices for black kids who have naturally kinky hair, but the hairstyle is usually associated to boys. However, if you can grow it a little longer on top, the hairstyle would look amazing and would make for the best kids braids hairstyles for girls as well. You can part it in the center or towards a side and a perfect look would be achieved eventually.

  1. Swirling Cornrows With Long Braided Strands

Swirling Cornrows With Long Braided Strands

Source : Getnaturalwithjas

Yet another cool look achieved with beautiful cornrows hairstyle, this one requires you to start achieving the look at one side and make the cornrows go swirling around the head to the other. On the other side, the long strands fall over and beaded towards the tips to complete an amazing look overall. The hairstyle is just amazing and you can’t ask for anything better.

  1. Cornrows With Braided Hair And Side Ponytail

Cornrows With Braided Hair And Side Ponytail

Source: Braidsnthangs_bynay

Here you have another cool style you could achieve with beautiful cornrows hairstyles for girls. The hairdo boasts of simple and wide cornrows starting at the front and going all the way to the back where it reaches the crown before being knotted into a beautiful ponytail. The ponytail is achieved towards a side and it is beaded with some accessories towards the tips. Add some color to the beads and you have an amazing look ready for your girl to flaunt.

  1. Dyed Dreadlocks With Kinky Tails

Dyed Dreadlocks With Kinky Tails

Source: Braidsbyisha

Achieve dreadlocks with long kinky hair of your little girl to give her an intricate and amazing look on the top. The hairstyle feels amazing and can be given a facelift if you choose to dye it in a color of your choice. You can make it look a bit funky with dark red or maroon shade but the choice of color is completely yours and you can definitely do experiments here. Add a nice clip accessory just where the crown is and you will be able to make it look even better. The rolled over tips look just too good too.

  1. Swirling Cornrows With Top Bun And Ponytail

Swirling Cornrows With Top Bun And Ponytail

Source: Stylesbyambie

Cornrows, whether achieved thin or thick, create an amazing vibe when you have created them in a swirling pattern. That’s exactly the case here with this beautiful hairstyle. The frontal hair as well as the strands on the sides are made to swirl in nice cornrows look as they reach the top to form beautiful top bun. The hair behind the crown is made into cornrows too but it goes straight down towards the back. A few strands are made to fall over into an open short ponytail. It really looks amazing overall.

  1. Cornrows With Design And Colorful Beads

Cornrows With Design And Colorful Beads

Source : Mos_humblehands

Looking for a unique cornrows design for kids hairstyles? This one here gives you just that. The hairstyle starts with a couple of parallel rows from the side and another one starts just beside that and goes swirling from the front all the way to the back. It really looks amazing and the colorful beads added to the sides make this hairstyle go up a notch. The look is pretty organized and has volumes to speak about itself.

  1. Sectioned Braided Pigtails

Sectioned Braided Pigtails

Source: E_v_a_kov

Yes, this one is a braided hairstyle for girls but it is not a typical braid here. Rather we have sectioned braids created towards a side that go all the way into the bottom pigtails that look really pleasing to the eye. Add some pearls and hair accessories to further lift the look of it. The hairstyle is quite simple to achieve and won’t take an entire hour to style.

  1. Cornrows With Flower Pigtail Buns

Cornrows With Flower Pigtail Buns

Source: Juslilrobin

Yet another cute and organized look to achieve for little girls, this beautiful hairstyle is about parallel cornrows on top that go all the way to the back at a slight angle. The center part is created with a zig-zag and there are thin and fine braids towards the sides as well. The beautiful bun pigtails look amazing and they would need a bit of effort to achieve them to perfection though. Other than that, this hairstyle is pretty simple to achieve and it creates amazing vibes too.

  1. Rolled Dreadlocks

Rolled Dreadlocks

Source : Braids4kidsbybritneynicole

This beautiful hairstyle is about grown out dreadlocks that really look amazing. A nice curly look is added to the hairstyle by rolling these dreadlocks over a roller and creating a bit of mess. The look can be achieved with a slight side part where the hair on one side is made to lift up a bit in pony style. Other than that, all the hair is left open and stylish and the messy look of it is just amazing. You can’t ask for a better hairstyle for naturally kinky hair.

  1. Thick Cornrows With Top Bun

Thick Cornrows With Top Bun

Source : Tress_nique

When it comes to black girls hairstyles, you have to deal with very thick and rough hair that is often hard to style. However, you can achieve a perfect look if you know the right style to do it. Take this one, for example. The hairstyle boasts of thick braided cornrows going all the way towards the crown from all parts of the head where it is formed into a beautiful and thick hair bun. Some hair accessories are also added to the hairstyle and it is given a chic appearance. There are also layers just over the ears that are made to fall over to a side making a nice style statement.

  1. Cornrows With Raised Ponytail

Cornrows With Raised Ponytail

Source : Prettybypattichicago

Yet another cool look to achieve with cornrows for kids, this beautiful hairstyle is all about nice cornrows achieved starting at the front and going all the way back to the crown where it is lifted a bit, knotted around and formed into a nice and cool raised up ponytail. The hairstyle has volumes to speak about itself and it makes for a perfect vibe.

  1. Center Parted Hairstyle With Braided Dreadlocks

Center Parted Hairstyle With Braided Dreadlocks

Source: Kionnathestylist

Another beautiful style to achieve with kinky hair, this is a bit different to typical dreadlocks as the look is achieved with braids. The braided dreadlocks are made to fall over in all directions around the head. The look is quite attractive and allows black girls to make a unique statement. When it comes to kids braids, this beautiful hairstyle gives you something very different and amazing.

  1. Alternating Cornrows

Alternating Cornrows

Source: Aminaalovee

A typical cornrows look given a slightly different touch by alternating rows of thin and thick braided hair. The hairstyle also features a few small layers at the front that are slicked right there. As for the cornrows, the thin ones have a couple of them going parallel to each other while the thick ones are all on their own. Nevertheless, it looks really beautiful and these braided layers form a nice ponytail going down the bottom at the back and it is covered in beautiful blue ribbons to give a wonderful overall look.

  1. Angled Cornrows With Pigtail Buns

Angled Cornrows With Pigtail Buns

Source: Msangeldee_hair_addict

Angled cornrows always have something special about them. They look a lot different and unique and create a really amazing look overall. Just make sure that you start creating the rows at right points so that the design that forms on top is just perfect. The pigtails are also created with the braided hair just around the crown in the form of beautiful buns. You can accessorize them with cool hair accessories and the final look will be just too attractive. Add as many accessories as you may like and it will end up into a more attractive hairstyle overall.

So, there are different ways in which you can achieve cool looks with kids braids. It’s up to your own creativity to get something that not just suits the kids but also attracts eyes for all its uniqueness and elegance.