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Modern Beehive Hairstyle – How To A Do Beehive Hairstyle Step by Step

If you have been after some of the most chic hairstyles for girls, beehive hairstyle can be the answer to your hair styling woes. What’s the most challenging for you is to style your hair uniquely for every party and event you are going to attend. However, with the beehive variations, you can have an amazing look whenever you like and you won’t have to spend too much of your time and effort in achieving a perfect style for your little one either. Get into the popular 60’s look and you have one chic hairstyle to flaunt.

How to Make A Modern Beehive Hairstyle (2023 Updated)

When it comes to the best cool girls hairstyles which lend you some sort of a vintage vibe, the beehive hairdo is your thing for sure. Let’s run you through this beautiful hairstyle step by step.

  1. Section It Off

Section It Off

Section your hair off to start with and leave a couple of frontal strands to allow them to frame the face. Horizontally divide the back into two sections before clipping the lower one into a simple ponytail.


  1. Use Some Dry Shampoo

Use Some Dry Shampoo

Now, use your fingers or a comb for lifting up the section on top from the back of the head and spray some dry shampoo at your hair roots. It will be helpful in defining the shape as well as the volume of your hair for achieving a perfect beehive hairstyle with a perfectly solid base.


  1. Tease Your Hair

Tease Your Hair

It’s time to do some teasing now. Grab a few hair from the section on top and start backcombing it for adding extra volume to it. The more the volume you create here, the bigger the beehive you’ll be able to achieve.


  1. Brush It Into Place

Brush It Into Place

Once you’re done teasing, smooth that section over using a bristle hair brush for ensuring that there aren’t any flyaways and you are able to achieve a perfect dome shape. Make sure that you brush it all gently here so that you may not end up flattening the volume that you have just created.


  1. Clio It Into A Nice Bouffant

Clio It Into A Nice Bouffant

As you get closer to achieving your perfect beehive look, gather the section you had teased earlier with the help of a comb and start pulling it towards back of the head. Start at your hair ends, and roll them under for achieving a bouffant look. Use bobby pins for securing it into place and also make sure that you tuck in the loose ends, if any.


  1. Pin Up All The Remaining Hair

Pin Up All The Remaining Hair

Now, it’s time to pin up everything else. Twist the hair in that lower section you created earlier and twirl it all into a simple, neat, low hair bun right at the bottom of the beehive. Pin it into place while making sure that all the hair in the sections at the back are perfectly tucked into the updo.


  1. Soften It Up A Little

Soften It Up A Little

Now that you have achieved the beehive hairdo, it’s time you soften it up a little. Pull the two hair sections at the front loose so that they can frame the face nicely. You can also pin them up loosely right behind your ears for creating that authentic vibes of the ‘60s.


  1. You Have The Perfect Beehive Look

You Have The Perfect Beehive Look

That’s it! You’re done achieving your perfect beehive. Just spritz a bit of styling spray to secure the look to perfection and that’s all. Your beehive hairstyle is ready.


Get A Beehive Hair Salon Look

Even though you can create a perfect beehive look at home now, it is still advisable that you get to a salon and have your favorite hairstylist style the look for you. They are professionals and they would save you the time and hassle in achieving a perfect look.

Beehive Hair Salon options aren’t scarce and any of your favorite hair salons would do the favor. You just need to guide them a little on what exactly you’re trying to achieve. If you want to try this hairdo, below are 10 charismatic modern beehive hairstyles that will give you the vintage look.


Auburn Bun

The classic beehive style is made sizzling by the light auburn hair color. The beautiful ginger shade works with both warm and cool skin tones and brings your hair to life. This chic and versatile hair color resonates with the autumn season.


Beehive on Dark Hair

Beehive on naturally dark hair gives the perfect 60’s look. Here the beehive is created at the very top and not at the back. Divide hair strands into thick sections and twist them before styling a beehive. The loose curls at the back and the dark eyeliner further push the vintage vibe.


Messy Blonde Bob 

A Beehive will look equally appalling with short hair as with longer strands. Here a bob is styled with a beehive at the top. To create this style on short hair, tease your hair at the top and use a lot of hairsprays to create volume and lift. Side-swept hair covers the forehead like bangs and amplifies the thickness of the beehive.


Fiery Red Curls

Ultra warm and fiery red hair color is for the bold and courageous. Your intense and bright hair color will draw all the attention. The beehive hairdo is further jazzed up by adding curtain bangs. The bright curtain bangs add a glow to your eyes and your cheeks.


Chestnut Brown Updo

The rich chocolaty chestnut shade gives a natural gloss to your hair, making your mane multi-dimensional and versatile. The side-swept bangs with loose, wispy strands elongate a round face and highlight your eyes, so be sure to apply thick eyeliner.


Half Up Half Down Style

If you have long hair and want to flaunt your locks along with a beehive-updo, half up, half down is the style for you. The hair at the top is tied in a basic beehive, and the rest of the hair is let down and filled with soft waves.


Messy Beehive on Short Hair

A messy modern beehive hairstyle is perfect for fine hair types. Create a loose beehive and let unruly hair strands come out of it. Use a dry shampoo for texture and sea salt spray to maximize volume. The dark roots and light brown hair create an amazing effect.


Ponytail with Vivid Colors

The most variegated and fun Modern beehive hairstyle. Unique and funk, this vividly colored beehive will make you stand out. Aqua blue and light green colors divide your hair as well as blend beautifully, giving you an adorable hairstyle. The grey-green hairband makes the beehive more noticeable.


Contemporary Bob

In a contemporary beehive, the hair is not stacked with clips or tied. The beehive is left loose similar to a bouffant. Middle part your hair and comb your hair thoroughly. Create a lift by teasing your hair at the back or using hair lift tools. Use a stronghold hair cream to maintain the beehive. Add a printed hairband for a retro finish.


Straight Hair With Full Bangs

Long full bangs are timeless and can be paired with any hairstyle. They are versatile and can be changed easily to create a new look. They highlight your eyes and are ideal for long face structure. The wide pink hairband contrasts with the dark brown hair color and softens your facial features.


Have any beehive hairstyle variations in mind? Do experiment a little to make your look even better and adjust the hairstyle to your own specific face shape and facial contours. Just make sure that you do not end up ruining that authentic vibe of the ‘60s with your little experimentation. You’re going to rock it for sure.

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