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Top 10 DIY Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair That Will Make A Statement 2024

Whether it is your special day or you have to attend a wedding as a guest, you have to pay a lot of attention to how you style yourself up. And, among all the different style elements, the way you style your hair is definitely going to play a huge part. If you have the motivation to take the DIY route, there are quite a few DIY wedding hairstyles for long hair out there and you can easily pick one that captures your fancy and makes you look as cool as ever.

DIY Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair

Looking for the DIY options for styling your long hair on a special event like wedding? You are no short of options as there are plenty of amazing hairstyles that we have listed here. Take a look and make your picks.

  1. Milkmaid Braids

Milkmaid Braids

This beautiful hairstyle has long been considered a sweet look to flatter on the wedding day and it’s not that hard to achieve either. The hairstyle works perfectly for summer and bohemian weddings and it is definitely going to attract everyone’s fancy. For achieving this wonderful hairstyle, separate your hair into a couple of sections and start braiding on either side. Wrap it across your head and simply pin it up to secure a gorgeous look. If there are some loose ends, tuck them in and make your hairstyle look softer loosening a few pieces around your face. Braids can be used as a headband too.

  1. Asymmetrical Pinup

Asymmetrical Pinup

Another wonderful wedding hairstyle that can work both for the bride and the guests, this one requires you to spin the curls on a side into some twists before bringing them back to form a beautiful hair bun. It’s as simple as that. You can use bobby pins for securing it into place. To make the hairstyle look more tousled, you can allow a few random strands to fall while loosening the hair that frame your face.

  1. Soft Wavy Hairstyle With A Floral Pin

Soft Wavy Hairstyle With A Floral Pin

Those big and tousled waves can always unleash the stylish lady hidden somewhere inside us and they complement backless dresses to perfection. This beautiful hairstyle gives you just that. Just run through the curls using your fingers or comb to soften it all a bit. Take a flower and tuck it in or use some other accessories for keeping the hair out of the face while making a unique style statement.

  1. Fishtail Braid

Fishtail Braid

The fishtail braid is more becoming a trend for weddings lately and you should not miss this chance of flaunting your beautiful looks with this gorgeous hairstyle. The volume that comes with this beautiful braid is what everyone is going to love about it. Tug those braided sections to fluff it up a little and release the strands around your face to make look soft. Finally, pin the bangs to just where you start braiding.

  1. Infinity Knot

Infinity Knot

Wearing a knot on your special day when you’re actually going to tie the knot is definitely going be something special and it has a great symbolic value too. It is quite a sleek knot that can be achieved by twisting your ponytail to form that infinity sign while tucking it in using bobby pins. To make it perfect for summer weddings, you can always add that floral touch to it.

  1. Side Braided Tousled Hairstyle

Side Braided Tousled Hairstyle

This is another hassle-free hairdo that you can DIY easily on any day. To achieve this hairstyle, you will have to pull the braided sections for adding some definition and volume. Adding a bit of height on top is definitely a great idea here. Leave the bangs out and start with the curled hair to achieve a more than perfect look.

  1. Brushed Out Curls

Brushed Out Curls

For girls with curly hair, there are few beautiful hairstyles that look more classic than the Old Hollywood-esque waves. You just need to start creating the hairstyle using big-barrel curls and allow them to completely cool off once you have styled it up. Just brush ’em out before you head out for the event.

  1. Low Twisted Ponytail

Low Twisted Ponytail

This low twisted ponytail might feel a little more ambitious as compared to most of the low ponytail hairstyles out there. However, you can easily get through some a few bobby pins. You can dress your simple ponytail up with layers of beautiful pinned twists.

  1. Upside-Down Braided Ponytail

Upside-Down Braided Ponytail

Braids have always added a great deal to the otherwise simplest and bland hairstyles. For this upside-down ponytail, it imparts some style instantly to the high ponytail whether you use ring accessories or not.

  1. Braided Chignon

Braided Chignon

This is actually a laidback variation of the classic chignon and it looks gorgeous both on the brides and the wedding guests. There’s a quick braid to create and you’ll have to create a simple updo which will do the trick for you on the special occasion. You’ll have the kind of style you’re looking for.

You may find many hairstyles for long hair that you could do easily but when it comes to DIY wedding hairstyles for long hair, you really need to do some looking around to come up with the best and the simplest options. Even though there’s a huge variety available here as well, you really need to make your picks carefully impart a sense of style like never before. Weddings are special events, and you really need to go with a special hairstyle on the day!