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Updos For Long Hair How To Do It Yourself – Some Cool Ideas To Consider

Wondering about easy updos for long hair Well, there are so many beautiful updo hairstyle variations that you can try out and achieving them is not much of a hassle either. From thin and fine hair to thick and voluminous long locks, all the types of hair can be formed into beautiful updos if you apply your creative sense properly.

Easy updos for long hair How To Do It Yourself

Can’t think of many updo hairstyle options? Here we have the best updos for long hair and some ideas on how you can take the DIY approach. Let’s have a look.

  1. Braided Messy Bun On A Side

Braided Messy Bun On A Side


This messy braided hairstyle looks cool and it simply requires you to start braiding at the front on either side and take it back to the nape. Secure it slightly to a side around the nape and that’s it.

  1. Braided Updo

Braided Updo


A cool hairstyle for blondes, this one is more of a royal look that you’d love to sport on a party night. The hairstyle brings French braids from either side and twists them over into a bun at the nape. A flower crown on top makes it look even better.

  1. Sleek Low Braided Bun

Sleek Low Braided Bun


This cute little updo makes a simple, stylish and elegant hairstyle. Just pay attention to the details and start braiding a thin braid at the front and take it across as it grows in size before being secured low at the nape into a cool little hair bun. Top it up with a cool accessory and it looks even better.

  1. Milkmaid Braids

Milkmaid Braids


If you have been trying to find out a cool and unique look, milkmaid braids would do for you. Part it all in the center right to the nape and start braiding at the back on each side of the part. Take the braids to the front and form a nice little halo. That’s it!

  1. Messy Combed Back With Big Bun

Messy Combed Back With Big Bun


This cool little hairstyle is more about being messy than anything else. Just loosely comb it back and let a few strands around. Form a wonderful big bun at the back with strands pulling out of it to lend it a gorgeous look.

  1. French Braided Updo

French Braided Updo


Love French Braids? This beautiful updo is talor made for you. Just part in the center on top and braid each section while taking it all the way to the back and forming a heavy braided bun. It will look really cool.

  1. Braided Chignon

Braided Chignon


Proms need a special hairstyle and this one is just tailor made for such events. The beautiful chignon is about creating a nice combed back look with a voluminous bun low down the nape.

  1. Fancy Roll Updo

Fancy Roll Updo


Another updo on the list, this one is slightly different. Instead of braiding the hair, you need to roll it up and form sort of a knot at the back. Leave the frontal strands to fall over to a side and enjoy a gorgeous new look.

  1. Loose Diagonal Braided Updo

Loose Diagonal Braided Updo


This beautiful updo is unique despite the fact that it features a braid like many others on the list. Just make the braid diagonally as it runs from the crown to the nape and goes across the back. Slightly textured look makes it even better.

  1. Dutch Fishtail

Dutch Fishtail


You might be familiar with Dutch braids but have you made Dutch fishtail ever? Here’s a cool implementation of that particular style that forms into a nice updo for special occasions.

So, it’s pretty easy to go for easy updos for long hair. Just figure out which style best suits you and try it out on a special day.