10 Coolest Prom Hairstyles For Medium Hair 2021 – Hottest Styles for Girls

Prom nights are really special to every high school student and everyone wants to look impressive and stylish on this occasion. However, whether you want to wear a hairdo on prom or you’d like to wear it to party, you can find lots of amazing prom hairstyles for medium hair for party. Whatever the case, you can never go wrong with your choice. All you have to ensure is that you choose something that goes with your overall personality and adds a unique charm to it. Especially, when you have medium length hair to deal with, you can try to get as versatile as you can with your looks. But again, choosing the right hairstyle for you is the key here. Check out these wonderful options listed below and see if they are good enough to make the case for you.

Prom Hairstyles for Medium Hair 2021 (Party Updates)

For girls with medium length hair, the options to style their hair for the prom night are even better. They really have a whole lot of choices to go with and some of them really are the easiest. Here we have listed the best prom hairstyles for medium hair for party.

Beautiful Low Bun Hairstyle

Beautiful Low Bun Hairstyle

It really is a cool low bun hairstyle that asks for a beautiful crown on top more than anything else. And for girls who are contesting for being the prom queen, this beautiful hairstyle can really help you take pace. The messy and wavy fringes on the sides and a cool thick French braid ending into a low hair bun, you can’t ask for anything better.

Upside Down Fishtail Braided Bun

Upside Down Fishtail Braided Bun

Those inverted hairstyles can always add a unique sense of interest to an otherwise typical hairstyle and here we have a perfect example. If you’re planning a bun hairstyle for your prom night and also want to ensure that it’s something exclusive and not so hard to achieve at the same time, this one with upside down fishtail braid is definitely going to do the trick for you. Create a typical fishtail braid but do it the other way around and you will have a unique style ready for a unique occasion. Create a beautiful, messy bun on top and your finished look would be better than everyone.

Low Braided Bun

Low Braided Bun

Another bun for the best prom hairstyles for medium hair for party, this low bun is unique in the sense that it is braided and it is given a more voluminous vibe. Obviously, you have to wear something really special to prom and nothing can be better than this beautiful hairdo that has a unique element of style to it. The thick and loose braid works wonders to give this hairdo a more unique and stylish vibe while making sure that it’s loose, messy and low on the nape. Nothing can really beat this beautiful hairstyle.

Boho Vibes


If you are feeling all those Boho vibes, and would like to wear the hair down while making sure that the design on the back of your dress is visible, this is the hairdo you’d want to go with. Tease the hair around the crown to create a beautiful bump, keep the frontal layers a bit messy and swept to a side and go for a messy braided look at the back to give your hairstyle a perfect finish. You’d love the finished hairstyle.

Messy Braids


Braids can still be one of the best prom hairstyles for medium hair for party, and you can’t find a better variation than this one. The French braided look is achieved with thick and messy hair and it looks lovely on all those special occasions. The hairstyle doesn’t just offer a completely charming look, it allows you to show your dress off in style as well. It’s messy but it’s even more stylish!

Updo Prom Hairstyles for Medium Hair

If you want to look chic and elegant on the prom night, you’d want to go with the best updo prom hairstyles that make a unique style statement. Updo hairstyles really make one of the best choices available for the medium length hair and they can add a unique charm to your personality. There are all sorts of glam looks that you could achieve and there are many beautiful updo variations that you could try for achieving a special ‘do for a special night. Here we have listed a top few among them.

Romantic Braids Updo


Braids and updos go hand-in-hand and there are so many of them that you could style for the prom night as well to achieve a more romantic look. What about this beautiful one here? Don’t you think it looks romantic? Yes, it really is! The braids really make a perfect romance-tie and the curly tendrils that are left at the front for framing her face also create a romantic vibe. The thick braid swirling towards the back looks amazing as it secures the voluminous bun. And, the casual look created by those strands left loose all around makes stunning vibes too.

Updo With Boho Braids


For a hairstyle that looks more bohemian than anything else, nothing can beat this gorgeous look for sure. The braided and tousled hair look as awesome as it can ever get. It’s braided with several braids and shows off some amazing colors as well. You don’t often see such colors with hairstyles that are worn loose and long. The hairstyle looks chic and messy and boasts of beautiful tendrils at the front that make a unique style statement.

Twisted Updo

This twisted updo is just amazing and makes for the best updo prom hairstyles out there. Yes, it is just amazing to see what you’d be able to achieve with some simple turns and twists of the hair, along with some hair bands and grips. The hairstyle would take a bit of effort to pull it off to perfection but once you have achieved it, nothing can beat the looks and class of it. When styling it at the back, you need to twist everything in, pin it down, and secure it into place with the help of medium-hold hairspray. If you know exactly how this wonderful look is created, this beautiful and relaxed hairstyle might even work after prom night as well. So, put in the effort once and you’re sure to get great results.

Teased Updo

If you want the simplest of looks for the special day, what about this beautiful teased updo? Teasing the hair and backcombing the roots will really add great volume to your hair before you could be able to gently pin it into the desired updo hairstyle. The hairstyle also adds cool ethereal vibes to the prom look and makes sure you grab as many eyes as possible at the special occasion.

Ethereal Updo Hairstyle With Headband

When you are up for a special occasion, you really need a special hairstyle that looks different than anything else. When you are able to combine a stunning headband accessory with a typical relaxed updo, it will change the entire look to a mesmerizing hairstyle from something that looked a bit messy before. A few strands falling over on the sides casually and metal design which looks like a beautiful jewelry piece can do the job to perfection. The hairstyle is elegant, cool, unique, and more prom-ready than anything else.

So, ready to rock the party? Choose the best of looks from these prom hairstyles for medium hair for party and make sure you never let anyone beat you with their style. Updo or not, all the options listed here make the best choices for medium length hair and they will surely give you a glamorous and chic look. Just go with a perfect combination and nobody will be able to take their eyes off you.