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40 Stunning Flower Girl Hairstyles For Little Princess

Weddings are special occasions, and the flower girls with their adorable flower girl hairstyles add a charm to the event, often becoming the center of attention. Don’t you want your little princess to look her best on your big day?

Choosing the perfect dress for the flower girl is just the beginning. The right hairstyle can elevate the overall look and make them feel like a true princess. With so many options out there, it’s not easy to know which one will suit your little one.

If you are looking for inspiration for your flower girl’s hairstyle, look no further. We have compiled a list of 40 stunning flower girl hairstyles that will make your little one feel like royalty.

From braids to buns, and ribbons to flowers, there is something for everyone. Here are the most beautiful hairstyles to help make your flower girl shine on your special day.


Cutest Flower Girl Hairstyles For 2024

Here we have listed some of the top picks for you. Let’s check out:


Braided Updo – Flower Girl Hairstyles with Headband

Braided Updo With Flowers
Source: teaprincessaust

This is a cool look to achieve for little girls as they always look stunning in braided hairstyles. The look is achieved by simply creating a braided updo hairstyle and then combining it with a cool flowery look at the front.

Some colorful natural flowers are used and they are arranged nicely in the braid to achieve a wonderful final look.


Side Swept Fringe With Flower Bun

This is a cool hairstyle that is achieved with nice long and straight hair. A wonderful look is achieved by sweeping that beautiful, extravagant fringe to a side and tucking it away with the help of a clip.

A flowered bun is achieved at the crown while some of the strands are allowed to swirl all the way down to the tip. A flowered hair band is used at the top as well to add a touch of style.


Loose Curls with Floral Barrettes:

Loose Curls with Floral Barrettes is an elegant flower girl hairstyle. Soft curls cascade down, while floral barrettes add a touch of whimsy and charm.

How to: Curl the hair using a curling iron and set with hairspray. Add floral barrettes throughout the hair to enhance the look.


Twisted Halo Braid with Mini Roses:

This flower girl hairstyle features a twisted halo braid adorned with mini roses. The halo braid encircles the head, giving an angelic look perfect for little girls.

How to: Create a twisted braid around the head like a halo. Secure mini roses throughout the braid.


Half-Up Twisted Bun with Daisy Chains:

Half-Up Twisted Bun with Daisy Chains is a playful and pretty flower girl hairstyle for little girls. The twisted bun sits atop the head, and daisy chains add a fresh and youthful touch.

How to: Section the top half of the hair and twist into a bun. Add daisy chains around the base of the bun.


Side Ponytail with Braided Flower Accents:

This flower girl hairstyle combines a side ponytail with braided flower accents, creating a balanced and chic look.

How to: Pull the hair to one side into a ponytail. Braid small sections and twist them into flower shapes, securing with bobby pins.


Fishtail Braid with Intertwined Baby’s Breath:

In this flower girl hairstyle, a fishtail braid is intertwined with Baby’s Breath flowers. The delicate flowers blend beautifully with the intricate braid.

How to: Create a fishtail braid and secure it. Intertwine Baby’s Breath throughout the braid.


Sleek Ballerina Bun with Floral Wreath:

This flower girl hairstyle features a sleek ballerina bun encircled by a floral wreath. The combination of sleekness and florals creates an ethereal and polished look.

How to: Pull hair into a high ponytail and twist into a tight bun. Place a floral wreath around the bun.


Vintage Curls with Lily Hairpins:

Vintage Curls with Lily Hairpins is a timeless flower girl hairstyle. The curls are reminiscent of classic Hollywood, while lily hairpins add a touch of elegance.

How to: Curl hair into vintage curls and set with hairspray. Add lily hairpins throughout the hair.


Boho Waterfall Braid with Sunflower Accents:

This flower girl hairstyle has a boho waterfall braid adorned with sunflower accents. It’s a laid-back and charming style, perfect for an outdoor wedding.

How to: Create a waterfall braid across the head and secure it. Add sunflower accents throughout the braid.


Dutch Braids into Low Bun with Lavender Sprigs:

This flower girl hairstyle is both sophisticated and sweet. Dutch braids lead into a low bun, and lavender sprigs provide a fragrant and beautiful touch.

How to: Create two Dutch braids that meet at the nape of the neck into a low bun. Insert lavender sprigs into the bun.


Top Knot with Flower Petal Ring:

This flower girl hairstyle is modern and stylish. The top knot sits high on the head, and a ring of flower petals adds a floral flair.

How to: Pull hair into a high ponytail and twist into a top knot. Arrange flower petals around the base of the knot.


Pixie Cut with Floral Headband and Side Braids:

For flower girls with short hair, this pixie cut adorned with a floral headband and side braids is both adorable and chic.

How to: Style the pixie cut and create small side braids. Place a floral headband across the crown.


Flowered Braids With Long Wavy Hair

Wow… One of the best toddler hairstyles for your little princess. This beautiful look is achieved with the help of cool flowered braids that run around the head to create a cool look.

There are three beautiful braids that start at the front and go curling around the head. The rest of the hair is left open and nicely combed with a naturally wavy look kept intact.


Wavy Hairstyle With Flowered Crown

Girls always look awesome with their naturally wavy hair and here we have a cool example of that. This little princess looks really amazing with her naturally wavy and beautiful locks.

There is a beautiful flowered crown on top that makes her look like a real princess. Overall, it’s a gorgeous look to achieve for special nights and parties.


Flowered Braided Bun

Flowered Braided Bun
Source: hair_by_m.v

This is one of the most intricate styles on the list that may require some effort to achieve it. The hairstyle features a wonderful braided and swirled look towards the back that makes into a beautiful bun style.

There are quite a few braids originating from different sections of the head and they all make into a beautiful hairstyle combining at the bottom.


Wavy Back With Frontal Braid And Flowers

This is a cool look to give to a little girl. The natural waves of the hair are flaunted towards the back and it’s all left open to look even better.

There is a ribbon added to the back and a flower crown is at the front that makes the braided fringe look even better.


Combed Back Hairstyle With Braided Ponytail And Flowers

Combed Back Hairstyle With Braided Ponytail And Flowers
Source: kerry_tantalize

This combed back look is awesome and is actually accentuated with a long and beautiful braided ponytail at the back.

The hair from all sides is brought into the center of the back and cool braids are created. Some beautiful white flowers are added to make it even more stylish, unique and elegant.


Braided Bob With Flowers

You might have seen many bob haircuts for girls and the variations but this one is really unique and different from all those.

The hairstyle features a bit longer hair but those towards the bottom are braided into a cool horizontal look that makes the hairstyle look more like a typical bob haircut. Some cool small flowers are added to the braid at the back to make the hairstyle look amazing.


Casual Hairstyle With Thick Bun And Frontal Braid

This is a cool look to achieve for girls who have long hair and want a way to keep them organized. The hairstyle features quite a few styling elements starting from the frontal braid that goes all the way back into that beautiful bun.

The bun is quite thick and is given a classic look with several layers of hair added into it. A shiny hair band and some beautiful white flowers can also be added to the mix to make it look awesome. A couple of strands are open at the front and given a wavy touch to complete the look.


Messy And Curly Tail With Frontal Braid

This beautiful hairstyle features very thick and messy curls towards the back. The hair is left open to flaunt the curls while it’s made into a beautiful tail.

The front boasts of a cool horizontal braid and a beautiful crown right behind it. Overall, the hairstyle looks gorgeous.


Wavy Braided Bun

This cool hairstyle is about that beautiful bun at the back. That, however, is not a typical bun that you might see in your daily routine. In fact, the hairstyle is achieved by making several layers and waves of hair and putting them together into a beautiful bun style.

The hair at the front gets a side swept look with fringes coming all the way back and getting blended into that wavy bun. Add some hair jewelry to make it look even better.


Umbrella Bun With Braided Back

Ever seen a bun on top as if it were an umbrella covering your head? Well, this hairstyle gives you just that. The look is achieved by creating nice braids at the back.

The hair is brought from the sides into the center and it’s braided upwards to make into a beautiful umbrella bun at the top. The hairstyle looks awesome overall and makes a perfect vibe.


Flower Braid With Open Wavy Hair

This hairstyle looks stunning and is a special look to achieve for a special event. The hairdo features open wavy hair at the back that is made to look as natural as possible.

The strands from both the sides are made into beautiful braids that join together at the crown and make a cool braided flower right there. Though it may need some time to style the hair into this beautiful look, it’s simply amazing and intricate.


Side Swept Hairstyle With Rolled Over Back

This is a gorgeous look to achieve for little girls having a bit of length at the back. The hairstyle features a side swept style at the front but it gets more intricate going towards the back.

The hair is braided and rolled over to make it look stunningly amazing. Add some flowers to make the look perfect.


Forward Swept Fringe With Top Bun And Flowers

This beautiful hairstyle is about beautiful forward swept fringe that adds a touch of elegance and class to it. The curling strands on each side make it look more girlish than ever.

The bun on the top looks amazing and adds into the style rather nicely. If you want to give it a more pristine look overall, the flower band on top is a must-have.


Flower Girl Hairstyles with Braids

Simple Braided Hairstyle

This beautiful look features only a couple of braids that start at the front and cross each other at the back while the rest of the hair is left open.

It’s all wavy and some are left there at the back while a few layers come forward over the shoulders. A cool flowered ribbon accessory at the top is added to make it look chic and elegant overall.


Combed Back Hair With Messy Bun

This is a typical everyday look that is given a touch of style. The hairstyle features simple combed back hair that is made into a beautiful and casual messy bun at the back.

The overall look is casual and it works perfectly for a quick hairdo in everyday routine. You won’t have to spend much time on it and your girl will love it as well.


Wavy Hairstyle With Flowers

When it comes to flower girl hairstyles, this is a cool look to achieve. The hair is given a naturally wavy look and is made to look messy at the back. You can always add some beautiful flowers on top and back to make the hairstyle look awesome overall.


Combed Back Hairstyle With Braided Bun

Simple Combed Back Hairstyle With Braided Bun

This really is a cool look to achieve for little girls. The hairstyle keeps it simple on top by combing it all backward.

However, the touch of style is given to the look with that braided bun at the back. The bun looks gorgeous and makes the hairdo look stylish.


Combed Back Hairstyle With Casual Braided Bun

This is another typical look to achieve with a braided bun just like the one above. However, the bun here is a bit different and it’s messier than the one above. This type of hairstyle would need the hair to have a bit more length.

The hair at the front is combed back with strands on the sides made into a beautiful braided look that go on to blend into the beautiful braided hair bun. A hair band is used at the center to keep the look in place.


Crown Braid With Flowers

This royal look is achieved by nicely making the hair into a long braid and then using that braid to take the form of a crown swirling around the head.

While achieving the look, the hair gets a wavy shape that makes it work perfectly for the hairstyle. A chic ambiance is created by adding beautiful small white flowers to complete the hairstyle. It really looks gorgeous overall.


Naturally Wavy Hairstyle With Flowered Crown

Naturally Wavy Hairstyle With Flowered Crown

If you want a simple look to achieve that still has a stylish vibe, you don’t need to search any further. This is the hairstyle that is quite simple and still very attractive and chic to flaunt.

All you have to do is to keep it all open and naturally wavy falling all around. A beautiful flowered crown can then be worn on top to get that chic appearance.


Wavy Side Swept Hair With Braided Back

This is one of the cutest flower girl hairstyles that you can give to little angels. The hairstyle is perfect for girls with naturally wavy hair that have a bit of curl to them.

The look can be achieved by side-sweeping it at the front to get that curling fringe and braiding the side hair making them go towards the back.

The horizontal braid at the back and the accompanying bun looks amazing. Further style can be added to the look with the help of a flowered crown that looks just stunning.


Combed Back With Braided Bun

This cute haircut look is simple yet elegant. The hair at the front is sectioned to bring the fringe forward and sweep it to a side while the rest of the hair is combed back tightly and then formed into a beautiful bun at the crown.

There is a slight braid that swirls around the bun and features beautiful white flowers on it. The overall look is amazing and makes for a perfect hairstyle for any day.


Combed Back Hair With Horizontal Braid

This beautiful look is somewhat simple and somewhat intricate. For the simple part, you have all the hair combed back with nice layers falling over on sides and back.

The frontal hair, though combed back, is given a braided look and a cool horizontal braid is achieved halfway through. The look is completed by tying a knot on a side that looks more like a flower.


Braided Ponytail With Flowers

Braided Ponytail With Flowers
Source: doramakeuphair

This is quite a unique and intricate look that would need some time to achieve a perfect style. The hair at the front is sectioned off and swept nicely to a side making a beautiful and voluminous side swept fringe.

The rest of the hair is combed back then made into a beautiful long braided ponytail that is complemented with beautiful flowers along the way. You can also go for a braided bun instead of a ponytail if you want to.


Center Parted Hairstyle With Braided Ponytail And Flowers

Center Parted Hairstyle With Braided Ponytail And Flowers
Source: froydissvarva

This is another cool look to achieve with a braided style that also makes for one of the best flower girl hairstyles.

The look is achieved by center parting the frontal locks and then creating a braid at the back that turns itself into a beautiful and thick ponytail decorated with beautiful flowers. Overall, the look is gorgeous and there is nothing that can beat it.


Complex Braided Look With Flowers

Complex Braided Look With Flowers
Source: flower13flo

This beautiful hairstyle can be achieved on thick and naturally straight hair for girls. The hairstyle has the intricate details at the back while the frontal hair is all combed back. There are a few horizontal braids that are made to turn and twist over each other to achieve a cool style overall.

There are beautiful pink flowers as well that are added on all sides of the braided section to make it a focal point. The rest of the hair is all left open and it looks perfectly fine.


Unique Braided Ponytail With Flowers

Unique Braided Ponytail With Flowers
Source: cheadlehmua

This is quite a unique style that we don’t see many girls wearing too often. The hairdo features a combed back look at the front while all the styling is done at the back with the beautiful braided ponytails. Basically, there are three braided ponytails one on each side and one in the center.

The ones on the sides are made to cross each other at the back while the one in the center is made into a thick unique ponytail that is short in length and ends before the point where the other two braids meet each other. The small flowers are added to give it a unique touch of style. Overall, it looks amazing.


If you have also been looking for the best flower girl hairstyles around, you should choose one of the hairdos described above.

They all have some sense of uniqueness to them and make for perfect flower girl hairstyles that can be flaunted on any occasion and event. So, just make your pick and have a go at it.