Simple Hairstyle For School Girl – 10 Girl Hairstyles You Must Try In 2021

Finding perfect hairstyles for school girls has always been a job that comes with a lot of hassle, especially for moms. And, if you are going through that same phase, you’re not alone. There’s a huge number of moms and young girls who find themselves struggling with the hairstyle choice for school. Obviously, you never like to spend most of your morning time in front of that mirror not figuring out exactly which hairstyle you should go with. So, why not find some simple hairstyle for school girl and get rid of your hassles?

Simple Hairstyle For School Girl That You Must Try Out

If you don’t want to spend more than 5 minutes in styling your girl’s hair every morning, it’s very much possible. All you have to do is to come up with some of the best simple hairstyles that won’t breach your girl’s school code. And, believe it, there are lots of cute hairstyles for school easy that you can achieve in a jiffy. You can simply go through an assortment of easy hairstyles for school that are available today for little girl and can pick whatever you like.

However, if you have always found it the hardest thing to do on the planet to skim through all those amazing and simple hairstyles to come up with your perfect choice, let us assist you with that. Here we have some of the best hairstyle options that are going to make your mornings easy going and will also make sure your girl looks stylish and her hair stay put throughout the day. Let’s run you through these amazing and simple hairstyles for little girls.

  1. Simple Braids

Simple Braids

Braids have been a go to hairstyle for school going girls for centuries and it has evolved a lot through these years. There can be a lot of different implementations of this beautiful hairstyle that you can try out today.

You can achieve this simple braided look by weaving a couple of simple braids on either side of her head before connecting these braided strands together. Pin them at the back of her head and a wonderful hairstyle is ready for her. It will look gorgeous on her and she’s going to love it for sure.

  1. Cute Hair Bun

Cute Hair Bun

source: pinterest

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Hair buns are always cute, aren’t they? However, the best thing is that you don’t need to spare hours to achieve them to perfection. For this cute hair bun, you just need to brush up her bangs and mix them together taking a few strands from back of her head. Tie this mix of hair into a beautiful hair bun and use elastic or a pin to clip it up. The hairstyle is pretty easy to achieve and will make sure that her hair doesn’t fall into her eye.

  1. Braided Hair Bun

Braided Hair Bun

source: pinterest

You may have mastered the art of braiding hair and it may take you only a few minutes to set it all up, but can you make a perfect hair bun out of it? A braided hair bun is a hassle-free hairstyle and it will definitely create uniquely amazing vibes for your little girl.

For achieving a perfect braided bun, make a couple of braids, one on either side, and make them to join at the back of her head in the form of a beautiful bun. The only thing that might take a little time here is to braid her locks and if you’re good at that then you can do it as quickly as ever. You’ll soon find this beautiful hairstyle among your favorites.

  1. Weaved Bun

Weaved Bun

source: Pinterest

It’s not just the braid hairstyles that bring versatility to your hairstyles because there are so many of them, hair buns can be as versatile as braids too. To achieve this beautiful weaved bun, just braid her hair on sides and form a simple hair bun at the back of her head.

The hairstyle makes a perfect choice for keeping her thick and long hair neat and tidy. You may need a little more time than many simple hairstyles for girls, but it is definitely going to pay off.

  1. Voluminous Bun

Voluminous Bun

source: Pinterest

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Another cool variation of the hair bun style, this one boasts of some volume at the back. The hairstyle is pretty simple and will work fine with your girl’s school code too. The look is achieved simply by tying her hair on the top using elastic. After that, you need to pull a few strands out for creating volume and covering up the hairband. That’s quite an easy hairstyle and it would be a savior for you in the morning while giving your girl a thoroughly gorgeous look.

  1. Lateral Braid

Lateral Braid

source: Pinterest

The hairstyles for school need to be pretty organized and that’s why you will find most of them featuring some sort of braid. However, there are different takes to the braided hairstyle that add some extra touch of style and uniqueness to the looks. This lateral braid is a perfect example of that.

To achieve it, divide her hair into 10 to 15 strands before you start braiding with the first three of them. Once done with this initial braid, grab one of the three strands you had used in it and include it in the next braid. Remember not to make multiple levels for every braid you create. The end result will be amazing. Yes, it will take a bit more time than most other hairstyles on the list though!

  1. Spiky Braid

Spiky Braid

You must have seen a lot of variations of the spiky hairstyles, but they must have all been for the boys. Have you ever heard of something spiky coming up for the girls? Well, this spiky braid is just for them. This school girl hairstyle requires some creativity on your part and your girl is definitely going to love it.

Nevertheless, it’s easy to achieve and just requires you to make a French braid starting with the bangs and ending at the nape of her neck. The spiky touch is achieved on top with this braid that starts at the front and goes all the way to the back in a unique style. She’ll definitely look standout.

  1. Asymmetrical Back Braid

Asymmetrical Back Braid

source: Pinterest

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Another easy and simple braided hairstyle for school girls, this one requires you to create braids asymmetrically. Just alternate her strands and you will need a new hair strand in each step as you weave the braid. Use some bright hair accessories to complete her beautifully amazing style.

  1. Simple and Pretty Bow

Simple and Pretty Bow

source: Pinterest

Another easy to style hairdo for little girls, this one requires you to grab a couple of strands from sides of her head and carefully brush them towards the back. Use elastic to tie these strands together and create a beautiful bow at the back. Use a colorful and attractive hairband to tie the bow right in the center. Pull a strand over that elastic band for concealing it effectively.

  1. Twists


When it comes to twisting the long hair of your little girl, you have a lot of room to bring in your imagination and style it just the way you like. For this beautiful hairdo, you need to make a couple of twisted ponytails, one on either side of her head, tying them together at the back for creating a hair bow. It’s going to give her hair a neat and clean look while preventing it from falling on to her face.

Even if you want to look further, you won’t have a hard time finding a perfect simple hairstyle for school girl. There are so many of them around and you just need to figure out what suits your little girl better and doesn’t breach her school code either. If you can do that, you are sure to give your little one something special to flaunt at school. Start looking now or just go with one of these amazing hairstyles for girls listed above. They’re probably among the simplest few available.