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10 Popular Little Boy Hairstyles That Will Trends In 2024

When in search of the cutest little boy hairstyles, it is pretty easy for you to get confused! You will be, literally, browsing through thousands of hairstyles and haircuts not knowing exactly what’s going to suit your kid.  Most often, moms end up selecting a hairstyle which is quite simple or a low maintenance haircut so that they may not have to bother much styling their kid’s hair. But that’s not the best of approaches.

To be honest, there are quite a few factors to be taken into consideration. Plus, little boys do not really understand how they can take proper care of their beautiful hairstyles and they do not use hairbrush often. So, it’s necessary that you choose a perfect haircut for your little one after thorough deliberation.

Best Little Boy Hairstyles To Make A Statement

Here we have listed some of the interesting kid’s haircuts that are hassle-free to achieve and look stylish as well. You won’t really have to compromise on your morning routine just because you couldn’t find an easy to style hairdo for him. Let’s not keep you waiting and run you through a few options that you could try out.

  1. Layered Haircut

Layered Haircut


For boys with reasonably straight hair, you’d want a beautiful long hairstyle. Here the best option for you would be a layered haircut. The hair comes sweeping as they cascade over his forehead. The hairdo is pretty stylish and may not be that easy to achieve every time. Nevertheless, if you can get the haircut right, it will solve most of your worries. The hairdo is primarily for cold winter days and may a bit of a hassle for your kid in summers.

  1. The Mop

The Mop


This is a classic hairstyle that looks cute on little boys even in today’s modern times. The mop-top is known for being a perfect choice for kids having inherently scruffy head full of wavy and curly hair. Rather than trimming it very close to his skull while trying to get his hair tamed, let the long layers towards the back of his head leaving wisps on his forehead. Make sure that the area close to his ears is left clean.

  1. Spliced Hairstyle

Spliced Hairstyle


If your kid has dead straight hair, it would be a good idea to give him a hairdo with shorter layers. This beautiful spliced hairstyle comes in the jagged strands of hair over his ears along with short splices coming over his eyebrows. Here, the main idea is creating some volume when his straight locks fall over his forehead.

  1. Samurai Haircut

Samurai Haircut


Another perfect hairstyle option for summer days, this beautiful hairstyle gives a smart look to your kid making him look the cutest. The samurai cut takes pride in being a perfect classic and it’s still relevant in today’s modern times. Secure the look by tying that small knot up top, right in the middle. Complement it with trimmed sides and your guy will have a perfect hairstyle ready to flaunt. The hairdo is pretty clean and quite a pragmatic hairstyle which requires no maintenance at all.

  1. The Boyband Hairstyle

The Boyband Hairstyle


This one is among the best kids hairstyles for those aspiring rockstars. It is pretty similar to pompadour excerpt which boasts of a little longer hair on the sides with longer slicks up top kept shorter. You can hold that hair tuft with some gel. Alternately, just leave it the way it is.

  1. Fringe Haircut

Fringe Haircut


Long hair can be allowed to look messy but in a very stylish manner. And, the best option you have for that is to go with this Fringe haircut. The hairstyle really adds structure to your boy’s long hair wisps in the jagged ends that are kept slopped right on top. The ears are also covered while the back is kept voluminous.

  1. Skater Haircut

Skater Haircut


The hairstyle is pretty simple and you can easily trim his hair as you normally do. Leave the fringe slightly longer at the front. You can allow the fringe to fall in so many different ways depending on your chosen style for the day. For little boys, the hairdo looks pretty and for the older ones, it really looks cool.

  1. Side Bangs

Side Bangs


Bangs really make a perfect choice for little boys who have long hair. However, you can experiment with them a little to decide where they should go. Rather than making a crown of the bangs at his forehead, it would be a great idea to have them simply sweep over and go to a side. Pair it up with a simple undercut style and you have the coolest style ready for your little one. You may need to spend some time on styling here and use gels. It might also be a little harder to manage this haircut.

  1. Mushroom Haircut

Mushroom Haircut


When you aren’t able to think of some other style, a mushroom haircut would definitely make a perfect choice for you. Particularly with thick hair on top, the mushroom haircut makes a beautiful bowl on top. It’s a cute and traditional hairstyle for little boys and it makes amazing vibes.

  1. Surfer Haircut

Surfer Haircut


The beach time doesn’t really mean you have to get your kid a bald haircut. As a matter of fact, the long and spindly locks that fall over his face make an excellent choice to get through those sea waves. It would be a great idea to keep his hair long on top and allow the same length to fall over the sides. This offers a beautiful windswept look and it really looks cool.

Even though little kids may not have to do too much with styling, you should be very careful when making little boy hairstyles choices for them. A lot of thought has to go into your choice and you must find out something that enhances his personality even further. Just go through the options listed above, and you are sure to find something cool for your little man.