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Baby Hair Loss Remedies – How To Prevent Baby Hair Loss ?

As your baby starts growing up, it appears as if every day is a new day and they look different. Some changes might be exciting while others may be worrisome. One of your major worries would be hair loss due to a condition called cradle cap and you’d immediately go looking for baby hair loss remedies. Wondering how to prevent baby hair loss? Well, there are a few simple baby hair growth tips which you can follow to get rid of the problem.

Simple Baby Hair Loss Remedies To Follow

Remember that your little one may be losing hair due to the natural process which occurs inside his/her body. So, there may be very little that you could do for prevention. However, here are some baby hair loss remedies that would help you minimize hair loss.

  1. Observe How Your Kid Sits Or Sleeps

Observe How Your Kid Sits Or Sleeps

An external factor which may be contributing to the hair loss is how your little one sits or sleeps. As you start paying attention, you’d come to know that your baby usually spends so much time in a single position.

For instance, as they sleep, they may turn the head towards the right side for having a look outside the crib. Similarly, sitting in the car seat, they might turn the head towards the right side for looking out of the window. So, when they spend lots of time in a single position, it puts pressure on their skin and creates friction which may lead to hair loss.

Observe How Your Kid Sits Or Sleeps

So, what you can do to deal with such a situation is to change their head position often.

  1. Promote Tummy Time

Your little one must spend some time lying on the tummy. It won’t just give their head back some rest but will also help prevent hair loss. In fact, it is also essential to help with their physical development and overall health.

Promote Tummy Time

When they are on their tummy, it requires them to do some work for lifting the head, turning the neck, and to see their dad and mom. Ultimately, it helps them learn how to push up, sit up, roll over, crawl, and stand.

Promote Tummy Time1

You can let them practice tummy time soon after their birth. Just make sure that you keep them under observation until they learn to effectively move their head. Switch the position should they fall asleep while on their tummy.

  1. Gently Treat The Scalp Of Your Baby

Even though there are no baby hair loss remedies around that would prevent the problem altogether, its effects can be minimized by gently treating the scalp of your baby. Here we have some simple baby hair growth tips that you may want to consider.

Gently Treat The Scalp Of Your Baby
  1. Avoid ponytails and headbands.
  2. Do not wash it every day.
  3. Whenever you give it a wash, make sure that you use baby-formulated shampoo.
  4. Wash it out gently as it will ensure that the hair follicles and the scalp of your baby aren’t stressed unnecessarily.
  5. Use soft baby brush for combing their hair.
  6. Skip styling.

One thing that you need to understand here is that even if you try all these baby hair loss remedies, your kid may still continue to lose hair that they were actually born with. So, just don’t panic as their hair will definitely grow back again. Also keep in mind that new hair will sometimes be completely different from their original hair. Just follow these tips and you won’t have to ask again how to prevent baby hair loss.