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Baby Hair Growth – How To Grow Your Baby’s Hair Faster?

Yes, we know that some babies are born with hair. However, there are others who open their eyes into this world with bald heads that look adorable. Having hair on top at the time of birth is actually due to genetics and the amount of hair babies have at birth might vary.

Nevertheless, baby hair growth is necessary and parents do all kinds of things to make their baby’s hair grow faster. There are a few things that parents can do to take care of their baby’s scalp for supporting hair growth.

However, before we try to find out what you can do for quick baby hair growth, let’s take a look at baby hair growth stages and see how the growth of your child’s hair actually goes about.


The Baby Hair Growth Stages

Baby Hair Growth Stages

There can be different stages of baby hair growth but you can primarily divide it into two main stages i.e. growth of hair inside the womb and the growth of hair after birth. Here’s a bit detailed look at both.


Baby Hair Growth In Womb

Baby Hair Growth In Womb

The hair of your baby starts growing before they’re even born and most kids are born with some hair on top. The amount of hair that grows inside the womb is not constant, though, but hair growth can be expected in that stage as well.

As it happens, a lanugo layer is developed during 14th week in pregnancy and it’s actually soft and fine hair which starts on the face of the baby and cover their entire body eventually.

As for the hair growth on the head, it starts during 30th week at the earliest. And, by 32nd week of pregnancy, the eyebrows and eyelashes of babies are developed.

This lanugo layer actually starts falling off before delivery and most of this layer is shed off by the time baby is born.


Baby Hair Growth After Birth

Baby Hair Growth After Birth

As mentioned earlier, babies can be born with no or little hair on the head, however, there are many who have a head full of hair which is then shaved off obviously to make growth of stronger hair possible.

The hair that is already there on the head of the baby after his/her birth usually starts growing soon after they are born and eventually fall out anyway.

However, that should not be a concern for you as it is exactly how it happens and even you have to shave your child’s head soon after anyway.

It is actually one of the baby hair growth stages because when the hair of kids falls out after birth, they give way to mature hair that will then grow and shine on your baby’s head.

The rate at which mature hair and baby hair grow is actually different but, usually, one can expect the growth of mature hair to start when your baby goes past 6 months of age.

Even though there can be other baby hair growth stages as well but these two are the major ones. After birth, however, babies may even experience hair loss and hair re-growth and that’s all part of the normal game.

Later, you can also try out different things like baby hair growth products and baby hair growth home remedies to make sure that the process of hair growth is stimulated and goes on smoothly. Some baby hair growth tips may also be applied at later stages to make sure that it all happens naturally and your kids’ hair grow at a rapid pace.

If your kids’ hair doesn’t grow as expected during the above mentioned baby hair growth stages then you may want to try to a few of baby hair growth home remedies given below to see if they work with your kids’ hair.


Baby Hair Growth Home Remedies

Even though people might tell you that there is nothing that you could do to stimulate baby hair growth, still there are some cool baby hair growth home remedies that you may want to try for giving your child’s hair a growth boost. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Oil Massage

Baby Oil Massage

Choosing the best baby hair growth oil around and giving your child a scalp massage with it can be helpful in initiating healthy circulation of blood.

So, you should consider using lukewarm olive oil, almond oil or jojoba oil for massaging your kids’ scalp and making his/her hair grow faster.


Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil for Baby Hair Growth

The coconut oil is another good baby hair growth oil that features hair-healthy constituents like vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin E as well as iron. It helps a lot with healthy hair growth in kids while preventing their hair from falling.

Just give them a scalp massage using coconut oil and leave it in for around 30 minutes for best results. Use a good shampoo to wash his/her hair afterwards.


Indian Gooseberry

Indian Gooseberry for Baby Hairs

Another of the baby hair growth home remedies, the Indian Gooseberry carries vitamin C. It’s quite helpful in making their hair strong and long. You can also add Amla to the mix for preventing hair fall.

You can create a mixture of Gooseberry juice in oil which can then be massaged on the baby’s scalp. Leave it there for some time and then wash it all off using mild shampoo.


Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera for Hair Growth Tips

For the sake of initiating healthy baby hair growth, aloe vera gel really turns out to be a great option. It carries sufficient amounts of vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E and helps maintain pH of your baby’s hair while preventing hair fall at the same time.

Apply the gel to the scalp of your baby and leave it right there for a little time before you could wash it off using mild shampoo.


Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

For the sake of preventing any kind of infections in scalp and hair of your baby, Apple Cider vinegar makes for one of the perfect baby hair growth home remedies around. It is quite beneficial for kids’ hair. But remember not to apply it directly and rather create a mixture of two tsp. of Apple Cider Vinegar and water.

Apply the mixture to the scalp of your baby and let it stay there for just 5 minutes. It will surely help prevent any kind of scalp infections and stimulate hair growth for sure as well.


Top Baby Hair Growth Tips To Consider

Top Baby Hair Growth Tips To Consider

Here are a few tips that you may want to consider while taking care of your child’s scalp for baby hair growth.

Tip 1

One of the best baby hair growth tips is to give supervised ‘tummy times’ to your baby at different points right through the day.

Dr. Stephen Muething from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center says that babies who lie constantly on the backs tend to develop a particular flat spot which leads to losing a hair patch due to mattress contact.

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So, this hair-loss issue should be avoided and you can start with tummy times during the second week after your baby arrives home. Just position him/her on the stomach for around 15 seconds continuing to build up there onwards.


Tip 2

Take a mild baby shampoo and pour it in pea-sized amount on scalp of your baby. Just add a small amount of warm water into the mix and massage your child’s scalp gently in circles using your fingertips.

Just pick the best baby hair growth products of this type and they will help rid your child’s scalp of any oil and dirt while stimulating hair follicles.

Rinse it off with some warm water before pat drying with clean and soft towel. A healthy scalp doesn’t have any oozing or redness and it looks soft as well.


Tip 3

If there is a cradle cap, you should brush it away everyday while shampooing your kids’ hair.

A soft baby hairbrush or even a tooth brush could be used for gently massaging away those white flakes in opposite direction of where his/her hair grows. It helps keeping kids’ scalp healthy while making sure that the baby hair growth is not stifled.


Tip 4

Another of the baby hair growth tips is to keep a flexible feeding schedule for your baby as it will ensure that he/she receives necessary minerals and vitamins for healthy growth of hair.

Vitamin B-1 or Thiamine can be helpful in converting food to energy which is needed for maintaining healthy hair and skin.

Similarly, vitamin B-7 or Biotin is really important for their hair growth cycle. Furthermore, vitamin A is helpful in regulation and production of hormones that can influence baby hair growth.

You can consult a specialist to check if the baby requires supplements because they actually relate to the breast-or formula-feeding routines as well as the nutrition of your baby.


Tip 5

Another of the baby hair growth tips you can always consider is to visit some board-certified dermatologist if the hair of your baby doesn’t grow in prior to 2 years of age.

They might be suffering from autoimmune disorder like alopecia areata, fungal infection, or hypothyroidism which all need treatment. Some deficiencies may exist in blood work and you may need to start proper treatment.


Best Baby Hair Growth Products You Must Try

Best Baby Hair Growth Products You Must Try

Even though you can try all the above mentioned tips and tricks to boost hair growth of your babies but sometimes things just don’t seem to work and you have to resort to baby hair growth products and take the alternate route.

Just put your worries aside as there are some really good baby hair growth products around and you can very much rely on them for quick and healthy hair growth of your baby.

Most of these are baby hair oils that have been produced by some of the best baby brands around after putting in thorough research and effort. Let’s check out the best of them.

Johnson & Johnson Baby Hair Oil

Johnson & Johnson Baby Hair Oil

If there is one name to trust in the world of baby products it’s Johnson & Johnson and they really have a dazzling variety of hair care and other baby products. All these products are made with sole purpose of offering most appropriate care to the soft tresses of your baby and help them grow.

And, for perfect hair growth, you can go with Johnson & Johnson Avocado Hair Oil for babies. It’s a rich source of fresh avocados and also carries Pro-Vitamin Panthenyl Triacetate.

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It not only provides soft touch to the hair but also gives them a very healthy look while promoting healthy hair growth. The non-greasy oil really is one of the best baby hair growth products around and you must go for it.


Mothercare Baby Hair Oil

Mothercare Baby Hair Oil

The ‘All We Know Baby Hair Oil – K3603’ is another cool product that comes from the house of Mothercare and gives an instant boost to your baby’s hair growth. The product contains chamomile oil and olive oil.

Both these ingredients prove to be helpful in two-fold nourishing and nurturing of pristine and soft hair of your baby. The oil comes with genuine hypo-allergenic properties that help fight against different types of germs and allergens.

Please ensure that you religiously massage the hair of your baby as well as their head for keeping their hair healthy, smooth and soft.


Chicco Baby Hair Oil

Chicco Baby Hair Oil

This is another one among the wonder baby hair growth products that carries rice bran oil and is a unique product itself. It doesn’t just promote hair growth but is also helpful in removing cradle cap while providing a healthy and velvety texture to the hair of your baby.

The oil does not have any kind of mineral oil, petroleum or paraffin which is usually the case with other baby oils around. Besides, it’s a very quick absorbent that offers enough anti-allergen properties for helping growth of your infant’s hair.


Omveda Bala Kera Thailam

Omveda Bala Kera Thailam for Baby Hairs Growth

This is not just a product for baby hair growth, but it takes things a step further and provides your kids’ hair extensive care throughout their life.

The product is made with ancient hair blend that consists of herbs like hibiscus flower extracts, Brahmi, and Amalika – the vitamin C – that nourishes and offers cooling and rejuvenating effect to headaches or hair fall. This hair oil is just perfect for all the hair types and promotes strong and healthy hair.


Distil Baby Hair Oil

Distil Baby Hair Oil for Baby Hair's Growth

Distil’s baby hair oil is also one of the best baby hair growth products that promises to offer extra virgin baby oil especially designed for the smooth skin and perfect hair growth.

The product carries virgin olive oil that nourishes and offers the much needed gentleness as well as the required strength for thickness and growth of your baby’s hair.

The oil absorbs any UV radiation and offers the protection you need for your kid’s hair to keep it all safe and promote hair growth.

The exact name of the product is Distil Aloe Veda Extra Virgin Olive Oil and if you want further nurturing and protection then you can opt for Aloe Veda Cold Pressed Castor oil as well.


So, that’s all you can do to promote baby hair growth and make your little one’s hair grow faster than ever. Whether you want to go all natural or you want to use some healthy hair products from top brands of baby products on market, the choice is yours.

You can always give your baby’s hair some extra care it deserves to boost growth and make it all look beautiful and healthy. Just try these tips, tricks, remedies and hair products for better growth of your infant’s hair than ever.