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Find Your Best Hair Style Girl With This Style Guide 2024

Every girl is unique and so is their style. However, things become really hard for parents when they are trying to come up with the best hair style girl for their little one only to find themselves lost amidst a lot of available options. But things don’t need to get that much annoying even for the parents. You just need to know what works best for your girl’s hair type and her face shape and you’ll be spot on with your choice of hairstyles for her.

Best Hair Style Girl Ideas 2024

The hairstyle ideas for girls are so many and you can never run out of options when looking for the best girl hairstyles. To make the job simple for you, here we have the list of best hairdos you can style your girl’s hair with on any occasion.

  1. Pigtails


Source: Instagram

This one is really quick and comb-and-create hairdo which is just perfect for times when you are planning to send your little girl outdoors. It could be a visit to a park or a daycare center. Let’s check out how you can achieve this hairstyle.

  • Part her hair from a side or in the center of her head. Run it equally on each side.
  • Comb it all neatly together and form a nice pigtail. Firmly bind it into place using a rubber band.

This hairstyle suits girls with oval, long, and round face shapes and would work fine with wavy, thin, and straight hair types.

  1. Fountain Pigtail

Fountain Pigtail

Source: Instagram

This one is a perfect choice for the toddler girls having curly or short hair. A good example would be African-American toddlers. The hairstyle can be achieved quickly and easily. Here is how.

  • Brush her hair from each side of her head and take it all in the center on top.
  • Continue to comb it until you are able to form small and cool pigtail right there. Run a comb through it several times so that you can get any loose hair inside the pigtail.
  • Use rubber band to tie this pigtail. You may even wind a cool ribbon as well.

The hairstyle works for girls with round, heart-shaped, and oval face shapes. And, it would look good on curly and wavy hair.

  1. Side Ponytail

Side Ponytail

Source: Instagram

For toddlers with thin and droopy hair, this is what she is going to fall in love with. The hair will be secured to a side of her head and it will be more manageable for your little one, particularly, when she is outdoors. Here is what you need to do for achieving this beautiful hairstyle.

  • Comb her hair to your desired side for creating a simple and nice ponytail. Some hair can be left at front for creating small bangs on her forehead.
  • Use a ribbon around her ponytail or tie it with rubber band for completing the style.

It works best for long, oval, and heart face shapes and would look great on straight and thin hair.

  1. Mid-Part With A Couple Of Ponytails

Mid-Part With A Couple Of Ponytails

Source: Instagram

This is one of the best conventional toddler haircuts girl but it is quite popular at the same time. The ponytails make a perfect choice for those older toddlers who might have just joined kindergarten where they’re required to look well-groomed. Here is what you need to do for achieving this hairstyle easily.

  • Create a mid-part right on top of her head. Make a couple of sections out of her hair, one on each side of her head.
  • Create a couple of ponytails at each end. Now, wrap these ponytails using colored rubber bands.

The hairstyle would look great on all the face types, and it works best with wavy, slightly curly, and straight hair.

  1. Side Parting With A Bow And Hair Band

Side Parting With A Bow And Hair Band

Source: Instagram

What sets this hairstyle apart from the rest is that bow-shaped rubber band. It is used for securing her thin and long tresses. You can achieve this perfect look by following the steps given below.

  • Comb her hair straight both on the sides and back.
  • Comb out a few strands after putting the hair band on. Comb any loose fringes for straightening them out neatly.
  • Create a partition on a side while bringing a hair section to one of the ends. Use bow-shaped rubber band to tie it together. On other end, leave it loose. Comb her hair through and she’d be ready with this gorgeous new look.

The hairstyle works best for girls with oval and long face shapes. It is just tailor made for thin, long and straight hair types.

  1. Loose Braided Hairstyle With Clips

Loose Braided Hairstyle With Clips

Source: Instagram

It’s quite easy to create braids, and they can be set well in their place if you can use some clips for this purpose along with a rubber band. Here is what you need to do for achieving this beautiful look.

  • Brush her hair backwards and divide it into a couple of strands before intertwining them for creating loose braided look. Use rubber band for binding tapering end.
  • Secure the hair with hair-clips used on each side of lower half of her head. It will be helpful in making sure that the braid remains intact.

The hairstyle works best for oval, round, and heart-shaped faces. It’s a perfect choice for girls with straight and wavy hair.

  1. Fringe Hairstyle

Fringe Hairstyle

Source: Instagram

This one is a perfect choice for straight and droopy hair which often falls sideways and forward. Fringes always create a stylish and cute vibe. You can make them easily if your toddler has forehead bangs already. Here we have the steps for you to follow for achieving this look.

  • Create a side part and bring one hair section to her forehead. Take some of the individual strands and neatly comb them through.
  • Now, space out those strands on her forehead keeping them at equal distances to form fringes.
  • Comb all her remaining locks just as you would do normally.

This cool hairstyle works best for girls with round, oval, and heart face shapes. The hairstyle would work wonders on thin and straight hair.

  1. Double Side Buns

Double Side Buns

Source: Instagram

If you are looking for some of the best girls hairstyles for special occasions, this Double Side buns hairstyle would make a perfect choice. The hairstyle would definitely make your little girl look cute, chic and adorable. It’s a hip style and works best for toddler parties. Here’s how to achieve this look.

  • Create a part in the center and comb her hair on each side of the part before you could make a couple of ponytails.
  • Secure the ponytails using rubber bands at their base.
  • Start twisting the ponytails in clockwise motion for creating a beautiful bun. Tuck the loose ends away right underneath that twisted hair bun.
  • To make sure that the bun does not unwind, wrap it around using thin rubber band.

The hairstyle works fine for oval, long, and round faces and you can achieve it easily for girl with straight, slightly curly, and wavy hair.

  1. Three Braided Ponytails

Three Braided Ponytails

Source: Instagram

This one is just like creating a typical braided look. However, this hairstyle requires you to deal with three of these ponytails each in a different direction on her head. Apparently, it would look complicated but it is actually quite simple and would make a perfect choice for hairstyles for toddler girls.

Planning to give your girl this beautiful style? Follow the steps given below:

  • Separate three hair sections – one in the center, and one on either side of her head.
  • Grab a hair section and begin braiding. Create one braid each at the sides and also at lower back section of her head.
  • Complete the beautiful style by tying a rubber band right where the braid ends.

The hairstyle can best be achieved for girls with long, round, and oval faces complemented by thin and straight hair.

  1. Cropped Hairstyle With A Floral Hairband

Cropped Hairstyle With A Floral Hairband

Source: Instagram

If you are looking for quick and easy hairstyles for little girls having short, wavy and curly hair, this one really is a perfect choice. Here we have the steps you should follow for achieving this look.

  • Wash her hair and thoroughly dry it out. Comb it straight just as you normally do.
  • Choose colored hair band which features a fabric flower attached on a side to achieve an adorable vibe.
  • Put the hairband on and your girl’s chic hairstyle is ready.

Girls with heart-shaped, oval, and round faces would best sport this look. It is, especially, good for girls having wavy, curly short hair.

You never have to worry about hair style girl options because a little research can always yield some of the most amazing styles. All you need to do is figure out what suits your girl best and pick up a hairstyle that delivers all the positive vibes. Styling shouldn’t be a problem if you are one of those creative types. For now, just have a look at the hairstyles listed above and follow the steps to give your girl an appropriate look.