Two Block Haircut – Is It The New Trend For Undercut Lovers To Have A Fresh Vibe?

You might have loved the undercut hairstyles for all the amazing variations you could try with it, but if you want a fresh take at the look, it’s time you switch to the new two block haircut. The hairstyle is pretty similar to the undercut but is different in the fact that you shave it off lower down the sides and the back and leave some volume around the crown area. With this basic idea, you can try out just as many variations of the look as you can with the undercut.

Two Block Haircut Variations For A Fresh Vibe

Whether you want a short two block haircut or a two block haircut fade, here we have all the amazing looks you could try out. Let’s have a look.

  1. Messy Front With Faded Sides

Messy Front With Faded Sides


This forward swept look is just tailor made for the rugged and messy locks. The hairstyle requires you to trim it short on top and sweep it all forward. The sides have a perfect two block look as they are faded low down.

  1. Pumpkin Haircut With Two Block

Pumpkin Haircut With Two Block


This two block look is combined with a typical pumpkin haircut where everything is swept flat forward and looks gorgeous. Add a tinge of color to the mix and it will be even better.

  1. Voluminous Crown With Forward Swept Front

Voluminous Crown With Forward Swept Front


Volume at the crown and the rest swept forward, this beautiful haircut looks gorgeous. The two block look makes amazing vibes.

  1. Center Parted Two Block Cut

Center Parted Two Block Cut


This is a unique look with all the volume on top parted right in the center to create gorgeous vibes. The two block haircut fade on the sides complements it to perfection.

  1. Edgy Two Block Hairstyle

Edgy Two Block Hairstyle


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This two block hairstyle is different in the sense that it has edgy tips on the sides that blend into the shorter hair nicely.

  1. Messy Two Block

Messy Two Block

This two block boasts of messy volume on top. It’s given some definition with a styling product.

  1. Long Messy Two Block Haircut

Long Messy Two Block Haircut

The same messy look but a bit of length, this hairstyle can be a perfect choice for those looking for a low maintenance haircut.

  1. Straight Two Block

Straight Two Block

Straight and simple, this hairstyle boasts of side swept bangs. It looks amazing.

  1. Silky Straight Hair

Silky Straight Hair

This cool variation of the look makes a perfect choice for silky straight hair.

  1. Two Block With Fringe

Two Block With Fringe

If you have always loved long hair with edgy fringe, this hairstyle is for you.

  1. Short And Messy Two Block

Short And Messy Two Block

This short and messy hairstyle is your thing if you want to create a stylish look without much of an effort.

  1. Wispy Two Block

Wispy Two Block

This two block hairstyle is all about short wispy hair on top and the fade on the sides.

  1. Wavy Two Block

Wavy Two Block

Combine your natural wavy hair with a two block look to create an amazing hairstyle overall. The messy fringe elevates the look even further.

  1. Two Block With Messy Top

Two Block With Messy Top

Another simple, messy two block hairstyle. This one keeps it a bit more wavy on top.

  1. Two Block Haircut With Center Part

Two Block Haircut With Center Part

Another cool center-parted look, this hairstyle is all about nice wavy parted fringe. It looks cool overall.

  1. Flat Center-Parted Two Block

Flat Center-Parted Two Block

This hairstyle keeps it all flat and close to the skin on top while the sides have a shaved two block look. It is simple and more on the formal side.

  1. Dyed Two Block

Dyed Two Block

If you want a more dramatic vibe, this hairstyle with blonde color and wavy hair will take your hairdo to a whole new level.

  1. Red Two Block

Red Two Block

For a more elegant and unique hairstyle, dye it into red on top and keep it all forward swept. Achieve a typical two block look on the sides and you are in for a perfect hairdo.

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There are many cool variations of the two block haircut out there and this is just the beginning. You need to be creative to come up with some unique hairstyle options for your gorgeous everyday look. Keep it short or long on top and style the sides into a typical undercut but low down the sides and back. You are in for a perfect haircut.