Top 14 Medium Bob Haircuts For Little Girls This Year

This year and beyond there will be lots of cute hairstyles for girls that will remain in fashion and will surely make a statement. However, if you want to pick and choose, you should definitely go with medium bob haircuts as they come with so many variations and are there to stay. Bob haircuts have always been a popular choice for cute little girls and that’s not going to change, at least, for next few years. And, if you want to keep it all in perspective and well balanced, you should opt for a medium bob rather than anything else. So, here are a few cool variations of the look that you should try out this year.

  1. Casual Medium Bob With Angular Reverse Fringe

Source: Bobo002

You can call it a medium bob because of the longer inverted fringe that goes towards the ears but actually it’s more of a short bob haircut. The hairstyle boasts of frontal bangs while the length actually goes on the sides where fringes from the front go long and back. Overall, it’s a casual look and doesn’t require much of styling except the haircut itself. It gives more of a typical Asian girl look.

  1. Bob Haircut With Side Swept Bangs

Bob Haircut With Side Swept Bangs

Source: Danicameronfoundrysalon

This typical bob hairstyle has more of a casual side swept look to it. The hairstyle boasts of short-to-medium length hair all over and can be a routine hairstyle for your little girl. She will surely love it and so will you as you won’t have to do much of styling again and again throughout the day. Sweep the frontal bangs to a side and you can’t ask for a better look.

  1. Medium Bob With Long Frontal Bangs

Source: Bobo002

This beautiful bob hairstyle look is all about nicely separated, long frontal bangs. Other than that, it’s a typical short-to-medium length bob hairstyle that won’t need much of styling on your part. The hairstyle requires you to simply bring all the top hair forward and grow the bangs long enough that they cover the forehead. A perfect look for a school going girl, it will be at peace with most school codes.

  1. Angular Medium Bob With Frontal Bangs

Source: The_queen_hair_studio

From casual and unruly, to a stylish bob – the picture above gives you a true sense of how you can transform your girls’ looks with this beautiful hairstyle. The hairdo boasts of medium bob that goes as long as shoulder length but is cut at an angle to make it look stylish and elegant. The frontal bangs run all the way to the forehead and it looks amazing overall. From school to parties, you can make your girl to wear this beautiful look everywhere she goes.

  1. Medium Bob With Wavy Tips

Medium Bob With Wavy Tips

Source: Hollmay

This bob hairstyle makes for a perfect choice for girls with naturally wavy and unruly hair. In fact, you can make her hair to get some organization with the help of this beautiful hairstyle. You can also use the natural wavy look of her hair to give it a unique sense of style by leaving the tips a bit wavy. It’s a perfect everyday look that won’t disappoint you at all and would work on most occasions. Remember, it doesn’t need too much of maintenance either.

  1. Center Parted Medium Bob With Blended Fringe

Center Parted Medium Bob With Blended Fringe

Source: Embschroeder

This is another cool and casual look that every little girl would love to flaunt. The hairstyle takes things a step further from typical bob hairstyles as it is voluminous, stylish, wavy and has all sorts of attributes that can define this hairstyle uniquely. Achieve the look by parting it all in the center on top and let her grow the fringes enough to blend into the hair on the sides seamlessly to produce a nice, wavy appearance overall. The hairstyle works not only for school but also for casual events as well.

  1. Bob Hairstyle with Rounded Back

Bob Hairstyle with Rounded Back

Source: Iv_hairsalon

This cool and casual medium bob haircut is actually about making a statement with its rounded back. The hairstyle is well-defined and pretty organized which makes it a go-to style for formal events and even for school. Just get the hair cut in a perfect shape and you will be able to keep it looking nice and voluminous at the back. Styling at the front will be up to you and you can definitely pull off an amazing look time and again. The hairstyle, literally, speaks volumes about itself.

  1. Side Swept Bob With Outward Tips

Side Swept Bob With Outward Tips


This medium length bob hairstyle is about creating a unique variation of the conventional hairstyle by making the tips to curve outwards. This bob hairstyle requires you to keep it to medium length all over, just below the chin and above shoulders, as it achieves a cool look with a side sweep on top. The fringe is also kept long and it’s swept to a side with the rest of the hair to make for a perfectly blended look overall. The hairstyle isn’t hard to achieve and really makes for a chic look.

  1. Curvy Bob Hairstyle With Bangs

Curvy Bob Hairstyle With Bangs

Source: Sassysara

This is another unique and cool look to achieve for all those beautiful girls who want to keep it a bit on the longer side. The hairstyle is given a curvy look with the tips moving a bit inward. The hair on top is swept to a side half way through while the frontal locks are beautifully swept forward to create nice and edgy bangs. The forehead is covered with hair all over and it really gives stylish vibes that your girl will be able to flaunt at every event she attends. The hairdo might need a bit of styling on your part.

  1. Red A-Line Bob With Parted Top

Red A-Line Bob With Parted Top

Source: Melissacatherinehair

This A-line bob variation is definitely going to make your little girl look amazing and she will boast a uniquely amazing look to make a style statement everywhere. The hair is cut in a typical A-line fashion as it covers the face and gives it more of a roundish appearance. On top of the head we have nice, casually parted look which allows the hairstyle to be classified among the best casual hairstyles out there for little girls. And, if you want yet another style element added to look, dye it all in this beautiful red shade and it will defy all odds to make your girl look stylish, elegant, and unique.

  1. Chin-Length Bob Hairstyle

Chin-Length Bob Hairstyle


One of the most popular bob hairstyle variations, this chin-length bob is certainly going to make a statement for years to come. The hairstyle boasts of gently side swept hair with not-so-evident part on a side. The fringe itself is swept to a side with the rest of the hair and it creates a unique aura overall. The hairstyle works fine for special occasions and also for her school routine. You an experiment with the look if you like but wearing it as is would definitely allow your girl to make a unique statement.

  1. A-Line Bob Hairstyle

A-Line Bob Hairstyle

Source: Sassyshearsbyjes

This A-line bob hairstyle gives a unique look courtesy its rounded appearance towards the back. The hairstyle has enough length at the front though, and it reaches below the chin. Dye it in a nice hair shade and your girl is definitely going to grab all eyes wherever she wears the look. The stylish vibe it creates is second to none and you can surely expect everyone to praise your little girl for her cool and amazing style.

  1. Side Parted Medium Bob


Girls with naturally fine and thin hair would love flaunting this beautiful medium length bob hairstyle as it is just tailor made for them. The hairstyle doesn’t require too much of time and effort to achieve the look everyday because a simple side part, which is not too evident either, can give the hairstyle a perfect shape which is going to frame her face rather nicely. So, don’t think anymore and give your little girl this beautiful look.

  1. Side Parted A-Line Bob

Side Parted A-Line Bob

Source: Candiceehair

A perfect side parted hairstyle, this beautiful hairdo qualifies for a typical A-line bob hairstyle where the angle is not too steep going from back to the front. Yes, it does have that roundish appearance at the back but it surely isn’t something that could be evident in the first look. Style it with a nice side part and you have a perfect look that your little girl would be able to flaunt everywhere she goes. The hairstyle works best for fine and naturally straight hair.

So, if you have been looking for the best medium bob haircuts around that would help your little girl make a unique style statement, you can go with any of the options listed here. All these beautiful hairstyles are simple yet elegant and they are not too hard to achieve either. All you have to do is to get her a nice haircut every now and then and you’re done. It won’t need hours of styling every day before getting her ready for school or a special occasion. So, just go with the one you like and let your girl inspire everyone who looks at her.