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How To Clean Baby’s Brush To Keep It In Good Shape?

Grooming your baby’s hair for giving them a sense of style turns out to be one of the most popular past times for moms. It doesn’t just let them spend their time taking care of their kids but they are also able to do something that provides them with much-needed internal satisfaction.

And obviously, it pampers the babies as well as they’re getting the best hairstyles and a more groomed-out look. However, you need to choose the right hairbrush and must know how to clean baby’s brush to keep it in good shape for long.

Why You Need To Clean The Baby’s Hairbrush?

Clean The Baby’s Hairbrush

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Obviously, you need to choose the right hair brush for baby’s hair and skin type so that it may not cause problems along the way.

Secondly, cleaning the hairbrush properly is necessary to make sure that it lasts longer than you expect and works perfectly fine right till the last grooming you do with it.

In addition, a clean hairbrush means that no debris or bacteria is accumulated and gets in contact with the skin of your baby when you actually use the hairbrush. But is it enough to do some ordinary cleaning?

Probably not! You need to know how to clean a baby’s brush and what’s the standard method for it.

How To Clean Baby’s Brush

It is common for moms to notice the hairbrush accumulating debris and dirt around its bristles. This is especially so when the child has issues like cradle cap and oily scalp.

In such situations, proper cleaning is necessary to ensure that optimum results are achieved while brushing your baby’s hair and that no risk of developing any medical conditions exists. So, here is how to clean baby’s brush.

Check that how you can wash hair brushes.

  1. Put the baby hair brush in some warm water and rinse it off to remove any kind of loose particles which might have been trapped around the bristles. Rub the brush’s bristles against the hands as you rinse it for loosening up more particles.
  2. Plug the sink, wide-mouthed cup or wash basin and put some baby shampoo in it. Fill this container with ample amount of warm water to create a lathery mixture.
  3. Put the baby brush into the container.
  4. Let it soak for almost 15 minutes. You may even let it stay there overnight if you want to.
  5. Now rinse it under the running warm water for removing any new loosened particles that might have left their place after you have soaked the brush overnight or for whatever amount of time you felt enough.

Because you won’t be using the baby brush inside their mouth and it will be exposed only to their skin, it’s not really necessary to take any extra steps for sanitization.

The idea behind cleaning the brush is actually to keep it free from debris and any kind of bacteria so that it keeps the skin free of irritations and infections. But if you are willing to go that extra mile, you can do some thorough cleaning as well.

Nevertheless, regular cleaning using soap and warm water is just enough if you know how to clean baby’s brush the right way.